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40 Gorgeous Mermaid Hairstyles to Try in 2022

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Our first mermaid hairstyles envy happened when we saw The Little Mermaid and just how perfect Ariel’s hair was.

Since then, the trends have changed quite a bit when it comes to mermaid hair and what it means, but our envy and love, for that matter, for this trend have remained the same.

Therefore, if you have been thinking about jumping on the trend and going for mermaid hair, we have compiled an awesome list of 40 ideas for you to choose from.

Make sure to scroll all the way to the bottom, because we have it all, from pastels to dark greens, to different shades of sea foam to the classic redhead Ariel.

1. Sunset Mermaid Hairstyles

There’s nothing more glorious than a beautiful sunset on the beach. If you agree, then you will be happy to find out that you can now wear those colors in your hair. The shades are wine plum, red plum, peach, yellow, and orange.

2. The Natural Mermaid

If you want to go all mermaid this year but are reluctant about the whole process or changing your hair too much, you can always stay on the safe side and choose some hair pieces. Go for beads and seashells for the mermaid look.

3. Ocean Spray Mermaid Hairstyles

This has got to be one of the most beautiful shades of hair we have ever seen. It’s a metallic ocean spray hue, with light emerald and blue strands, which are barely visible. Even so, they help give the hair some depth and dimension.

4. Hipster Mermaid Hairstyles

If it’s not mainstream, you can be sure that hipsters all around have already taken it under their wing. Here is the hipster mermaid, which we absolutely adore and you will too.  Go for a matte lipstick and a pair of Potter glasses.

5. Ocean Blue Mermaid Hairstyles

The color of the ocean itself will always prove to be a lovely inspiration when it comes to mermaid hair. Start with a darker shade of blue at the roots and work your way down towards icy pastels.

6. Pink Mermaid

Mermaids come in all shapes and sizes and so does their hair color. Another amazing hue that you can try is this lovely bubble gum pink. Don’t forget about the beach waves, which are so important to the mermaid look.

7. Hidden Fish Scales

If you really want to put it out there that you’re into mermaids or a mermaid yourself, you can have your stylist create some wonderful fish scales for you. Hide them underneath some longer locks, for a more formal style.

8. Shades of the Water

Just as the ocean has more than one shade of blue, so can your hair be more than monochromatic. This lovely lady paired ink water blue with mint tips and pastel icy blue in the middle.

9. Glitter Roots MermaidMermaid Hairstyles

If there’s anything that mermaid hair works perfectly well with, that’s glitter. Use a handful of large particle glitter to add a touch of glamour to your hair. Try to find some that match your shade of hair.

10. Mermaid Hairstyles with Rainbow Flowers

If you’re in a party mood, you can always embellish your hair with some lovely flowers. Braid your hair and sprinkle the flowers here and there, all the length of the braid. Use some bobby pins to hold them in place.

11. All the Colors

Mermaid hair can really be a thing of beauty. If you can’t decide on a single color, then why not use all of them. To avoid any unexpected surprises, it’s best you visit your stylist for this type of transformation.

12. Candy Colored Mermaid Hairstyles

Combining pink, purple, green, blue, and yellow, all in neon shades might seem like a daring thing to do. However, if you’re bold enough, you can end up looking as lovely as this lady right here.

13. Sea Foam Blue Ombre Mermaid Hairstyles

This is the shade we called sea foam at night. Think of the hot summer nights when you went dipping in the ocean and use it as an inspiration for your next shade of mermaid hair.

14. Icy Mermaid Hair

Here is a frosting type of mermaid which you will adore. It will highlight the color of your eyes and skin, no matter what it is, seeing as it’s such a luminous shade of pink. Pair it with dramatic makeup for a full effect.

15. Simple Braids

Apart from color, another important thing to consider is how to wear your mermaid hair. Braids are always a good idea, and they are very much on trend right now. Here is an example of two simple braids on a striking emerald hair color.

16. Ombre Mermaid Hairstyles

Here is the perfect shade of hair for those mermaids that want to play it safe and not explore outside the ocean too much. If you have blonde locks, then you can easily dip the ends in some ocean blue or green dye.

17. Royal Mermaid Hairstyles

No embellishment is too much when you already have mermaid hair. This regal piece is made up of different styles of chain, interwoven with vintage flowery pieces. The effect is spectacular.

18. Coral Mermaid Hair

When looking for inspiration, it is only natural that you get it from within the ocean itself. One of the most beautiful colors to be found there is coral. You can try ombre, tidying, or go for the whole length of your hair.

19. Pearlescent Mermaid Hairstyles

Far from being loud and attracting too much attention, this pearlescent shade is elegant and delicate. The soft curls make us reminisce about old Hollywood and the length of the cut is absolute perfection for any season.

20. Blonde, Purple, and Blue

If there was a mermaid flag, these would be its colors. Blue for the ocean’s deep waters, blonde for the warm sun and the fine sand to rest upon after a long swim, and purple for the whimsical and fairy-like.

21. Seashells and Pearls

When you think of mermaids, you immediately associate them with sea shells and their pearls. Therefore, why not wear this emblematic ensemble in your hair as well? In this way, you can transform into a real mermaid whenever you want.

22. Lilac Mermaid Hairstyles

You cannot help but fall in love with this lilac pastel mermaid hair. The haircut is a choppy shoulder-length bob, tousled and layered. It also has a few indigo peekaboos, which are barely visible from all that lilac.

23. Gradient Pink Mermaid Hairstyles

Pink is a very sought-after color when it comes to mermaids. Therefore, we’ve added one more shade for you to use as an inspiration. It’s a bold hue, perfect for the mermaid who is out to conquer the world and find her prince.

24. Cerulean Mermaid Hairstyles

Here is a shade that will complement a porcelain skin. It works even better if you have green or blue eyes, although other colors are not to be disregarded. Tie it up in a simple ponytail, because even mermaids want to be comfortable sometimes.

25. Neon Mermaid

Here is an outstanding combination of blue and violet hair colors, both neon. The result is absolutely fantastic, making it look like the hair is illuminated from the inside. That’s some true mermaid magic, right there!

26. Street Style Mermaid Hair

Once you’re out of the waters and into the streets, why not adopt a more urban style? Match up your mermaid hair with a hip baseball cap that has studs on it. Don’t be afraid of combining color with street style.

27. Mermaid Through and Through

Not only does this lovely lady have the hair to prove she’s a genuine mermaid, but she also has the appropriate jacket for it. Commit to your style and wear it proudly down the street like it was your personal catwalk.

28. Elegant Mermaid Hair

Simplicity can mean elegance more often than not and this is exactly what this hairstyle is here to prove. The iceberg blue shade and soft curls make for a clean and fresh look, perfect for a morning by the ocean.

29. Textured Waves Mermaid Hair

Everything about this hairstyle simply screams mermaid hair. The perfect algae green shade textured waves like a cold ocean spray, and, of course, the star in her hair.

30. Flower Crowns and Mermaid Hair

You can sport this hairstyle on your wedding day, if you are the maid of honor or, why not, for a Sunday brunch or picnic at the seaside. It’s all about letting your inner mermaid have some fun, no matter where you are.

31. Forest Green Mermaid

When naughty and adventurous mermaids wander off outside of their cozy home in the ocean, they go to the forest to visit their cousins, the pixies. While there, they borrow their hair dyes and give themselves a makeover.

32. Light Pastel Indigo Mermaid Hairstyles

This hair color will make your beautiful tresses look as if you are wearing the whole of the ocean and its waves right on top of your head. In the end, this is what being a princess of the sea is really all about.

33. Frozen Sea Foam Mermaid Hair

It happens very seldom, but sometimes it does. The sea or the ocean freeze near the shore and this is what the water looks like. Take your inspiration from those one-of-a-kind moments and use it to find your next hair color.

34. Hidden Emerald Mermaid Hair

Just as the name suggests, this is the hidden emerald mermaid hair. It means that your hair will be divided in half, down a horizontal line. The part underneath is emerald green, while the upper half can be your natural hair color.

35. Mermaids and Ponytails

Here is a messy and simple ponytail, which you can use to keep your hair in place and protect it, at the same time. If you want, you can always add some soft curls, to give the ponytail a retro vibe.

36. The Long Bob

Not all mermaid hairs have to be waist-long. You can get the same wonderful effect with a long bob as well, for example. Add some very fine and simple braids to the hairdo for a more magical and vintage effect.

37. Watercolor Dreamcatcher Hair

If you always dreamed about wearing a dreamcatcher in your hair, this is your chance. This way of coloring your hair brings a dreamcatcher to life in the most awesome way possible. Ask for advice from your stylist.

38. Sunset Over Water Mermaid Hair

Some might call it orange. We call it sunset over water and it’s one of our favorite shades of mermaid hair ever. This lovely color will complement any eye color and bring out your best features.

39. Porcelain Mermaid Hair

China porcelain is absolutely fantastic in its simple delicacy. You can now replicate the fabulous effect in your hair, with this icy shade of pastel blue hair.

40. The Original Mermaid

Lastly, to showcase the original mermaid hair, we chose actress Bonnie Wright over cartoon character Ariel, both perfect examples of red hair. The Harry Potter star is a big fan of the fiery locks and mermaid hair, which make her look worthy of the heroine she played for so long in her career.

Ready to Change Your Look?

Have we mentioned just how much we love these mermaid hair ideas? Because we do!

Which one would you go for? Comment and let us know!


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