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50 Amazing Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts Popular in 2022

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If we were to pick a star hairstyle of the past few years, it would definitely be the bob. It’s having a huge moment right now, as demonstrated by the tons of celebrities who simply rushed to their stylists and begged to get the bob. Evidently, you can jump on the trend and get it too. But you can do a bit more. Put a new spin on it and try the Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts. Below you will find a variety of celebrity-inspired looks to serve as inspiration for your next hairstyle.

1. The Rachel McAdams

Let’s start off with one of America’s very own sweethearts, Rachel McAdams. She sports a very basic and classic asymmetrical bob with her hair parted on one side, in a super sweet caramel blonde. We are in love with the wine lipstick!

2. The Rachel Green

At first, there was the Rachel. That was the haircut that drove everyone wild in 1994 when Friends came out, and that would make cinematographic history. Then she got an asymmetrical bob, and everyone wanted to copy that as well. Jennifer Aniston is the queen of hair.

3. The Marion Cotillard

Here’s actress Marion Cotillard giving us a bit of that French elegance we all know and love. She is wearing an undulated bob with messy, and loose vintage Hollywood curls and an outward side swept bangs. And just look at that orchid colored lacey dress!

4. The Jaimie Alexander

The world took notice of actress Jaimie Alexander when she appeared as lady warrior Sif in Thor back in 2013. Since then, she has been rocking this amazing messy asymmetrical bob that really highlights her angled and slim face.

5. The Brittany Snow

Although we know it’s difficult to tear your gaze away from her astoundingly blue eyes, Brittany Snow’s asymmetrical bob gives us something to look at as well. She wears it in a very pale bottle blonde shade, very straight and sleek.

6. The Victoria Beckham

Just like her larger than life husband, Posh Spice has tried every hairstyle on the face of the planet as well. However, for many years now she has steadied upon the asymmetrical bob. This is only her first appearance on our list. Scroll down for the second.

7. The Emma Watson

The second she was done with Hermione Granger, actress Emma Watson wanted to shed her youthful persona and cut her hair into a boyish pixie. Later on, she grew back her hair. The intermediary cut was this adorable asymmetrical bob.

8. The Rooney Mara

Oh, how we love Rooney Mara’s brooding demeanor. Seriously, has anyone ever seen her smile? If you love her looks as much as we do, it will help you to know that she wears a shoulder-length asymmetrical bob, slightly side-parted, with glossy beach waves, in chestnut brown.

9. The Charlize Theron

There is, probably, no haircut actress Charlize Theron could attempt that she could not pull off. Just look at this almost geometrical asymmetrical bob in a sandy blonde. She paired it with statement earrings that drip with rubies and a matching ruby red lip.

10. The Rosamund Pike

Actress Rosamund Pike is not one for frills and thrills here. She keeps her asymmetrical bob to the basics. It’s parted to one side, and it’s obvious she used her flat iron to straighten it out. What we love the most, however, is the blonde nutmeg color she chose.

11. The Beyonce

When the queen herself goes for a trend, you know you have to get it too. Yes, Beyonce quit her magnificent lioness mane for a short while and geared up with this lovely, platinum, asymmetrical bob. The cat eyeliner and neon pink lips complete the look.

12. Short Assymetrical Bob

Short bobs are difficult to define. Where do you draw the line between a short bob and a long pixie cut? Here’s a pic of the gorgeous Cameron Diaz with a blonde over brown short asymmetrical bob and a pair of stunning theatrical earrings.

13. Uneven Bob Haircut

British singer Cheryl Cole is a huge fan of the asymmetrical bob as well. She loves to wear a deeply layered one with a long, uneven strand in the front. You may also notice how the back is very pouffed up. Use a rotating brush to get that effect.

14. Blonde Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts

Here’s the lovely Portia de Rossi modeling for us a superb blonde bob. The shade she chose is chai latte mixed with a bit of beige. It works wonders for her fair skin and green eyes. She paired it with sun-kissed shades of makeup and dusty pink lips.

15. The Kate Upton

Supermodel Kate Upton ditched her long and luscious locks as well in favor of an asymmetrical bob. And, boy are we glad that she did! She really looks like an Old Hollywood diva who should star in movies with Clark Gable and Fred Astaire.

16. Angled Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts

We don’t know about you, but we absolutely adored how our girl Kim K looked in this architectural asymmetrical bob. The very long and sharp angles, as well as the blunt and choppy ends of the cut, make her look edgy and urban.

17. Medium Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts

Ashley Olsen is the fan of a good, old-fashioned medium bob. She stayed true to the hair color that works best for her, which is blonde. It highlights her gigantic green eyes, especially when she goes for a full-on black smokey makeup.

18. The Emma Stone

We rarely get to see actress Emma Stone in such a stance, but we love it when we do. For this red-carpet event, Emma decided to go for a retro glam look, mixed with a touch of sexy goth. And she looked out of this world fabulous! We seriously want to copy her style immediately!

19. How to Style Short Asymmetrical Hair

This question has many possible answers. One of them would be to follow Rihanna’s advice and style your bob in a very angled and straight fashion. It will elongate and slim your face at the same time, making it appear more oval.

20. The Rose Byrne

A bit of ombre in your hair will help soften your asymmetrical bob as well as your overall facial features. If you have brown hair, we suggest you combine it with a bit of lush caramel or some blonde beige streaks.

21. Cute Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts

You cannot possibly look at actress Anne Hathaway and not think ‘cute.’ Especially when she wears what has now become one of our favorite bobs. Its length barely touches the jaw which gives her a very 20s flapper air, especially with that sultry and smudgy black smokey eye.

22. The Lea Seydoux

Before Emma Watson as your favorite Disney princess, Belle, there was Lea Seydoux, enchanting hearts everywhere in the French version of the ‘tale as old as time.’ If you haven’t seen it yet, you really don’t know what you’re missing. We also recommend Lea’s messy, honey-colored asymmetrical bob.

23. The Naomi Watts

Beach waves on a shoulder-length bob? Yes, please. All you need is your curling iron and some hairspray. If you’re bold enough, you can even use your flat iron. Look for tutorials on YouTube. You’ll find plenty of beauty vloggers on there who will show you how to do them.

24. Layered Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts

Take it from Rita Ora – layered and messy is the best. Especially if you happen to have thin hair. It’s a great trick for girls with fine hair. ask your stylist to give you some layers and to use a razor to create those choppy ends. In this way, you’ll end up with more volume than you had before.

25. Asymmetrical Haircuts with Bangs

Ashley Simpson is all grown up now and her lovely bob is one of the proofs. It depicts her as a mature woman, sexy and beautiful, elegant and poised. We are in love with the copper smokey eye paired with an autumn leaf lipstick and eyebrows that match the roots of her hair.

26. Textured Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts

Can you see why Lily Collins was chosen to be the face of Givenchy? We thought so. Her ultra-feminine and chic look make her the perfect candidate for the house’s long-standing romance with the classic standards of beauty.

27. The Paris Hilton

If there’s one thing that we love about Paris Hilton is that she never, ever ditched her Malibu blonde shade. It reminded her and us as well of a Barbie doll from the 90s, so she always kept it. She did, however, spruce it up with this deeply asymmetrical bob which we now kind of want as well.

28. The Julianne Hough

Simple and sweet. Those are the words we could use to describe both Julianne Hough and her asymmetrical bob. She is a true lesson as far as the old saying ‘less is more’ goes. Put on a gorgeous dress, but keep the makeup and hair to a minimum.

29. Posh Spice Again

We warned you that Victoria Beckham would make a second appearance on our list and here she is. The reason we included her twice on here is that she sported an A-line bob which simply could not go unnoticed with us. It’s absolutely glorious.

30. The Rebecca Hall

It doesn’t matter if you loved her most in Parade’s End or Vicky, Christina, Barcelona. Rebecca Hall is the classy and beautiful lady we aspire to be like. Here she is in an outstanding brandy brown colored asymmetrical bob with minimal makeup. Wow!

31. The Karlie Kloss

Supermodel Karlie Kloss is here to teach us how to wear an asymmetrical bob like they do on the red carpet. The answer? With killer confidence, of course. Well, it doesn’t hurt if you have professional makeup on as well as a huge pair of emerald earrings.

32. Red Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts

Jessica Chastain is, without a doubt, one of our favorite redheads. She wears her color proudly in an asymmetrical bob that reaches her shoulders. We love the fact that she has very thick hair, which just gives extra body and volume to all that redness.

33. The Mena Suvari

Yes, Mena Suvari, the sweet high school girl from American Pie is all grown up now. And we can proudly say she did a wonderful job at it too. She is a sultry and sexy woman in possession of a sandy blonde bob with side swept bangs.

For more side swept bangs ideas, here’s a whole piece we wrote on this topic, just for you!

34. The Malin Akerman

How cool does this super sweet asymmetrical bob look? The side-swept bangs are very long, and Malin Akerman’s stylist has used a curling iron and some hairspray to create a few light curls with her side bangs. In this way, she really does look like the girl next door!

35. The Christina Applegate

This shade is called Manhattan blonde with dark toffee roots. And we can see why. Actress Christina Applegate surely looks like a million bucks in this pic. We also love how the satin ink blue of her dress highlights her eyes. Did you notice the earrings? Talk about diamonds!

36. The January Jones Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts

This is the perfect example of how you should do vintage 20s Hollywood curls on an asymmetrical bob. They resemble finger waves, but are a lot looser and have a bit more bounce and flexibility to them. You can go all minimal and nude on your dress, hair color, and makeup, just like January Jones did, with all champagne tones or you can opt for a pop of color on your lips. Let’s say a coral red.

37. Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts with Bangs

Reese Witherspoon might just be our favorite Hollywood celebrity with bangs. She has been wearing them ever since we can remember and it’s a good thing that she has. The actress has a heart-shaped face which benefits greatly from the presence of bangs.

38. The Miranda Kerr Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts

Here’s another supermodel on our list who has lovingly embraced the asymmetrical bob. Miranda Kerr has a full, plump, round face and a bob simply elongates and slims it. The asymmetry is there for a bit of whimsy.

39. The Nicole Ritchie

If you were looking for ideas on how to upgrade your style to a more urban and modern one, look no more. Allow Nicole Ritchie to be your inspiration. Her slick bob is parted on one side and simply descends off her shoulder in a gradient scale.

40. The Keira Knightley Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts

This is the asymmetrical bob you need to be wearing the night you go to meet your boyfriend’s parents for the first time. Trust us and, more than that, trust Keira. It’s simple, sweet, has a few curls in it, and it’s a testament that you have style and good taste.

41. The Kerry Washington

Speaking of style and good taste, we simply could not take our eyes off actress Kerry Washington and this look she pulled off. Another major inspiration for us to copy? We believe so. It’s a curly asymmetrical bob in a rich, chocolaty brunette with a few mocha lowlights streaked through it. And that winterberry lipstick…

42. The Kate Blanchette Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts

Another leading lady of the silver screen who firmly believes that less is definitely more is none other than the exceedingly talented Kate Blanchette. And how could she not think that when she looks this fabulous with nude makeup and straight hair?

43. The Sarah Paulson

An asymmetrical bob was a very smart move for Sarah Paulson to pull in the beauty and styling game. She has a long and square face with a rather strong jaw which could use a touch of sweetening up. It gets it from the very feminine lines of the short bob.

44. The Kirsten Dunst Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts

We simply cannot get over what this shade of icy blonde is doing for Kirsten Dunst’s eyes. The extremely pale blonde has turned her eyes to a jade-like shade of green, helped along by the black and brown makeup.

45. The Keri Hilson

Pull out those fake eyelashes and blue eyeliner because we are reliving the 90s! And, while we’re at it, we might as well take a leaf out of Keri Hilson’s book and get this adorable and very well-constructed asymmetrical bob.

46. The Priyanka Chopra Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts

We chose Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra to demonstrate for us what an asymmetrical bob with curly hair would look like. We also love the color of her hair, which is a brunette mixed with deep plum and a bit of hazel brown.

47. The Scarlet Johansson

Even though we love our Scarlet both with long hair and a pixie cut, we won’t say no to hair in this marvelous, choppy, asymmetrical bob. The longer strands in the front curtain her heart-shaped face, creating a balance with her pointed chin.

48. The Katy Perry Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts

How would you feel about an asymmetrical bob in an unconventional color? We could use Katy Perry as an inspiration because she’s successfully tried them all. Here she is sporting a smurf blue.

49. The Maggie Gyllenhaal

If you want to channel the roaring 20s, this is how you do it. First, you get an asymmetrical bob. Then you create some loose finger waves with your flat iron. Use as much hairspray as you can and voila! You’re a flapper girl!

50. The Emma Roberts Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts

American Horror Story’s very own Emma Roberts opted for a Paparazzi Highlighted blonde with a few beach waves in it. That’s the name of the shade, in case you were wondering and we believe she looks marvelous in it.


Here are the 50 fashionista asymmetrical bob ideas we promised. You can choose the one which you like the most and hurry with it to your stylist. It can be your next big change and the start of your celebrity-inspired look!


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