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45 Most Popular Cool Hairstyles for Girls in 2022

cool hairstyles for girls

Our teenage and young adult years are the best time to get creative, try new things and find ourselves, style and fashion wise. Later on, in life, most people don’t have as much creative freedom to experiment with their looks. Therefore, we’ve decided to compile a list of cool hairstyles for girls that you can wear either in school or in your free time. Either way, they’re all lit.

1. Hair Bow Cool Hairstyles for Girls

Let’s start off with braids because they have been a major styling trend in the past few years and they are perfect for teenage girls. But not just any kind of braids. This is a braided bow that will garner all sorts of envy in school.

2. The Braided Mohawk

Since we’re on the topic of braids, meet the braided mohawk. It has replaced the much more risqué and commitment-prone traditional mohawk, and it’s all about mirroring the old one with a braid instead of a shaved head and some spikes.

3. Cool Girl Hairstyles for Medium Hair

Space buns are cool hairstyles for girls by definition. But the best thing about them is that they are so easy to make. Plus, they are incredibly versatile, which means you can wear them in school, to a club, or at your favorite music festival.

4. The Top Ponytail

Ariana Grande may have made this hairstyle her signature look, but she didn’t exactly invent the wheel. Teenage girls all over were doing this one way before it was qualified as cool hairstyles for girls.

5. Cool Simple Hairstyles for Girls

It doesn’t really get much simpler than beach waves, does it? And they’re just so pretty! You can try the old recipe for sleeping with your damp hair all braided up, or you can crank up your hair straightener to the max and create some loose waves in your hair.

6. Messy Updo Cool Hairstyles for Girls

High buns are perfect, but messy buns are even better. They allow you to express your creativity and free, artistic spirit like nothing else does. And you can pair them off with a denim romper and a white men’s shirt.

7. Bohemian Cool Hairstyles for Girls

Nothing says bohemian like a flower crown. You can then wear your hair in two fishtail braids. This is a perfect summer hairstyle that goes well with nude or minimum makeup for long days at the beach on your holiday.

8. Cool Hairstyles for Girls at Prom

Prom is the biggest night when you’re a teenager. The dress in itself might be the highlight of your look, but the styling must be on fleek as well. Here’s a cool idea that involves a cascade of cherry blossoms draping down a set of soft, vintage waves.

9. Really Cool Hairstyles for Girls

Sometimes, the cool factor is all about the details. For example, if you are wearing a simple hairdo like a top bun, you can always spice it up with a set of novelty bobby pins. These ones are golden scissors, and we’re simply mad about them!

10. Floral Cool Hairstyles for Girls

Another way in which you can breathe some life into a classic hairstyle is by adding real flowers. This hairstyling idea is perfect for a garden wedding whether you’re a bridesmaid or just a guest. Here’s a tip – go for big blossoms that also have a sweet fragrance.

11. The Side Ponytail

As if this side ponytail wasn’t fun and on trend enough, seeing as it’s such a throwback to the 90s, it’s also covered in little white flowers. You can buy hair embellishments such as these in dedicated shops or right off Amazon.

12. Beach Cool Hairstyles for Girls

Where would we all be if we didn’t have a go-to hairstyle for when we’re at the beach? All girls know what a struggle it can be to keep your hair happy in the scorching sun, the salty wind, and the humidity. But beach waves and a lot of conditioner are the keys.

13. Cool Hairstyles for Girls with Pearls

If you have to attend a more sophisticated or elegant event that asks for a dress code, then pearls are always the answer. These pearl pins are every girl’s dream, as they look like something straight out of a fairytale.

14. The Bubble Braid

There are many types of braids you can try, but the bubble braid is definitely one of the coolest ones. We’ve even seen it on the red carpet a few times, proving that this is one hairstyle that’s celebrity-approved.

15. The Messy Top Knot

This is one of the simplest and most convenient hairstyles you can pull off. Most girls do it on a daily basis or when they just have a bad hair day. You can use a simple hair elastic or if your hair is not long enough for that, a handful of bobby pins.

16. Cool Hairstyles for Girls with a Headband

Headbands have been in this season as a cool way to accessorize when you don’t want or don’t have time to style your hair otherwise. They are also a fun way to add a pop of color to a monochrome ensemble if you need to jazz it up a little.

17. Cool Hairstyles for Girls with Braids

This is a loose fishtail or mermaid braid. To do it, all you need is to braid the fishtail as usual and then use your fingers to pull at it until you loosen the strands enough to make it messier than usual. Section it here and there with some more elastics.

18. Cool Hairstyles for Girls with Beanies

Wintertime is no joke for you nor for your hair. The freezing temperatures, cold wind, and snow can really damage both your roots and the strands of hair. If you have extensions, the damage can be even greater. So, make sure you wear a beanie.

19. Cool New Hairstyles for Girls

We are positively in love with creative and outgoing hair pieces and this is definitely a good example. The idea is that you can express yourself and send a message using a hair accessory that defines you, instead of a cookie-cutter one.

20. Dip Dye Cool Hairstyles for Girls

If you don’t want to or can’t dye your whole hair because you don’t have permission to do so from your parents or school regulations, you can always go for a little dip dye. The biggest trend right now as far as color goes are the nonconventional shades, such as this comic book yellow.

21. The Seapunk Trend

If you’re not familiar with it, it’s time you met the seapunk trend. It started on Tumblr in 2011 and it has everything to do with pop culture based on aquatic themes, such as this rocking hair color and the magnificent fashion choices that compliment it.

22. Peekaboo Cool Hairstyles for Girls

Here’s another loophole in case you can’t actually dye your hair. Try some peekaboo highlights. This is sunflower yellow in a mass of brunette hair on a very choppy and messy bob. The opposing colors help bring each other out.

23. Unconventional Colors for Teenagers

Acid green is a favorite among teenage girls the world over. Just browse through any festival lookbook of your choosing, and you’ll see that this chemical looking Powerpuff Girl inspired shade of hair is a big hit.

24. Cobalt Blue Hairstyles for Girls

A cobalt blue classic bob with heavy bangs mixed with an entire signature pink Moschino outfit and Moschino logo gold jewelry? Yes, please! Where do we sign up? This is the quintessential teenager look and you can copy it right now.

25. Cool Hairstyles for Girls with Curly Hair

If you have curly hair and you want to style it down a bit, you can always bring it to some nice beach waves instead of your regular curls. This shade is pastel lavender and it’s perfect for spring and summer.

26. Coral Cool Hairstyles for Girls

Speaking of summer hairstyles and colors for teenage girls, how about trying coral, the biggest trend of the hot season? You are on holiday from school anyway, so you can take a few risks and go for this powdery and totally mermaid-looking coral shade of hair.

27. Cool Hairstyles for Girls in Pastel

Pastel will never go out of fashion as a hair color, which means you can totally rock this glam contemporary pinup style with cotton candy hair, flowery sunglasses, a theatrical necklace, leopard print, a coral lipstick, and a nose ring. That’s a lot of cool kitsch!

28. The Lemonade Bob

This particular color is called lemonade and it’s a combination between platinum blonde and soft pastel pink. It goes marvelously well with a plum or magenta lipstick. Plus, you can also wear this great layered bob which is so in right now.

29. Black and Yellow Cool Hairstyles for Girls

The great thing about combining two opposing colors on the spectrum is that, instead of clashing, they bring each other out. That is also the case with this midnight brunette and sunshine yellow.

30. The Samurai Bun

You might have already heard about the samurai bun as a hairstyle that men typically wear from the ‘man bun – top knot’ collection. But did you know you can sport it as well? You can even add a golden hair ring to embellish it and make it more feminine.

31. Simple Braid Hairstyles

Sometimes, less is more when you have to go to school every single day, for example. You must wake up every morning and go through your hair routine. Why not try a straightforward braid that will save you some time and effort?

32. Cool Hairstyles for Short Hair Girls

If you don’t have any hair accessories handy but you need to upgrade your look for a special event, there’s no need to worry. You can always get creative with bobby pins. Try two sets of differently colored ones depending on your own shade.

33. Hairstyles for Teenage Girls with a Scarf

Headscarves are the epitome of easy luxury and decadent style. They make you think of long summer holidays in Southern Italy and fashion shows the likes of Dolce & Gabanna and Valentino. Have you tried one yet?

34. The Punk Victory Roll

Victory rolls were worn mainly during the 50s by women as a celebratory style after the Second World War which quickly entered mainstream and pop culture. However, they have remained alive until today in the shape of a vintage pinup.

35. The Back Braid

Talk about rockability! The back braid topped with a messy bun can be sported alongside a faux leather jacket or a faux fur one. Add a shiny clutch and some denim for good measure and you’ve got yourself a look ready for the runways.

36. The 90s Scrunchie

Even if you’re a teenager who lives in the present, if you’re a fashionista you must have at least heard about the 90s scrunchie. If you’ve seen one, then you are already a style guru. And if you own and use one, we award you 100 styling points for breaking the norm!

37. Cool Hairstyles for Girls with Bangs

If you’re planning on getting bangs, we suggest you refer to your stylist first. He or she will be able to point out which type of fringe is best for your facial structure. Also, and we cannot stress this enough, don’t try to give yourself bangs at home.

38. The Selena Gomez

Now it’s time to take a look at some celebrity teenager hairstyles to get some real Hollywood inspiration. Number one is sweetheart Selena Gomez because she’s the most famous and most followed person on Instagram, which means she’s a real trendsetter.

39. Dusty Lilac Cool Hairstyles for Girls

Speaking about nontraditional colors, how amazing is this dusty lilac? What we love the most about it is that you can wear it both in the hot and cold seasons without batting an eye. It transitions seamlessly from summer to winter.

40. The Carey Mulligan

British actress Carey Mulligan is a teenage dream with this beige blonde long pixie cut. She even has a two-strand twisted braid in the front used to liberate her features and accentuate her cuteness. We love the fact that she’s barely wearing any makeup in this pic.

41. The Emma Watson

It’s not very common for Emma Watson to take such risks with her image as she is usually the good girl in everything, but here she is with a bit of rocking vibe to this high and tight updo that makes her look a little bit like a Rockstar.

42. The Emma Stone

Emma Stone’s beauty knows no limits and one of its parameters is her red hair. But did you know that Emma is actually blonde by nature? She dyes her hair red because she likes it better that way and because it highlights her gorgeous sea-colored eyes.

43. The Jennifer Lawrence

As far as cool hairstyles for girls go, you cannot go wrong with Jennifer Lawrence. She was discovered when she was 14 and was offered positions as an actress and a model because she was so beautiful. Here is how the actress looked back then.

44. The Taylor Swift

Even though Tay-Tay still wears her curls and her signature blonde hair, there’s no denying that she has come a long way from her country-singing days. She now has a much more polished, elegant, and expensive-looking appearance as opposed to when she was a teenager.

45. The Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande sets the bar high when it comes to cool hairstyles for girls. She developed an iconic look with her high ponytail which she enriches with extensions to make it look fuller. She also uses metallic embellishments such as these rings for some extra edginess to her look.


Cool hairstyles for girls have one thing in common. They have to be extremely expressive of who you are and what message about yourself you want to put out in the world. You can take a cue from your favorite celebrity, choose a 90s haircut, go for an unconventional hair color or use eclectic bobby pins. The idea is to experiment and have fun with your hair!


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