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50 Awesome Short Punk Hairstyles and Haircuts that Rock in 2022

short punk hairstyles

Dare to embrace freedom through your creativity. Don’t hide who you are, and do things your way. Personalize everything you can to fit your short punk hairstyles and Rock On with your individuality!

The subculture was born back in the 70s as a response to a disastrous social climate and had one single, magnificent rule. There were no rules. It was all about being yourself, dressing, and styling however you liked. That is why in the following list of 50 short punk hairstyles, you will see the most diverse and creative hairstyling ideas belonging to the original decade that spawned this movement and modern punk.

1. Purple Short Punk Hairstyles

Punk started with an ideology based on personal freedom harboring views against the system. And what better way to do that than with nontraditional purple hair color? Try this cute purple first.

2. The Ramona Flowers Haircut

Here’s Ramona Flowers from Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. She is a pretty good representative of what we call modern or contemporary punk, in the sense that she is herself, unabashed of what others might think.

3. Cool Short Punk Hairstyles

Here’s a fun fact. Although the punk movement has now become the definition of coolness, and we turn to it whenever we need inspiration, true punks in the 70s never actually wanted to be cool. They searched to make themselves look as much of a loser as possible.

4. Orange Short Punk Haircuts

Combining clashing colors with your hair and makeup is another way in which you can channel old punk and make it your own in today’s world. 70s makeup is no longer in fashion, but you can adapt it to your needs.

5. Short Space Buns

The literal birth of punk is not known. It can be traced to either a social movement of British youth of the 70s who were unhappy with the government, the movement started by Sex Pistols lead singer Johnny Rotten or bands such as The Ramones, Iggy Pop, and The Velvet Underground.

6. Current Short Punk Hairstyles

Here is a fantastic way in which you can channel punk today. This is a layered fauxhawk in brunette and blonde with shaved sides and a gorgeous ear cuff that has been all the rage in the past year as far as earrings go.

7. Edgy Short Punk Haircuts

Another curious fact is that no one can pinpoint where punk originated. Was it America, England, or Australia? Most connoisseurs now say things were in motion and preparing for punk to emerge since the 60s on all three continents simultaneously.

8. Short Punk Hairstyles with a Ponytail

Even though pins have been considered a staple of the ‘mallcore’ subculture all through the 90s and 2000s, that doesn’t mean you can’t find a place for them if you like them. But use them wisely.

9. Punk Bob Hairstyles

This iris-colored short and choppy bob would have been the pride and joy of any original punk girl in the 70s. Add the earrings and tattoos, and you are coming close to understanding the identity of this subculture.

10. The Scarlet Johansson Haircut

Here’s actress Scarlet Johansson showing us how to do punk on the red carpet for a black-tie event. She’s wearing a fantastic emerald green dress with a stunning theatrical necklace in the same color, mismatched earrings, and a punk haircut.

11. The Kelly Osbourne Hairstyle

It wasn’t a given, but Ozzy Osbourne’s daughter surely embraced the rock movement better than anyone might have guessed. Here she is sporting a magnificent fauxhawk in her signature lavender color.

12. Curly Short Punk Hairstyles

Speaking of fauxhawks, let’s look at this rainbow-colored curly one that looks like the mane of a toy unicorn. We love that it was styled with a light blue denim vest and dark smoky eye makeup.

13. Short Punk Haircuts with Headband

Sometimes, it’s all in the styling. When you run out of ideas on how to wear your hair, try a handful of accessories, starting with a cute headband. Then work your way down and layer some necklaces and bracelets.

14. Rainbow Heart Short Punk Hairstyles

This is a bright pink mohawk with a rainbow heart designed on one side of the head and a unicorn horn perched in the front. You can wear this next time you go to a music festival or for your birthday.

15. Classic Short Punk Hairstyles

When it comes to punk, nothing beats the mohawk. It is the one hairstyle that we have come to associate most with punk. The spiked mohawk was by far the most shocking hairstyle the 70s saw, which is why it remained in the collective memory forever.

16. The Nancy Spungen Haircut

Nancy Spungen is the one of the most famous faces of punk in history and the punk rock girlfriend by definition. She was, of course, the partner of Sex Pistols bassist Sid Vicious and their story is one of the most notorious in all of music. That’s how she became a style and fashion icon over the decades. Her style is one of the coolest long curly hairstyles.

17. Short Punk Hairstyles with Spikes

Spikes and studs were a preferred styling item among punks. Spikes were worn both in their hair as well as on their clothes. This is an extreme example of blue spikes combined with metal ones on her leather jacket.

18. Elegant Short Punk Hairstyles

Who said punk hairstyles can’t be elegant as well? This superb and extra-long faux hawk has been turned toward the front rather than up in spikes. It also has a set of long sideburns and 70s-inspired makeup.

19. Inspirational Short Punk Haircuts

Here is a closer look at another reinterpretation of a classic punk look in the modern age. Back then, girls used to wear men’s clothes to send a more powerful message as well as studs and dog collars as opposed to strings of beads.

20. Pink Short Punk Haircuts

Dyeing your hair in an unconventional color was a staple in punk culture. Therefore, it will be a good first step for you too. Remember that there are no wrong choices. Whatever you feel defines you most is right.

21. Original Short Punk Hairstyles

This original photo of a punk girl Derek Rodgers took in June 1984. It’s called Street Portrait and snapped on Kings Road, in England. As you can see, everything on the list checks out: makeup, spikes, studs, leather jacket, layered raggedy clothing, and a scowl.

22. The Debbie Harry Haircut

Rightfully called the queen of punk, Debbie Harry became famous as the lead singer of the band Blondie, even though she had previously sung in other bands. She quickly became an icon with songs like The Tide Is High, Call Me, and Rapture.

23. Buzz Cut Short Punk Hairstyles

If you’re a no-fuss girl or looking for a very low-maintenance hairstyle, then the buzz cut will be perfect for you. And look how edgy and cool it is paired with a leather jacket studded with golden spikes.

24. Short Punk Haircuts with Bangs

The same goes for this lovely long pixie with bangs. It seems as if you can pair just about anything with a leather and metal ensemble. Could the original punkers have been onto something fashion-wise?

25. Green Short Punk Hairstyles

Although the original punk movement is now nonexistent, there are surely numerous exponents who are trying to bring some of its old spirits back. Of course, most of them rely on metallic spikes, denim, leather, and nonconventional hair colors.

26. Sweet Short Punk Hairstyles

You can also take the sweet approach to all this. Of course, this look also belongs to the reinvented ‘mallcore’ ideology, where pre-teens, teens, and young adults approach metal bands rather simply. It can also be considered a new style for the classic extended pixie cut

27. The Platinum Punk Pixie

This look is so simple yet so powerful! It’s a platinum blonde long pixie cut with a minimum eyeliner and nude lipstick combo makeup plus a nose ring that will really make you look like the baddest chic in the neighborhood.

28. The Ruby Rose Haircut

Speaking of bad chicks, here’s actress and model Ruby Rose sporting a contemporary edgy, and creative punk haircut. It’s a long pixie with a taper fade and hair design on one side and long bangs on the other.

29. The Kristen Stewart Haircut

Actress Kristen Stewart is probably, the one who has embraced the modern punk attitude the most regarding Hollywood and its red carpets. She even played Joan Jett in Roadrunners, which was a fantastic casting choice.

30. The Pink Fauxhawk Haircut

Is it the Pink or the punk? Who can tell? Songstress Pink has stayed true to her challenging and rebellious nature all these long years since she has been a recording artist. Her signature platinum fauxhawk is now iconic.

31. Aqua and Lime Short Punk Hairstyles

If you can’t make up your mind about what hair color to get, why not try two? This is a combination of aqua and lime with studs similarly colored to the latter. Keep your makeup to a minimum for this one.

32. Emo Inspired Short Punk Hairstyles

This is what it looks like when two subcultures meet. This is emo and punk brought together through the famous emo swoop hairstyle and the purple color representing punk. You also have a few face piercings for good measure.

33. Pretty Short Female Punk Hairstyles

If you’re into punk, then this is a fantastic way to celebrate the marvelousness that is black lipstick. We don’t get to use it often on other occasions, but this seems like a great way to start. Pair it with a blonde pixie cut.

34. Short Red Pixie Cut

Spikes now come in all shapes and sizes, and you can wear them with pixie cuts. However, They represent the same thing they did in the 70s. Standing up for what you believe in and against the oppressing system. Nonconventional colors speak for themselves.

35. Easy Short Punk Hairstyles

This is what a casual, everyday punk hairstyle looks like. We know you love this subculture, but we also know you must go to the office or school every morning. So, how about you try this one?

36. Messy Short Female Punk Hairstyles

What came first – the music or the movement? Punk music was first with seminal or so-called proto-punk bands such as Motor City 5, The Stooges, Iggy Pop, The Velvet Underground in America, and The Sex Pistols in England.

37. Taper Fade Short Punk Hairstyles

The punk music and the movement paved the way for what we know today as modern rock, goth rock, electro, and even rap with its own culture, hip hop, and pop. It did not give birth to them, but by simply existing, it also created a window for them.

38. Cherry Red Short Female Punk Hairstyles

The ‘Modern Movement’ is represented today by pop punk and non-mainstream bands that try to follow in the footsteps of the originals. Many claim that pop or popular punk is only trying to sell the image of the original punker with no regard to the music.

39. Ombre Punk Hairstyles

Building on the above, critics report that today’s punk movement is not doing great, mainly because it is trying to replicate the old one. The idea of punk was to be original and yourself, as opposed to what modern punk is doing, which is trying to revive a style long gone.

40. Pastel Short Punk Hairstyles

When it comes to style and fashion, punks of the 70s used to wear plaid or tartan trousers, drainpipe jeans, highly decorated leather jackets, and accessories meant to shock. They included earrings shaped like razor blades, safety pins, and dog collars.

41. Blonde Messy Punk Hairstyles

As far as the hair goes, 70s British punks went for dramatic hairstyles that would draw attention to their subculture and their plight and cause enough stir around them. This included, of course, the famous Female Mohawk and the long spikes.

42. Photogenic Short Punk Hairstyles

However, in America in the 80s, things changed quite a bit when punks refused to embellish themselves anymore. In fact, they stated that true punk should not be about fashion but about their ideology and music. Therefore, they wore simple jeans and white T-shirts and experimented with crew cuts.

43. Dramatic Short Punk Hairstyles

Elaborate hairstyles have always been a staple of the punk rock movement. However, the original movement saw a gender swap in which men went for theatrical hairstyles and girls shaved their heads to promote equality between genders.

44. Teal Short Punk Hairstyles

Continuing on the above, the same thing happened with clothes. Men were seen wearing ripped skirts or dresses while women went for masculine clothes such as oversized shirts and sweaters, all in the name of feminism and equality.

45. Copper Short Punk Hairstyles

In fact, it was this exact gender swap that is believed to have started the feminist revolution, allowing women to behave freely, setting their own standards of beauty and comfort, and doing everything that men could already do.

46. Short Punk Hairstyles with a Mullet

In case you were wondering what a punk with a mullet might look like, this is it. The subculture spread far and wide, mixing and merging with other cultures and subcultures and resulting in amazing musical genres.

47. The Pompadour Mohawk

If you feel bold enough to shave your head for a Mohawk, but spikes are not your thing, we suggest you try the more modern Pompadour. You can add a hair design, and don’t forget the metallic spikes!

48. Female Punk Hairstyles with Side Bangs

You can get as creative as you want when you are an active participant in this subculture. That’s the beauty of it! It allows you to express yourself freely without judging or ever saying no to your ideas.

49. Punk Hairstyles with Metallic Embellishments

This is a contemporary type of fauxhawk with layered and piecey strands that have been embellished on one side with a gorgeous set of metallic hoops. This is what fierce, warrior women wear!

50. The Braided Fauxhawk

This style is absolutely stunning. It’s a curly fauxhawk with shaved sides and a three-strand braid that has been dyed a gorgeous stony gray. Here are more braided mohawks. We are also in love with the full body tattoos as well as the multiple piercings.


Even though many are trying to replicate it today, it’s safe to say that the punk subculture has been lost. It began as a solution to serve a purpose and, on its way, it gave us a fantastic music genre, an iconic fashion style, and some of the most dramatic and memorable haircuts we have known to date. Scroll through our 50 short punk hairstyles and let us know which one was your favorite!


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