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30 Modern Faux Hawk Haircuts for Men Popular in 2022

high top faux hawk

The Mohawk cut with a modern twist has witnessed an absolutely spectacular revival in recent years. After all, Faux Hawk Hairstyles are some of the most versatile hairstyles you can style!

Keep up with the latest trends and own the celebrity-coveted style.

Discover 30 amazing faux hawk hairstyles that everyone can try.

1. Short Faux Hawk Haircuts

Did you know that the Mohawk draws its name after the Native American tribe the members of which sported a terrifying hairstyle meant to scare enemies?

From the Mohawk donned by the punk generation to the faux hawk of today, there’s only a small step. Yet a great style gap separates the two. This short faux style is perfectly suited for a night out and for a business meeting too.

2. Faux Hawk High Top

Longer sides, high messy top and a blown-back front make a style statement for the style-forward gent. Try this hairstyle for a slightly edgy look during a formal meeting or a night out with the guys.

3. Deep Side Part Hawk Haircuts

If you sport a long top like this, then this is the hairstyle for you. You’ll have to invest some time and hair products to achieve the look, but it’s easily done.

Comb the hair up, use hairspray to fix it and add some styling hair wax to the tips for a perfectly defined finish. Note that the top is combed towards the forehead and not upwards.

4. Faux-Hawk Fade Haircuts

A taper fade as this gent is sporting is ideal to draw attention to the careful styling of the hair top. Side-swept, this adds some serious cool factor to the entire style. Notice that the top is sheared shorter towards the back to follow the natural hairline with ease.

5. Faux Fader

A successful modern take on the 90s rap culture featuring a high fade and short curly top. This faux hawn fader is super easy to maintain.

6. Jensen Ackles’s Hallmark

He’s adored by women worldwide. Yet, in addition to the bad boy meets good boy attitude and looks, Jensen’s hairstyle has also drawn him some serious credits. This time, he’s sporting a short-side cut with a slightly longer top styled simply.

7. Faux Hawk Haircuts for Kids

The great thing about faux hawk hairstyles is that everyone can wear them. We love the style this kid is sporting. Faded sides and a spiked top that is fun and cool.

Such hairstyles are easy to pull off even for adults. In fact, it’s probably one of the styles that can be adopted by those who wish to ease into it and step it up gradually.

8. The Fringed Faux Hawk Haircuts

A sleek hairstyle suitable for any occasion. The longer sides are swept to the front, revealing the textured haircut. The top is styled in a seemingly effortless messy do.

It may look like it only takes you five minutes to go through the routine. Trust us, you need to put some effort in arranging each hair in its place.

9. Men Faux Hawk

This faux hawk haircut is simple and manly. For a hairstyle which won a reputation for being rebellious and outlandish, it looks pretty toned down here.

10. How to Style a Faux Hawk: Zayn Malik

If you follow trend alerts, you know Zayn Malik is another adept of this coveted men hairstyle. Thus, if you’re out of ideas on how to style your faux Mohawk, take a cue from Zayn.

He’s got plenty of ideas. Here’s one of them: a faux hawk taper complemented with a long top styled in a messy upwards fashion.

11. The Girl Faux

Did you think this sometimes outlandish hairstyle is reserved just for the style-forward gents? Think again. This is a lovely example of how a faux Mohawk can be worn with attitude by the ladies as well.

However, this is really a faux style, as the hair is simply upswept and secured in place with tons of pins. It’s ideal to try if you don’t want to renounce your mid-length cut but want an edgy hairstyle for a while.

12. Curly Faux Hawk Haircuts

A clean-cut faux style with a lovely curly mane on top. Get ready to invest some time in securing those curls in a tight top to reveal the perfectly shaved side.

13. Curly Top Faux Hawk Haircuts for Men

Men can sport a curly faux hawk too. Just look at this gent wearing his curls slightly shorter on the sides and longer on top. An ideal look for both formal and casual environments.

14. Messy Curls Faux Hawk for Men

This hairstyle respects all the rules of a faux hawk with the exception of the shaved sides and back. While the hair is a little longer here, it’s still shortened towards the back and longer in the front, while the top is a mess of hair strands. The styling possibilities for this cut are endless.

15. Brad Pitt Hairstyle

Hollywood darling Brad Pitt adopted this hairstyle for a while too and he rocked it (not that we expected anything less). Side-swept hair top and short sides – a perfect look for the red carpet and for your next outing.

16. Side Part Faux Fader

A sleek swept back long top can’t hide the bad boy attitude that comes with this hairstyle. The faded sides are perfectly lined by the razor defined parting lines. The fade isn’t too deep, which may require special care depending on how fast your hair grows.

17. Taper Fade and Side Swept Long Top

This gent has earned quite some style credits for donning a perfect modern take on the faux Mohawk. The taper fade transitions swiftly in a perfectly styled top swept to the side.

18. Punk Hairstyles for Men

The Mohawk was the emblem hairstyle of the punk generation. This is a different approach to the rebellious haircut from which it only keeps the upswept spikes.

19. Short Sides, Long Top Faux Hawk Haircuts

Search for some archive photos of 50s Havana and you’ll find men enjoying the high life who donned similarly sleek hairstyles.

This vintage look with a modern twist is achieved by having both the sides and the top of the faux hawk longer than usual. Feeling nostalgic? Try this hairstyle for men on for size.

20. Faux Hawk Haircuts with a Twist

Here is a way of adding avant-garde elements to any style that rears its head in the fashion world. Take a cue from this brilliant styling idea for a men’s faux hawk.

21. Blown Back Faux

The cut and style are flawless. The taper fade side features an extra style element: the razor-defined clear line that runs all the way to the back. The messy blown back top is relaxed and cool.

22. Bun Hawk

Faux hawks and beards go well together, particularly when you’ve got thick wealthy hair like this gent. A style that we’ve spotted increasingly often on the streets and in all the cool places. The greatest things about this cut are that it doesn’t require any styling to look great at any time.

23. Structured Cut Faux Hawk Hairstyles

This hairstyle may be more difficult to pull off. Nonetheless, you must admit it’s worthy of admiration. The structure of the sides is perfectly complemented by the feathered top arranged in a messy style.

24. The David Beckham

We’re not sure if David Beckham is the gentleman who coined the hairstyle known as a faux Mohawk, but we can tell you for sure that he’s a reference point when it comes to it.

He’s sported every faux hawk style there is. From shorter ones to longer ones, to sleek and formal styles, and more outlandish ones, he’s embraced them all.

25. David Beckham Hairstyle

David Beckham deserves an entire gallery for the faux hawk hairstyles he has worn over the years. Hairstyles emulating his, like this one, deserve a gallery as well.

26. Jensen Ackles’ Short Side Hawk

Here is another example of how Jensen rocks a short side faux hawk. If you were to choose faux hawk vs. Mohawk, would you go for the latter or for Jensen’s hairstyle? We may be partial, but Jensen’s style is our definite winner.

27. Spiky Style Faux Hawk Haircuts

You can style a longer hawk in perfectly upstanding spikes reminiscent of the 90s more pop takes on the mohawks.

28. Faux Hawk Hairstyles for Men: Messy Do

If you sport longer hair as this gentleman does, don’t shy away from creating a messy do amounting to a faux hawk with a twist.

29. Office Style Hawk

The sides are swept to the front, the back is smooth and the feathered top adds an edgy note to this blazer-ready hairstyle that’s perfect for the office.

30. Side Faux Hawk Haircuts

This hairstyle inches close to an undercut faux hawk, yet it’s another instance of a modern take on a vintage style.

Ready to Change Your Look?

There are so many ways in which today’s gents can rock a faux hawk that it would be a pity to not try these hairstyles for size.

Hopefully, you have already found your inspiration.


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