50 Best Undercut Hairstyles for Women in 2022

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Thinking about getting an undercut hairstyle, but don’t know where to start? You have come to the right place, here is a list of the best 50 undercut Hairstyles for women in 2022. An undercut hairstyle for women is when the bottom half of your head is shaved and the top layer is left at a longer length. This hairstyle might sound masculine, but there are so many pretty ones to choose from.

Getting an undercut is a great way to stay on-trend. Another great reason to get an undercut is to have a fresh start, if your hair is damaged this would be a wonderful way to get your hair healthy again. Most of these undercut hairstyles for women would only take you minutes to style in the morning, perfect for bed heads. Let’s check out this list of the best undercuts for women.

1. Undercut Bob Hairstyle

The first style is the undercut bob, this look is great for women who still want to keep some length with their uncut, it is so pretty.

2. Cool Red Short Undercut with Sided Braid

A Cool Red hue is a perfect color for an undercut. In the photo above they kept it short and finished it off with a braid, how classy.

3. Fresh Undercut Hair

This undercut hairstyle is a fresh way to wear your hair in 2022. Pretty color for women with any color or type of hair.

4. Short Textured Undercut Hairstyle

A short textured undercut hairstyle is perfect for summertime. This look keeps some longer layers on top and the texture brings out the shine in your hair.

5. High Braided Bun Undercut for Black Women

Try out a high braided bun with an undercut for a fun way to wear your hair. In the photo above they added a cute little heart under her braids.

6. Super Short Undercut Bob

For a trendy undercut try the super short undercut bob. A gorgeous asymmetrical bob parted one side frames your face so well.

7. Triangle Undercut High Bun Hairstyle

Wow, this next look is going to get you so many compliments, try the triangle undercut high bun to stand out in the crowd.

8. Dope Box Braids Undercut

The braid work on this hairstyle is gorgeous. The dope box braids with an undercut are a fun mix of longer hair and an original pattern undercut.

9. Purple Side Shaved Undercut Hair

A purple-side shaved undercut hair is perfect for all those ladies who love to rock out. This look is done by mixing purple, pink, and finishing off your undercut with an icy blue.

10. Two Cute Buns Undercut

This style, two cute buns undercut, will make you look ten years younger and who doesn’t want that.

11. Top Knot Undercut Hair

You won’t have to worry about having the same hair like everybody else with this next look, the top knot undercut hair will have you shining bright like a diamond.

12. Long Ponytail with Under and Sided Cut

Add a little color to your life and try out the under and sided cut with a long pony. In the photo above they went beyond that and added a fun mix of colors and shapes to make her look so beautiful.

13. Fire Pixie Undercut Hair

This firey look is the fire pixie undercut hairstyle. In the photo above they mixed the most beautiful colors of red and orange and finished her off with a pixie undercut. She looks beautiful.

14. Short Pony Braided Undercut Hair

For a fun trendy style try this gorgeous short pony braided undercut hair. You can get any design you want to be done in your undercut, why not have some fun with it.

15. Sleek Buzz Under and Side Cut Hair

For a style that lets your hair shine try a buzzed under and side and straightened your hair for a sleek look that will stay all day.

16. Short Crop Circle Hair Undercut

For a nice tight undercut try the short crop circle hair undercut, in the photo above they let her hair long on top. This is a perfect style if you love to throw your hair up and run out the door in the morning.

17. Wavy Undercut Hairstyle

Wow, this wavy undercut hairstyle is so gorgeous. This style would look so good on all the girls with naturally wavy hair.

18. Golden Buzz Cut Undercut Ponytail

A golden color is so pretty for summer, add a buzzed undercut with a pony and you are going to love the way you look.

19. Side and Undercut for Medium Length

This is a great style for women who already have medium-length hair and need a change of style. The side and undercut look are so fun when you add your twist to it.

20. Top Knot Under and Side Cut

A top knot look is so sassy, add on an under and side cut and you have yourself a trendsetting hairstyle. In the photo above they gave her lovely details in her undercut and it sets it off.

21. Long Undercut Wavy Hair

Tired of all those baby hairs when you try and put your ponytail up? Try this undercut look, the long undercut for wavy hair. It will solve all your problems and you will look beautiful at the same time.

22. Thick High Bun Shaved Undercut Hair

For all the ladies with thick hair, this undercut look is for you. In the photo above they cut her undercut pretty high and left the middle long, this will make you feel so much lighter.

23. Halloween Funky Undercut with Bangs

Scare all your friends with this look, it is perfect for Halloween. It is a fun mix of oranges and blacks with a spider web undercut, in the photo above they gave her bangs and put it up in a twisted bun.

24. Top Silky Bun Undercut

This next beautiful look is for all the girls who want darker dark. The top silky bun undercut is so gorgeous and would look great on women of any age.

25. Watermelon Funky Hair Undercut

For a funky fresh style try out the watermelon look. In the photo above they added teals and pinks throughout her hair and finished it off with a styled undercut. She looks gorgeous.

26. Two Strands Braid Buzz Cut

Try a beautiful french braid look with an undercut. They added an original design in the undercut and she looks so beautiful.

27. Two Strands French Braid Undercut

For a fun take on the classic french braid look, try adding an uncut. In the photo above they braided her hair perfectly after getting an undercut.

28. Violet Long Braided Buzz Undercut

When a simple undercut just won’t do try out long purple braids on top. You could keep this style for weeks and only have to touch up the undercut.

29. Two Colored Braided Undercut

For a Harley Quinn vibe try this hairstyle. The two-colored braided undercut would be perfect for any season and might find you your joker.

30. Corn Row Cross Cross Braid

For an original undercut try the cornrow cross look. In the photo above they styled this undercut with a double braid that leads into a bun on top of her head, and it looks flawless.

31. Lotus Flower Hair Tattoo Undercut

This lotus flower undercut hair is so dreamy. Try adding a braid to the middle of your hair and lead it back to a lotus flower bun and you will set for any event.

32. Buzzed Back Undercut Tattoo

Try a unique style try this buzzed-back look. This would be so much to wear in the summer when you are out in the sun, just think of the tan lines.

33. Colored Wavy Clipper Buzz Shaved Cut

For a splash of color with your undercut, try adding blue hues and shaving one-half of your hair. This look is so bold and beautiful.

34. Half Shaved Violet French Braid Hair

This style is a show-stopper. The beautiful purple and french braids look so good, finish it off with an undercut for a really beautiful look.

35. Half Shaved Undercut Braids

For a half long, half short hairstyle tries the half-shaved undercut with a few braids. This hairstyle will stay all day long and would be beautiful for anyone.

36. Two Pigtails Undercut

Let your inner child out and try two pigtails undercut. This look is so fun they added a start to the undercut in the photo above, but you could add whatever came to mind.

37. Swag Undercut Hairstyle

This short style has some swag. To achieve the swag undercut hairstyle keep the top layer of your hair short and pushed back.

38. French Braid Undercut Faded Hair

This french braid undercut faded hair looks really nice and the wolf haircut is really trending in 2022.

39. Pixie Bald Undercut

For all the tomboys out there, try the pixie bald undercut. This look is so much more feminine than just your normal buzzcut.

40. Flower Spider Web Undercut Hair

A fun look to try is the flower spider web undercut. In the photo above they kept her natural hair up in braids and gave a pretty design in the undercut.

41. Undercut Pixie Bob

A classic cut and undercut pixie bob is so cute, and it would be incredibly easy to keep up with.

42. Semi-Spiky Undercut with Short Bangs

This stunning look is a semi-spiky undercut. In the photo above they added a red hue to her hair and shaved an elegant design in her undercut, she looks gorgeous.

43. Unicorn Undercut Hairstyle

A show stopper this hairstyle is the unicorn undercut, with bright yellow-green in the undercut that fades into a fiery red.

44. Tapered Hawk Buzz Undercut

A more feminine moe hawk, the tapered hawk with a buzzed undercut has the rockstar Pink written all over it.

45. Pulp Riot Ring Curls Shaved Cut

Try this bold and beautiful hairdo. Start with an undercut with a unique design and add colorful ring curls to achieve the look above.

46. Long Pixie Colored Undercut

For your next long pixie haircut try adding a colored undercut. This is a gorgeous style that would look great on women of all ages.

47. Short Crisp Lines Undercut

Asymmetry pleasing hairstyle is the short crisp lines undercut. This beautiful look has a short undercut with blonde short hair in the middle

48. Undercut Pixie Curls on Top

For all the curly-haired women out there, this look was made for you. The undercut pixie is stunning with curls on top.

49. Short Bob Undercut Pixie

A perfect combination is the short bob and undercuts pixie. This hairdo would be beautiful for women of any age and might make you look younger.

50. Berry Shaggy Undercut Pixie

With beautiful berry tones, this shaggy undercut pixie is such a good look for fall. In the photo above they gave her hair a loose shaggy cut and it is gorgeous.


An undercut is a beautiful new hairstyle to try in 2022. It doesn’t matter what kind of hair you have, an undercut looks great on anyone. All of these 50 best undercuts for women are so different there has to be one you like. Please let us know down below which one was your favorite or if you have had any of these hairdos in the past.


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