50 Best Wolf Haircut Ideas for Women in 2022

Dark Red Wolf Cut - A woman wearing a surgical mask

Have you seen the new wolf cut haircut on Tik Tok? This viral new shag haircut is hitting 2022 hard. Wolf haircuts are for people of any age so don’t worry if you’ve never seen it on Tik Tok. No matter how long your hair is this list has a style just for you.

The wolf cut is a beautiful new style that is perfect for any type of hair wavy, straight, thin, or thick you will love this look. Try adding some color to your wolf cut for the ultimate new hairstyle. Let’s take a look at the best 50 wolf haircut ideas for 2022.

1. Clean Long Bold Blonde Wolf Haircut

The first look is great for women with long hair. This long bold blonde look frames the face so beautifully. Try this hairstyle for long hair with two sides bangs.

2. Short Dark Coral Wolf Haircut

A stunning hairstyle choice is the short dark coral wolf cut, in the photo above they left her hair shoulder length and added a beautiful coral color to the ends.

3. Shaggy Wolf Haircut

A shaggy wolf cut is so glamorous, keep it at shoulder length and add some big curls for a beautiful finish.

4. Choppy Layered Wolf Haircut with Purple Baby Lights

One way to get a beautiful wolf cut is the add purple baby lights throughout. They parted her hair in the middle with layers throughout. Finish it off with a curl to let the purple color pop out.

5. Layered Wolf Haircut

Taking it back to the ’70s with the layered wolf cut. This look is right on trend for 2022, everyone knows that vintage is beautiful.

6. Long Shag Wolf Haircut

If you are tired of your same old long hair, switch it up with the long shag wolf hairstyle. Your hair will still be long and beautiful, but with a new twist.

7. Soft Razor Soft Wolf Haircut

For a sweeter wolf cut, try this soft razor look on for size. In the photo above they gave her a few layers with long two-sided bangs.

8. Fresh Dark Brown Straight Wolf Haircut

An asymmetrical long straight wolf cut is so pretty with dark hair. This hairstyle has one long layer and long side bangs.

9. Dark Copper Brown Soft Wolf Haircut

This gorgeous hairdo is called a soft wolf cut, they added a dark copper brown throughout and finished with some messy curls, and it looks fantastic.

10. Shaggy Mullet Wolf Haircut

Try out the shaggy mullet wolf cut, yes the mullet hairdo has come full circle and is on-trend again.

11. Curly Dark Brown Wolf Haircut

A perfect style for all the ladies out there with curly hair. In the photo above they kept her hair medium length and it looks gorgeous.

12. Wavy Wolf Haircut with Curtain Bangs

Wavy hair can be so hard to style, try getting the wolf cut hairstyle with curtain bangs. This beautiful look will make doing your hair so easy.

13. Shaggy Mullet Curl Wolf Haircut

This edgy wolf cut is the shaggy mullet, a great look for women with naturally curly hair. It gives it just enough volume without letting it get out of control.

14. Ginger Voluminous Wolf Haircut

For all the natural, and not so natural, gingers this look is so beautiful. In the photo above they went with full bangs and shoulder-length hair, it is flawless.

15. Natural Dark Black Wolf Haircut

Wow, this is a beautiful hairstyle. In the photo above they are wearing the natural dark black wolf cut, this is a beautiful look for all dark-haired women.

16. Pink Voluminous Wolf Cut

If you need to add some color to your life, try the pink voluminous wolf cut. The hot pink and black colors are just a classic color combo that of course, it will look good in your hair.

17. Beautiful Blood Red Texture Fringe

For a dark take on the wolf cut hairstyle, the blood-red textured fringe is just what you need. With black hair throughout and just a touch of red color on the bottom, the hairstyle is so beautiful.

18. Pink Bubbly Wolf Cut

This showstopper look is the pink bubble wolf cut. With vibrant colors, this hairstyle would be perfect for summer.

19. Bob Wolf Cut Hair

Instead of just getting a normal bob haircut, try adding the wolf cut perspective to it. In the photo above they did just that plus a beautiful purple color throughout.

20. Shiny Wolf Cut Medium Length

A shiny wolf cut for medium length is a great way to let your natural hair steal the show.

21. Short Straight Wolf Cut with Bangs

The classic wolf cut look is the short straight wolf cut with bangs. Try this hairdo out with medium-length hair and full bangs.

22. Bob Shaggy Wavy Wolf Cut

This look is a wavy bob wolf-cut hairstyle. For a shaggy finish try adding some messy curls and keep your roots dark.

23. Mullet Wolf Cut for Thick Hair

This look is perfect for all the ladies with thicker hair. A mullet wolf cut is right on trend for 2022 try this curly wolf cut for a gorgeous take on it.

24. Wolf Cut with Short Fringe

A Wolf Cut with a short fringe added is so gorgeous. In the photo above they gave her shorter layers with thick bangs which are perfect.

25. Short Shaggy Wolf Cut with Curtain Bangs

A fun short wolf cut look is the shaggy wolf cut with curtain bangs hairstyle. This beautiful style would look great on anyone.

26. Layered Wolf Cut with Curtain Bangs

This stunning look is a layered wolf cut with curtain bangs. In the photo above they have added a red hue to the long hair and it looks gorgeous.

27. Long Wavy Shadow Roots Wolf Cut Hair

For a lighter look try the long wavy shadow roots wolf cut hairstyle. This beautiful blonde shadow root technique is so perfect for summer.

28. Orange Pink Wolf Cut Hair with Bangs

A fun hairstyle for Halloween would be the orange-pink wolf cut hair with bangs. In the photo above they dyed almost all the hair black, with some peek-a-boo pinks and oranges.

29. Modern Wolf Hair with Baby Lights

This modern wolf cut hairstyle would be a wonderful way to add volume to your hair. Try adding in some baby lights and you are all set for summer.

30. Subtle Peach Pinky Wolf Haircut

This hairstyle is cute, with just the lightest touch of pink and the subtle peach pinky wolf haircut all the rage in 2022. Finish it off with loose curls and you are all set.

31. Long Clean Wolf Cut

This sophisticated wolf cut would be perfect for all the businesswomen out there. This wolf cut is subtle but still on-trend.

32. Blonde Pixie Bob Wolf Cut Hair

A pixie bob is always a good choice for a haircut, add in the wolf cut style and you are all set for 2022. In the photo above they gave her a blonde color and it is gorgeous.

33. Short Lob Shaggy Wolf Cut

This would be a great style for all women with naturally wavy hair. The short lob shaggy wolf cut is perfect for keeping those waves in place.

34. Black and Red Wolf Hair

Red and black colors in your wolf cut are a perfect combo, in the photo above they kept her hair at shoulder length with the prettiest layers.

35. Pink Sunset Wolf Cut

Try out two of the best trends for 2022 in one hairstyle, this sunset wolf cut will have all your friends asking where you got your hair done.

36. Clean Wolf Cut for Asian Women

A beautiful look for Asian women is the clean wolf cut. This hairstyle is perfect for long straight Asian hair.

37. Peaches Textured Wolf Cut

Textured wolf cuts are great on any hair length, add a peach tone for the perfect hairstyle.

38. Wolf Cut Edgy Hair with Straight Bangs

An edgy wolf cut is just what you need. Express yourself with whatever colors you are feeling and finish your look off with straight bangs.

39. Shag Curl Wolf Cut with Curtain Bangs

Swag curls in a wolf cut are the perfect look, in the photo above they added curtain bangs for an amazing style.

40. Apricot Golden Blonde Wolf Sway Cut

A golden blonde apricot hue is the perfect hair color for fall. This wolf sway style is perfect when you finish off the bottom of your hair with loose curls.

41. Beach Waves Ombre Blonde Wolf Cut

An ombre with beach waves is always a good idea, add a wolf cut on top of that and you are all ready for summer.

42. Pixie Wolf Cut Hair

This adorable hairstyle is the pixie cut. In the photo above they have added an orange-blonde color throughout.

43. Long Layered Wolf Cut

A glamorous hairstyle is the long-layered wolf cut. A great hairdo for women with long layers, add some shorter ones to frame the face and you will love the way you look.

44. Subtle Wolf Haircut on Medium Length

For a medium-length wolf, cut try this subtle lookout. In the photo above they finished this hairstyle off with big messy curls.

45. Short Mullet Semi-Wolf Cut

A short mullet semi-wolf cut hairstyle is the classic wolf cut. A perfect hairdo for 2022.

46. Lovely Copper Wavy Wolf Hairstyle

This lovely wolf cut hairstyle is done by adding the copper color throughout and added some framing layers around the face.

47. Choppy Shag Multi Color Wolf Cut

This rocker hairdo is a choppy shaggy style with multi-colors. Add in whatever colors you want this hairstyle is beautiful.

48. Short Wolf Cut with Flipped Edges

This next look is the two-toned wolf cut with flipped edges. A great hairdo for short hair.

49. Fiery Red Curl Rings Wolf Cut

Fiery red hair color with curl rings is perfect for a wolf cut. This beautiful look will make you stand out in the crowd.

50. Wolf Cut Shaggy Short Fringe

This gorgeous hairstyle is a wolf cut with a shaggy short fringe. In the photo above they added short bangs, and it is perfect.


A wolf cut is a wonderful way to add volume to your hair, plus you will always look gorgeous. Run don’t walk to the salon to try out a wolf-cut hairstyle in 2022. All these beautiful styles you had to of found you liked, let us know down below which one is your favorite.


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