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40 Hottest Red Ombre Hair Color Ideas to Try in 2022

red ombre hair

The Red Ombre Hair Color is all about fire, heat, passion, and energy.

It’s a color that simply overshadows everything else and takes center stage no matter your skin tone, type of makeup or length of hair.

It has been one of the hottest trends in the world for quite a few years now, thanks to the outstanding variety of shades to choose from.

Moreover, it doesn’t seem like it’s going anywhere anytime soon.

Therefore, if you want to experiment with your hair and bring a little fire in your life, here are the 40 hottest red ombre hair color ideas out there.

1. Red Ombre Hair Balayage

If you are a fan of the natural look and don’t want to go straight away to the chemical romance reds available on the shelves, you can always try some nice red ombre hair balayage.

2. Gradient Red Ombre

This red ombre is done to perfection. It has all of the shades you could possibly want, from sherry red to poppy, a tequila golden portion, and some golden tan tips, which make us positively swoon.

3. Fiery Red for Straight Hair

Bring out your hair straightener and light up the fire. While doing so, make sure you use a lot of hair care product, so that you can protect your hair from the heat. Some coconut oil in an overnight soak will work fine as well.

4. Black and Red Ombre Hair Color

This is a very bold look, which will make all the heads turn, for sure. It starts off with a very deep black, and it continues at shoulder level with a very fiery red and orange tint. Notice how the ombre is asymmetrical and not at the same level.

5. Sunset Over the Snow

This is the best way to describe this gorgeous flaming red ombre hair, which develops into a surprising yet stunning white at the tips. The middle section looks very natural, with mixed strands of both colors.

6. Acid Red Ombre Hair Color

There’s neon, and then there’s acid. One gets you ready for a crazy night out with your friends, while the other means a trip to Gotham City and spending the night with The Joker. Which one do you choose?

7. Wine and Snow

It does sound like an amazing combination, both in real life and as far as hair is concerned. For an even better display of the color mix, tie your hair up in a simple ponytail. Make sure to wear minimal makeup.

8. Candy Canes in Your Hair

These colors are so amazing together that they make us want to take a bite out of them. To copy this look and sport those perfect curls, you will need to find your curling iron and use it.

9. Sunset Red Ombre Hair Color

This is what sunset on a paradise island beach looks like. Or an upside-down Tequila Sunset cocktail. It’s really your choice. Just remember to tell your hairstylist exactly what you want.

10. Melting Hair

This red melting to blonde balayage ombre hair is worthy of all the praise it can get. It looks like a piece of copper slowly melting in the sun until it reaches the dirty platinum blonde tips. Wear some glossing agent.

11. Cartoon Red and Yellow

At first glance, these colors might seem like they don’t work together, but they do. Take your cue from Lady Gaga for the yellow and Jessica Rabbit for the red. The combination is a knock-out in itself.

12. Pink Red Ombre Hair Color

Another amazing hue that matches red perfectly is pink. In the end, pink is just a washed-out red so why not? Choose a matte pink, light, and pastel, to give you the romantic look you’ve always dreamed of.

13. Neon Red

Here is the neon red hair we’ve mentioned above. The lovely lady in the picture has matched it with an equally neon yellow, that makes for the perfect look for ComicCon. Remember to have fun with your hair!

14. Let’s Party!

Nothing goes better with red ombre hair than a beautiful sequin dress. Go for white, black or even light golden, if you’re in the mood for a glamorous night on the town. It’s also wonderful for Christmas or New Year’s Eve.

15. Urban Red Ombre Hair Color

Here is a demurer look, fit to be worn in the streets. The amazing thing about this look is that the fiery shades are at the bottom. This means that, whenever you want to hide them, you can always tie your hair up in a bun.

16. Hipster Red Ombre Hair Color

Hipsters have a way of making each and every trend their own. For example, here is a blonde to red combination, with just a touch of washed-out green on the tips. How creative!

17. Natural to Artsy

Start off with your natural color as a base and dye half your hair or just the tips in the red shade of your choice. You will need to bleach your hair first in order to make the red stick to your tresses.

18. Peach and Red Ombre Hair Color

When we said that you could combine any shade and color imaginable with red hair, we were not kidding. This is a chestnut red that goes down to a lovely light peach on the bottom. You can almost smell the fall in her hair!

19. Keep on Rocking!

This is an awesome shade for those of you out there who have porcelain skin. The fiery red and ginger tips will make your skin look picture perfect and make you embrace the fact that you are not tanned.

20. Red Roses in the Grass

This bohemian festival look is all you will need to get you through the summer. It’s already washed out, so you won’t have to worry about those dips in the sea late at night. Be a mermaid this season!

21. Rosy Pink and Red Ombre Hair Color

Even though the top half is not the most natural color you can find, it’s still outstanding. It simply looks like a garden of roses in full bloom over a blood red sky. Have someone paint your portrait while you’re at it!

22. The Coachella Look

The festival has inspired a fashion, style, and makeup trend of its own. One of its staples is the flower crown worn on top of your head. Go for pink roses on red ombre hair and big, golden jewelry.

23. Rose Gold and Red Ombre Hair Color

Pairing red hair with golden rose is a match made in heaven. If you have pale skin and blue or green eyes, the color combination will highlight both in a wonderful fashion.

24. Playful Red Ombre Hair Color

Redheads have more fun! No, blondes do! No, wait, in fact, we think it’s both. Therefore, if you can’t make up your mind, wear both colors in an awesome ombre style. Some pink at the bottom will give it a nice touch.

25. Artistic Red Ombre Hair Color

The lovely model looks like a walking, breathing painting with these colors in her hair. She has neon pink at head level, bright tequila orange in the middle, and cartoon yellow at the bottom. Her eyebrows are naturally-colored.

26. Red Ombre Hair Color with Bangs

Who says ombre hair has to mean only your tips? If you’re bold enough or into really crazy looks, you can also opt for ombre on your bangs. If you have light colored eyes, it will highlight them.

27. Ice Cream Swirl

If you want to go for a more sophisticated look, you can always try this strawberry ice cream swirl take on the red ombre hair trend. Ask your stylist to paint some of your strands strawberry red and some blonde.

28. Retro Updos for Red Ombre Hair Color

This updo consists of half a retro beehive with very short and pouffed bangs. Use your hair straightener to get these perfectly looking locks.

29. Copper Braids

Another shade of red you can go for is copper. If you want to copy this look, you will have to combine it with some sunset orange, a bit of tangerine, yellow, and, of course, the fiery red we all know and love.

30. The Edgy Look

This look might well have been inspired by Lady Gaga herself, thanks to the bright, cartoonish, neon yellow at head level. Make sure your roots are darker than the rest of the hair for a more natural look.

31. Autumn Red Ombre Hair Color

When talking about red ombre hair, inspiration is the most important part. You can find it anywhere, including in the color of the seasons. For fall, try this autumnal look, with shades of fallen leaves in your hair.

32. Blonde, Black, and Red Ombre Hair Colors

Here is a combination worthy of mentioning on our list. It’s quite out there and meant for ladies who want to turn heads wherever they go. Start with a dirty, icy blonde on top, continue with a washed-out red, and end with black tips.

33. Rainbows and Sunshine

Believe it or not, this look has managed to pull off all the colors of the rainbow. You have a bit of dark red, scarlet, poppy, orange sunrise, yellow blonde, ocean blue, icy blue, and even a tint of green mixed up in there.

34. Fairy Red Ombre Hair Color

These baby curls are to swoon over. Their beauty is enhanced by the color of the locks, a red ombre hair which varies from strawberry blonde to platinum, pink, and rose red.

35. Perfection Red Ombre Hair Color

This type of look might be a bit tricky to pull off. Therefore, we recommend you don’t try this at home and go to your favorite salon instead. Show them a picture of this beauty and be prepared for a hairdo that will change your life.

36. Cherry Red Ombre Hair Color

One of the things we love about this hair color is that it goes well both in the cold and hot seasons. You can go for the dramatic makeup as well, or you can keep it light with shades of nude.

37. Olsen Twins Red Ombre Hair Color

Katy Perry is not the only celebrity who loves to dye her hair in kooky colors. Here are the Olsen Twins, one with rose gold and watery ink ombre hair and the other with dirty blonde and strawberry ombre.

38. Fire Red Ombre Hair Color

If you want to highlight your gorgeous red color, then all you have to do is pair it with a lovely blonde on the bottom. Notice how the model’s tips go all the way to platinum.

39. The Goth Queen

When you have this jaw-dropping shade of popsicle light salmon combined with bright orange in your hair, you just know you have to pair it with some goth makeup. Go for a dark plum lip and penciled in cat eyes.

40. Going for the Medal

We saved the best for last. Therefore, here is a very artistic take on the old red ombre hair trend. The stunning charcoal gray and dusty pink combination is adorned with simple braids and five magnificent roses.

Ready to Change Your Look?

I see fire, I see red, and I love! After all, these 40 red ombre ideas are purely stunning.

Which one’s your favorite? Or are you sporting one already? Let us know!


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