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50 Chic Crimped Hairstyles Trendy in 2022

crimped hairstyles

If you needed just one more shred of evidence that the 90s are back for good, the Crimped Hairstyles are your final proof.

Crimped hairstyles are slowly but surely making their way across red carpets, Instagrams, and runways.

And it’s a good thing too because they will accompany the spaghetti strap dresses and tons of lip gloss we’re already wearing.

Here are 50 fly crimped hairstyles to show you how to wear this trend at the end of the 2010s!

1. Crimped Hairstyles for Long Hair

For millennials and the generation Z who were too little or not born at all during the 90s, here’s how you get crimped hair:

With a crimper, of course! A crimper is a tool such as a hair straightener, but which has wavy ceramic plates inside. When hot, they curl your hair in the now famous zig-zag or sawtooth fashion.

2. Ponytail Crimped Hairstyles

Hair crimpers as a tool are available everywhere, including online at the larger retailers and at your local Walmart and other such stores. Therefore, if you want to jump on this trend, nothing will be easier.

3. Half Up Half Down Crimped Hairstyles

‘Crimping’ is actually a term used in the South of the United States. However, in other parts of America or of the world, this process of doing your hair is also called getting ‘crinkles’ or even ‘deep waves.’

4. Elegant Crimped Hairstyles

Here’s a fun fact for you. Even though it was most popular in the 80s and 90s, the idea of crimped hair was invented back in 1972 for none other than Barbara Streisand herself by Geri Cusenza.

5. The Emmy Rossum

Here’s actress Emmy Rossum wearing a high-end and very polished hairdo based on crimped hair. It’s a messy chignon with a braid crown that is almost invisible because they eye goes immediately to all that crimping.

6. Messy Crimped Hairstyles

Style critics report that crimping comes back into fashion once every ten years. However, it doesn’t seep into mainstream consumerism. Instead, it is simply used by designers on catwalks because it has such a striking visual effect.

7. Crimped Hairstyles at Dior

Speaking of which, here is what a Dior model looks like with crimped hair. You can see that the above statement is completely right. Crimped hair does make a powerful visual and artistic statement.

8. Pink Crimped Hairstyles

There are ways to get crimped hair other than using a crimper, seeing as today’s women and girls are much more concerned about heat damage to their hair then they were in the 80s and 90s. Search for tips and tricks on YouTube.

9. The Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne has discovered a fantastic way of bringing crimped hair into the 2010s and styling it the right way. This could be a perfect look for you for a party, a wedding or your prom.

10. Casual Crimped Hairstyles

There are multiples types of crimpers to choose from. It all depends on the kind of curls you would like to end up with. This is the classic kind that most girls in the 80s and 90s used to wear if they wanted to look cool.

11. Crimped Hairstyles with a Comb Over

One way of making crimped hairstyles more modern is by combining them with other trends. This hairdo, for example, banks on braids and a comb over, not to mention cuff earrings, all of which are the latest trends.

12. Short Crimped Hairstyles

You can even crimp your hair if it’s short. However, keep in mind at all times that the crimper gets extremely hot and that it will get very close to your skin. The shorter the hair, the trickier it gets to crimp it.

13. Classic Crimped Hairstyles

Here is an example of something you might have seen all the time in schools, on the street, and on the TV back in the 90s. This is the classic idea of horizontal crimping that most girls dreamed of doing with their hair.

14. The Tyra Banks

Model Tyra Banks surely did not believe that less is more when it came to crimping. Here she is with her entire hair crimped out, which makes her look a little like a Barbie doll. We are also loving the blonde highlights.

15. The Britney Spears

If you need a picture to tell you what the 90s or early 2000s looked like in a nutshell, this is it. We have Britney Spears, frosted pink lipstick, crimped hair, fake rhinestone tattoos, and embellished chokers.

16. Pretty Crimped Hairstyles

As opposed to that overdose of the 90s, this is how you might attempt to wear crimped hair today. Try a simple half up half down hairdo complete with a casual outfit that will not make you look over the top.

17. Beautiful Crimped Hairstyles

This is one for the pros. You know, for when you have mastered the art of crimping your hair and you’re ready to go to the next level. It’s a gorgeous messy bun with just a few hints of crimping and a fantastic flower accessory.

18. Crimped Hairstyles with Mermaid Braid

The sheer intricacy of this hairstyle is enough to impress anyone. This is a jumbo mermaid braid with crimped strands, pearls, and bits of coral tossed in. This can be your hairstyle if you’re planning a beach wedding.

19. Pastel Punk Crimped Hairstyles

Punk was all about being yourself and embracing hair and fashion styles that made you feel good. Therefore, if crimp is your game, go for it. Here are more punk hairstyles to choose from and inspire you.

20. Minimal Crimped Hairstyles

If you love this trend and want to try it out but don’t want to crimp all your hair or if you have an office dress code you need to respect, then you can try to do just a strand. Sometimes, less really is more.

21. Crimped Hairstyles at Givenchy

Here’s another beautiful example from the runways. This is a model on the runway for the Givenchy show. She has long, blonde hair that has been crimped almost all the way out, matching her outfit.

22. Waterfall Braid with Crimped Hair

The waterfall braid is one of the most beautiful styles out there as it is. When you add crimped strands to it, then it really starts to look as if you have a real waterfall in your hair. The zig zags make it look like gushes of water.

23. The Christina Aguilera

Here’s another real throwback to the decade when they used to wear this hairstyle. Singer Christina Aguilera was a huge fan of crimping, combining it with fake and clashing extensions, tons of black eye pencil, and brown lip liner.

24. The Ariana Grande

As a contrast, here’s how modern singers are wearing crimped hair. Ariana Grande has, of course, not ditched her famous ponytail. Instead, she opted to improve it by crimping a few strands here and there.

25. The Teased Ponytail

Speaking of ponytails, here’s another way in which you can wear a crimped one. Create the ponytail, crimp out the hair and then use a soft brush to tease it out. It looks like you’ve just come home from a high-end salon.

26. The Gigi Hadid

Model Gigi Hadid could not have resisted the opportunity to bank on such a new trend as crimped hair, so she immediately jumped to Instagram to post a selfie with this mane. She looks like such a 90s girl!

27. Sweet Crimped Hairstyles

Let’s face it. Whether you’re pro or against this hairstyle, you have to admit that this is cuteness overload. Which means that, if done and styled correctly, crimped hair can look good and fashionable in everyday life as well as on the catwalk.

28. Red Crimped Hairstyles

It takes a lot of courage to crimp red hair but when you do, you will feel liberated. Feel the power of the 80s and 90s and channel the styling icons that made this hairdo possible for such a long time.

29. Gorgeous Crimped Hairstyles

This chai blonde is giving us major hair envy. Everything about this look is absolute perfection. From the brown undertones at the roots to the immaculate tips to the subtle crimping. Even the makeup is on fleek.

30. Artistic Crimped Hairstyles

You can also use crimped hair if you need a special idea for a costume, for Halloween or for a cosplay. You can try it if you’re taking artistic or glam shots for your Instagram account because it is visually stunning.

31. Crimped Hairstyles with a Braid

There’s just something about crimped hair that has been then mounted into a braid. It looks ethereal, as if the lines have been blurred and the hair is in continuous motion. We love this effect!

32. The Beyonce

You know what they say. If this hairstyle is good enough for Beyonce, then it’s good enough for us too! That’s how we know we love crimped hair and that we should be wearing it more often. If the queen commands…

33. Cool Crimped Hairstyles

This high half updo goes great with a choker and the 60s inspired makeup. We also love the fact that the hair has been teased out instead of glossing the crimped curls as they used to do in the 80s and 90s.

34. Bohemian Crimped Hairstyles

Even boho-chic girls can find some use for a crimper. It’s all in the styling. In this case, we are in awe of how the crimped strands of hair have been made to look as if they are part of an elaborate fake feather head dress.

35. Shaggy Crimped Hairstyles

Crimping can become your ally on very early mornings when you have to style your hair but you’re sleepy and in a hurry. Use some heat protective spray and add a few crinkles to your locks.

36. Crimped Hairstyles for a Wedding

If you’ve ever wondered how a bride with crimped hair looks like, this is it. She’s gorgeous. This messy hairstyle accompanied by a wreath made of your favorite natural blossoms will make you look like a fairy.

37. Jumbo Braid Crimped Hairstyles

If you’re into this hairstyle, you’re going to need a lot of hairspray. Crimp the hair first and then braid it into a large three-strand braid. Use your fingers to pull at the strands until it becomes a jumbo braid.

38. Crimped Hairstyles for Blonde Hair

Remember that if you crimped all your hair and you want volume, you will need to blow it out. Just crimping it won’t do the trick. The sheer weight of your hair combined with gravity will pull it down.

39. Crimped Hairstyles with a Fauxhawk

Fauxhawks come in hundreds if not thousands of shapes and sizes. There is no limit to how creative one can get with a fake Mohawk. Therefore, why not make one with hair knots at the roots and crimps instead of spikes?

40. Unicorn Crimped Hairstyles

This can easily be your go-to music festival look. This orchid pink meets purple color is stunning and goes well with any shade of eyeshadow you choose. Plus, the crimping turns your hairdo into a really low maintenance one.

41. Sea Foam Crimped Hairstyles

Talking about unique hair colors, how about this amazing shade of teal, which is actually called seafoam? If you look closely you will see that it has some darker, teal underlights that add depth to it. It will be perfect for your summer beach holiday.

42. Crimped Hairstyles with a Messy Bun

This awesome swirl of a messy bun looks like a few flavors of ice cream combined to make a delicious mix. You have peach and strawberry on top and raspberry and vanilla on the bottom. Nothing else needed for summertime!

43. Rainbow Crimped Hairstyles

When you look at this hairstyle you can almost hear the Backstreet Boys or NSYNC singing in the background while you paint your nails with glitter nail polish. But the real question is – are you’re a Britney or a Christina?

44. Bob Crimped Hairstyles

This is the cutest bob we’ve ever seen. It’s a half up do with a messy braid and half down with a set of gorgeous crimps. Did you also notice the cherry red highlights through this bronde hair? They warm it up!

45. Winter Wedding Crimped Hairstyles

This can actually serve as both a fall and winter wedding inspiration for you, as you can see that the flower crown is made with a lot of autumn blossoms. However, since it has pine and fir in it, you can safely use it in wintertime as well.

46. The Demi Moore

Now let’s take a look at a few more celebrities who have embraced crimped hair. This is actress Demi Moore back in the 80s sporting not one but two of the major trends of the decade.

One is crimped hair, of course, and the other is the whale spout. The latter refers to the ponytail on top of her head that looks like a stream of water ejected by a whale.

47. The Side Ponytail

If you were anyone in the 80s and 90s, you would have worn a side ponytail with some sort of colorful and embellished scrunchie and, evidently, crimped hair. We can safely say we’re glad this one didn’t come back because those bangs didn’t help.

48. The Cindy Lauper

Girls do wanna have fun, but how much fun is too much? Here is the quintessential 80s look with theatrical makeup and hair that looks like a cross between a curly French fry and drying your hair in a blizzard.

49. The Mariah Carey

Even songstress Mariah Carey was trying to keep it classy in the 90s with her girl next door bangs and crimped hair. Mimi surely had a minimalist and demure look compared to other singers, relying mostly on her voice.

50. The Iggy Azalea

And we’re back to the 2010s for another look at how modern celebrities have reinterpreted crimped hairstyles. You can see that the ponytail is not forgotten, even though it’s no longer worn on the side of the head.

Ready to Change Your Look?

Even though most people consider that crimped hair is not the best idea, somehow, it keeps cropping up over the years when celebrities and designers decide its time to showcase it again.

What do you think of these 50 crimped hairstyles? Let us know in the comment section below.


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