50 Attractive Blonde Hairstyles Popular in 2022

blonde hairstyles

Blondes have more fun. That’s an age old saying that has become a bit of a motto for hardcore wearers of fair hair. But what hairstyles match this hair color best? And which shades of blonde are on trend right now and which ones have become obsolete? This is what we’re going to answer in this article. We have compiled a list of 50 contemporary blonde hairstyles alongside very modern shades of blonde that compliment any skin tone. You’re welcome!

1. Shoulder Length Blonde Hairstyles

The first entry on our list is a must-have in terms of styling right now. It’s a lob or long bob with soft beach waves and a side part in platinum blonde and soft beige. It works fantastic with minimal makeup.

2. Straight and Sleek Blonde Hairstyles

You’ve guessed it! Curls are still cute and sweet, but this season is all about straight hair. In fact, it’s all about choppy and layered haircuts that have then been straightened out into perfection. The color here is an ash blonde ombre.

3. Noisette Blonde Balayage

This shade of blonde is called noisette which stands for hazelnut in English and it looks simply delicious. It’s the perfect color for autumn, especially if you spike it with some vanilla highlights at the front where they can illuminate your face.

4. Iceberg Blonde Hairstyles

If you’re interested in contemporary shades of blonde and what’s on trend right now, you need to say goodbye to bottle blondes or natural looking ones. This year is all about extreme blondes, especially arctic ones.

5. Platinum Grape Blonde Hairstyles

This is a wonderful way in which you can add a pop of color to your blonde hair without altering it too much or creating too much of a fuss. The roots have been dyed in a gorgeous grape color. Both shades are cold and will make you look like an ice queen.

6. Long Blonde Hairstyles

Choosing the perfect shade of blonde for winter is not easy, especially when you have long hair. However, we think we found it with this outstanding champagne blonde that will make you sparkle on New Year’s Eve.

7. The Messy Fauxhawk

Here’s a hairstyle that everyone has been trying out lately. It’s called the fauxhawk, and it’s here to provide an easier solution to the traditional Mohawk which would have you shave the sides of your head and wear spikes.

8. The Jumbo Low Chignon

There’s just something about the combination between low chignons and blonde hair that simply exudes elegance and grace. It’s reminiscent of ballerinas and their buns. This is a jumbo chignon which you can wear everyday or for special events.

9. Loose Braid Blonde Hairstyles

This is one of the simplest hairstyles you can try on your own and still look like you just stepped off the runway. All you need to do is braid a simple three-strand braid at the back and leave a few messy strands hanging out.

10. 90s Blonde Hairstyles

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you already know that the 90s are back. Here is a quintessential look pertaining to us from that decade. It’s a small and high ponytail with side bangs parted down the middle.

11. Blonde Hairstyles with Beach Waves

If you want beach waves, you can braid your damp hair after you take a shower and sleep on it or you can take a look at some YouTube tutorials on how to create mermaid waves with just your hair straightener.

12. The High Ponytail

This can also be called the Ariana Grande if you want, only that, this time, it’s in glorious platinum blonde instead of the brown the singer typically wears. We adore the combination between icy hair and dramatic black makeup.

13. Choppy Bob Blonde Hairstyles

Bobs are all the rage right now. This is a choppy, blunt long bob with a messy and textured finish. The color is dirty blonde and goes marvelously with a smoky eye and classic matte red lipstick.

14. Blonde Curly Hairstyles

We always say that if you’ve got it, flaunt it and curly hair is definitely an asset that needs to be showcased to the world. Here’s a tip – add a few platinum highlights to your blonde hair. They define your curls and make the whole hairstyle look more luxurious.

15. Strawberry Blonde Hairstyles

Strawberry blonde is one of the sweetest shades you can wear. This version is actually an ombre and it’s called strawberries and cream because the lower part melts into vanilla blonde which makes it look like the delicious foodie combination.

16. Long Pixie Blonde Hairstyles

Long pixies are always difficult to define since they seem to be just an inch or two away from a short bob. This is a perfect example. The color here is a classic beige blonde with a few underlights of limelight blonde.

17. Golden Highlights Blonde Hairstyles

Highlights are a perfect way of breathing new life into an old hairstyle or hair color but without changing it too much. For example, these are golden metallic highlights on a cold sandy blonde. Watch how they simply warm the hairstyle from inside.

18. The Messy Top Knot

This hairstyle is incredibly easy to do, and it looks stunning. You can even pull it off yourself if you take the time to practice it a little bit. It has a rockability quality to it especially if you pair it off with the right accessories and clothing.

19. Double Dutch Braids

Typically, Dutch braids stand on their own and they take up all of your hair. But we like this version better because it showcases that gorgeous gray blonde color in all of its glory. If you need extra volume to your hair, use extensions.

20. The Fishbone Braid

The next braid on our list of blonde hairstyles is called the fishbone braid. You can do it the classic way, straight and vertical or you can choose a diagonal pattern which is a bit more interesting and whimsical.

21. Viking Blonde Hairstyles

Here’s Queen Lagertha from the hit TV series Vikings. She sports the typical female Viking hairdos with long, blonde hair and multiple braids adorned with metal rings and bits of leather. It’s truly a style fit for a queen.

22. Cool Blonde Hairstyles

It doesn’t get any cooler or more contemporary than this jumbo braided mohawk with accompanying side braids. More and more women have been wearing it as a wedding hairdo in the past year, which means its popularity is growing.

23. Blonde Hairstyles with Side Braids

While we’re on the subject, let’s take a closer look at side braids. You can wear them in combination with other braids, as we’ve already seen above or on their own to allow them to be the star of the show. Either way they are spectacular.

24. The Crown Braid

You can use a headband to embellish your hair or you can create one out of your own locks. This style is called the crown braid and it is pretty self-explanatory why. If your hair is not long or thick enough, use some extensions for the braid.

25. Reverse Fishtails Blonde Hairstyles

When it comes to braiding your hair, reverse fishtails are a bit harder to pull off, especially if you’re a beginner and want to do your hair yourself. However, the result is spectacular, and we advise you to try this as soon as possible.

26. Blonde Hairstyles with Twisted Curls

Even though it might look like that at first glance, these are not braids. In fact, they are just twisted curls which have been secured around the head with a handful of bobby pins. The little white rosebuds are a wonderful addition to this picture-perfect hairstyle.

27. Vintage Blonde Hairstyles

This messy half up half down hairdo is a retro one inspired by the fashion of the 60s. Therefore, if you have a penchant for that particular decade, this is how you should wear your hair. Don’t forget about the dramatic cat eyeliner!

28. Beautiful Blonde Hairstyles

Here is a modern approach to braiding your hair that has really caught the attention of Instagrammers the world over lately. These are forehead braids and they are gorgeous. You can pair them off with flaring and dramatic cheek and eye makeup.

29. Grunge Pinup Blonde Hairstyles

No list of blonde hairstyles would have been complete without a modern pinup entry. This look usually features platinum hair, a head scarf, theatrical nose rings and earrings, and, of course, very bold red lipstick.

30. The Medium Middle Braid

There is no limit but your own imagination when it comes to braiding blonde hair. This is a medium, thin, three-strand braid inserted into a simple low ponytail. The color of the hair is an ashen platinum blonde.

medium middle braid blonde hairstyles


31. The Sectioned Braid

This style is called thusly because, in order to embellish it, you have to use a handful of hair elastics to literally section portions of the ponytail. Here’s a tip – use contrasting elastic for maximum aesthetic effect.

32. Gold Leaf Blonde Hairstyles

The absolute newest trend to come off runways and Instagram alike is the gold leaf. It’s a spin off of the metallic trend that came to replace the matte mania. What you must do is use a soft brush to coat your hair with the golden foil.

33. The Four Strand Braid

Beauty is always in the details and this type of braid is the perfect example of that. From a distance, it might look like a simple braid but upon a closer inspection you will notice it’s a masterpiece of the four-strand kind. The color is a lovely honey blonde.

34. Beach Wedding Blonde Hairstyles

Are you thinking about having a beach wedding? Don’t worry. We got you covered. These two starfish pins go perfectly well sandy blonde hair. They blend in just as they would in real sand, making you look flawless on your big day.

35. The Slick Back Hairstyle

The past year has also seen the rise of a whole new trend hair-wise. The no parting or the slick back. Celebrities all over have been rocking it on the red carpet and why wouldn’t they? It looks fantastic and you should try it as well.

36. Valentine’s Day Blonde Hairstyles

It’s time to think outside the box and get creative with your braiding. This is the perfect blonde hairdo for Valentine’s Day. Pair it with pink eyeshadow and a bright red lipstick and you will be the queen of his heart forever.

37. High and Tight Blonde Hairstyles

Although this hairstyle is rooted in the 80s with the hairsprayed volume, it’s back on trend now. It’s a high and tight haircut that you can wear to a special event or for the New Year’s Eve party. The shade of blonde is called lemonade because it has a bit of pink in it.

38. Semi Dreads Blonde Hairstyles

Dreads are a very special hairstyle that requires a lot of commitment. Therefore, if you don’t feel like you can go all the way with this one, there’s a middle ground solution. Try the semi dreads look where you only braid half of your hair.

39. Blonde Dreads

However, if you’re completely sure about your choice and dreads are the perfect solution for you, then you are bound to make all heads turn with these platinum white ones. You can even embellish them with some silver accessories.

40. The Contemporary Marilyn Monroe

The diva had a look that went down in history and will be remembered probably forever. It consisted of a short, blonde haircut with vintage curls and cat eyeliner that highlighted her baby blue eyes completed by red lipstick. And, of course, that beauty mark!

41. Blonde Hairstyles and Vintage Curls

Speaking of vintage curls, here is the longer version. While they were a staple and everyday wear in the past, today they are perfect for a wedding, whether you are the bride herself or a bridesmaid. Use bobby pins the same color as your hair to keep the curls in place.

42. Edgy Blonde Hairstyles

These are jumbo blonde cornrows on a brunette base. They make for a very edgy look which you can wear in the summer or to your favorite music festival. The great thing about this hairstyle is that it works both with medium and long hair.

43. Bridesmaid Long Hairstyles

Bridesmaids’ hairstyles are usually cute, sweet, and romantic, mirroring that of the bride and the occasion they are serving. But they are also comfortable and enduring, seeing as the bridesmaids need to accompany the bride all throughout the day.

44. Half Up Half Down Blonde Hairstyles

If you have darker roots for your blonde hair, such as these metallic copper ones, then you need to show them off in contrast to the blonde. The best way to do that is with a half up half down casual hairstyle.

45. Low Space Buns

You might find that low space buns are easier to pull off, more comfortable and enduring than the high ones. They are also the version which you can wear at the office in case you have a stricter dress code.

46. The Braided Chignon

Here’s another hairstyle that would be perfect for your wedding, whether you are the bride or the mother of the bride. It’s incredibly intricate which is where its air of sophistication and elegance comes from.

47. The Messy Bun

This is one hairstyle that all girls are familiar with. Less about the fashion and style and more about the mechanics of putting our hair up and getting the job done, this is one of the first hairstyles we learn how to do by ourselves when we are little girls.

48. Bed Head Blonde Hairstyles

If you want to replicate this look, you will need some mousse or hair wax and your hair dryer. You can also add a bit of sea salt spray to give it extra texture. Use the chosen product on your locks and then dry it out so that it can look like you just rolled out of bed.

49. The Classic Two Plaits

Blonde hairstyles often make us think about innocence and childhood. You can play along this theme with the classic two plaits your mother used to braid in your hair when you were a little girl. If you can’t pull this off on your own, ask one of your girlfriends to do it. It will be a wonderful bonding moment.

50. Cute Hairstyles for Blonde Hair

Even though it looks fairly intricate, this look is very easy to copy. All you need to do is twist a two-strand braid that goes all the length of your hair and then embellish it with bobby pins studded with pearls.


As you can see from our exhaustive list, there are shades of blonde out there that can match and highlight every skin tone. What’s more, there are also tons of blonde hairstyles that you absolutely need to try because blonde is having a major moment right now. Go for iceberg, arctic, platinum, and silver blondes, and you can call yourself a true fashionista! Let us know in the comment section down below what you think!


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