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100 Gorgeous Shoulder Length Hairstyles Trendy in 2022

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If your hair is somewhere in between a bob that gently caresses your chin and a set of long wavy locks worthy of a Victoria’s Secret fashion show, then you are already on the path of Shoulder Length Hairstyles.

In other words, you are in luck, because you happen to sport the perfect length for experimenting with all sorts of updos and one of the best trends of the past few years.

So here is our collection of 100 amazing shoulder length hairstyles that will inspire you!

Moreover, we have included more celebrities than you can think of on this list so that you can find your Red Carpet soulmate, hair-wise.

1. The Anne Hathaway Shoulder Length Hairstyles

Kicking of our fantastic list of shoulder length hairstyles is none other than Oscar winning actress Anne Hathaway. Here she has opted for a very natural-looking chestnut balayage color and, of course, medium length.

2. Retro Glam Shoulder Length Hairstyles

Once you learn the secret to soft and wavy Old Hollywood curls, your shoulder length hair will be your pride and glory. Bring the style into the streets with a pair of flamboyant glasses and a silk shirt.

3. The Emilia Clarke Shoulder Length Hairstyles

Yes, sweetheart Emilia Clarke has even better hair than the famous Khaleesi she has been portraying on screen. Her shoulder length hairstyles and beautiful chocolaty shades of brown compliment her eyes and skin complexion perfectly.

4. The Bella Heathcote Shoulder Length Hairstyles

It’s difficult to find a sweeter face than that of Bella’s. However, we’re quite sure that her almost platinum blonde shoulder length hairstyles will bring you very close to her good looks.

5. On the Go Shoulder Length Hairstyles

One of the most amazing things about shoulder length hairstyles is that they allow you to style them on the go. Grab a brush or a hair straightener and tame your mane into perfection as fast as you can say ‘fabulous!’

6. Windswept Shoulder Length Hairstyles

If you can’t decide on which side to part your hair, then you can always let the wind do it for you. The medium cut is perfect for letting it all loose and braving the elements.

7. The Rosamund Pike Shoulder Length Hairstyles

Seeing as she absolutely rocks the shoulder length hairstyles, we argued that her movie should have been called Go, Girl instead of Gone Girl. The minimal eye makeup and red-orange matte lip are a win as well.

8. The Rosie Huntington-Whitely Shoulder Length Hairstyles

Seeing as Miss Rosie is one of the most beautiful women in the world at the current moment, any trend that she sports, we want to try as well. Here she is with a medium cut, beige blonde hair and signature golden and pink makeup.

9. The Miley Cyrus Shoulder Length Hairstyles

Back when Miley hadn’t decided the whole world was her playground, she used to sport some very nice and demure shoulder length hairstyles. This is her on the red carpet, rocking the Old Hollywood glam look, complete with millions of dollars’ worth of diamonds.

10. The Jennifer Lopez Shoulder Length Hairstyles

Although we mostly know Jen with her signature long lioness manes, she too has succumbed to the lure of the shoulder length hairstyles. Evidently, she can do no wrong in our book.

11. The Heidi Klum Shoulder Length Hairstyles

One of the best models in history, Heidi Klum takes trends and makes them her own. Here she is sporting a medium cut, side-swept bangs, and very little makeup. To copy this look, use your hair straightener.

12. The Kim Kardashian Shoulder Length Hairstyles

The beautiful part of the Kymie couple, Kim Kardashian can be seen here donning a very blunt cut as far as shoulder length hairstyles go. Her chestnut hair and heavily contoured faced help her look as fancy as ever.

13. The Rachel McAdams Shoulder Length Hairstyles

Rachel McAdams sporting shoulder length haircuts goes to show that they really do complement everyone. The actress’ deeply angular face is softly caressed by her lovely textured bob.

14. The Jennifer Lawrence Shoulder Length Hairstyles

When JLaw chopped off her long locks, the whole world gasped. And for nothing, because she looks stunning in her shoulder length hairstyles. She also chose to dye her hair in an icy blonde shade and the result was spectacular.

15. The Jessica Alba Shoulder Length Hairstyles

One of the prettiest faces in showbiz, Jessica Alba fell for the shoulder length hairstyles as well. She still kept her brown hair, though, as one of her best assets.

16. The Tina Fey Shoulder Length Hairstyles

She might be one of the funniest ladies in the world today but there’s nothing laughable about her locks. In fact, her shoulder length hairstyles are a thing of beauty and a great source of inspiration.

17. The Claire Danes

Once she played Juliet in Romeo + Juliet with such great success, the world started to see Claire Danes as a style icon. You can follow in her footsteps and have some shoulder length hairstyles of your own.

18. Dreads and Ombre

Who says dreads have to be long to be fashionable? Medium ones are cute and feminine, especially if you choose some ombre touches as well. Go for blonde on dark or brown or even for some more untraditional colors.

19. Friday Hair Shoulder Length Hairstyles

You can play into the casual Friday idea perfectly if you have shoulder length hair. The tousled, straight out of bed look is very in this season, as all the ladies love to go natural on their look.

20. Hipster Shoulder Length Hairstyles

Hipsters love to dab in the unconventional hair color territory. You might take a cue from this rag-time gang and copy a cool and fashionable look that will make you feel both playful and empowered.

21. Perfection in a Picture

We love everything about this lovely lady. From her straight blonde bob to her black woolen turtleneck, bound to keep you warm, to her matte smoky eye makeup. This is definitely one for the books.

22. Balayage and Sepia Shoulder Length Hairstyles

One way of upping your shoulder length hairstyles game is by adding a bit of balayage to it. Blonde tips on brown hair, for example, plus earth-toned makeup will make you look like a walking, talking sepia picture.

23. The Sarah Hyland Shoulder Length Hairstyles

The ditsy Modern Family teenager shows some serious fashion sense every time she walks down a red carpet. Here she is sporting one of her shoulder length hairstyles, with a cute flip on one side.

24. The Cheryl Cole Shoulder Length Hairstyles

The songstress decided to add some texture and volume to her mid cut. You can do that as well, by means of your curling iron and lots of high quality hair products.

25. Beach Waves Shoulder Length Hairstyles

No, beach waves are not only for long tresses. You can also sport them if you have shoulder length hair, in a really cool way. If you don’t have a curling iron, then braid your hair overnight and sleep on it.

26. Messy yet Elegant

Shoulder length hairstyles will allow you to go for messy updos any time you like. Here is a messy, yet elegant one, which you can wear both on a date and at the office, for a meeting.

27. Adorable Shoulder Length Hairstyles

This adorable braid really does make the phrase ‘party in the back’ come true. It’s made up of two simple fishtail braids. Their ends have been tied into a straightforward knot, instead of using a hairpiece.

28. The Megan Fox

Leave it to actress Megan Fox to put some much-needed sultriness into the shoulder length hairstyles. Her jet black, tousled hair complements her blue eyes perfectly. We are also in love with the pink lip gloss.

29. The Emma Stone

As she grew older, Emma decided she needed some other ways of styling her hair. Therefore, she turned to the shoulder length hairstyles, which she sparked up by putting some old Hollywood glam into.

30. Fake Bangs

If you have a symmetrical shoulder length bob, then you can part it sideways. Pull the resulting strands of hair up over the crown of your head, to make it look like you just went to the hairdresser and got some killer bangs.

31. The Priyanka Chopra

The Indian actress is always dazzling, no matter what she wears or how she decides to style her hair. Here is her with a mid-length cut, to which she added a lot of volume and body with the help of some hair products.

32. Wedding Vows

If you are at loss about what your wedding updo should be, look no more. Keep it simple with some light beach waves and an oversized flower piece, that will make you look romantic and bohemian.

33. Coachella

Here is one idea for some Coachella inspired shoulder length hairstyles. If the massive music festival managed to inspire entire clothing collections, why not use it as an inspiration for your hair as well?

34. Icy Blonde

This is what Elsa would look like if she lived in the real world and had an office to go to every morning. A shoulder length cut, pink lips, and subtle smoky eyes are all you need to make an entrance.

35. Bohemian Shoulder Length Hairstyles

Here is one which you can easily do at home. After washing it and while it’s still damp, braid your hair in two-strand braids. Blow dry it and then use a bobby pin to create a small knot on one side.

36. The Lilly Collins

She played Snow White and she is a princess in our hearts as well. Also, even though we normally get our eyebrow inspiration from Lilly Collins, it wouldn’t hurt to take a look at her hair as well.

37. The Elizabeth Olsen

With a cute and natural cut and a white lacy gown, Elizabeth Olsen can rule any red carpet she wants to. Copy her look and strut down your very own red carpet every time you walk down the street.

38. The Rose Byrne

The Bridesmaid actress took it one step further and added some very heavy set bangs to her mid cut. The rest of the hair is very tousled and moussed, making it look like she just got out of a retro car with the top down.

39. Blonde, Gold, and Pink Shoulder Length Hairstyles

A simple, straightforward bob deserves some things to complement it. However, keep it to a minimum because you know what they say – there’s no need to gild the lily.

40. The Susan Sarandon Shoulder Length Hairstyles

This Susan Sarandon look from the 70s is also one of our favorite shoulder length hairstyles. Her natural wavy locks hang effortlessly down her shoulders. For more of a retro vibe, you can also add the straw hat.

41. The Rachel Weisz Shoulder Length Hairstyles

Here is a perfect example of natural ombre hair. Combining it with some loose beach waves will result in a fresh and comfortable look. Try it out on those Monday morning when you wake up late.

42. The Scarlet Johansson Shoulder Length Hairstyles

Over the years, this prolific actress has sported many a haircut. However, we like the shoulder length hairstyles best. They complement her heart-shaped face in a way that a pixie or long tresses could never do.

43. The Nicole Kidman Shoulder Length Hairstyles

Not only is this the beautiful Nicole Kidman, but it’s Nicole Kidman as Grace Kelly. It’s quite impossible not to find your inspiration in either of these two gorgeous women when it comes to hair, fashion or makeup.

44. The Kylie Jenner

Here is model and Instagram celebrity Kylie Jenner sporting a shoulder length choppy bob. While the top part of the hairdo is slick and glossy, the bottom is tousled and textured, making her look effortlessly gorgeous.

45. The Taylor Swift

Once cutie Taylor Swift decided she was going to be a girl no more, but a fully-fledged woman, she also went for the shoulder length hairstyles. Here she is with gorgeous curly hair and a lovely honey color.

46. Asymmetry

Irregularities are usually very beautiful. Think about that when you go in for your next haircut. Instead of a fully symmetrical shoulder length chop, feel free to explore and experience new styles and dimensions.

47. Curly Shoulder Length Hairstyles

Even though they might be a bit difficult to pull off or even to style, curly shoulder length hairstyles are worth it. Why? Because not so many people go for them, which guarantees you some extent of uniqueness.

48. Shoulder Length Hairstyles for Fall

When the cold season hits, there is nothing nastier for us, girls then having our hair all tangled up in our scarves. This season, why not go for a mid cut, which can save you from all this trouble?

49. Platinum Shoulder Length Hairstyles

Seeing as a shoulder length cut literally frames the face, you can also opt for a crazier color rather than your natural one. In this way, you ensure that it highlights your complexion and eyes.

50. Curling Iron Craze

Put your curling iron to good use and get your money’s worth out of it with this hairstyle. Be sure to use a lot of moisturizing agent beforehand, so as not to burn your hair, as well as a good fixating agent.

51. Purple Haze

If you ever dreamed of a purple rain falling down your shoulders and caressing your skin, this is as good as it gets. Here is a wonderful blend of lilacs, indigos, violets, and icy purples to make all your dreams come true. Purple hair for the win!

52. The Carrie Underwood

The songstress has combined the shoulder length hairstyles with the combover, which is so on trend right now. The result is a magnificent one. Her entire face is lit up, without her having to tie her hair at the back of her head.

53. The Julianne Hough

She is the typical vintage Southern Belle in this fantastic mid cut, doubled by the retro makeup. Her porcelain skin has just been touched up with a pink blush and her sandy tresses wake up major envy from our part.

54. Chop, Chop

That’s right. Chop it all off until you’re left with this gorgeous shoulder length cut. It’s fun, flexible and very versatile. And did we mention just how chic it is? Because, as chic goes, this one takes the cake.

55. Back to the 90s

What do you need to recreate this feminine look from the nineties? Nothing. That’s right. All you need to do is wash your hair with your favorite hair care products and then let it dry out if its own accord.

56. The Messy Bob

Sporting a messy bob has always had a bit of a grungy look to it. Especially if you also go for the platinum blonde with dark roots. There’s no need for a curling iron with these beach waves. Take some mousse and use your hands to create them.

57. The Keri Russell

Sweetheart Keri Russell has naturally curly hair. Therefore, she found an amazing way to style it. Here she is with a mid cut and soft curls with the ends pointing out. We also love the nineties pink lip.

58. Long Bangs and Shoulder Length Hairstyles

If you want to make your bob a bit different, you can always ask your hairstylist to give you some long bangs. Sweep them to one side so that they can cover your forehead and elongate your face.

59. Elegant Shoulder Length Hairstyles

This romantic look will work perfectly for a wedding, for prom or for your date night. If you choose a dress with a sweetheart neckline, then your shoulders and décolletage area you will be exposed in an elegant fashion.

60. The Sophia Bush

Sophia Bush really knocked it out of the ballpark with this textured bob and side parting. The color of her dress is amazing as well, as the copper orange goes perfectly with her blonde hair and oversized earrings.

61. Emma Stone’s Faux Bob

Here is actress Emma Stone again. Even though she had long hair at the time, she still couldn’t resist the allure of the shoulder length hairstyles. Therefore, she went for a faux bob and a slightly goth look with her pale skin and theatrical makeup and dress.

62. Delicate and Romantic Shoulder Length Hairstyles

Here is a look you can copy as easily as you can say cake. The beautiful pale blonde and light makeup with shades of pink reminds us of picnics in the grass. Looking like this on your big day would be amazing as well.

63. The January Jones Shoulder Length Hairstyles

Even though her hair goes all the way to her shoulders, January Jones managed to give herself a short bob by sporting these perfect finger waves. Use plenty of product to keep them in place.

64. Retro Shoulder Length Hairstyles

Shoulder length hairstyles are the perfect way for you to look like an old Hollywood bombshell. Apart from that, we are also in love with this lovely lady’s dress, made from a checkered lumberjack shirt.

65. Braided Shoulder Length Hairstyles

If you don’t feel like straightening your hair or curling it, then you can always go for some sweet Heidi braids. Pair them with a woolen jumper and you’re ready to face the cold outside in a stylish way.

66. Glam Meets Street

Here another piece of evidence that shoulder length hairstyles are truly versatile. Even though your hair is the picture of perfection with lovely beach waves or curls, you can still turn it street with a hipster nose ring.

67. Seventies Beauty

Channel the seventies with a natural colored shoulder length hairstyle and a makeup work to match. The matte chocolate brown eyeshadow and soft pink lip will emphasize your eyes and leave little to the imagination.

68. The Olivia Palermo Shoulder Length Hairstyles

Lazy and effortless are two words we could use to describe Olivia Palermo’s look in this photo. Her hair is parted down the middle and pulled up in a very messy small beehive. The large golden choker is also a win.

69. Layers and Shoulder Length Hairstyles

We just love how this hair do is made up of chunky layers upon layers of hair, all of different sizes and lengths. It will give your hair a lot of volume and depth, no matter how thin it might actually be.

70. Side Swept Bangs

If you have no idea what to make of your breezy bangs, then you can easily part your hair and let the bangs fly free in the wind. No more awkward phases for you, if you decide to copy this look.

71. Line Bob Shoulder Length Hairstyles

This is what hairstylists and specialists call a line bob. If you want even more drama in your hair, then we suggest some very heavy bangs that almost cover your eyes and give you a mysterious look.

72. Straight and Bendy

Yes, this hairstyle is all about being straight on top, complete with short bangs and bendy at the bottom. Ombre hair helps a lot to gain more perspective for this hair do. It’s a complete game changer.

73. Pouffed Up Shoulder Length Hairstyles

We all need to pay tribute to this magnificent hairstyle, that speaks volumes about embracing your natural curls and letting them flow freely down to your shoulders. Blunt ends are the perfect finish to a perfect haircut.

74. Covering It All Up

If you happen to have a simple face frame, then you can easily make it all the more attractive by growing out your natural curls to shoulder length and allowing them to hug your face and head all around.

75. Pastel, Pastel

If you really want pastel hair but are afraid to make a huge change, then shoulder length hairstyles are perfect for that. You still get the pastels you want, but on a much smaller and less disruptive scale.

76. The Halle Berry

When you have such an outstanding facial bone structure as Halle Berry does, then you can try any hairstyle you want. Here she is with a mid cut and sultry bangs, all in rich dark caramel shades.

77. A Tumble of Bangs and Curls

If you are ever in doubt as to what to do with your locks, think no more. Give it a few curls with your iron and leave your bangs untouched. It will create a lovely Lolita effect that will last you for days.

78. The Olivia Munn

There are few ladies naturally sultrier looking than Olivia Munn out there. As such, if you are interested in copying her style, we suggest a good tan, shoulder length dark hair, and casual clothing.

79. Dipped in Pink

They say that a little party never killed nobody. We say that a little pink never killed nobody. Therefore, go for some ombre. Start with darker roots, rose gold at head level, platinum blonde all the length of the strands and neon pink tips.

80. Shaggy and Dirty Blonde

This is the perfect festival look for the summer. Dirty blonde hair with honeycomb ends that is shaggier than shaggy can be. Your stylist or yourself can always use a razor blade to get these perfect ends.

81. The Jennifer Aniston

Jen never managed to stray far from her Rachel years and it’s a good thing that she didn’t. This is a classic bob, straight and tidy just as Rachel’s was, that frames her face perfectly. She is also sporting that same sandy blonde that we know and love.

82. Rose Gold and Lilac

When rose gold became everyone’s favorite color, we really thought it couldn’t get better than that. But it can. Here is a shade that mixes rose gold with lilac to a glorious result. Curly hair with blunt ends is a bonus.

83. The Simplest One of All

Do you know how easy it is to recreate this look? As easy as using some mousse and running your hands through your hair. It’s a staple of the 90s look, when all the ladies used to have this devil-may-care attitude about their locks.

84. Last Night’s Party

In case you woke up late and didn’t have to do your hair, don’t worry. You can use last night’s hair for this morning’s updo. Part it down the middle and let it bounce in its poufiness.

85. Humidity Is Your Friend

Yes, all the girls who have curly hair know that humidity is, sadly, a force to be reckoned with. However, did you also know that you can make it work it your favor? Pin your hair to one side and let the rest flow loose for a mermaid look.

86. The Sandra Bullock

Her hair hasn’t changed much over the years and that’s a good thing because we love Sandy’s look. She always wears her dark hair slick and shiny, straight and with bangs. Copy her look for casual events.

87. The Layered Bob

If you have thin hair, a great way of making it look a lot more voluminous is by chopping it in layers. The different lengths of the strands will make it look like your mane is wild and untamed, even when straight.

88. The Ashley Green

Actress Ashley Green is simplicity at its best in this picture. The only thing she has done to her hair is use her straightener to bring her bangs to one side and the other. Who knew that such a tiny little thing could have so much effect?

89. Shoulder Length Hairstyles of the Nineties

Remember Coyote Ugly? This is one of the hairstyles they have brought to the limelight. Still, even though it was quite a long time ago, we can’t help but notice that it still looks fabulous in a very girl next door kind of way.

90. Highlights All Around

If you want to add some texture to your locks, cutting them to different lengths is not the only way you can do that. Highlights work wonderfully as well. However, keep in mind that this one is better done at the salon, not at home.

91. Honey and Caramel

Use your straightener to add a lot of volume to your hair to copy this 90s-newscaster lady look. What we loved the most about it was the bottom, with the tips turned inwards. So glam and fabulous!

92. The Christina Hendricks

Yet another celebrity who has turned to shoulder length hairstyles is actress Christina Hendricks. She scores big points with it too, as the length of the cut and the color of her hair brings out her pale complexion and blue eyes.

93. The Marilyn Monroe

We could not have possibly made this list without including goddess Marilyn Monroe. In the beginning of her career, she used to wear her hair down to her shoulders, in soft curls and a platinum blonde shade.

94. The Classic Minimal

There’s really no need to go overboard with waves and curls when you have gorgeous hair. Part it down the middle and blow dry it for a very natural I woke up like this kind of look. Results are guaranteed.

95. Pins and Pearls

Embellish your mid length cut with any kind of hair pieces you like. We, however, fell for this mermaid look, with two simple braids in the back and two pearled pins to hold them in place.

96. Grey Hair

Unconventional colors are for unconventional ladies. A shade of icy gray will compliment your complexion as well as your eyes. Elsa, is that you?

97. Twist and Shoulder Length Hairstyles

When you’re at lost for ideas, always remember that a braid goes a long way. Two braids go even longer a way, especially when you have shoulder length hair.

98. Blunt Ends and Tousles

We’ve seen this look before on the red carpet. In fact, it’s a favorite of actress Margo Robbie’s. Here it is again, sported by this beautiful lady. Hair and makeup are absolute perfection.

99. Pretty Pink Pouts

We simply adore this straightforward behind the ear hairdo. It has something a bit elvish about it, that will elongate your face and make it look slimmer, at the same time.

100. Urban Style

Shoulder length hairstyles are all about being comfortable and relaxed while on the go. This model started off with her natural hair color at the roots and ended with her tips dipped in a gorgeous shade of blonde.

Ready To Change Your Look?

OK ladies, time to decide: which one of these shoulder length hairstyles do you love the most?


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