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50 Ideas for Sunset Hair Color in 2022

50 Ideas for Sunset hair in 2022 - A woman facing the wall

Are you looking for beautiful sunset hair? This is the perfect place for you to be inspired for your next hairstyle. Tired of the same old hairstyle and ready to shock and awe all your friends, sunset hair color will do just that. Sunset hair can be archived in many different ways, some of the more popular ones are an ombre, balayage, or color melt. Make sure you find yourself a salon that works with color, these hairstyles aren’t your everyday request.

These hues of reds, pinks, oranges, and blues are all inspired by mother natures paintbrush. The sunset gives off the most vibrant and beautiful colors, why not add them to your style. These looks will be beautiful for everyone. Let’s take a look at the best 50 sunset hairstyles for 2022.

1. Long Peach Sunset Wavy Hair

This first look gives off princess peach vibes. A beautiful mix of peach, orange, and pink looks perfect on long wavy sunset hair.

2. Long Light Motley Sunset Hair

Be ready to rock out with this motley crew-inspired hairdo. Keep it long and light with a combo of red on top that fades into orange for this gorgeous sunset look.

3. Short Sunset with A Hint of Copper Hair

A short and sassy look is the sunset with a hint of copper hair color. In the photo above they gave her a cute bob cut with bangs and added a mix of orange and copper color and it is gorgeous.

4. Long Straight Sunset Hair

For all the ladies with long locks try this long straight sunset hairstyle. The photo above started with a fiery red and blended it down with orange color and pink hues.

5. Unicorn Sunset Hair for Medium Length

A sunset look for medium hair is the unicorn style. Try this lookout by adding a yellow money piece to the front of your hair. Then blend with orange and pinks for a flawless one of kind look.

6. Fiery Sunset Long Hair

Try out a fiery red and orange sunset look. This look is gorgeous on long straight hair.

7. Blue Sunset Hairstyle

The blue sunset hairstyle is a beautiful mix of colors. This look has hues of oranges, yellows, and blues. They all compliment each other so well for a bright bold look.

8. Curly Sunset Red Hairstyle

Next is a style for all the ladies with curly hair. The red sunset hairstyle would be a perfect fall look but would be gorgeous any time of the year.

9. Cranberry Sunset Hair for Short Length

For a darker sunset color try the cranberry sunset hair. In the photo above they kept the hair short with hues of cranberry, purples, and orange.

10. Sunflower Sunset Hairstyle

Be inspired by one of the prettiest flowers. The sunflower sunset color is so dreamy. Finish it off with some loose wavy curls to really bring out the sunset colors.

11. Nearly Complex Sunset Hair

This next look is bold and beautiful. Nearly complex sunset hair is flawless, it starts with a purple and fades into pinks and oranges. Finish this look off with a curl to add some texture.

12. Peach Bellini Sunset

Match your hair color with our favorite cocktail, the peach bellini. This sunset hair color would be so beautiful for all those summer months.

13. Rainbow Sunset Hair with Big Curls

With all the colors of the rainbow this next look, the rainbow sunset hair doesn’t leave any colors out. Finish this look off with big curls like in the photo above and you are ready for anything.

14. Sunrise Sunset Wavy Hairstyle

Try a sunrise sunset wavy hairstyle for your next look. The color combo of these red and oranges hues will get you so many compliments!

15. Sunset Balayage Wavy Hair

Step up your balayage game with this sunset style. In the photo above they kept it long and used oranges and reds to make her hair shine.

16. Motley Sunset Hair

Be ready for the rock show with motley sunset hair color. This rocker style has a short bob cut with bangs and the prettiest colors of orange and copper with a light money piece to top it all off.

17. Color Melt Sunset Hair

Wow, this color melt sunset hair is giving off the dreamiest vibes. Try this mix of yellow and pink sunset hair you will look and feel like a goddess.

18. Violet Blue Color Melt Sunset

On the darker side of the sunset, this violet-blue color melt is gorgeous. In the photo above they kept her hair long with layers and finished it off with a loose curl to let those colors show.

19. Sunset Roots and Yellow Hair

This gorgeous look is the sunset roots with yellow hair. This look starts with the roots in a rich orange that fades perfectly down your hair to the brightest yellow on the bottom.

20. Sunset Pink Hairstyle

For a sweet sunset pink color try this lookout. In the photo above they kept her hair medium length and kept her roots natural and it looks perfect.

21. Vibrant Sunset Color Hair

For the most vibrant vibes try these bright colors out. The vibrant sunset color is a fun mix of the brighter hues of yellow, pink, and orange. Curl the bottom of your hair to add some definition.

22. Violet Sunset Boulevard Hair

Violet sunset boulevard hair is a glamorous take on sunset hair. In the photo above they gave her an asymmetrical to add even more drama to your look.

23. Dusky Dark Sunset Hairstyle

The dusky dark sunset hairstyle doesn’t hold back. This look is a beautiful mix of all the dark colors of sunset.

24. Shaggy Sunset Hair Color

For a beautiful shaggy vibe try out the shaggy hair. In the photo above they used a combination of oranges and yellows and finished it off with messy curls.

25. Violet Roots with Rainbow Sunset Hair

This beautiful bob is colored with violet roots and rainbow sunset hair. The violet roots fade perfectly into the pink and orange color. Try adding some big curls for a flawless finish.

26. Wavy Tonal Sunset Color

Try this tonal sunset look for wavy hair, this look keeps your roots dark and adds beautiful tonal color throughout ending in the perfect sunset colors of orange and red.

27. Straight Fiery Red Sunset Hairstyle

Add some spice to your life with this fiery red sunset hairstyle, in the photo above they kept the hair a medium length and used the two colors red and orange, leaving the roots a dark natural color and it is beautiful.

28. Indigo Sunset Color with Ring Curls

This gorgeous look is a take on indigo sunset hair. This look is so pretty when you have long layers and natural ring curls.

29. Wavy Sunset Ombre Hairstyle

For your next sunset look try out the sunset ombre hairstyle, to get this look use the color combo of purples, red, orange, and yellow hues. Finish it off with long curls to give your hair some life.

30. Soft Bob Curl Melted Sunset Hair

This cute bob look is a melted sunset color. Try a mix of purples, hot pinks, and oranges. Finish off with waves and you are all set for the summer.

31. Natural and Soft Layer Sunset Ombre

For a more natural look try the sunset ombre color, this soft and natural look will make you feel like a goddess.

32. Warm Flaming Sunset Hair

Try out a fierce warm flaming sunset look. A beautiful mix of red and orange hues with long straight hair is never a bad look.

33. Balayage Color Melt Sunset for Medium Length

This beautiful balayage color melt is the exact color combo you think of when you hear sunset. Try it out with a medium length you will love the way you look.

34. Mermaid Sunset Hairstyle

For mermaid-inspired hair, try this beautiful hairstyle. This look starts with hues of purples and pinks and blends down to the perfect shade of sunset.

35. Stunning Red Sunset Wavy Bob

This stunning look is a perfect way to wear your new bob haircut. With red and orange hues and big curls throughout you will feel like a princess.

36. Tequila Sunset and Sunrise Hair

A beautiful hair style for all the party girls, this tequila sunrise, sunset look is so gorgeous for any time of the year.

37. Fiery Color Melt for Fall Season

A perfect combination of colors for the fall. These orange, red, and yellow hues will match the beautiful color of the changing leaves.

38. Red and Purple Sunset Waves

The red and purple sunset waves look takes the best colors from the sunset. Purple and reds with dark natural roots would look great on women with a darker skin tone.

39. Soft Hued Sunset Hairstyle

Another way to wear your sunset hair is with a soft hue look. These soft colors are gorgeous for any woman.

40. Straight Medium Orangey Red Sunset Hair

Orangey red hair would be so pretty for the fall. In the photo above they kept it at a medium length and finished it off with a straightener, to let the hair shine.

41. Sunset Hair Beach Waves Hair

A beautiful beach sunset is what comes to mind when you see this hairstyle. Keep it long like in the photo above and add just a few beach waves and you are going to love the way you look.

42. Dimensional Wave Sunset Bleed

Wow, this stunning look is a dimensional wave sunset bleed. In the photo above they gave her the cutest bob cut with a combination of a red and orange color bleed technique, and the results are breathtaking.

43. Sunset Hairstyle for Straight Bob Hair

The sunset hairstyle for straight bob hair is a show stopper. Get this look by keeping your hair straight and adding the beautiful colors of the sunset.

44. Peaches Pink Purple Sunset Blend

Pink and purple are classic color combo, why not add them to your hair. This peach’s pink-purple sunset blend looks so beautiful when finished off with beach curls.

45. Fiery Red Orange Edge Sunset

For an edgy look try out the fiery red-orange look. In the photo above they kept your hair short and added pink for the roots, and then let the orange and yellow blend together.

46. Complex Hawaiian Sunset Hair

Watching the sunset in Hawaii is so magical, just like the next style the complex Hawaiian sunset hair.

47. Sunset to Midnight Color

This style is perfect for a late-night date, the sunset to midnight color combos of purple, orange, and pink is so pretty.

48. Complex Tones Sunset

Try the complex tones sunset look for a darker take on the sunset vibe. In the photo above they kept her hair short and added in the darker colors of the sunset.

49. Long Color Melt Sunset Red

For all the fiery ladies with long locks try a color melt in sunset red. This stunning look is so pretty with a mix of different reds and finished off with loose curls.

50. Purple Sunset Undercut Bob Hair

After your new undercut hair cut bob, try purple hair color. The way the purple peeks out from under the hues of red and orange you will get so many compliments.


These hairstyles are all so beautiful and different from the light and cute to fiery and edgy, there is a style to match any taste. After reviewing all 50 ideas for sunset hair color in 2022, try picking the one that jumped out to you. Let us know down below which one is you tried on your next salon day!


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