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50 Exciting Inverted Bob Haircuts Trendy in 2022

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If you’ve ever wondered what Inverted Bob Haircuts are, this is your chance to find out.

This type of classy bob is short and stacked or layered in the back and longer as it reaches the sides of your face.

It’s also slightly curved toward the inside, hence the name – inverted bob. The length of the hair doesn’t matter with this style.

You can cut it as long or as short as you want. For example, you can wear a 20s-style flapper bob or a very long one that reaches all the way over your shoulders.

Take a look at the 50 ideas we chose and pick one!

1. The Victoria Beckham Inverted Bob Haircuts

We begin our list of inverted bobs with Posh Spice. Even though she’s a real lady of fashion nowadays, there was a time when she was all ghetto glam. She used to wear her hair in an asymmetrical inverted bob, colored bottle blonde.

2. The Cameron Diaz Inverted Bob Haircuts

Another Hollywood celeb who loves the inverted bob with a little twist is comedienne Cameron Diaz. The bubbly blonde adored the bedhead look which you can copy both for a Sunday morning and a night out on the town.

3. The Katie Holmes Inverted Bob Haircuts

If we were to ever audition for the part of Velma Kelly in Chicago, this is definitely the hairstyle we would choose. Katie Holmes is our forever inspiration with her sultry chocolate short locks. Be right back! Busy with all that jazz!

4. Shaggy Inverted Bob

Even though inverted bobs give the appearance of neatness, you don’t have to conform to the norm if you don’t want to. A shaggy hairstyle can work miracles if you have fine hair, as well as if you have a round face that could use some angles.

5. The Krysten Ritter Inverted Bob Haircuts

Her look is instantly recognizable, as she is Hollywood’s go-to girl for all glam goth roles. The lovely Krysten Ritter wears a shoulder-length midnight brunette inverted bob with choppy baby bangs. Her makeup is up to par as well.

6. Funky Inverted Bob

Granted, funky can stand for many things, but for us right now it stands for unconventional colors. We absolutely adore the magical combination of the seriousness and classic appeal of an inverted bob and the funk of a kooky color.

7. The Amanda Seyfried Inverted Bob Haircuts

Here’s Amanda Seyfried as you’ve never seen her before. Typically a cute and sweet blonde with long hair and saccharine curls, this time she went all girl power and got herself a dark copper blunt bob. Wow!

8. The Lily Allen Inverted Bob Haircuts

Another look which we cannot help but love belongs to singer Lily Allen. The glossy brunette and heavy bangs hood her huge toffee colored eyes. We especially love her makeup, a smoky eye in shades of black, brown, and burgundy.

9. Extreme Inverted Bob

If you love a good challenge when it comes to styling, how about this inverted bob with a futuristic theme? It definitely looks like something we would all be wearing in the year 2100. Therefore, why not get a jump start on the trend?

10. The Fashion Inverted Bob

This outstanding look was presented by Anthony Mascolo at the Americas Beauty Show in 2011. It’s an inverted jaw-length bob in the signature Coca-Cola red with the white logo on the side of the head. This is what happens when hairstyling meets modern art and fashion.

11. The Emilia Clarke Inverted Bob Haircuts

Just in case you want to tone it down a little, actress Emilia Clarke has the perfect solution. A very classic inverted bob, shoulder-length and in a color as close to your natural one as possible. You cannot go wrong with something as simple as this.

12. Dramatic Inverted Bob

Is there anything more dramatic than this 60s look in the modern age? As far as hairstyles go, this is a geometric rounded graduation in a honey blonde. Even the bangs are inverted and rounded here, as is the eyeliner.

13. Tangerine Inverted Bob

Yet another kooky color we absolutely adore is tangerine. It goes perfectly well with black contoured eyes and a great leather jacket so that you can outline it and make it stand out even more.

14. Inverted Short Bob

Not only is this inverted bob super short, almost close to a pixie cut, but it’s also lime green, and has shaved sides. In other words, it has all the makings of a fantastic modern haircut, fit to get you noticed in any crowd or at any festival.

15. Cute Inverted Bob

Is there anything cuter than pink? Maybe copper pink. One of the colors that has been trending most in the past few styling seasons has been copper. Seeing as golden pink is almost on its way out, you can easily replace it now with copper pink. Problem solved!

16. Chin Length Inverted Bob

When you put it simply like that, a chin length inverted bob might sound a bit boring. But when we suggest you dye it navy blue, add a pair of blunt bangs, and some killer Harry Potter sunglasses you can already see a new hipster style being born.

17. Inverted Bob with Side Swept Bangs

Ladies, meet rain cloud gray. It’s an improvement to the old and simple gray color which you can now wear too. The long side swept bangs will highlight the color of your eyes as well as your skin tone.

18. Ombre Inverted Bob

This is a teal ombre inverted bob. What we love the most is that the bulk of the hair is not the only one that has been given the ombre treatment, but the fringe as well. This makes for a fantastic patterned and hip look.

19. Pink Pastel

There’s nothing quite like pastel, is there? The shimmer, silky softness, and pearly glow of this shade of pink cannot be beaten. Especially when you combine it with an inverted bob, resulting in a classic yet hipster enough look to garner interest on Instagram.

20. The Holiday Hair Wreath

The inverted bob lends itself to several hair accessories, among which the Christmas wreath reigns supreme. Here it is, made up of pine branches, mistletoe, and holly. Evidently, you can customize it according to your hair color and preferences.

21. Vintage Curls

Are you a luxury princess? Because we have the perfect haircut and color for you. The hairstyle is an overly long inverted bob with vintage jumbo curls at the bottom. The color is a very soft peach with just a hint of mother of pearl.

22. Inverted Textured Bob

If your choice of hairstyle was a textured bob, short or otherwise, we suggest you also go for a unicorn hair color. Layering is the perfect way to showcase such a fabulous selection of color. In this example, it was based on purples, mauves, and blues, but you can choose your favorite.

23. Red Hair Inverted Bob

This brick red slick and blunt cut were simply asking for a hair accessory or two. The model found it in the shape of a wooly headband complete with a long pin covered in simple, white pearls. This is how luxury is born.

24. Feathery Inverted Bob

This color is called Tequila sunrise orange and you can easily see why. The crop is immensely feathery and it’s a very 90s take on the classic inverted bob. We especially like the short baby bangs and the electro blue and cherry red makeup.

25. The Kelly Osbourne Inverted Bob Haircuts

This famous TV presenter decided to adopt the inverted bob and make it her own. Here she is with a glossy lavender color, short bangs, and shaved sides. It’s nice to see how her makeup matches the color of her hair.

26. Dipped Tips

An alternative to ombre is called the dip-dye. As the name suggests, the result looks as if you might have dipped the tips of your hair in a particular color. This time, it’s inky blue on white sandy blonde.

27. Medium Inverted Bob with Bangs

Sometimes, all you need is a pop of color. Forget the choppy layers or the shaved sides. Keep the classic cut and go for a strong, velvety color, such as this powerful blue. Oh, and those Moschino shopping bag earrings are to die for!

28. Two Tone Inverted Bob

This forest, mossy green is the perfect addition to your style both for winter and summer. In the hot season, it will prove cool and refreshing, while in winter time you can easily match it with scarves and gloves for a forest-y look.

29. Hairstyles for Inverted Bob

If your bob is long enough, you can style it in a half up half down manner. In this way, you can wear a pair of oversized or statement earrings which are so fashionable right now, and truly be the belle of the ball.

30. Long and Layered

Here’s the lob or long bob. If you really want to go for the inverted version, you should ask your stylist to layer it. In this way, you can use your curling iron to bring the ends toward the face.

31. The Dakota Johnson

Even though she’s hugely famous for her bangs, Dakota Johnson is slowly becoming more and more attractive with this simple and casual inverted bob. She wears it like a true hipster with very little makeup and round, plastic glasses.

32. The Gemma Arterton

If you truly want to look like a movie star, take a cue from British beauty Gemma Arterton. Here she is with a medium inverted bob, heavy bangs, and an 18th-century theatrical white collar. How many likes do you think you’ll get on Insta with this look?

33. Choppy Ends

For a fresh look, you can always ask your stylist to finish off your inverted bob with some choppy ends. He or she will use a razor to make you look casually cute and effortlessly beautiful.

34. The Haley Bennett

You’ve seen and loved her in The Girl on the Train. Now watch as Haley Bennet takes Hollywood by storm and establishes herself as a household name. We like to think that amazing blonde bombshell inverted bob has a little something to do with it.

35. Inverted Bob for Fine Hair

A short and cute bob with a set of wispy bangs might just be the perfect solution if you have fine hair. It doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. All you need to do is straighten it out after washing and use a small amount of glossing agent for a nice finish.

36. The Jennifer Love Hewitt

Here’s a rare throwback picture of our beloved Jennifer Love Hewitt without her long mane and with very little makeup. She’s sporting a rather shaggy 2000s-inspired inverted bob. The color is a glossy chestnut mixed with just a little burgundy.

37. The Shakira

Another lady who used to be famous for her inspiring blonde, long locks was the fiery singer Shakira. Nowadays she went for the mom cut, which, of course, means a bob. She too renounced the heavy eye makeup.

38. The Helen Mirren

If there’s one thing that we love and support, it’s ladies who have aged beautifully and gracefully. And Helen Mirren is definitely a perfect example. Her smoky white hair is cut in a super short inverted bob which is very close to a pixie cut.

39. The Jessie J

Jessie J’s hairstyle is an iconic one. She wears her hair in a very blunt bob, super slick and glossy, color block brunette, with extremely curtained bangs. She’s also a fan of super strong makeup, which makes her look like a total diva.

40. The Selena Gomez

Long before she was the most loved person on Instagram in the world and a sultry songstress, Selena Gomez was just a fresh-faced kid on the Disney Channel. Remember when she used to sport this cute inverted bob and baby pink lip gloss?

41. The Olivia Munn

Another lady on the big screen who has always remained faithful to her hair color is actress Olivia Munn. She loves her shiny brunette just as much as we love her. Just look how amazing she is with so little makeup and contoured eyebrows.

42. The Taylor Swift

On her way to beating Madonna on the number of times she reinvented herself, Taylor Swift’s style train made a stop in inverted bob ville. It made her look very mature and much more stylish than what we’re used to seeing.

43. The Julia Stiles

One of the darlings of the 90s, Julia Stiles used to rock our screen with her black eyeliner and pretty blonde hair. In the meantime, she’s gotten an inverted bob as well and looks better than ever, in our opinion.

44. The Ashley Green

This pretty Twilight star went for the chop too and now she has a more refined and mature look. She opted for the nude makeup and a fantastic set of simple, yet elegant diamond earrings that suit her marvelously.

45. The 20s Inverted Bob

If you are in love with the Jazz Age just like us and always dreamed of being a flapper, then this haircut is definitely for you. It’s a 20s-style inverted bob with very blunt edges that will have you flying off to the roaring twenties in no time.

46. The Rihanna

This used to be RiRi’s hairstyle way back when during her Umbrella and Please Don’t Stop the Music period. It’s an asymmetrical and feathery blacker than black inverted bob. She used to pair it up with huge, hooped earrings.

47. The Jessica Alba

Nothing like a little Jessica Alba to brighten up your day. This beautiful actress wears an inverted bob in a burnt honey brown color with incredibly subtle lowlights and highlights that accentuate her pretty, coffee-colored eyes.

48. The Keira Knightley

Sophistication, thy name is Keira Knightley. Seeing the actress with this jaw-length inverted bob really answers the question of why she was chosen to be the face of Chanel’s perfumes. She’s also wearing her signature makeup look, with a smoky eye and nude lip.

49. Vintage Curls

Another variation of the inverted bob is the vintage curls on medium hair. This 40s and 50s hairstyle is excellent for a party, a special event or, why not, your wedding. Pair it with oversized diamond earrings and you’ve got yourself a winner.

50. Plum Inverted Bob

Here’s a fantastic hair color that works well in all seasons. This rich plum hue is especially beautiful if you add a bit of layering to it, with some lighter and darker strands of hair. Purple is a fantastic color and it deserves to be played with!

Ready to Change Your Look?

The inverted bob is one of the simplest and most convenient types of bob you can choose.

It requires very little maintenance on your part, and it always looks great, no matter the circumstances.

From the 20s inspired looks to the 50s, 60s, all the way up to the 90s, and then to the present day, our comprehensive list includes 50 inverted bob ideas that will surely inspire your next haircut!


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