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40 Stunning Blonde Balayage Hair Color Ideas to Try in 2022

dawn blonde balayage

Blonde Balayage is a uniquely interesting technique that stylists use to give you a hair color that looks extremely natural and that will not be noticeable when your hair starts to grow out.

The greatest thing about it is that there is no pattern to doing it. Every color and shade is and can be customized to fir your wishes and preferences. Therefore, even if you and your friend, let’s say, choose the same shade from the palette, it will still look different on each of you!

That being said, here are several stunning shades of blonde balayage to inspire you!

1. Champagne Blonde Balayage Hair Color

We begin with a beautiful and elegant shade of blonde, which is champagne. It was named thusly because it resembles the bubbly drink.

You can start with a light brown base at the roots and let it melt into a lighter blonde.

2. Manhattan Highlighted Blonde Balayage Hair Color

This type of balayage has insertions of platinum, beige, and cream into it. The result is spectacular! The hair really does look natural, just as if you were born with it and this is the outcome of years and years of wearing it.

3. Tanned Balayage

What would natural blonde hair look like after you vacationed somewhere sunny? It would be this precise shade of tanned blonde!

Darker as far as the inward layer is concerned and almost pale on the outside, where it caught most of the sun.

4. Malibu Blonde Balayage Hair Color

Speaking of the sun, how would you feel about Malibu blonde? It’s sunny and golden, mixed with just the right amount of dark brown to give you a perfect transitioning color when autumn comes.

5. Diamond Blonde Balayage Hair Color

We bet you can guess why this particular shade of blonde is called diamond. The tips have the beautiful white clarity of the king of precious stones, while the upper portion of the strands is a lot darker and mysterious.

6. Ash Blonde Balayage Hair Color

This is a very cool and hip ash shade that has been all the rage these past few seasons.

The pale blonde is actually mixed with a little bit of light gray to give it that ashen, matte feel. Make sure your roots are darker than the rest of your hair.

7. Paparazzi Highlighted Blonde

Are the paparazzi chasing you? Not yet? They will be once they find out you’ve changed your hair color to this amazing balayage.

It has both milky white and golden strands which closely resemble the flashes of the camera going off in the dark.

8. Sunflower Blonde Balayage

This sleek and shiny sunflower shade of blonde is perfect for summertime.

If you want to copy the entire look, it’s time to break out the old flat iron and make sure all the strands are flattened to perfection. We suggest you use some heat protection before.

9. Beige Blonde Balayage

Beige blonde has always been such a classy color, don’t you think?

You can literally pair it off with diamonds, sequins, and crystals because it will fit right in. It can also be your shade of choice for your big day. Just think about it.

10. Brown Melt into Blonde

We do love a good blonde balayage where brown is mixed with blonde, and the former simply melts into the latter. This combination really does look like coffee and cream, doesn’t it? Plus, it’s a perfect color for autumn!

11. Toffee Blonde Balayage Hair Color

Where do you get your inspiration from when you go to the stylist and ask for a new hair color? Do you know that, as far as blonde is concerned, it can also be from your favorite food or treat? This, for example, is toffee blonde.

12. Sandy Blonde Balayage Hair Color

How about a shade of blonde that can always make you think of pristine beaches and having fun in the sun?

You can mix that with a beach waves hairstyle, and you’ve got the perfect combination! We recommend using some sea salt spray.

13. Chai Blonde Balayage Hair Color

If you’ve ever drunk real chai tea, then you know its real color is close to white with some caramel highlights or delicious beige streaks running through it.

That’s exactly how this shade of blonde looks like, hence its eponymous name.

14. Brunette to Blonde

Although it might seem a bit farfetched at first, it’s not that difficult to go from brunette to blonde, all in one sitting. Even though they are opposing colors, they can rest on the same head in a very glamorous manner.

15. Dawn Balayage

It’s not sunny, golden, or white. It’s dawn, and it’s a special kind of blonde because it attempts to capture that magical hour in the morning when the sun basks the entire world in its glory.

We just love how the light seems to capture every strand and play with it!

16. Light Gray Blonde

Don’t be afraid to add some gray into your already existing blonde. In fact, nowadays it’s incredibly easy to do so.

You don’t even have to go to the salon or dye your hair. All you need to do is wash your hair with a special kind of gray shampoo, and you’re done!

17. Cool Blonde Balayage Hair Color

Mixing balayage with ombre, another very fashionable trend produces an insanely cool effect. Of course, the degree of coolness also lies in the type of clothing and accessories you wear.

18. Vanilla Blonde Hair

Evidently, this shade doesn’t refer to the actual vanilla pods or beans which we all know are dark brown in color. It actually refers to the way we metaphorically or artistically regard vanilla, as a light and soft cream color.

19. Bronde Balayage

Bronde has really stepped into the limelight a few years ago as the love child of two of our favorite hair colors.

We’re talking, of course about brown and blonde, hence the name. To copy this look, you can also mix in a bit of platinum for the tips.

20. White Light Balayage

This is an interpretation of platinum blonde mixed with a bit of beige and ash on a dark brown base. It was inspired by the white light of the morning sun that still lingers over the darkness of the night. How poetic, right?

21. Pale Blonde Balayage Hair Color

This particular shade of blonde is so sheer and delicate that it almost reminded us of a ballerina.

It can also be described as porcelain blonde and it’s a perfect shade for wintertime. Just think how great you’ll look for your next Christmas party!

22. Noisette Blonde Balayage Hair Color

The word noisette is a French term that means hazelnut. This shade of blonde aims to replicate the outer shell of the nut in the most delicious way possible. It’s a perfect color for girls with brown or dark eyes!

23. Light Golden Blonde Balayage Hair Color

Metallics are still very much in and no to mention, cool, so feel free to try golden, copper, and brass shades for your hair. This light gold shade is just one idea you can try.

24. Heavy Golden Blonde Balayage Hair Color

If light golden was too understated for you, why not try the heavy golden? It’s bold but without being too brass and a perfect color come autumn. Make sure your stylist gives you a dark brown base before you get started.

25. Pure Blonde Balayage Hair Color

Not to be mistaken with platinum or ice blonde, this shade is called pure blonde.

It’s a color that is rooted in gray and white more than anything else, with a matte and chalky finish. The roots here are brown instead of brunette.

26. White Sands

There’s sandy blonde and then there’s white sands blonde. Yes, the blonde palette, especially when balayage is involved, is virtually endless.

You can try a deep chestnut base for your roots that can also melt down into the color itself.

27. The Gigi Hadid Blonde Balayage Hair Color

One of the many celebrities who embraced blonde balayage is supermodel Gigi Hadid. With her pretty face and hazel eyes, this hair color is simply stunning on the young model and she does really seem to enjoy it.

28. Cream Soda Blonde Balayage Hair Color

If there is one hair color that has taken Hollywood by storm in the past few seasons, this is it. It’s called cream soda and everyone from your stylist to the biggest celebrities has been wearing it. What are you waiting for?

29. The Elizabeth Olsen Blonde Balayage Hair Color

We have another Olsen sister, Elizabeth, who is now very well known for her roles in the Avengers Multiverse and I Saw the Light could not be prettier than in this perfect shade of blonde balayage.

30. The Heidi Klum

The supermodel has never ditched her blonde locks and we are really happy for that. It’s her signature look and she is a stunner.

She might have changed the shade of blonde she wears, but she’s always been a blonde bombshell.

31. The Kim K

Yes, even Kim K fell prey to the blonde balayage. Even though she is notorious for her long, brunette mane, Kim went for blonde too, on occasion.

32. The Lea Seydoux

We know you loved Emma Watson as the new Belle and so did we.

But we strongly recommend you also see the absolutely whimsical and fairytale-like version of Beauty and the Beast with Lea Seydoux as Belle. You will be enchanted!

33. The Leighton Meester

How many times have you wished you could have Leighton Meester’s wardrobe, smile, eyes or hair? Admit it!

As many times as you watched Gossip Girl. She is, indeed, a beauty, especially with that brown melting into blonde balayage.

34. The Chrissy Teigen

Supermodel Chrissy Teigen redefined the standards of classical beauty when she shot to stardom.

She advocates the idea of looking good in your own skin and loving your body just the way it is. Oh, yes, and eating! As much as you can!

35. Iceberg Blonde Balayage Hair Color

We’ve mentioned iceberg blonde before and now it’s time we showed it to you.

Iceberg blonde needs to be one solid block of white-ish pale color with a dark brown base. Don’t be afraid to go all matte on it, if it’s more up your alley.

36. Vanilla Cream

There is a lot of inspiration to be found in food and treats when it comes to blonde. Maybe that’s why they say that blondes have more fun. This is a gorgeous shade with brown roots and golden streaks running through it.

37. Autumn-Inspired Balayage

If you were looking for the perfect shade of blonde for this autumn, look no more, you have definitely found it!

It resembles autumnal nature so much that it might as well be camouflage. Which is exactly what you need for this season.

38. Sombre Balayage

This is an awesome color which is perfect if you work in an office with a stricter dress code or if your line of work asks for it.

It’s the perfect combination between somber and playful with the natural beige on top and barely visible platinum at the bottom.

39. Braided Blonde Balayage

Are you stomped as far as what hairstyles to go for to show off your awesome balayage? How about a simple three-way braid?

You don’t even need to tie the end! Use a bit of hairspray to secure them in place and you’re good to go.

40. Brass Blonde Balayage

This is what brass balayage looks like and we do have to say it’s amazing! The metallics in it are absolutely spectacular and just waiting for you to pair them up with a glitzy makeup.

41. Sunlight Blonde

A lot of blonde shades have to so with sunlight and it’s natural because this is what being a blonde really means. Being a sunny, bright person, pretty, and warm. This shade is called sunlight blonde and you can see why.

42. Frozen Blonde Shades

If Elsa was a real person, this would be her hair color. Of course, she would go for balayage and, evidently, she would choose an icy blonde as her primary shade.

The roots here are not brown or brunette, but a darker shade of ashy blonde.

43. Ivory Blonde Balayage

Ivory is another shade of white blonde and it belongs in the same shade family as iceberg, ice, milk, eggshell, and platinum. It is the darkest of them all, which means you can mix it up with your natural brunette roots.

44. Eggshell Blonde Hair

Now that we’ve mentioned eggshell in the reference above, here it is. It’s a very matte and almost porous shade of blonde. We suggest you combine it with light gray or another shade of ash blonde.

45. Rose Gold Balayage

There was no way we could have ended this list without mentioning rose gold. Essentially, this shade is a type of strawberry blonde that you get by mixing shades of red and golden blonde.

The results are truly spectacular! Here’s a tip – use a glossing agent to also give your locks a metallic sheen.

Ready to Change Your Look?

There you have it, the prettiest blonde balayage ideas we promised and which will truly make you look like a bombshell.

From arctic, iceberg, and eggshell to rose gold, white sands, autumnal, chai, beige, vanilla, champagne, tanned, and Manhattan, we’ve seen them all!

Which one is your favorite and you’re just dyeing to try out? DO let us know! (And have fun with blonde!)


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