35 Flattering Burgundy Hair Color Ideas to Try in 2022

burgundy hair

Burgundy hair color is as flattering for long-time redheads as it is for natural brunettes and blondes.

Burgundy is a color that suits bold women, no matter what time of year. This bold red hair color features a variety of sub-shades, one more enticing than the other, so the choice should be made depending on the skin tone and the results you want to achieve.

In the winter season, you can choose darker shades, such as blackberries or blueberries, and in summer you can go for velvet or cabernet because they are lighter.

Once you have obtained the desired color, in order to maintain it, you must frequently apply a reddish tinting shampoo and use special products for red hair.

Thus, if you’re looking to refresh your hair color and add a subtle red wine note, try burgundy!

Our collection of 35 burgundy hair color ideas is a great starting point in your search.

How to Choose the Shade that Suits You

Cherry velvet: One of the light shades of cherry. This is the most popular because it suits any skin type. If you want to attract attention, then the velvet cherry will definitely give you the shine you are looking for.

TIP: To maintain the shine, use lots of conditioners and sprays specifically for dyed hair.

Cherry-blackberry: Includes several sub-shades of red. This is the main reason why it is compatible with most skin colors. Since it contains many different shades in it, it looks great on curly and wavy hair, but the dye will be lost very quickly.

TIP: To prevent this quick discoloration and protect your hair, use a hair mask.

Cherry-Cabernet: Yes, just like the wine variety. It looks great on thick hair, curly hair, and olive skin.

Cherry-blueberry: Try an ombre in the shades of blueberry. Darker at the root and lighter at the tips. Mirror effect, guaranteed.

Burgundy is not at all a pretentious color. Cherry is not a pretentious color and, in the context in which, what matters is what we want to wear, we are going through a real cult of finding authenticity, and to try is so important.

After a careful analysis of your hair texture and skin color, you will know for sure if it is for you or not.

1. Classic Burgundy Hair Color

This is one of the most intense burgundy shades out there. With a noble red wine note, this red hair color is elegant and refined, yet edgy. If your hair is long and rich, wear it silky smooth. No other style helps bring out the refined notes of this burgundy shade than simply styled hair.

2. Burgundy Red on Light Brown Hair

This rich burgundy color was achieved using an ion dye. This is one of the burgundy hues that’s the best fit for brunettes and brown-haired girls. It’s a subtle combination of plum red and chocolate brown or maroon hair. Try it on for an elegant and captivating look.

3. Burgundy Hair Color with Chocolate Brown Shades

The chocolate color is enhanced by the burgundy undertones. An ideal hair color to brighten porcelain white skin and bring out the rich blue or green eye color. Notice the light burgundy highlights framing the face.

4. Dark Burgundy Hair Color

Bold hair color for a bold hairstyle. This short haircut is certainly edgy. Yet the dark burgundy adds an even more style-forward note. Dark burgundy colors may not be suitable for more conservative environments.

But the delicious cherry and plum overtones recommend it at least as a summer vacation hair color. Mind you, you may be tempted to keep it on forever.

5. Plum Hair Color

A gorgeous vintage look is achieved with the help of this chic purple burgundy color. A powdered yet rich color like this one suits blue and green-eyed girls with pale skin. While in sync with the skin tone, burgundy plum is ideal to brighten and enhance.

6. Burgundy Violet Hair Color

Deep burgundy can also be met in this mesmerizing burgundy violet shade. A rich and elegant burgundy hue that’s bound to make a statement. Upgrade your personal style with a full rich hair color that will make you noticed wherever you go.

7. Burgundy and Blonde

If burgundy is too strong of color for you, ease into it by adding softer shades to the mix. Burgundy and blonde are almost complementary colors.

Here is a beautiful soft shade of burgundy, softened even further by the natural blonde. A perfect beginner’s step toward achieving the coveted burgundy shade.

8. Burgundy and Black Hair: Ariana Grande

Ariana also eases into burgundy hair by wearing a cherry hue-infused color. However, she doesn’t go for full-length burgundy but chooses to combine burgundy with her natural coal-black hair color.

The combination may sound tricky to some. Yet, since both colors are rather colder, they complement each other beautifully.

9. Lush Burgundy Hair Color

Another instance of a soft burgundy color, this time perfectly suited to both the natural hair color of the girl and the brown color of her eyes. Her complexion too is complemented by the softer nuance of burgundy.

As this remains a strong color, it is recommended that the makeup and the styling of the hair are kept to a minimum.

10. Burgundy Magenta Hair

This shade plays on the warmer end of the spectrum as far as the burgundy hair color chart is concerned. This magenta burgundy shade really reminds me of a glass of sangria. Notice how a warmer shade of burgundy is ideal for warmer complexion and medium skin tones.

11. Burgundy and Blonde Highlights on Brown Hair

If you’re not sure burgundy is your color but you would still like to try it on for size, playing with several colors at the same time is the best way to go.

Look at this skillful balayage that uses burgundy and blonde highlights and lowlights to add depth to the natural dark hair. Not only do these hues add depth to dark hair, but they also brighten it.

12. Dark Red Hair

Rihanna can’t be caught with a faulty hairstyle or hair color. This red hair color is among the many the diva has sported. 

She flaunted this color on her naturally coiled mane, on a pixie cut, on a faux hawk cut, on long silky smooth hair, and much more. You can pull it off with such lovely inspiration!

13. Black and Burgundy Hair

Unlike the previous example featuring black and burgundy hair, this time, the shade shimmers violet, not reddish hues. Nonetheless, the blend is still pleasing and highly recommended. Find your shade and become the inspiration for others.

14. Violet and Burgundy Hair

One way to refresh your hair shade is to add a contrasting color. This is a gorgeous example of violet and burgundy balayage. The burgundy hue with highlights features elegant yet playful colors.

15. Light Burgundy: Emma Stone

Emma is yet another Hollywood beauty who has flaunted every shade of red hair there is. We should add that she looks gorgeous regardless of what shade she is wearing.

However, this burgundy shade is rarely donned so successfully. Pair it with matching makeup that isn’t too dramatic and you’ve got yourself a winning stylish combination.

16. Burgundy Highlights on Black Hair

A black-burgundy ombre enhanced by the burgundy highlights that are at least two tones lighter than the base. Notice the transition between the different shades of burgundy.

The one closer to the roots is almost as dark as the base of the ombre. Then gradually, the hues brighten to reach an almost cherry color at the ends.

17. Punk Look: Blonde with Burgundy Highlights

When burnt platinum blonde meets burgundy purple hair, this statement look is in the cards. Of course, much depends on the styling, as the same hair color blend can be successfully flaunted during business meetings or in more formal environments.

Don’t shy away from trying on a look that serves more than one purpose.

18. Burgundy and Short Hairstyles

You don’t need long wavy locks to rock burgundy hair. Shorter hairstyles are perfectly suitable for this as well.

Whether you choose to color all the hair in a burgundy shade or add burgundy highlights, you’re guaranteed a unique and flattering look. This short bob becomes a statement hairstyle due to the purple burgundy base color.

19. Sophisticated Burgundy Ombre Hair

Another sophisticated look is achieved with the faded violet burgundy color. We adore the swift transition from dark ash brown to the sweet burgundy hue. It is so swift that it looks almost natural. To exploit this hair color at its full potential, style in sleek straight locks.

20. Glossy Burgundy Color

When burgundy started being advertised as a big hit, it was as an autumn color. Now it has slowly but surely taken over each season. The sophisticated wine-reminiscent hues ranging from colder to warmer make burgundy a perfect match independently of the season.

21. Red Burgundy Hair

This sophisticated mahogany-like burgundy hair color is ideal for warmer complexions and medium skin tones. A glass of red wine, a red dress, and the femme fatale vintage look is complete.

22. Maroon Hair Color

We hope we clarified by now that burgundy hair looks as great on brunettes as it does on natural blondes or redheads. This maroon burgundy nuance can be achieved by dyeing your hair. Nonetheless, if your natural hair color is maroon, the results are even better.

23. The Sleek Bob

It is fascinating to observe just how suitable burgundy is for the most sophisticated and elegant haircuts. Can you imagine this blunt bob and the perfect bangs in any other hue than this burgundy purple hair color? We know we can’t.

24. Burgundy Colors for the Fall

Here is another example of deep burgundy hair, this time almost perfect for the fall. The shade perfectly replicates the fallen leaves, which means you will be in tune with the changing environment, really making a styling statement.

25. Layered Burgundy Hair

A layered haircut has the great advantage that it can enhance the luminosity of your hair color. In addition to adding volume to your hair and creating an easy-to-style structure, layers are used to brighten up hair colors.

Notice how the layered burgundy hair shimmers with all the different hues embedded in this refined hair color.

26. Dark Purple Hair Color

Another women’s hairstyle features a gorgeous and sophisticated dark burgundy hair color. If your skin tone isn’t fair, choose a different, milder shade of violet burgundy. This one is really reserved for porcelain white skin tones as it brightens.

27. The Darkest Burgundy Shade

If you sport natural brown hair, then this midnight shade of burgundy will complement your brown hair beautifully. Depending on the intensity of the brown base, you will get different results.

Nonetheless, the lovely plum notes of this hair color for women will prevail no matter how dark the brown hair color is.

28. Light Burgundy and Brown Hair

Remember the light burgundy color sported by Emma Stone? This burgundy hair color is very similar and has been applied to a light brown base.

Depending on your preferences for women’s hairstyles, you can opt for darker shades of burgundy. Nonetheless, if you are a natural blonde, lighter burgundy hues are preferable.

29. Burgundy Peekaboo Highlights

If burgundy as a block color doesn’t suit your complexion and skin tone, try a different option. This is a gorgeous example in which burgundy highlights add depth to the blonde hues.

The best thing about experimenting with colors for women’s hairstyles like this is that you can ask your hairstylist to include as many burgundy nuances as you wish.

However, for both undertones and overtones, don’t go more than two shades above or below the base color. The contrast will be strong and the hair color won’t have the same soft chic note.

30. Burgundy Hair with Blonde Highlights

This is a reverse ombre that uses blonde as an under-color for a change. While the base is a rich purple burgundy shade, the undertones are blonde. This technique ensures your hair color looks vivid and stylish at all times. The blonde ends highlight the styling and brighten the burgundy base color.

31. Burgundy Hair and Green Highlights

If you’re looking for a more whimsical hairstyle, how about pairing up your burgundy shade with an opposing color on the spectrum? For example, you can try this peacock green which will help highlight both colors.

32. Glamorous Burgundy Hair

This shade is so rich and sweet that it allows you to embellish it in any way you want. This means you can try a series of out-of-the-box hairpins, such as these little golden stars and a hoop one that represents a full moon.

33. The Side Pony Tail

Here’s a loose and casual hairstyle that you can wear every day if you have long hair and you want to flaunt your gorgeous burgundy color. It’s a simple side ponytail that requires very little maintenance and even less time to put up.

34. Teal and Burgundy Hair

This is a color combination for a strong girl who really knows what she wants and is not afraid to show it to the world. It can also transform into your go-to hairstyle for your favorite music festival this summer.

35. Afro Burgundy Hair

There is no better way to show your love for this fantastic color than with a natural, medium afro. Just imagine this wealth of hair hanging on your shoulders or around your head like a halo or the crown that you truly deserve.


The burgundy palette is as rich as any other as some shades complement fair and medium skin tones, while others complement darker skin tones.

Nonetheless, burgundy hair is an ideal statement color flattering for brunettes, redheads, or blondes. 

Ask your hairstylist for the best advice regarding the burgundy dye you should choose.

Alternatively, we hope you found your hair color inspiration with these 35 burgundy hair ideas.


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