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8 Blunt Bob Haircuts to Reinvent Your Hair This Fall

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We’d all love to let are free-wheeling side fly and embody the mantra of long hair, don’t care. But, honestly, taking care of long hair is a lot of work. And some of us just don’t look our best with hair down to our waists. Have no fear, though, because blunt bob haircuts offer the perfect compromise between low-maintenance and stylish.

Let’s be honest. Many of us hear the word “bob” and think more soccer mom than Victoria Beckham circa the mid-2000s. However, the difference between these two looks could be as simple as how your hairstylist cuts your ‘do.

While tapered ends prevent longer hair from weighing down your look, on a shorter bob cut they can look half-hearted and wispy. So, what’s the alternative?

1. Blunt and Bleached

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They say you should embrace your roots. Well, maybe that should apply to hair, too!

This ever-so-slightly tapered blunt bob is killer all on its own. But when you add the perfect transition from natural roots to ashy blonde, it looks straight out of an editorial shoot.

Since this look is on the shorter side for blunt bob haircuts, you also don’t need to worry about maintaining and styling bangs. After all, your hair will be about the length of face-framing bangs, anyway.

Plus, that blonde fade means no need to worry about grown out roots in the future.

2. Classic but Never Boring

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When you think of a blunt bob, this is probably more-or-less what comes to mind. Personally, we think there’s nothing wrong with throwing it back to the classics.

One thing to keep in mind is that this exact haircut will work best on straight or mostly straight hair. Otherwise, those baby bangs are going to be a pain.

On the other hand, though, there’s nothing wrong with embracing your wild side and letting your bangs curl up.

3. Short Sherbert

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Yes, this is one of the most standard blunt bob haircuts we could imagine. But how about that color?

Since shorter haircuts feature so many practically even layers, they’re the perfect canvas for some gorgeous color play.

Plus, it’ll be less to grow out if you eventually decide to return to your natural shade.

4. Ginger Spice

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Speaking of color, it’s time for Ariel to move over. While most redheads it popular culture keep their manes long and flowing, we think it’s high time for the ginger bob to have its moment in the limelight.

Even if you aren’t a natural redhead, auburn and copper dyes have come a long way in recent years. Or, you can go the natural route and try out some henna color on your hair.

As for where this style belongs in the world of blunt bob haircuts, it practically has it all! Texture, bangs, and a slightly tapered edge — you name it.

4. Not to Be Blunt

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You might be thinking, “Well, almost every haircut works if you have straight or slightly wavy hair.” And yes, it’s true that low-maintenance hair tends to hog most trends.

However, it’s totally possible to rock a take on these blunt bob haircuts with naturally curly or kinky hair.

Like any short haircut for curly hair, you’ll want to place your locks in the hands of someone you trust (who, preferably, specializes in cutting curly hair). While you might not end up with the same look as someone born with stick-straight hair, the right stylist can give you the blunt bob haircut of your dreams that work for you.

5. Cut for the Beach

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Or, maybe you think that blunt bob haircuts look great when you first step out of the salon doors, but that tends to change after a gust of wind or a morning of zero styling.

You’d be wrong.

Blunt bob haircuts offer so much more movement and flexibility than longer hair. Plus, if you’ve been following the recent wet hair trend made popular by Kim Kardashian, they’re the perfect length to pull it off.

6. No Envy Here

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Yes, here’s another rather standard blunt bob with an unnatural dye job. But, you know what? We love it.

If you dream of wearing the rainbow in your locks, a shorter haircut is the perfect choice. Not only does it take less time (and dye) to achieve your desired look, but it also takes less time to grow out if your hair does become damaged in the process.

We’re major fans of this emerald green. Really, though, any vibrant color will do.

7.  Give It Up

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Okay, we admit it. This is less of a haircut and more of a reason to transform your hair into one of these stylish blunt bob haircuts.

If you have long hair but need a change, then cutting it short is the obvious answer. But what do you do with all of that extra hair?

If you cut ends are an appropriate length and your hair is in condition (generally meaning not dyed, bleached, or chemically treated), you can donate your hair to a wig-making charity.

Although Locks of Love is the most famous of these charities, there are plenty of other options like Wigs for Kids, Wigs 4 Kids (two different organizations!), and Pantene Beautiful Lengths.

8. Don’t Wig Out

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What if you have the opposite concern? If your hair is super short and you’re ready for some more length, maybe it’s time to test out the wig game.

There’s no shame in rocking wigs if it makes you feel your best. In fact, wigs are an excellent choice for those looking to grow out and protect their hair. Without a doubt, it gives you more day-to-day options than any other way of wearing your hair.

Or, maybe you have long hair, you just find it to be too much maintenance for your schedule.

Either way, this short and feminine blunt bob fits in at the office or on the dance floor. It’s just up to you how you choose to achieve it!

So Many Blunt Bob Haircuts, You Won’t Know Which to Choose

Maybe, then, you should try them all?

We’re only kidding (well, kind of), but it really is difficult to choose when there are so many stunning blunt bob haircuts just waiting to be rocked. But one of the best things about short haircuts is that they can be as long or as short of a commitment as you like.

In love with your hair and want to keep it for years? Then just get regular trims.

Not so sure that a bob was the right choice for you? Well, either cut it even shorter or just wait a couple of months!

With so much versatility, though, we’re sure you’ll have no problem finding a blunt bob that suits you.

What do you love or hate about your current hair length? Let us know in the comments below!

Features Image: Unsplash License, by Tore F, via Unsplash


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