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55 Great Bob Hairstyles for Black Women to Try in 2022

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The bob hairstyles and haircuts have been and will always be fashionable. Why? Because the Bob is a haircut for all ages, which looks good on both little girls and all grown-up women. Do you know why? They all look great. So, in this article, we present some of our favorite bob hairstyles for black women who want to be fashionable.

For more than a century, bob haircuts have overturned the principles that only long hair exudes elegance. In all its forms, the bob quickly became one of the favorite hairstyles for those who want a classic, elegant and feminine look. Regardless of the type of bob you opt for, your hairstyle will always speak for itself and will manage to bring out all the most romantic and feminine in you.

The bob hairstyle is a homogeneous fusion between elegant and bold, romantic and playful, brave and shy at the same time. One of the haircuts that have stood the test of time, the bob will long remain a favorite from now on for women who want more of themselves, for women who do not want to choose between being elegant or bold, because they know they can be and elegant and bold at the same time.

1. Inverted Bob Hairstyles for Black Women

Let’s start off our list with a very simple and classic cut. This is the inverted bob, and you might be highly familiar with it because this is what our moms used to wear back in the 90s. All you need to pull this off is your hair curler and a bit of hairspray.

2. Straight Bob Hairstyles for Black Women

You can never go wrong with a straight bob. It’s a perfect choice for every situation since it transitions seamlessly from the office to an after-five drink to a Sunday brunch to a special event such as your best friend getting married.

3. Shoulder Length Bob Hairstyles for Black Women

Bobs come in many shapes and sizes, but a shoulder-length one is still the classic choice. It works perfectly well if you have thin or fine hair because you can achieve this minimalist and elegant look.

4. Cute Bob Hairstyles for Black Women

This is a great type of bob for a garden party or another such event where you can pair it off with a cocktail dress. Plus, these jumbo curls are really easy to do. Look for some tutorials on YouTube.

5. Razor Cut Bob Hairstyles for Black Women

The choppy bob is also called a razor cut bob because stylists often use a razor blade to get those choppy ends we all love. However, our advice is that you don’t try this at home because you’ll just end up making a beauty fail video.

6. Outturned Bob Hairstyles

This type of cut used to be all the rage back in the 80s. You can still wear it today. Still, you should know that it requires a lot of dedication as you will have to wake up every morning and spend some quality time with your straightener to get those curls.

7. The Beyonce

Not even the queen herself could have resisted bob hairstyles for black women. Here she is with an asymmetrical choppy bob in a very fetching platinum blonde color and a gorgeous baby pink lipstick.

8. Bob Haircut with Bangs

Every great bob deserves a fantastic set of bangs. If you and your stylist decide you have the right facial structure to carry them, then go for it. These are wispy bangs complimenting a long and straight bob.

9. Layered Bob Hairstyles

A layered hairstyle is the best cure for thin hair. The layers make it seem as though you have a lot more volume and depth to your hair than you actually do. Of course, you can also add a handful of short extensions if you feel you need a bit of help.

10. The A-Line Bob

Few bobs have been more copied as the A-line. It has sleek, angular lines that slope gently to the front while the back caresses the nape of your neck. It’s a perfectly manicured hairstyle for those of you who care about appearances.

11. Prom Bob Hairstyles for Black Women

If you were looking for a prom hairstyle to be carved out of your bob, look no further. These are sweetheart curls with a side part and nude makeup. It can definitely be your prom look if you have a sequin dress.

12. 90s Long Bob Hairstyles

Do you remember back in the 90s when all the newscaster women used to wear this type of bob? That’s why it looks so familiar now. It’s the perfect addition to your new 90s look seeing as this trend is really on the rise now.

13. Curly Bob Hairstyles for Black Women

If you have curly hair, then you definitely need to flaunt it. We suggest a shoulder-length or a jawline bob with asymmetrical curls that can wrap around your head like a halo, making you look like an angel. What a sight!

14. The Platinum White Bob Haircut with Bangs

We also have a lot of non-traditional colors on our list of bob hairstyles for black women, so keep on scrolling. The first one is this milky white sensation complete with bangs and minimal makeup to match. A perfect look for the winter.

15. Loose Afro Bob Hairstyles

There are all sorts of afros out there, and we love them all. This is a loose one which you can definitely wear with some flowers in your hair like these baby breaths. They make for a fantastic feminine look fit for spring.

16. Green Ombre Bob Hairstyles

An angular brunette bob dipped in green ombre? Yes, please! Where do we sign up? Not only is this green, but it’s a perfect shade of forest green that seems to melt away glossily from those raven brunette locks. You can almost smell the moss!

17. The Taraji P. Henson

Is there anyone who owns it in photos like Taraji P. Henson? Really, is there? Because we cannot decide what we want more from this look – her gold and silver bling, her burgundy lipstick, her sassy attitude, or, of course, her out-of-this-world bob?

18. Unicorn Bob Hairstyles

Can’t decide on a single color? No problem. Go for unicorn hair. This trend will also satisfy your hunger for the whimsical and fantastical. It starts off with an icy blue base and slowly descends into purple madness.

19. Cherry Red Bob

Cherry red or Cola red is a scrumptious shade that works fantastically well with retro makeup such as cat eyeliner and dusty pink lipstick or lip gloss. However, you should know that it takes some maintenance as it will wash off and look rather pink after a few weeks.

20. Tropical Bob Hairstyles

This magnificent choice and pairing of colors makes us think of tropical, sunny islands, mango cocktails, and lounging on the beach. All you need to do is get an ombre that starts with tropical red which descends into lime green and ends in lemon yellow.

21. Bob Hairstyles with Locs

You can also sport a bob hairstyle if you have short locs. For an extra dose of pizzazz, add some hair jewelry here and there, and don’t shy away from color either. This example has a few blonde locs mixed with the brunette ones.

22. Wine Ombre Bob Hairstyles

The color wine belongs to the magnificent purple family, in case you were wondering where to find it. It’s a subdued and classy distant cousin of raisin and grape which you can wear in case you have a more severe office dress code.

23. Imperial Purple Curly Bob

Speaking of purple, let’s see another shade. This is imperial or royal purple, spectacularly addressed in a set of perfect curls and asymmetrical bob. If you don’t or can’t get this precise color, use some extensions or a weave instead.

24. Sea Foam Gray Bob

This is one of the main colors your slick bob should be taking this summer. As you can see, it’s not exactly the hipster type of seafoam, which is closer to teal. This is a much more elegant and classy approach, with a good measure of gray in it, fit for a lady.

25. Teal Bob Hairstyles for Black Women

Since we’ve referenced teal, let’s see what a bob in teal would look like. Amazing! Therefore, don’t be afraid to approach this color come summer, because it will be a smashing hit. Remember to use some glossing agent on your hair at all times.

26. Grape Bob Hairstyles for Black Women

We’ve also mentioned the color grape a few lines above, pertaining to the purple family. Therefore, it’s only fitting to see what it looks like on the proud bob of a black woman. This one is spiked with some blonde and blue highlights and lowlights.

27. Short Bob Hairstyles

One of the most popular haircuts of all time, the short bob – which gains ground when it comes to a classy-chic look, which you can maintain without too much effort. The front parts longer than the back make the short bob an elegant and versatile hairstyle, suitable for any age.

The short bob warns of a woman who knows what she wants and knows that she can get anything. This type of hairstyle is also ideal if you want to rejuvenate for a few years, and if you resort to a careless short bob you will get a jovial, youthful look, and you will look impeccable without effort.

28. Blue Bob Style

This is an edgy look if we’ve ever seen one. The blue ombre reigns supreme on this glorious inverted bob. And just look and those piercings. You have a classic nose as well as a more modern, long stud in the ear.

29. Bottle Blonde Bob Hairstyles

If you want, you can braid your hair before going to sleep. Add some hairspray or even a bit of water and sleep on it. In the morning, you will wake up to a great set of beach waves just like these. For the color, you’ll have to see your stylist. No amount of sleep will turn you blonde.

30. Peach Bob Hairstyles for Black Women

Pastel colors still reign supreme, so you can’t go wrong no matter which shade you choose. This is peach mixed with just the tiniest amount of rose gold that will highlight your skin tone and the color of your eyes.

31. Braided Bob Hairstyles for Black Women

Tiny French braids are perfect if you want to upgrade a simple bob. Plus, if you maintain them correctly, you can actually keep them on for quite a while, which means they will protect your hair and you won’t have to worry about styling your hair every day anymore.

32. Coral Bob Haircut with Bangs for Black Women

As far as summer hair colors go, you cannot go wrong with coral. It’s meant for the hot season. Add a set of wispy 90s bangs, and some white, plastic sunglasses and you will look like a real Malibu Barbie. On vacation!

33. Wavy Bob Haircuts for Black Women

All you need for this particular hairstyle is your hair straightener and some hairspray. Condition your thick hair to lock in some moisture and use the straightener to create some loose waves. Watch a few tutorials to help you out. Finish off with the hairspray to lock everything in place.

34. Layered Bob Haircut with Bangs for Black Women

If you have an angular or diamond-shaped face, you can add a set of layered bangs to your bob. Part your hair on one side and sweep them across your forehead. The line of the bangs will essentially cut the angles of your face, sweetening them.

35. Pastel Pink Bob Hairstyles

Non-traditional colors are the best both for summer and winter. In the summertime, they can transform into your go-to look for Coachella or Burning Man, while in winter they will be the pop of color you need to brighten up those long, dreary, chilly days.

36. The Ciara

Singer Ciara went for the chop as well, proudly displaying this beautiful bronde bob. Bronde stands for brown and blonde, being a modern term for mixing the two colors. It’s a very easy-to-wear shade that suits everyone.

37. The Kerry Washington

Even though we are in awe of her bob here, actress Kerry Washington actually has naturally curly hair. You can find her along with tens of other celebrities with curly hair in this dedicated article we wrote about long curly hairstyles.

38. Senegalese Twist Bob Hairstyles

If, while growing out your hair, you feel the need to protect it, you can always try the Senegalese twist. It’s a traditional style that you can rock easily enough. This medium cut makes it comfortable to wear and style.

39. Weave Bob Hairstyles for Black Women

Another way of protecting your natural hair would be by wearing a weave. It can save you a lot of trouble. Plus, you get to style your hair however you want every day. You can even change back and forth, which you cannot do with natural hair.

40. Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts for Black Women

If you go for an asymmetrical bob, you can show it off even better if you get an ombre or some highlights. The choppy ends will be differentiated in color from the rest of the hair and the haircut will shine away.

41. The Rihanna Bob Haircuts with Bangs for Black Women

We really loved RiRi back in the day when she used to wear this jawline bob with blunt bangs. Along with the theatrical makeup, she looked like a flapper from the Jazz Age. She looked even better on stage when she was performing.

42. The Tyra Banks

Model Tyra Banks is wearing a long hair shag bob complete with deep bangs. She looks casual and flirty. This hairstyle is perfect if you’re the girl who doesn’t have time for a lot of styling in the morning.

43. Marsala Bob Hairstyles for Black Women

Marsala was the Pantone color of the year a few seasons back and we can definitely see why. It spread into the world of makeup and beauty as well, birthing these beautiful hair trends. Here’s a tip – keep your makeup to a minimum if you wear this hair color.

44. Cotton Candy Pink Bob Hairstyles

From Marsala to cotton candy, everyone loves pink. The modern-day Rapunzel has short, pastel hair, wears lots of sweet lip gloss, and is truly fierce. If you can’t get this exact shade of pink, you can also try bubble gum.

45. Rose Gold Long Bob Haircuts for Black Women

No list of bob hairstyles for black women would have been complete without mentioning rose gold. The color swept nations across the world in the past few years and it deserves its own place in the hall of fame plus a crown.

46. Spearmint Curly Bob

This curly, asymmetrical, jawline bob in the color of spearmint looks like something a forest fairy should wear. In this case, a modern fairy with plenty of golden bling on her, tattoos, and a cool tank top.

47. Lime Green Bob Asymmetrical Haircuts for Black Women

Let’s visit some more shades from the green family. This is lime green on what seems to be an absolutely perfect bob. It is styled so well that it actually looks like it has been photoshopped on the model’s head.

48. Comic Book Yellow – 90s Bob Haircuts for Black Women

Lois Lane could have definitely worn this style of bob. It has outturned edges and side-swept bangs, which remind us of the 90s. However, the color itself is something that could only work in Bizarro World.

49. Galaxy Knots on Bob Haircuts for Black Women

This half up half down hairstyle consists of a set of two galaxy knots perched on top of the head with a straight parting down the middle. The color is cherry red, and the cut is a simple, straight bob.

50. Unconventional Bob Haircuts for Black Women

The combination of colors here is simply magnificent. We called it sunshine in a meadow because it starts with a grassy green at the roots and then melts off into different shades of yellow and orange, just like morning rays of sunshine.

51. Relaxed Bob Hairstyles

These little, messy curls are the perfect definition of ‘bedhead.’ All you have to do is apply your hair curler for a few minutes and then use a liberal amount of hairspray to make sure they stay in place all day long.

52. Dark Cherry Bob Hairstyles

The color on this bob is absolutely fantastic. It’s a scrumptious dark cherry that puts us in mind of a cake more than anything else. It will work wonders for your skin if you use some highlighter as well as some pink blush.

53. The Lupita Nyong’o Bob Haircuts for Black Women

Here’s actress Lupita Nyong’o styled to perfection for this photoshoot. Her frizzy bob is jawline in length and her clothes hint heavily at the 70s. If she’s your favorite actress, you can find your inspiration in her hairstyles.

54. Beautiful Bob Hairstyles

This creamy chai blonde hair color will make you look like a diva. Make sure to pair it with theatrical gold and silver jewelry so as to emphasize its opulence and elegance. There is no way you can go wrong with this one!

55. Summer Bob Hairstyles for Black Women

Tips for the care and maintenance of bob hairstyle

In order to have a perfect haircut for as long as possible, there are a few things you need to keep in mind: some you have to do constantly, and others to avoid as much as possible.

What to do:

  • Trim your tips regularly, once every 2 months; thus, your hair will be constantly regenerated, will have a constant growth process, and will always look impeccable;
  • Dry your hair from root to tip: this not only gives you more volume but keeps your hair healthy because your tips will be less dry;
  • Conditioner, conditioner, conditioner: use your favorite conditioner in abundance when washing your hair and make sure that you untangle it in the shower, but also that you do not pull it out or comb it too aggressively; for our hair to be good to you and look good, you must be good to it too.

What not to do:

  • Do not cut your hair by yourself: the bob is a pretentious haircut in this regard, and if you put the scissors in it alone, there are great chances to ruin its shape;
  • Do not use products that charge the hair and do not overuse the heat;

Ready to Change Your Look?

It’s not difficult to fall in love with the ideas you’ve seen here as these bob hairstyles for black women fit all types of face shapes and all texture preferences. Whether you like natural hair, weaves, locs, or twists, we have that covered as well!

Plus, an entire plethora of both conventional and non-conventional colors to satisfy all chromatic desires. Therefore, all that’s left now is to choose one, go to the stylist, and tell us how it went!


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