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50 Flattering Braided Bang Hairstyles Popular in 2022

braided bang hairstyles

Drop everything because we have a new trend alert! If you’re not caught up yet, you will be. Braided bang hairstyles are the latest tendency to come out of the fashion and styling world. This means that, soon enough, you will be seeing them on your Instagram feed, on your Facebook timeline, on Pinterest boards, and pretty much everywhere else. Luckily though, we thought ahead and put together a list of the 50 most flamboyant braided bang hairstyles out there so that you can sport them before anyone else does. Enjoy!

1. The Heidi Klum

Even celebrities have begun wearing this hairstyle because it’s so simple, low maintenance, and, yes, so very cool. Add a leather jacket and some layered silver or platinum necklaces and you can rock it out as a day outfit.

2. Teenage Braided Bang Hairstyles

They may have originated on teens’ Instagram accounts, but they surely didn’t stay there. However, braided bangs make for perfect selfie opportunities. Aim the camera straight at your face from the front for the best angle.

3. Double Braided Bang Hairstyles

This hairstyle is so versatile that the only thing limiting your possibilities here is your own imagination. You can even go double if you want, adding a second tier of braids on top of the first one that holds your bangs.

4. The Jennifer Aniston

Of course, Jennifer Aniston was wearing braided bangs long before anyone else was. She is, after all, a hairstyling icon. This is her at the Oscars in 2009, a good eleven years before this trend picked up!

5. Cute Braided Bang Hairstyles

We are positively in love with this idea for hair and makeup. It’s exactly what the end of the 2010s is all about in terms of styling. Getting creative and breaking free from the norms of traditional makeup rules.

6. The Kate Hudson

Actress Kate Hudson is another great beauty who has opted for the braid bang hairstyle. It helped her achieve this effortless and bohemian look with nude makeup and light coral lipstick.

7. The Julianne Hough

Here is a style that you can easily copy for a wedding if you’re the bridesmaid or, why not, the bride herself. The soft curls have been tied together in a messy side bun and the braided bangs at the front give it that special air of festivity you need.

8. Curly Braided Bangs Hairstyles

You’ll need to bring out your old hair curler for this hairstyle. Or you can just braid your hair after you take a shower and sleep on it for the rest of the night. In the morning, you will wake up to natural, loose curls.

9. The Elle Fanning

Actress Elle Fanning really is a whimsical soul, isn’t she? Or so proves her sense of fashion and styling. Therefore, it would be only natural for her to turn to braided bangs to channel the whimsy once more.

10. Braided Bang Hairstyles with a Bun

This is a truly beautiful hairstyle. However, you need to pay attention to how you style it because there is a fine line between looking French chic and as if you were dressing up like a Dutch milkmaid for Halloween.

11. The Middle Part Braided Bang Hairstyles

You can also part your bangs down the middle and braid both sides. It will make for a very symmetrical, mirror-like look. Tie both ends of the braid to the back of your head using bobby pins.

12. Pink Braided Bang Hairstyles

This is the perfect hairstyle for running wild with your creativity if we’ve ever seen one. Pink hair lends itself to so many inventive looks and braided bangs can help you with that. This one is just an example we really like but you can create your own.

13. Short Hair and Braided Bangs

Braiding your bangs is a perfect way to keep them in place while they are growing out. It’s a solution for when you decide you’ve had enough and want to grow them out. Simply braid them and you won’t even notice they’re there.

14. Edgy Braided Bang Hairstyles

Everything about this look is absolutely stunning. The long, braided bangs are just the perfect shade of straw blonde which is highly complimented by the soft brown pencil eyeliner, the diffuse rose lipstick, and the crimson nail polish.

15. Box Braids and Bangs

You can also interpret braided bangs as an addition to your box braids or any other type of protective braids you might be wearing at the moment. Although, we must warn you not to try this at home but rather leave it at the hands of a professional.

16. Braided Bangs and Bobby Pins

This is one of the simplest and quickest ways to get ready on a Monday morning. Braid your bangs a little way down your forehead line and then secure the end of the braid in place with a large bobby pin.

17. Casual Braided Bang Hairstyles

How well does this look for date night? It’s the perfect mix between chic and cutesy and we bet your date will simply be smitten by the end of the evening. Add a touch of lipstick for that unmistakable French girl appeal.

18. The Pixie Cut with Braided Bangs

You can also braid your bangs if you have a long pixie cut. It’s the perfect way to embellish a short hairstyle, especially if you’re attending a high-couture event or one that requires a dress code.

19. The Jennifer Morrison

Here’s another celeb who went for this awesome trend and doesn’t she look just like Cinderella? Jennifer Morrison’s long, flowing, blonde locks are a thing of beauty, especially when framed by such a beautiful braid.

20. The Curly Asymmetrical Bob

Speaking of special events that require a dress code, here’s another hairstyle you can try. This is an asymmetrical bob that has been curled up and puffed in the back. Plus, the bangs have been braided for extra glam.

21. Vintage Braided Bang Hairstyles

Concerning this look, the playing card is, obviously, optional unless you plan on using this as an inspiration for your next Halloween costume. Other than that, it’s a perfect vintage style to wear with a retro dress and faux fur.

22. Wedding Braided Bang Hairstyles

This is a very simple yet soft and romantic classic three-strand braid that has been embellished with a blooming twig. It’s perfect for a spring wedding and the following garden party. Plus, your wedding pictures will look marvelous.

23. Noisette Braided Bang Hairstyles

This mixture of blonde and brown is called noisette. The word is French for ‘hazelnut,’ and you can easily see why this shade would be called thusly. It’s perfect for green eyes, and it is set off nicely by a touch of red lipstick.

24. Brunette Braided Bang Hairstyles

We absolutely love it when ladies match their lipstick to their outfit. It takes a lot of skill and practice to be able to master this craft, but once you do, it will be totally worth it. Find a lipstick that matches 100 percent, and you’ve got a winner.

25. Messy Braided Bang Hairstyles

If you feel that braided bangs may be a bit too strict or perfect of a hairstyle for your general taste in fashion, then you could always go for the messy version. In other words, use the end of your comb to pull out some loose strands.

26. Ibiza Braided Bangs

This is called the Ibiza style because it is what most girls wear when they visit the island on their holiday. It’s a very bohemian and loose hairstyle that encourages you to lounge in the hot sun and sand listening to Buddha Bar all day long.

27. Sweet Braided Bang Hairstyles

A heavy set of braided bangs is also perfect if you have a very angular or square face. The shape of the hairstyle will essentially cut your forehead and reduce the angles, softening them a bit. It will make you look sweeter in the process.

28. Winter Braided Bangs

Braided bangs are now the solution to your beanie problem. What problem, you ask? You know, when it’s winter and you have to shove all your hair under a beanie covering your best features. Now you don’t have to!

29. Braided Bangs with a Ribbon

You can also decorate your braided bangs hairstyle with hair accessories such as ribbons. Here’s a tip – use the ribbons as a way of hiding any imperfections in the braiding itself, especially when you haven’t had enough time to do it perfectly.

30. Flower and Braid Crown

This is the very latest trend in wedding and special events as far as hairstyles go. A flower crown with natural flowers doubled by a set of braided bangs that molds around the forehead like a crown in itself.

31. Jumbo Braided Bang Hairstyles

It’s a lot easier than you might think to get a jumbo braid. All you have to do is braid it as you normally would and then pull at it using the tips of your fingers or a soft brush until the strands start to come apart.

32. The Bouffant Look

Here’s a throwback to the 2000s for you. This is a jawline asymmetrical bob with a bouffant in the back. We’re sure you remember these from the beginning of the 2000s when every single mom, cashier, and teacher was wearing them.

33. The Teased Up French Braid

Let’s stay in the beautiful world of puffed up hairstyles a little while longer with this teased up French braid. It sits perched atop a long pixie cut that has been dyed in a stunning metallic platinum blonde.

34. Retro Braided Bang Hairstyles

You can also use braided bangs in case you want to channel a retro-inspired look. They go perfectly well with red hair and crimson lipstick as well as with this marina outfit in all black and white.

35. Half Up Braided Bang Hairstyles

Another way in which you can braid your bangs is over your head and toward the back rather than have the braid follow your hairline. You can try this way especially if you have short bangs that cannot fit into a classic braid.

36. Minimal Braided Bang Hairstyles

Remember that a little goes a long way and that even the smallest of details count. You don’t have to go out of your way with this trend, especially during the day when your look should be demure and understated.

37. Braided Bangs with Side Ponytail

A side ponytail is the natural continuation of a diagonal set of braided bangs. When you’re done braiding simply take the ends of the braid, put them together with the rest of your hair on one side, and tie them up with a hairband.

38. Pretty Braided Bangs

Just imagine how lit your Instagram photos will be after you nail this braided bangs trend. Copy this look with jumbo bangs and two fresh flowers on one side. Here’s a tip – match the flowers to the color of your top.

39. Summer Braided Bangs

Nothing says summer like blonde hair and braids. That’s why we believe we have not only found the best hairstyle but also the best hair color for you.  It’s a sandy blonde with a few platinum insertions here and there.

40. The Nordic Princess Look

Speaking of platinum blonde hair, how would you feel about the Nordic Princess look? It’s called thus because of the shade of blonde used to dye the hair as well as the double braided bang crowns in the front.

41. Gray Braided Bangs

This ash blonde hair is simply to die for. It has been mixed with a good measure of gray so that you can now pair it with almost any eyeshadow you can possibly imagine. Just think how good it would look with purple eyeliner and black mascara.

42. Copper Braided Bang Hairstyles

Ever since rose gold went out of style, copper and brass have been there to take its place as the reigning king and queen of the color palette. This is cocoa brown hair with a set of copper braided bangs in the front.

43. Natural Curly Hair Braided Bangs

This look is spectacular for so many reasons we forgot the number. The natural curly mane is proudly displayed like a lioness mane, the bangs are beautifully braided, and the theatrical golden earrings tie everything together in a gorgeous way.

44. Accessorized Braided Bangs

Another way in which you can improve or dress up your braided bangs is by weaving in a ribbon through the strands of the braid itself. Make it a plain one for everyday use and a satin one for special occasions.

45. Braided Bangs for Little Girls

Braided bangs are also a fantastic and stylish way of making sure hair doesn’t get in your little princess’ eyes and bothers her while she’s playing or reading. And, let’s face it, it’s the cutest thing you’ve ever seen, isn’t it?

46. Lilac Braided Bangs

If you want to add some pizzazz to the braided bangs trend, all you have to do is dye your hair in a non-conventional color. Meet lilac, the new purple craze. It’s a soft and hazy tone that works best in spring.

47. Crisscross Braided Bangs

If you are good at braiding hair, watch enough YouTube tutorials, and spend sufficient hours practicing, we bet you too can master these crisscross braids. And when you do, you will definitely be the belle of the ball.

48. The Knotted Braid

However, if you’re not good at braiding hair at all, like most of us out here, you can simply wing it. This is a knotted braid that has been made to look like some sort of braiding when, in fact, it’s not. It a faux braid but not a faux pas!

49. Cascade Braids

Have you ever heard of cascade braids? This is what they look like. Granted, they usually go in the back on very long hair that can support this hairstyle but with the advent of braided bangs, you can also sport them on your forehead.

50. Beautiful Braided Bang Hairstyles

One of the biggest advantages of braided bangs is that they help you minimize your forehead in case it’s a little larger than you might have wanted it to be. This hairstyle can also help correct your hairline and make it straighter, or at least create the illusion of it.


After you have taken a long and thorough look at our exhaustive list of braided bang hairstyles, we suggest you choose a few of our ideas and start practicing your braiding. The main reason is that this trend is so fresh off Instagram and Pinterest that we can almost bet we will be seeing it at Coachella and Burning Man this year. Let us know in the comment section below what were your choices!


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