50 Colorful Peekaboo Highlights with Styling Recommendations

peacock peekaboo highlights

When it comes to peekaboo highlights, the main attraction is that they allow you to add a pop of color to your hair without previously bleaching it all over.

Therefore, you can get a fantastically fun upgrade to your look without worrying that it might damage the integrity of your locks or scalp or cause split ends.

With that idea in mind, we’ve put together a list of 50 colorful peek-a-boo highlights that might help you decide what you want.

The list is broken down into batches of color, for your convenience.

1. Rose Gold Peekaboo Highlights

Let’s start off with rose gold, the color that has dominated the world of makeup and styling in the past few seasons. The great thing about this shade is that it matches every skin tone as well as every eye color. Here it is with dark brunette hair.

2. Champagne Blonde and Rose Gold Peekaboo Hair Color

Adding rose gold peekaboo highlights to blonde hair is like adding peanut butter to a jelly sandwich. The important thing is to find the right shade of blonde. This, for example, is a very subtle shade of champagne blonde.

3. Yellow Gold and Rose Gold

You know what they say. You can never have too much gold. It never loses its value or its beauty, for that matter. Speaking of shades of blonde that are appropriate for rose gold peekaboo highlights, why not yellow gold blonde?

4. Peach and Rose Gold Peekaboo Hair Color

Another way you can go is by choosing to highlight the rose in the rose gold peekaboo highlights rather than the gold. Therefore, you can dye your hair in a soft and sweet peach pink color that can match the rose.

5. Dusty Rose and Rose Gold

If you really want to show off those rose gold peekaboo highlights, you will need a darker base. We suggest you go for a dusty rose. It’s darker than the highlights but not dark enough to transform into a shade of red hair.

6. Winter Gray and Rose Gold Peekaboo Hair Color

Here are two colors that might not seem complimentary when you first think about the – gray and rose. However, if you tell your stylist exactly what you want, they can pull off a masterpiece of color.

7. January Jones Hairstyle with Peekaboo Hairlights

Even celebrities have embraced peekaboo highlights. Here’s January Jones sporting a refreshing shade of light tangerine hair with rose gold peekaboos. The shade brings out her huge, blue eyes as well as her fair skin.

8. Baby Pink and Rose Gold Peekaboo Hair Color

Another fantastic color match is that between baby pink and rose gold peekaboo highlights. This one works especially well if you happen to have a pale complexion and light-colored eyes, either blue, green, or hazel.

9. Strawberry Blonde and Rose Gold Peekaboo Hairlights

Strawberry blonde laced with rose gold? Where do we sign up? This can easily be a mix to wear the entire summer long, plus one that you get to embellish with lots of hair accessories when you go to your favorite music festivals.

10. Gold Blonde and Rose Gold

Two shades of blonde mixed into one. The result is a fiery nuance of copper that’s just so trendy right now. You know very well that matte is out and everything glittery, coppery, and metallic is in. Therefore, jump on this trend as soon as possible!

11. Purple Peekaboo Highlights

Let’s move on to purple peekaboos. We have a selection of ten shades of purple on a different basis of color that is sure to satisfy even the hardest-to-please fashionista out there. This is the classic purple on brown.

12. Gray and Violet Peekaboo Highlights

Start off with a stony gray that will act as the canvas on which to display that beautiful violet color for the peekaboos. Make sure to dye your roots darker than the rest of the hair for a very natural feeling.

13. Peekaboo Purple Highlights

Purple highlights look best (probably) on blonde hair. The contrast between the two colors will work in your favor, especially since both are so beautiful. You can opt to get an outer layer of peekaboos or a more subtle one.

14. Dark Brown and Purple

Here’s a more natural version. You can construct this look starting with your hair’s natural color, meaning no extra dye is involved.

Most people’s natural hair is dark brown. If you want a little change without any damage, try some purple peekaboos.

15. White Blonde and Orchid Peekaboos

Doesn’t this mix of colors sounds like a dream? Here’s a pointer. If you use orchids in your wedding party, including decorations and your bouquet, then you can rock this hairstyle on your big day. How cool would that be?

16. Dark Hair with Purple Peekaboo Highlights

Are you trying to spice up your Victorian goth glam look? We’ve got just the thing. These violet peekaboos will add a touch of femininity to your look, soften your style, and make you look like the queen you are.

17. Blond and Eggplant Purple Peekaboo Hair Color

Another fantastic shade of purple you can try is eggplant. It’s rich and dense, full of shadowy light and glossiness that only the actual vegetable after which it was named has. Not to mention that it looks fantastic on blonde hair.

18. Magenta Peekaboo Highlights

There are two things that we love about this look. First of all, the peekaboo highlights are magenta, a shade of purple which might be fickle to obtain, but glorious once you do. Second of all, the peekaboos are centered on the bangs and around the face.

19. Light Mulberry Peekaboo Highlights

You can get these ones by themselves for a traditional look or you can pair them up with blue and turquoise for a mermaid’s hair.

Depending on the colors you add to your hair, you can also opt for a peacock or a rainbow look.

20. Lilac Peekaboo Highlights

Lilac on a glossy, dark brunette is the true stuff of dreams. The combination actually looks like silk or gossamer thread that has been spun together to create this wonderful pattern. Throw in a bit of lavender, for good measure.

21. Red Peekaboo Highlights

We have reached the red peekaboos portion of our comprehensive list. Let’s begin with the most traditional of all the combinations possible.

This is a dark brunette hair with a few red peekaboos sticking out here and there to spice it out.

22. Chocolate Brown and Red Peekaboos

Here’s a subdued yet interesting way to approach red peekaboo highlights in case you don’t like to go over the top or you have a stricter dress code at your job. You can try a dark chocolate brown as the base and some washed-up red peekaboos.

23. Chestnut Brown and Red Peekaboos

This is the perfect hairstyle for autumn if we’ve ever seen one. The basis is a chestnut brown spiked with some molasses dark blonde.

However, the cherry on top comes from the gorgeous red peekaboo highlights that brighten up everything.

24. Iceberg Blonde and Red Peekaboos

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even pair iceberg blonde with deep red. The colors are opposites on the spectrum which means they will highlight each other and stand out even more because of that.

25. Burgundy Peekaboo Highlights

One version of red that absolutely everyone is crazy about is burgundy. Is there a more scrumptious shade than this one? We suggest you pair it with a glossy and dark wooden brown, where it can really shine.

26. Light Red Peekaboo Highlights

No, light red does not equal pink, as you might believe. In fact, when it comes to hair dyes, light red means a more washed-up version of red or even a marsala. You can use it when paired with icy blondes, for a less stark contrast.

27. Scarlet Peekaboo Highlights

Few colors can beat scarlet as far as shades of red go. It’s one type of red that actually manages to look cold instead of bright and hot, as it should.

Therefore, you can add a layer of scarlet peekaboos inside your brunette hair.

28. Parallel Peekaboo Highlights

Remember the early 2000s when everyone used to wear this type of highlight in their hair? You can revive that trend, if you want, using red peekaboos on your brunette hair. It will create a beautiful contrast that you can be proud of.

29. Strawberry Peekaboo Highlights

Another combination you can try within the red spectrum is strawberry on blonde. We suggest you go for the version with highlights around your face, especially if you have green or blue eyes so that you can bring out their color.

30. Cherry Cola Peekaboo Highlights

Don’t you just love it when hair dye shades borrow from the favorite things that surround us? These are Cherry Cola peekaboos that go fantastically well on light blonde hair. They have a deep and rich hue, which looks almost scarlet.

31. Copper Peekaboo Highlights

As the world of styling slowly but surely leaves everything matte behind, it makes way for new international trends.

They include everything sparkly, glitter as far as the eye can see, and two new colors – copper and brass. The next portion of our article is all about copper peekaboo highlights.

32. 100 Shades of Copper

Start off with your naturally dark brown hair color as a base. Add a layer of white honey blonde, and into it work as many shades of copper as you can get your hands on.

That’s how you celebrate autumn with a superb hairstyle.

33. Hot Chocolate and Copper Peekaboos

Speaking of colors that you can wear in the fall, here is a combination that will surely get you noticed wherever you go.

This is hot chocolate brown at the roots with cinnamon in the middle and copper peekaboo highlights toward the ends.

34. Honey Blonde and Copper Highlights

Is there anything more attractive than the sweetness of honey blonde spiced up by some copper highlights?

You can pair this hairstyle with gray or even green smoky eye makeup that will have you looking like a diva in no time.

35. Pumpkin Copper Highlights

Pumpkin blonde is definitely the shade we should all turn to in mid-autumn or come Halloween time.

The color is so rich and luxurious that you just want to run your fingers through it nonstop. Add a little light to it with some delicate copper highlights.

36. Nutmeg Copper Highlights

If pumpkin is not your spice of choice, then how about some nutmeg? This creamy and delicious color is all you need to see you through to winter.

The copper portion is at the top, creating the optical illusion of a richer and fuller mane.

37. Smokey Blonde and Copper Highlights Peekaboo Hair Color

Smokey blonde is definitely not one of the easier shades to wear. It’s very cold and matte, but incredibly beautiful to look at.

Therefore, it deserves the extra mile you need to go to actually wear it. Add a few lit-up copper peekaboo highlights to sweeten the deal.

38. Cream and Copper Highlights

You can get to this particular shade by mixing several colors. Start with complete bleaching of your hair, add a little bit of arctic blonde, some beige blonde for good measure, and, of course, the stars of the show, copper highlights for that metallic sheen.

39. Autumn Blonde and Peekaboo Highlights

Autumn blonde is a cross between a darker shade of blonde and a rich and light brown hue. Together, they create a perfect representation of autumn leaves which you can use as inspiration for your hair color. With a copper streak, of course.

40. The Kerry Washington Hairstyle with Peekaboo Highlights

Another celebrity who found peekaboo highlights irresistible was actress Kerry Washington.

Here she is with a gorgeous set of dark copper peekaboos on her luscious dark brunette locks at a red carpet event. Beautiful and inspiring!

41. Turquoise Peekaboo Highlights

It’s time to turn to kooky colors as we take a peek at turquoise peekaboos.

One of the most beautiful shades in the spectrum, turquoise speaks of Arabian nights, beautiful mermaids, the lure of the ocean, the darkest depths of the sea, and the bohemian side in all of us.

42. Brown and Turquoise Peekaboo Highlights

This is a surprisingly simple way to turn a traditional hairstyle into a whimsical one. Add a few turquoise peekaboos to your natural brown hair and you’re ready to go to Coachella.

Thanks to all of today’s advancements in colorful hair dye and even wax, you can do it for just a day or two.

43. Waterfall Peekaboo Highlights

This coloring effect is called the mermaid waterfall and it’s not difficult to see why. The gradient in the shading is done to perfection, looking like a waterfall changing colors in the sunlight. It starts from inky blue and ends with greenish teal.

44. Black Hair and Turquoise Peekaboos

The combination of turquoise and purple is a timeless one and, we believe, one of the most beautiful possible. Both colors are cold and icy, but rich and deep at the same time. They are potent and energetic, giving your hair the extra boost it needs.

45. Peacock Peekaboo Highlights

The shades you will be needing to copy the majestic natural artistry of the peacock are blue, turquoise, and different shades of green, laced with white and black as non-colors. Plus, we’ll give you ten extra points if you can say peacock peekaboo ten times fast without mistaking.

46. The One Streak Peekaboo

Sometimes, less really is more. If you have deeply brunette hair, one simple streak of acutely turquoise hair will be enough to highlight both colors. You know what they say. There’s no need to gild the lily.

47. Turquoise Fringe Peekaboo Hair Color

This hairstyle is perfect if you’ve ever wanted to get turquoise hair but weren’t brave enough. Simply dip the tips or get your bangs done in this color, to see how it looks against your face. The effect is really the same.

48. Copper and Turquoise Highlights

Copper and turquoise and two very powerful colors that might clash if you don’t do this dye job correctly. Therefore, we suggest you leave this one to the hands of the professionals. Tell your stylist what you want rather than doing it yourself at home with drugstore brands of hair dye.

49. Iceberg Blonde and Turquoise Peekaboo Highlights

In the case of this combination, the colors are so strong that they completely overpower the blonde. Therefore, the icy lightness of it becomes merely the canvas on which you can play with the other shades of your choice.

50. Orchid and Turquoise Highlights

Orchid is one of the most beautiful shades of purple out there. When mixed with turquoise, you have the chance to make it stand out even more.

We suggest a natural brown, mahogany, or even a brunette as a base for this mix.

Ready to Change Your Look?

Peekaboo highlights are the best way to express your personality through color, either a single one or by mixing and matching shades.

As you’ve seen in our article, the latest trends dictate that you absolutely need to have some copper in your hair, not to mention purple and iceberg blonde as the only acceptable blonde this season.

What about you? Which one of these ideas was your favorite? Let us know in the comment section below!


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