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50 Short Haircuts for Women with Straight Hair in 2022

short haircuts for straight hair

Liberate your straight hair with the power of short haircuts!

Girls and women all around are ditching long locks, curls, frizz, buns, chignons, and other complicated hairdos that take up a lot of time to style and maintain in favor of a sensationally liberating hairstyle, the short haircuts for straight and sleek hair.

Therefore, we have put a together a list of 50 minimalist short haircuts for straight hair that can help you join the movement as well!

1. The Blunt Blonde Bob

We’ll start off with the simplest way to go. It’s a blunt bob with choppy ends and a straight finish to it that has been dyed in a platinum blonde.

2. The A-Line Bob

Another type of bob you can try is the A-line one. This haircut is shoulder-length and it’s a fabulous ombre that starts off as a chocolate brown and ends as a noisette blonde. We love the striking red lip as well.

3. Cute Short Haircuts for Straight Hair

If you’re looking to keep your hair out of your face on a hot day while you work or while you’re at the gym, try these cute braids. Part your hair down the middle like you used to do when you were a little girl and pair them with a set of gold earrings.

4. Short Haircuts for Straight Hair with Bangs

A blunt haircut works best with a blunt fringe. But here’s a tip. No matter how many YouTube tutorials you watch, don’t try to give yourself bangs at home. Let your experienced stylist do the job for you.

5. The Straight Hair Pixie Cut

This is just about as minimalist as you can get when it comes to straight hair. It’s a boyish pixie cut with a superb set of asymmetrical bangs. They work wonders if your forehead is slightly bigger than it ought to be.

6. The Pixie Cut with Straight Bangs

From one pixie cut to another. This haircut is one of the coolest we’ve ever seen. It’s a platinum blonde, messy and straight with a set of bangs that stretch just the right length. That means they hit the spot between the eyelids and the eyebrows.

7. Rose Gold Short Haircuts for Straight Hair

If you didn’t dye your hair rose gold blonde at least once in the past couple of years then are you really a fashionista? Rose gold blonde has been the ‘it’ color, but it is now taking a place on the back burner, leaving room for copper and brass.

8. Simple Short Haircuts for Straight Hair

If you love your natural hair color, then you can showcase it with a stunning tan. Don’t forget the bronzer and highlighter because you will need to give your tanned complexion that special glow we all know and love.

9. Ombre Short Haircuts for Straight Hair

This milk and coffee ombre is a thing of beauty. It’s a perfect autumn color that can actually carry you well into the winter if you curate it well enough. In the peak cold season, you can change the top part to platinum blonde as well.

10. Natural Blonde Short Haircuts for Straight Hair

Short and straight hair is extremely liberating from every point of view. You won’t have to struggle so much with styling or maintaining it. It will also save you a lot of money, as you won’t need to visit your stylist so often.

11. Puffed Up Short Haircuts for Straight Hair

Do you remember back in the 2000s when all the moms used to wear this haircut? You can still sport it today if you show your stylist the right pictures and tell him or her exactly what you want.

12. Short Haircuts with a Side Part

Styling a sleek and short bob is as easy as parting your hair on one side and voila! The messy French girl look is yours for the taking. You don’t even need a comb. Use your fingers and dab some hair product on it.

13. Sleek Short Haircuts

Yes, it really is this simple to style short and straight hair. Run a comb or a brush through it, and you’re done. However, make sure you moisturize it properly by using a serious amount of conditioner in the shower.

14. The Velma

You might recognize this hairstyle from when you were a child and used to watch the old Scooby-Doo cartoons. Velma had this exact same look with a dark brown bowl haircut and a pair of rectangular glasses.

15. The Ellen

Ellen’s hairstyle is now iconic, that’s how long she’s been wearing it. However, if we were to deconstruct it, we could say that it’s an overgrown and boyish pixie cut in a beige blonde color with long spikes at the front.

16. The Charlize Theron

When you’re the face of Dior’s J’Adore perfume, there’s not much that you can do wrong in terms of fashion and styling. Charlize Theron is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, thanks to her short haircuts for straight hair.

17. Layered Short Haircuts for Straight Hair

A layered haircut is a perfect solution if you have thin or fine hair. The layers will add depth and extra volume to your hair, making it look like your mane is a lot thicker than it is in reality. Ask your stylist for more advice on this matter.

18. The Messy Braid for Short Hair

This messy braid is actually a vague attempt at a faux hawk. The good news is that, if you like it, you can try it yourself at home. There are no rules. Just grab a handful of bobby pins and start braiding away.

19. Beautiful Bob Haircut for Straight Hair

Red hair and green eyes. This is the eternal combination that can steal any heart and charm any soul. Flaming reds mixed with copper are all the rage right now as the world moves away from colors such as rose gold and toward more modern ones.

20. The Evan Rachel Wood

Everyone fell back in love with actress Evan Rachel Wood after she made a comeback as the fiery Dolores on the smashing hit TV series Westworld. Her square face and strong jawline are sweetened by this short bob.

21. Lavender Short Haircuts for Straight Hair

Unconventional colors are another trend that has been heating up the world over. It started as a craze that people used to wear at Coachella, but it quickly made its way into pop culture, and now everyone is wearing it.

22. The Purple Short Undercut

As far as short straight hair goes, you cannot go wrong with an undercut. Style it correctly with a flamboyant outfit and designer sunglasses, and you will have a look worthy of a hundred Instagram selfies.

23. The Green Ponytail

You can easily breathe new life into your old hairstyle with a touch of non-traditional color. These, for example, are forest green highlights on simple dark hair. Use some glossing spray to finish off this look.

24. Blue Short Haircuts for Straight Hair

Neon is always the answer. It doesn’t really matter what the question is because neon is the perfect answer to all your fashion and styling inquiries. This is neon blue hair on a light blue background with a velvety blue sweater.

25. Coral Short Haircuts for Straight Hair

This is the perfect hair color come summertime. It’s coral pink in a gorgeous blunt, jaw-length bob. You can get this shade by mixing a bit of orange and gold into your pink hair dye until you get the desired results.

26. Short Haircuts with Flower Crowns

Entirely black color block flower crows are not all that common. However, you can order one off the internet or you can make one for yourself if you’re keen on looking like a dark and mysterious fairy queen.

27. Tangerine Short Haircuts for Straight Hair

Just like the fruit, the hair color tangerine is a cousin of the orange. The difference is that the hair dye has a healthy measure of pink, lemon, and coral in it to give it that special something that has everyone turning their heads.

28. Frizzy Short Haircuts for Straight Hair

When you have straight hair, it’s important not to underestimate the power of the frizz. Many girls fight against it with hair straighteners and lots of hair care products, but we say you embrace it and style it accordingly.

29. The Marion Cotillard

Leave it to Marion Cotillard, the chicest French girl around, to show us how to wear last year’s biggest trend, the slick back. She puffed it up and used some bobby pins to secure her tresses on each side.

30. The Lucy Hale

You don’t often see this combination of brown hair and purple plum lipstick, but Lucy Hale was daring enough to try it out. She balanced her makeup by penciling in her eyebrows in a bold way as well, so as to create a vertical equilibrium on her face.

31. The Emilia Clarke

Emilia Clarke’s 90s inverted bob reminds us of our teachers, moms, and newscaster women who used to wear it heavily in that time. Even her makeup is based on that decade with baby doll pink eyeshadow and scarlet lipstick.

32. The Dakota Johnson

Dakota Johnson, on the other hand, is a millennial through and through and wasted no time in showing that. She opted for an ultra-modern and messy bob with side-swept bangs and nude makeup that makes her face look fresh.

33. The Katy Perry

As always, singer Katy Perry looks like she just stepped out of one of her videos. The unnatural hair color and makeup make her look like a living doll. We are absolutely loving her short haircuts for straight hair, especially in this neutral color.

34. Braided Short Haircuts for Straight Hair

This idea proves that you can braid hair no matter its length. Upgrade your bob with a jazzy color such as this powdery pink and a bohemian braid that makes it perfect as a music festival look.

35. Short Haircuts for Women over 50 with Short Hair

Who says that you have to look like that grandma if you have grandkids? This is a futuristic look based on your naturally graying hair with a soft smoky eye and a bright, neon pink lip. Use your hair straightener for that sheen finish.

36. The Adele

British songstress Adele has been wearing the same haircut for so long that it’s become her signature look. Not to mention that it’s iconic. And we can’t blame her. She looks absolutely magnificent. The light brown color mixed with a tinge of red makes her eyes pop.

37. Gray Short and Straight Haircuts

If you were looking for hair color for fall, look no further. This rainy-day gray will be your go-to shade from now on after you see just how good you look wearing it. Pair it with a matte mauve lipstick and an eyeshadow to match.

38. The Kylie Jenner

The most industrious woman of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, Kylie sits atop a beauty empire. Therefore, it was only natural that she herself follows the latest fashion trends. Here she is wearing the haircut of the season.

39. The Demi Lovato

Speaking of the trends, we could not have compiled a list of short haircuts for straight hair without mentioning the wet hair look. This was all the rage a few seasons back and Demi Lovato is just one of the many celebrities who donned it. And doesn’t she look sultry?

40. The Zendaya

Even though she is a lot younger than many of the other Hollywood divas, Zendaya has rapidly established herself as a queen of the red carpet. Her styling game is impeccable, and we adore everything about her, from her high heels to her short haircuts for straight hair.

41. The Olivia Wilde

When you have Olivia Wilde’s facial bone structure, there’s no need to hide it away under a curtain of hair. Therefore, parting it one side, tucking it behind her ears, and securing it in place with lots of hair gel was a genius move. Olivia is also sporting the latest in glitter makeup.

42. Short Haircuts for Women over 40

We are in love with this messy and layered pixie cut. It’s very pricey and feathery, giving the impression of an airy and effortless yet chic hairstyle that took no time at all to style after you got out of bed. Here are more hairstyles for women over 40.

43. The Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence’s shoulder-length platinum bob is one of her best looks so far. It’s a perfect match for her creamy complexion and also for her blue-green eyes. The actress always pairs it with a set of dark smoky eye makeup.

44. The Lily Collins

Although she looks like a Disney princess come to life, having actually played Snow White once, Lily Collins is not afraid of edgy hairstyles. This is an overgrown pixie cut or a short bob, whichever version you prefer.

45. Casual Short Haircuts for Straight Hair

Straight hair is incredibly easy to style, especially when it’s short as well. Go for a minimal look with your makeup as well for as little fuss as possible in the morning when you’re sleepy and in a hurry.

46. The Long Pixie Cut

This is a fabulous way to style your pixie cut if you’re planning on growing your hair out. Sweeping the bangs and all the front parts to one side as it keeps growing or secure it with bobby pins if it gets too long.

47. Bottle Blonde Hair

Bottle blonde was a preferred hair color back in the 90s and 2000s but you can still wear it today if you feel nostalgic. You can take a cue from this Pitch Perfect star and copy her look. It will work especially well if you have blue eyes just like her.

48. Pastel Short Haircuts

The unicorn trend was nothing short but wonderful. You can do it yourself at home thanks to the many hair dyes that are now available. Remember, there is no right or wrong with this trend. All you have to do is pick out a few colors and mix them up.

49. Blonde and Brown and Short

You can try this duo of shades with any colors that come to mind. For example, you can find some complementary ones such as purple and pink, orange and yellow, blue and green, or even black and white.

50. Hipster Short Haircuts for Straight Hair

This is a hairstyle we’re looking forward to copying. It’s an inky blue bob with Harry Potter-style sunglasses and a vintage choker. The hipster trend lives on in the best way possible!

Ready to Change Your Look?

Straight hair is garnering more attention than ever before thanks to all the celebrities that have been wearing it on the Red Carpets of the world.

With the bob taking over as the principal haircut of the past few seasons, short haircuts for straight hair are now the most sought-after hairstyling ideas on Instagram and Pinterest.

Let us know your thoughts about this in the comment section below!


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