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50 Refreshing Teal Hair Color Ideas

teal hair color

Teal is a combination of blue and green mixed into a white base.

The fun thing about it is that it gets its name from the eponymous bird, which has a stripe in this color on its head.

Here’s another fun fact about this shade – it was one of the so-called ‘fad colors’ of the 90s.

It was so popular back then that everybody used to wear it, including a lot of sports teams who promptly adopted it as their color.

Since we are now reliving the 90s from a styling point of view, it was only natural to see teal hair color once more.

Here are 50 refreshing ideas on how to wear teal in your hair!

1. Teal and Cobalt Roots

One of the easiest ways to go about this fascinating color is to pair it with a neighboring shade. One of its Pantone sisters is cobalt. It’s a bit darker than teal itself, which means it will be great if you use it for your roots.

2. Brown Hair with Teal

If you want to spice things up a little but still keep your natural hair color, you can always add a bit of teal to your brown. Even though you might not think they match, they actually do. Teal and chestnut? Why not?

3. The Fishtail Braid

If you’ve only dyed a few strands of your hair teal, then you can easily show them off with a beautiful fishtail braid. This is the French braid’s rustic cousin, and it will serve you well, especially if you make it a bit messy.

4. Blue and Teal Ombre Hair

Teal hair color can lend itself to a blue ombre style very beautifully.

To get an even more interesting ombre, you can even add a bit of aqua blue in the mix. Start with a dark base and let it slowly descend into blue and then our star color.

5. The Wavy Bob

Sometimes, all you need to show off a gorgeous hair color is an equally delightful haircut.

This, for example, is a wavy shoulder-length bob with a lot of volume and texture to it. As far as color goes, it has the same ombre as the one we pointed out above.

6. The Messy Bun in a Teal Hair Color

Messy buns have been all the rage in the past couple of years. Not so long ago, they were the trademark of lazy girls or your go-to hairstyle for cleaning the house.

Nowadays, if you have a good-enough sense of style, you can even pair them with a little black dress when you go for cocktails.

7. Lunar Teal Hair Color

This can easily pass off as pastel, but it’s a little more than that. In fact, this amazingly beautiful shade is called lunar teal. Why?

The answer is visible to the naked eye, so to say. The color is almost milky white, looking pearly and luminescent, like the light glowing off the moon on certain nights.

8. Dark Sea Green Hair Color

When it comes to teal hair color, your inspiration definitely needs to come from the elements you can see in nature. A major source of your creative endeavors will be the sea. Or the ocean, if you prefer it.

9. Unicorn Teal Hair Color

It’s probably safe to say that unicorns are (still are) a big thing. We’ve seen unicorn everything, including coffee so why not wear this design in your hair as well?

As such, teal will play a huge part because it’s such a whimsical color.

10. Seaweed Teal Hair Color

When you have teal hair, seaweed is just beach waves taken to the next level.

We recommend you use a high-quality sea salt spray to create those lovely seaweed-looking curls as well as to add some texture and crunch to your locks.

11. The Double French Pastel Teal Hair

Although it sounds like a very interesting thing that you would normally read about in Cosmo, this time we’re referring to double French braids.

The color is absolutely fantastic. It’s a very light pastel teal with a refreshing minty finish.

12. Voodoo Teal Hair Color

The reason why this shade of teal is called ‘voodoo teal’ is that it looks incredibly witchy. We could compare it with midnight blue mixed with a healthy dose of forest or moss green and voilà. You’ve got voodoo teal.

13. Peacock Inspired Hair Color

The peacock hair color might be a tad difficult to get, especially if you’re a beginner, but it’s surely worth the effort.

It basically comprises different shades of teal, blue, purple, and green. You also need a few blonde strands to lighten everything up.

14. The Classic Ponytail

Even the simplest and dullest of hairstyles can look like a million bucks with your new teal hair color.

It’s one thing to have a ponytail when your hair is brown, but it’s a completely different thing when you’re a mermaid with hair of teal and stony gray.

15. Teal and Blue Hair

The watercolor feel that this shade of teal hair color has is absolutely amazing.

It really does give one the feeling of a painter’s muse sitting among Monet’s waterlilies, slowly borrowing color from the surrounding nature.

16. Teal and Flowers

Pairing teal with opposite colors in the spectrum, such as bright yellow, will bring out its unique and cold beauty even more.

The iciness you can feel when looking at teal next to the glowing warmth of the yellow will burst out from your Instagram selfies.

17. Messy Hairdos

Teal hair color can surely guarantee you one thing.: that you will look awesome when you wake up. With a hair color like that, messy hair is now delightful, sweet, and playful. Pair it with minimal or even nude makeup.

18. Teal Mermaid Hair

There are quite a few colors you can wear if you want to be part of the latest trends it and teal is definitely one of them. Make sure to spray some glossing agent on it every time you leave the house.

19. Romantic Teal Hair Color

Here is an amazing idea for your big day. The great thing is that you can wear it both if you are the bride or the maid of honor.

Dark teal hair pairs well with light colored flowers such as dusty pink roses, carnations, or peonies.

20. What Did the Water Give Us?

An amazing source of inspiration for one of the coolest hair colors we’ve ever seen. This trifecta of shades starts off with dark cobalt at the roots, has icy teal in the middle, and ends with inky blue tips.

21. The Messy Crown

This is a messy and romantic crown that goes around your head. The color is a gorgeous nightshade teal streaked with just the right amount of gray hair peekaboos to catch some light and distribute it evenly over the mane.

22. The Vintage Diva

Ice, ice, teal! Throw on a pair of cat-eye, white, plastic sunglasses, a polka dot dress, and enough lip gloss to last you for a week and say hello to the hipster version of the 50s. Your hair needs to be ice teal, of course!

23. Dark Teal Hair

If you are brave enough to go for this shade of dark blue teal hair color, then you are surely in for a treat. It goes perfectly well with blue or green eyes because it will be reflected in them like water from the ocean.

24. Half Up Half Down

Teal hair and inky blue roots really do deserve to be shown off. Remember that you worked on your roots just as hard as you worked on the hair itself.

Therefore, a half up half down hairdo with a handful of curls thrown in there will do it justice.

25. Lagoon Teal Hair Color

As previously stated, when it comes to teal hair, a lot of your inspiration will be drawn from the ocean and everything that has to do with it.

This shade is called lagoon teal, and you can easily see why. Pair it with matching eyeshadow for maximum effect.

26. The Big Day

Don’t worry about your wedding hairstyle. Teal matches perfectly with all sorts of flowers which you could wear in your hair.

Plus, it braids incredibly well. This is just one example, with a classic triple French braid and small pink roses.

27. Under Layer and Frame

If you don’t want to dye your whole mane teal but still desire the benefits, such as highlighting your eyes, there is a solution.

Go for framing and under layering. This means only dying the strands that are beneath the surface and those which curtain your face.

28. Glitter Roots

This is a beloved music festival look that has really caught on in the past few seasons. Evidently, you can do it independently of your hair color, but we believe that teal is the most successful.

Grab a handful of jumbo, sticky glitter and rub it down your parting line.

29. Watermelon Teal Hair Color

Admit it. You never even thought about the fact that watermelon hair could look so gorgeous, did you? In fact, you probably thought it was a bit geeky. You were wrong. Just look how artsy and beautiful it actually is.

30. Bubble Gum and Teal Extensions

Hair extensions are a lovely way to up your game in case you want to add some more volume and length to your hair.

However, you don’t need to keep it classic. Look for trendy and modern ones, like these bubble gum and teal locks.

31. Teal Hair Tips

This hairstyle is the equivalent of only getting your feet in to test the water. The teal hair color here is so light that you can barely see it.

That doesn’t mean it’s less beautiful. However, it’s a good way to get started on this path if you’re a complete beginner at this game.

32. Whimsical Teal Hair Color

If Alice never returned from Wonderland, this is what her hair would have looked like.


Without the eyeball in the middle.

We’re talking about the lovely combination of teal and hot pink.

33. Low Victory Rolls in Teal

How can you be a pin-up girl and a hipster at the same time? It’s simple. Dye your hair a crazy shade of teal and then style it in this 1940s-50s inspired victory rolls way.

Add an ample skirt and a cute dotted shirt, and it’s like you time traveled!

34. Wood Fairy Teal Hair Color

If there’s something we love about teal hair is that it’s one of the few shades that actually makes us look like fairies. If you manage to style it correctly with the right clothes and accessories, you can look like a modern-day Pixie.

35. Teal and Black Hair

This half and half battle between black and teal hair color is absolutely crazy, and we love it. Not only is it all Cruella de Vill gone modern, but it also has two fantastic messy ponytails.

Oh, and let’s not forget the amazing Teddy bear scrunchies. And have you seen the green eyebrows, the two nose rings, and the silver eyeliner above the eyes?

36. The Hair Piece

This is the hairpiece to end all hair pieces. You can wear it to your wedding, for Halloween or as part of a costume.

The piece is unquestionably exquisite, with fine chain mail hanging on all sides that will clash beautifully with your teal hair.

37. Mahogany and Teal Hair Color

There are some color combinations out there that you need to see to believe. Mahogany and teal are one of them.

When you think of it, it doesn’t seem like the steady, autumn warmth of the brown will pair well with the iciness of the teal, but it does.

38. Artistic Teal Hair Color

If the past few years have taught us anything, it’s that you mustn’t be afraid of flower crowns. They started off as a music festival fad, and we saw them mostly at Coachella and Burning Man. However, they quickly grew on us.

39. Shades of Gray

How many of you out there were inspired by the famous book? Probably a lot. Now you can use it as hair inspiration as well.

Start off with a darker shade at the roots for a natural look, continue with metallic teal, and end with a light gray hair color.

40. Hipster Teal Hair Color

Once you’ve nailed the non-conventional hair color, it’s easy to become a fully-fledged hipster. All you need to do is find the right oversized sweater or wooly cardigan, as well as the layered necklaces, and statement earrings, and you’re done!

41. Cropped Bangs

Now, this is a million-dollar haircut. It’s somewhere between a long pixie and a short bob.

Also, it’s asymmetrical, being longer in the front, dark, greenish teal in color and it has a killer set of short cropped bangs. Also, just look at that purple lipstick!

42. The Streak

Sometimes, less really is more and a small quantity can go a long way. If you have dark brunette hair, you can always dye just one strand of your locks teal. In this way, you will make it stand out even more.

43. Rockability

If you’re going for that post-grunge or post-punk look, but with a slightly more feminine touch to it, the teal hair color can help you there as well.

It’s unconventional enough to help you in your endeavor but soft enough not to man you up.

44. The Short Bob with Bangs

Oh, how we love our bobs. It so seems as if we’ve rediscovered bobs a few years ago. Since then, we cannot get enough of them! Everywhere you turn your head you can see another type of bob. Luckily for us, in teal as well.

45. The Goth Doll

Teal is such a versatile hair color that it can even be used if you plan on going goth. This is a marvelous example of how you can look like a true goth doll. The extra-long mermaid hair and the black makeup are to die for.

46. Pink and Teal Curls

We could not have possibly finished this list without showing you how teal curls looks like.

This is a combination of pastel pink and light teal that almost looks like cotton candy. Top Tip – keep your eyebrows looking natural for this one.

47. The Teal Afro

Speaking of curls, here’s another type which you might like to try. It’s a teal afro with neon yellow roots for an added touch of whimsy. Can we also say that we are in love with the all-leather outfit?

48. The Little Mermaid

Granted, it’s not the little mermaid you’re used to but rather a mermaid as she would look like in real life.

With freckles, teal hair, sea foam eyes, and a huge flower crown on her head to celebrate her status as a princess of the sea.

49. Mint and Pastel

Not only is this shade of teal pastel but it’s also mixed with some mint green, much to our delight. This just goes to show that, when it comes to teal hair color, the possibilities of mixing and matching it are truly endless.

50. Purple and Teal

Last, but definitely not least on our list is the absolutely awesome combo between teal and purple. This might just be the best pairing we’ve seen so far and definitely our favorite!

Ready to Change Your Look?

How about you?

After seeing our exhaustive list about the teal hair color, do you have a favorite when it comes to this shade?

Let us know in the comment section below what you think about this hairstyle!


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