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50 Chic Long Hair with Bangs Hairstyles in 2022

long hair with bangs

We all know that long hair goes well with bangs and it is one of the easiest ways to change your looks.

In fact, they can change your whole demeanor, and the geometry of your face, and give you an entirely new look.

Depending on the type of facial structure you have, some bangs will work better than others.

But one thing we know. They all go perfectly well with long hair.

Therefore, here are 50 long hair with bangs recommendations that you will want to take into account!

1. Hairstyles for Long Straight Hair with Bangs

Combining straight long hair with bangs is the most basic thing you can do when it comes to this hairstyle. You cannot possibly go wrong with it. We suggest a blunt cut at the ends that will give you a sophisticated and somewhat French vibe.

2. Cute Bangs for Long Hair

This incredibly cute long hair with bangs style will add a touch of Disney to your look. It comprises a set of very heavy bangs, some loose side strands, and a huge bow on top. Look for tutorials on YouTube on how to create the bow.

3. Trendy Long Hairstyles with Bangs

Unconventional colors are all the rage right now. This is a dark orchid shade of long hair with bangs that also has a very dramatic makeup to match. The lipstick is a very matte and dark plum, which looks almost black and witchy.

4. Copper Gold Long Hair with Bangs

Another amazing color that is quickly gaining (even more) popularity as we speak is copper. It has a sister called brass, and they are both taking over the world as part of the new metallic trend. That’s right, move over matte! There’s a new sheriff in Beauty town!

5. New Haircuts for Long Hair with Side Bangs

This is a set of very wispy and cute bangs that have been completed with some side bangs as well. They will make you look extremely cute and sweet, especially if you go for the top bun as well. It’s a very ‘ballerina off duty’ look.

6. Messy Layers

We absolutely adore this hairstyle and believe that as far as long hair with bangs goes, you cannot go wrong with it. This is a long and layered cut that has been volumized using some mousses and a blow dryer.

7. Dark Long Hair with Bangs

If you can’t, don’t want to, or don’t have the patience necessary to grow out your hair like this, then you can always go for extensions. They will make your locks look luscious and add a lot more volume and body to them.

8. Shaggy Long Hair with Bangs

Both this color and this cut are absolutely to die for. They are the perfect combination for fall or winter, especially combined with an oversized, knitted sweater. The color is a combination of beige and iceberg blonde, while the cut is a shaggy and layered long hairstyle.

9. The Reese Witherspoon

There are many celebrities in Hollywood who wore or are still wearing bangs. None like actress Reese Witherspoon, though. She has been proudly sporting them since we can remember, complete with that mane of silky straight, sunny blonde hair.

10. The Kaley Cuoco

There was a time in her younger days when comedy actress Kaley Cuoco embraced the idea of long hair with bangs. She liked a very layered and piecey cut and a set of side bangs that only partially hid away her extremely manicured eyebrows.

11. The Hillary Duff

Another famous fringe wearer is former Disney star, Hillary Duff. She likes long hair with bangs as well. Her shade is a light honey blonde with dark roots and her bangs are long enough to surpass her eyes and swept to one side.

12. The Taylor Swift

She’s had many, many looks and transformations over the years and it doesn’t seem like she’s going to stop anytime soon. Here is Tay-Tay with sultry, Cleopatra eyes, and a shaggy mane of long hair with bangs.

13. Pretty Bangs for Long Hair

Jennifer Garner surely knows how to wear bangs. Here’s a little trick you can learn from her. If your hair is the same dark color, add a few highlights or peekabooks around the lower part of your face and neck. They will enlighten the face and balance the darkness of the bangs.

14. Supermodel Long Hair with Bangs

Iconic beauty Kate Moss has set some standards that are quite difficult to beat. Her beautiful round face is complemented by this set of lush and chic bangs. She’s also very handsomely sporting a tough shade to wear. That’s a dark bottle blonde.

15. The Jennifer Lopez

Looking at this singer and actress’ long hair with bangs, you can totally understand why she was chosen to advertise different hair care products. Her natural hair is amazingly thick and beautiful, and she has never needed help in the form of extensions.

16. Hairdos for Long Hair with Bangs

Actress Bella Thorne has grown up and changed a lot since we were first introduced to her. Plastic surgery rumors aside, we love her for her hair. Just take a look at that long hair with bangs that she loves to dye a wonderful shade of gingery red, spicy and hot.

17. The Dakota Johnson

Everyone’s favorite good girl turned bad (save Rihanna) Anastasia Steel wears long hair with bangs, of course. She’s famous for this haircut, as it has become part of the Anastasia innocent girl next door look.

18. The Jennifer Lawrence

With or without bangs, Jennifer Lawrence can do no wrong. Here she is sporting a set of thin bangs that reach the perfect length, which is that tiny space between your eyelids and your eyebrows. We also love that her hair is so perfectly wavy.

19. The Zooey Deschanel

Actress Zooey Deschanel’s long hair with bangs is so iconic by now and she has been wearing it for so long that she actually looks weird and unrecognizable without it. If you don’t believe us, see for yourself. Go Google her without those amazing heavy bangs.

20. Long Hairstyles Layered with Bangs

Actress Penelope Cruz has been proudly wearing her long, dark hair for a long time. She compliments it with a heavy and short fringe that barely reaches her eyebrows and that gives her a very sultry appearance. Especially when combined with her usual smoky eye.

21. The Alexis Bledel

Here’s a blast from the past. One of our lovely Gilmore girls had this good girl haircut back in the day when she used to carry that huge backpack filled with books to school and date Dean from the grocery store in Stars Hollow. Remember?

22. The Rose Byrne

You know those girls whose hair always looks perfect no matter what? Rose Byrne is one of them. Evidently, we both envy and love her at the same time for her long hair with bangs, the same as we love her for her timeless beauty.

23. Stylish Haircuts with Bangs

When your long hair with bangs is this good looking you don’t even need makeup. This is what actress Jessica Biel is trying to tell us in this picture. Her long and slick fringe covers her eyelids entirely so she saw no need to put on eyeshadow. Therefore, she went for pink lip gloss as well.

24. The Jennifer Aniston

She might have been the inceptor of one of the most iconic hairstyles in cinematography, the Rachel, but, let’s face it, it’s been more than 20 years.

Even Jennifer Aniston has moved on and the haircut wasn’t that good, to begin with. Thankfully she went for this outstanding chocolate ponytail with chic bangs.

25. The Bryce Dallas Howard Long Hair with Bangs

Redheads have a lot of fun when it comes to hair and actress Bryce Dallas Howard is here to prove just that. Her long hair with bangs is a super dark copper with chestnut tones that highlights her steely eyes as well as those sweet freckles of hers.

26. Hairstyles for Long Wavy Hair with Bangs

Don’t know what to do with your wavy long hair with bangs? Cheryl Cole will teach you. This is a voluminous ponytail with side bangs and a few side strands that will make you look like a million bucks even if it is such a simple hairstyle.

27. The Katie Holmes Long Hair with Bangs

Yes, even the good girls can become sultry and sexy beyond belief if they have the right hairstyle. In Katie Holmes’ case, it was long hair with bangs, which we suggest you get as well, right now. Because if it makes you look like this, it’s a winner.

28. The Jennifer Love Hewitt Long Hair with Bangs

How does Jennifer Love Hewitt look like the picture of perfection all the time? It’s a mystery. Therefore, we’ll put it all on her long hair with bangs. The color is a dark cacao bean streaked with both blond and red highlights and peekaboos. Wowza!

29. The Kirsten Dunst

Another famous Hollywood long hair with bangs wearer is actress Kirsten Dunst. Whether you loved her as Mary Jane or Marie Antoinette, you cannot deny she looks outstanding as a blonde and with a set of side swept bangs.

30. The Kendall Jenner Long Hair with Bangs

Leave it to supermodel and reality TV star Kendall Jenner to take a simple and age-old hairstyle such as the long hair with bangs and transform it into an artistic an uber chic thing. Her extra-long dark bangs, messy top knot, and fabulous golden snake earrings make us seriously jealous.

31. The Emma Stone

With or without her long hair with bangs, Emma Stone is a complete darling. However, we do have to admit that we prefer her with those smashing bangs of hers. They give her a very cool retro vibe. Plus, they highlight her green eyes.

32. The Selena Gomez

Who is the queen of Instagram? Selena Gomez, of course. But that’s not the only place where she’s queen. The young actress and singer earns major style and beauty points for her long hair with bangs.

33. The Anne Hathaway

Doesn’t Anne Hathaway look like a princess with long hair with bangs? We think so. There’s just something about her sweet face, coffee eyes, and chocolate colored hair that makes her look like she just descended from a royal carriage.

34. The Gwyneth Paltrow

Speaking of royalty, here’s another leading lady in Hollywood who looks elegant enough to have tea with the Queen every day of her life. Gwyneth Paltrow’s idea of long hair with bangs means sunny blonde locks that have been straightened out into perfection.

35. The Rachel McAdams

Wispy bangs such as the ones worn by actress Rachel McAdams are very flirty and girly. They will make you look young and fresh, especially if you pair them with a ponytail or a bun. Keep your makeup to a low and you’ll instantly look a few years younger.

36. The Leighton Meester

How many times did you want to simply run to the stylist and ask him to cut your hair like that after watching an episode of the Gossip Girl? Leighton Meester was a style icon, and her long hair with bangs has a huge part to play in that.

37. The Nicole Kidman

This is actress Nicole Kidman in Practical Magic. She played a sexy witch who gets into a whole lot of trouble. What we loved about her was her personal style. That extra long hair with bangs, in a deep, and fiery red simply made us want to dye our hair as well.

38. The Lea Seydoux

Before the international success of Disney’s live-action Beauty and the Beast with Emma Watson as the spunky Belle, there was the fairytale-like and immensely beautiful French version starring Lea Seydoux. Who’s your Belle?

39. The Brigitte Bardot

Let’s go back in time and take a look at one of the most famous long hair with bangs hairstyles in history. We’re talking, of course, about beauty and style icon Brigitte Bardot. Her 60s sky high messy, blonde beehive and parted bangs became the stuff of legend.

40. Latest Hairstyles with Bangs

Scarlet Johansson has an unforgettable face and an even more unforgettable idea for long hair with bangs. She typically wears one shade of blonde or another, and we absolutely loved her in this set of heavy and chic bangs.

41. The Goldie Hawn

Talking about famous sets of bangs, we have to mention Goldie Hawn. She has been wearing the same hairstyles since we were children and it’s a good thing she has because she looks phenomenal, youthful, and fresh.

Her long hair with bangs is golden like the summer sun while her cut is a shaggy and layered one with 60s heavy bangs.

If you want to see more hairstyles for ladies over 60, here’s an entire piece dedicated to them.

42. The Keira Knightley

Ever so elegant and appearing to be from a different age, British actress Keira Knightley looks fantastic with her own set of side swept bangs. But can we take a moment and talk about her hair color?

It’s an ombre that starts off with a very natural brown and then melts away into a pool of rich dark honey and brassy blonde.

43. The Natalie Portman Long Hair with Bangs

Here’s a throwback pic of Natalie Portman from when she was younger and sporting long hair with bangs. Just look at that sweet and innocent face. Is it just us or is she channeling her inner White Swan with this look? Maybe it’s the dusty pink overcoat.

44. The Lea Michelle Long Hair with Bangs

Now, this is how you do red carpet hair! Long hair with bangs has never looked better than it does on actress Lea Michelle for this special event. Her ombre hairstyle takes a sudden, sexy turn with those chocolate colored bangs of hers.

45. The Sienna Miller Long Hair with Bangs

Only Sienna Miller can pull off natural beauty like this. Her minimal eye makeup completed by the striking and slightly metallic red lip is encircled by her blonde hair like a halo. Her short bangs that sweep the eyebrow line give her a very chic appearance.

46. The Lily Aldridge Long Hair with Bangs

Long hair with bangs is a supermodel staple. Victoria’s Secret Angel Lily Aldridge has dark mushroom brown hair with just a touch of blonde highlights toward the tips. Her wispy bangs make her look sultry and mysterious.

47. Beach Waves and Bangs on Long Hair

It’s very easy to get beach waves by using just your curler or even your hair straightener. If you need a tutorial on the latter procedure, look it up on YouTube. It takes surprisingly little time.

48. Long Hair and Swoop Bangs

Swoop bangs mean a heavy-set fringe that has been literally swooped to the side and off your forehead so that it doesn’t cover it all. It was a preferred hairstyle during the 2000s when everyone used to wear it.

49. Creative Long Hair with Bangs

This is a sunset orange with sunflower yellow ombre hair. It’s long and sleek and has a fantastic set of baby bangs to match. And have you seen that makeup? It might take a little time to do, but it is all worth it!

50. Baby Bangs and Long Hair

Speaking of baby bangs here is a great and sultry way of wearing them. This dark chocolate brown is accompanied by a smoky eye in a matching color. We love the ruffled dress as well as the bohemian jewelry that really makes a difference!

Ready to Change Your Look?

So, after glancing at these 50 long hair with bangs recommendations, which one have you decided to copy?

Is it the sultry look with heavy bangs and a smokey eye?

The Brigitte Bardot 60s inspired look or the young and flirty one with wispy bangs and minimal makeup?

Decide, and then let us know in the comment section below which one was your favorite!


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