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50 Most Popular Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair in 2022

wedding hairstyles for short hair

When it comes to the way you look on your big day, three things stand out – your dress, your makeup, and your hair. The traditional bride is consistently depicted with a subsided chignon at the back of her head or an intricately coiled bun on top from which her veil pours down. However, modern women are changing all that and proving that wedding hairstyles for short hair are just as good if not even better. Here are some ideas!

1. Sweet Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

One way in which you can dress up your short hair on your wedding day is by wearing different types of hair accessories. Flower crowns have been all the rage in the past few years. Match yours to the bridal bouquet and the location.

2. The Asymmetrical Short Bob Haircuts

Speaking of trends, it’s impossible not to mention bobs. They have clearly been the number one hit this season when it comes to hairstyles. Embellish yours with a lovely natural crown made with flowers, twigs, and berries.

3. Wedding Haircuts with Curly Bangs

Another major trend we’ve seen cropping up everywhere lately are curly bangs. They are a bit more difficult to pull off. Therefore, you’d better leave this one to your stylist, especially since this is your wedding day.

4. Princess Haircuts

Who doesn’t want to look like a princess on their big day? Luckily, you can achieve this look with minimal effort if you choose this pretty hair embellishment that is shaped like a crown. Shine away!

5. Loose Bob Wedding Hairstyles

If you want a simple yet elegant hairstyle for your wedding, this lovely bob is the way to go. The great thing about it is that you can even do it yourself at home and rearrange it as the big day goes by.

6. Vintage Wedding Hairstyles

Inspiration can come from everywhere, including your favorite decade in terms of fashion and styling. This long pixie updo was inspired by the roaring 20s and the type of gelled coils that the likes of Josephine Baker used to wear.

7. Romantic Spring Hairstyles

Nothing says spring better than large peonies in full bloom spreading their perfume everywhere. Moreover, nothing says spring wedding better than wearing a crown made with said peonies.

8. Couture Hairstyles

This is a bride from the Viktor and Rolf 2019 spring collection. The sleek lines of the dress are opposed to the embellishments and frills of the 90s and 2000s. The dress has a minimalist sheath and a heavily embellished bodice that puts one in mind of a spring wedding, all in white.

9. Retro Hairstyles

This long pixie cut is perfect for a retro wedding if that has always been your dream. The lacy dress with capped and flowing sleeves seems to be taken right out of the 1920s, as is the heavy and drooping veil behind.

10. Wedding Hairstyle with a Veil

Speaking of veils, you don’t have to wear a long one if you don’t fancy them. Here’s a pinup alternative. This is a birdcage veil complete with a feather and pearl headband. It perfectly compliments the bride’s platinum hair color.

11. The Anne Hathaway

Actress Anne Hathaway is one of the many celebrities who walked down their own aisles with short hair. This is her in her custom-made Valentino wedding dress, her favorite designer. She also wore a lacey and very vintage headband.

12. The Victoria Beckham

At the time they got married back in the 1990s, the Beckhams were truly considered to be the real royal family of Britain. Maybe that’s why the bride, Victoria, chose to wear this golden crown on her head. Her dress is Vera Wang.

13. Beach Short Pixie Haircuts

A fabulous pixie cut can go a long way, even for a beach wedding. You can wear a theatrical hairpiece or even a fascinator that will help add some pizzazz to your look and even keep the hair out of your eyes against the sea breeze.

14. The Kristen Dunst

You can never go wrong with a headband made of gold, diamonds, and pearls. That’s a fact. Moreover, when you add delicate and colorful flowers to it, this outstanding hairpiece will bring out your natural beauty.

15. Elegant Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

Vintage curls are the epitome of elegance now. In the past, they were an everyday look for most women, who could perform this hairstyle on themselves with their eyes closed. Today, however, it’s reserved for special occasions.

16. Wedding Hairstyles with Blusher

This is a combination of a birdcage veil and a blusher. The birdcage veil is the one in a crisscross pattern underneath while the blusher is the thin layer of organza which sits on top. Blushers are still a common tradition at weddings.

17. Flower Wedding Hairstyles

If you want a single flower in your hair as opposed to an entire crown, try to pick one that matches the color of your locks for some continuity. Here’s another tip – go with one that smells great, especially if the flower is located near your face.

18. Garden Short Wedding Haircuts

Garden weddings have become a big hit in the past few years as people are moving farther and farther away from the stuffiness of traditions. This also means that your dress, hair, and makeup can now be a bit more casual and comfortable as well.

19. 1930s Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

Channeling the beautiful 30s has never been easier than with a lovely deco headband. Try a metallic diamond studded one that drapes elegantly across your forehead. Leave out the earrings and make the headpiece the focus of attention.

20. Wedding Hairstyles with Feather Fascinator

Fascinators come in all shapes and sizes. The only limit to what a fascinator can be is your own imagination. You can include in the design elements that you love, that inspire you or that have been meaningful to you over the years.

21. Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair with Metallic Headband

If real feathers in your cap or fascinator for that matter are not your thing, you can always try the metallic version. This is a very simple headband adorned with three golden metallic feathers that will steal all the attention.

22. Dramatic Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

Some brides choose simple wedding dresses. If that is your case as well, then you can up the game at head level with a teased-up pixie cut and a showstopping headband with diamonds and rhinestones.

23. Golden Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

Since you cannot do a lot in terms of styling your hair when it’s this short, it all comes down to the accessories you wear on the big day. Don’t be afraid to step up your game and go all out. This is the one day where you get to be a princess.

24. Curly Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

You know what they say. Curly hair? Don’t care! Use a set of novelty bobby pins such as golden flowers or bumble bees to contrast with it and let nature take care of the rest. Your natural beauty will shine through!

25. Pixie Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

A simple pixie cut can be highlighted used the appropriate headband such as this three-tiered pearly one, fantastic makeup, and, of course, a great pair of earrings. Match them all to your dress and your bouquet.

26. Extreme Pixie Cut Wedding Hairstyles

If you think the pixie cut above is a walk in the park, how about an extreme one? Meet the minimal pixie cut that is sure to make your big day an unforgettable one. Dress it up with a superb flower crown.

27. Lovely Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

Be creative when it comes to wearing flowers in your hair for your wearing. Don’t stick to just wearing them as a crown or in the front. This is an example of how you can use flowers in the back, right where the veil starts cascading.

28. 1940s Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

Here’s another decade you can draw inspiration from on your wedding day. The 1940s were a troubled era for everyone, but that doesn’t mean women weren’t still trying to look as beautiful as they could have possibly been.

29. Bohemian Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

Sometimes, less really is more, depending on the hair accessory you are planning on wearing. A simple bohemian metallic flower crown mimicking baby breath blossoms can do the trick just fine.

30. Pearl Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

Is there any gemstone out there more elegant than the pearl? They are a perfect match for a wedding because of their color and beautiful sheen. However, here’s the trick. Instead of jewelry, use pearls in your hair.

31. Winter Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

A winter wedding flower crown has to be made of plants and blossoms that represent the season you are getting married. Pay attention to the colors and textures here if you want to convey the right message and stay on theme.

32. Delicate Wedding Hairstyles

Here’s another hairstyle that you can pull off at home by yourself. Alternatively, even better, have one of your bridesmaids do it. After all, this is the day when you have to be pampered above anything else. Either way, it’s a real budget saver.

33. Feathery Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

Feathery is, indeed, the key word here. Both the hairstyles, a pixie cut, and the headband are on theme. The hairdo is very light and layered while the accessory actually sports a real feather complete with stylized twigs.

34. Classic Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

Here is an example of what a very traditional bride with short hair would style her hair like on the big day. This is a set of sweetheart blonde curls pinned either to one side or both with a large and theatrical, bejeweled hairpiece.

35. Delightful Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

Choosing the right flowers for your hair is more important than you might think. You can get tempted to go overboard. However, if your hair doesn’t allow it or if your hairstylist advises against it, try the minimalist approach.

36. Mature Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

Nothing says elegance and exquisiteness like perfect hair and makeup on your big day. Here’s a tip – try several versions a few weeks in advance to see how they fit and which one you like best. Don’t leave it to the actual day!

37. Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair with Crown Braid

Sporting a crown braid is an effortless way of embellishing your hair without adding external accessories. Moreover, if you start practicing well ahead of time, you can even learn how to do it and adjust this hairstyle on your own, saving some pennies.

38. Lavender Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

Needless to say, non-conventional colors are the main trend as far as hair colors go this year. Therefore, why not wear one to your wedding as well? This is a powdery, cold lavender shade of purple with a fishtail braid and baby breath twigs inserted into it.

39. Classic Bob Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

Sleek hair is also a major trend this year. The whole world joined hands and straighteners for that matter to wave curls goodbye as we watched on Instagram, red carpets, and runways sleek and straight hair all around.

40. Wedding Hairstyles with Long Bangs

Do you remember this type of bangs from the early 2000s? They usually came with a medium haircut that you used to part down the middle. The strands that curtained your face on each side were your long bangs.

41. Perfect Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

Leave it to your stylist if you are striving to achieve this level of hair perfection on your wedding day. This is an A-line bob with braided bangs in the front, a puffed up back and a lacey headband.

42. Destination Wedding Hairstyles

If you’re planning on having your wedding far from home in places such as Italy, Spain, Hawaii or Ibiza, then there’s nothing better than a simple dress and a superb flower crown made from local organic blossoms to mark the occasion.

43. Summer Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

Another great tip when planning a wedding is to take into account things such as the season and location and incorporate them into your look. In this way, you will truly blend in and belong. Summer roses everywhere? Then summer roses in your hair!

44. Pink Wedding Hairstyles

Pink is, probably, the most feminine color of all, and it goes great with the one day when you are a woman by excellence. Match the two concepts by dyeing your hair pink and wearing a large flower headband.

45. Wedding Hairstyles with Taper Fade

We are living in an era when women are seeking to empower themselves as much as possible. This means that long hair no longer holds that status it once had. Go for a taper fade if it represents who you truly are inside.

46. Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair with Gold Foil Leaf

Here is a trend that made headlines a few seasons back but which you can still wear because it looks fantastic as a wedding style. This is a gold foil that has been applied directly to the hair strands to make you look more glamorous and luxurious.

47. Wedding Hairstyles with Bangs

According to stylists, the perfect length for bangs is achieved when they reach that spot between your eyelids and your eyebrows. Talk to your stylist about what type of bangs would suit you most.

48. Wedding Hairstyles with Composite Hats

So far, we’ve seen traditional veils, birdcage veils, blushers, and fascinators. Now it’s time for the composite hat. This, for example, is one made of silver wire, rose hips, and a large rose blossoming on top.

49. Coral Wedding Hairstyles

If you have a beach wedding theme, you can go for some genuine coral accessories, or you can opt for this exquisite metallic coral headpiece that is studded with rhinestones. It has a magnificent art deco look to it!

50. Cute Wedding Hairstyles

Keep it simple and cute with a custom-made hair accessory representing flowers and twigs. This is the tradition, after all, and brides don’t seem to want to let it go anytime soon!


Even though it might seem a bit challenging to style short hair on such a momentous occasion, there are many wedding hairstyles for short hair, as we’ve seen. All you need to do is research a bit, discuss your options with your stylist, and put your creativity at work when it comes to accessories and headpieces. Let us know in the comments which idea was your favorite!


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