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Unconventional Colors

50 Purple Hair Ideas and Hairstyles

orchyd shade of purple hair

Unconventional and offbeat hair colors have been quite the rage in the past few years.

They began as the staple of music festivals, starting what we now call the ‘festival look.’

After that, they spread all the way to Hollywood and from there they conquered the entire world. And purple hair is the absolute star when it comes to this lovely trend.

One of the reasons why so many people go for purple hair more than anything else is that this color has so many shades to choose from.

Starting from pale lilac or seafoam and ending with burgundy, raisin, and wine, there’s a shade out there to fit every mood and personality.

Here are 60 purple hair ideas to help you discover yours!

1. Purple Hair in a Messy Bun

One way in which you can wear your newly acquired purple hair shade is to tie it up in a messy bun on top of your head. It’s a relaxed and unsophisticated hairdo that will get you through the day.

2. Long Purple Lavender Hair

If you happen to have hair this long, then dying it in a purple shade will truly be a statement. The color and very loose hairstyle with one simple long braid in the back reminds us of pixies of the olden days.

3. Purple Hair in Violet Shades

Here is a wonderful hairdo in the shape of a reverse Dutch braid. Apart from the fact that it embellishes the back of your head and not your crown, it will also showcase the many shades of purple in your hair, thanks to the beautiful weave.

4. Princess Bubble Gum

One way of channeling your inner child is by dyeing your hair bubble gum purple. The beauty of this endeavor is that it doesn’t have to be a uniform color. You can add some pink and blue highlights here and there to spice things up.

5. Violet Shade of Purple Hair

Go for violet with a few well-placed loose curls and a messy knot in the back. To get the curls, you can use your curling iron and a bit of mousse. Apart from that, you can tie it in two or three strand pigtails overnight.

6. Purple Hair with Top Braid and Knot

Here is a breathtaking hairdo. Not only is the purple hair color fantastic, given that it has several shades, but the do itself is beautiful too. Choose a large strand on top of your head and braid it half way. You can tie up the rest in a bun.

7. Shades of Magenta

Yet another shade for you to choose from when it comes to purple hair is magenta. The darker tones go on the crown of your head while the lighter ones are reserved for the tips. Beach waves and a braid will layer it and showcase all the hues.

8. Purple for Special Occasions

Even though purple hair is considered to be unconventional, there are some shades which you can sport even at the most traditional and classic of events. Here is an eggplant shade loosely held together by a gem studded embellishment.

9. Pigtails

As mentioned before, nothing goes better with a neon colored hair that braiding it. The waves highlight all the shades in your beautiful hair better than wearing it loose will ever be able to.

10. Royal Amethyst

Amethyst is a type of quartz. Consequently, it has always been a favorite among jewel makers. Therefore, you can now match your jewelry to your hair, with this beautiful shade of purple.

11. Spirits of the Forest

There’s just something truly magical about purple hair. Here is a dark tone with only a handful of light strands. It is held together by a French braid all the way in the back of the head, which makes it look all the more surreal.

12. Freezing Pastels

You can also be queen of the ice if you so desire, as long as you sport this fantastic light pastel color in your hair. The purple shade makes it look like ink combined with ice water and then shaded onto your hair.

13. Short Purple Hair

Purple hair doesn’t have to be long to be gorgeous. Here is an example of a stunning purple bob with loose beach waves. The nose ring and cat eye makeup make it even more special and feminine.

14. Long and Layered

If you do decide to go for the long version, though, you can always straighten it and get a layered haircut. In this way, you will look like the fabulous version of a rocker chick ready to rumble.

15. Purple Hair and Steampunk Style

The idea of combining a deep shade of purple hair with a steampunk embellishment piece is truly genius. The vintage silver in this butterfly hairpin flaunts the violet hair in a fantastic way. Keep your hair as straight as possible to copy this look.

16. Bob, Purple, and Grunge

Here is another bob, long and layered this time. The dramatic makeup and lilac denim jacket will make you look ready for the catwalk at a moment’s notice. Go for light or pastel highlights around your face to soften your features.

17. Fairies and Flowers

Once you’ve dyed your hair purple, you might as well go all the way. Embellishments are always in order, such as these tiny white spring flowers spread all over your purplish tresses.

It has a very Midsummer Night’s Eve feel to it, that every girl should experience.

18. Lilac Purple Hair

Nothing says sensibility and fragility quite like lilac hair. This model has also added a few indigo peekaboos to her lilac hair, so as to give it some more depth and profoundness. To copy this look, you can consider a long, layered haircut and some fancy beach waves.

19. Candy Colored Purple Hair

Here are a shade and a haircut that can suit you for any occasion. You can wear it to the office, as well as on a girls’ night out. It’s a medium choppy bob in different shades of purple, lilac, and eggplant.

20. The Vintage Hairdo

They didn’t use to wear purple hair a lot in the 40s and 50s. However, you can still make the pinup trend your own by sporting a chic and fashionable hairband. Tie up your hair in an overturned bun.

21. Fishtails and Mermaids

We’re quite sure that if Ariel had a choice, she would have dyed her hair purple as well. Just look how beautiful this light indigo shade is all wrapped up in a perfect fishtail.

22. Dual Shaded Purple Hair

When you dye your hair in this color, it doesn’t have to be one shade. Keep it sassy with two or more hues, just like this lovely lady did. The results are guaranteed.

23. Deep Burgundy Purple Hair

To replicate this look, you must add some beach waves to your long locks. Apart from that, you can always embellish the dark burgundy color with some hair pieces, just like this golden metallic leaf crown, fit for a queen.

24. Pastel Grunge

Another take on the purple hair grunge look is a shoulder length bob, layered and tousled. Add a choker and a theatrical makeup to complete this ensemble. You can sport a matte plum lip, heavy eyebrows, and purple smoky eyes.

25. Inky Shades

This lovely lady has chosen ink as her favorite shade of purple hair. She is also donning a long bob, with very soft beach waves, indigo tips and aubergine dark roots. Keep your makeup to a minimum for this one.

26. Short and Elegant

Here is another choppy bob, with longer strands hugging the face, all in pastel purple, of course. The model has heavy side bangs and a high top bun, which we are going crazy for right now.

27. The Colors of the Rainbow

The purple rainbow that is, because this is what you can see in this example. It’s a short bob in which you can spot almost all the shades of purple hair you could possibly want. Apart from that, she also has icy blonde hair underneath.

28. Framboise Shades

Framboise is French for raspberry. Even so, it doesn’t have to be just the flavor of your favorite macaroons. You can also use this shade as an inspiration for your quirky hair color in case none of the other purple hair shades do you justice.

29. Pure Art

There is no other way to describe this hair color and style than by calling it pure art. It’s a classy and glossy combination of very dark roots, metallic turquoise in the middle, and delicious purple for the tips.

30. Ombre Purple Hair

Embrace autumn with this perfect ombre hair. The roots as well as the beginning of the strands are a deep eggplant color which then continues to get lighter and lighter toward the tips of the hair. Choose your own shades and go ombre before the holidays.

31. Pastel Purple Hair

What do you get when you combine frozen blonde with bubble gum pink and different shades of purple? Sheer perfection. Braid it up in a simple three strand piece so that it looks fresh and relaxed.

32. Grape Crush over Blonde

Here is a very interesting choice of colors and hues. You have blonde and rose gold on the top and near the roots and a lovely shade which is called grape crush nearing the bottom. The color palette will be especially visible if you straighten your hair.

33. The Orchid Shade

The perfect definition of bed head, this gorgeous lady is also sporting an orchid shade of purple hair. Keep your makeup to a minimum for a natural look, and you cannot go wrong with this one. Not to mention the selfie opportunities here.

34. The Messy Braid Pastel Purple Hair

In case you have or decide to go for pastel or, even better, ombre purple hair, you can always wear it in a messy braid. Take some of the darker strands and use them to crown you head. In this way, they will contrast with the lighter shades on top of your head.

35. Dark Purple Can Mean Goth

You can obtain a dark and bold attitude with a goth twist if you add a shade of eggplant purple to your already dark hair. A black choker, lip ring, and very dramatic makeup will complete this look. Don’t forget the fair skin tone.

36. A Wine Shade of Purple Hair

Its name truly does it justice because this color is so beautiful and rich you can just scoop it up and drop it in a glass. It is very bold but without being too violent on the eye, so it might just be the perfect choice for any occasion.

37. The Katy Perry Purple Hair

Perhaps the biggest promoter of the purple hair trend is none other than singer Katy Perry. Over the past few years she has sported several shades of this lovely color, becoming an inspiration to all of us.

38. Bows and Ribbons

Bows and ribbons in a messy purple hair add up to feminine and fairy-like. Moreover, if you add a touch of butter colored lace to your outfits, you will also get a vintage vibe from this look. What could be better for Christmas Eve?

39. Viking Braids on Purple Hair

It is true that most Viking women were blonde. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t still sport their killer braids. Straighten your hair using lots of your favorite product. Consequently, you can proceed to braid some of the longer strands.

40. Sea Foam Blue and Purple Hair

The name of the shade might be a bit romantic here, but that has never stopped us in the past. This sea foam blue and purple hair color has got us all enthralled with just how icy and clear it is.

41. Cruella De Vil in Purple Hair

If Disney villain Cruella de Vil decided to go for purple hair, this would have been her colors of choice. Still, this magnificently quirky hairstyle has nothing to do with being a villainess. In fact, it looks as cute as they come.

42. Purple Festival Hair

As mentioned in the introduction, nothing says festival look like purple hair. Moreover, if you add an oversized flower braid, your next appearance at Coachella or Burning Man is bound to not go unnoticed.

43. The Iris Hipster

Here is a very hipster look with iris colored purple hair, face piercings, and statement glasses. The eyebrows are a deep chocolaty brown so as to frame the face perfectly. The lovely lady is also sporting vintage cat eye makeup.

44. Layered Ombre Purple Hair

Straight from the desert catwalks, here is a look meant for hot summer days. The long hair is layered and choppy, giving it a sense of volume. The color is a beautiful indigo down to the shoulders.

Apart from that, it ombres down to the model’s waist in shades of pink and lilac. The tips are almost white blonde.

45. The Goddess Hair

Here is a goddess weave shaped into perfect curls with three different colors: blue, purple, and mauve. In fact, the hair in itself is so amazingly well styled that the colors simply seem to spring one out of the other and interlock perfectly.

46. Top Knots and Bandanas

You may also consider a hairstyle with a bit more street credibility. Go for a bandana tied in a West Coast Tupac way on your head. Tie your head in a messy bun using a doughnut and you’re good to go.

47. Delicious Eggplants

Apart from eating, eggplants can also serve as inspiration for your next hair color. This dark and soft purple hair tone is perfect for the winter time. Pair it with minimal makeup and jewelry. In this way, it will be able to shine on its own.

48. Sangria and Highlights

Take a cue from the Spanish beverage Sangria and wear the color on your head. It’s a very cool look for the spring, when you can braid your hair and wear an oversized sweater to keep up with the trends.

49. Queen of the Fairies

One way of showcasing your purple hair is by using other colors with it at the same time. Therefore, apart from purple shades, this lovely lady also has pink, orange and yellow hair. The colors of the rainbow can be your friend if you know how to style them right.

50. Long Top Knot and Braids

If you have a fancy event to attend, then this might be the hairstyle for you and your purple hair. The updo consists of a long messy bun complete with one simple braid on each side.

Ready To Change Your Look?

Which one of these purple hair ideas was your favorite? Let us know which you’d rather wear in a comment!


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