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50 Gorgeous Pink Hair Color Ideas Trendy in 2022

50 Cool Pink Hair Color Ideas in 2022

Are you looking to change your hair up and think pink hair would be cool? You thought right; we have 50 cool pink hair color ideas for 2022 for you to see. This is such a fun way to wear your hair, and it looks great on women of all ages.

There are many different colors of pink that you can choose, from bright hot pink to a soft baby hue. Once you decide what is best for you, the next thing is what kind of hair color treatment you would like to get. There are full coverage styles, highlights, balayage, ombre, and peekaboos styles here to pick your favorites. Let’s look at the 50 cool pink hair color ideas in 2022.

1. Fancy Vivid Pink Hair Color Ideas for Bob Hairstyles

This first look is a bob haircut with vivid pink hair color. She even added the prettiest sparkles on one side for a little extra flair.

2. Pink Peekaboo Hair Color Ideas for Straight Bob Hairstyles

This is a cute peekaboo style with violet and a darker pink shade. Try wearing your hair in a short and straight bob as they did in the photo above to get the most out of this hairdo.

3. Glossy Pink Candy A-line

This style is sweet like candy. She is wearing an a-line style glossy pink hairdo. This look would be so easy to get if you already have lighter hair; try wearing it straight like in the photo above for a beautiful finish.

4. Lengthy Raspberry Wavy Hair

This shade is giving off major raspberry vibes. For all the ladies with longer hair, this style would be perfect for you to try out. Finish your look off with some loose waves, and you are going to love the way you look.

5. Messy Pink Hair Color Ideas for Shaved Nape Pixie Cuts

If you love wearing your hair short but need to add a little more spice to it, try this messy pink shaved nape pixie cut at your next salon appointment. She with a lighter tone for her new hair color, and it looks great with her light skin.

6. Brown Roots with Pink Champagne Hair Color Ideas

This next lovely look is a champagne-inspired color. Again, she kept her roots natural and added the prettiest color to enhance her style.

7. Cool Pink Hair Color Ideas with a Blonde Touch

Here is another beautiful cool pink and blonde look. Again, they kept her hair at shoulder length and added soft touches of color throughout; finish your style off with a hair straightener in the morning, and you are good to go.

8. Wavy Pink Ombre with Yellow Tints

Ombres are always a good idea when adding color to your hair. Above they added in the beautiful colors of magenta and orange.

9. Cotton Candy Pink Blue Bob

Who says cotton candy is just for kids? This beautiful style says otherwise. They picked the bright and beautiful colors of blue and pink for this look, and it is stunning.

10. Anime-Inspired Haircut in Hot Pink

If you want to look like your favorite anime character, this would be a wonderful style. They kept her hair long with a few layers around the face and added a dark tone of our featured color, and it looks so good.

11. Shag Pink Pixie

After you get your next shag pixie cut, add this fun color. This would be a wonderful look for the summer because it is bright and sunny.

12. Stunning Lengthy Silver Pink Hairstyle

This stunning lengthy sliver and pink hairstyle are right on-trend. They parted her hair in the middle and added one color to each side, and it is such a pretty look.

13. Wolf Cut in Bright Pink

Wolf cuts are one of the most popular hair choices for women in 2022. It adds the prettiest texture to your style, and here they added a hot pink tone to her hair, and it is the perfect combo.

14. Subtle Pink Under Color with Fine Bangs

If you are a more laid-back type of person, this subtle hairstyle might be the perfect choice. They added in our feature color here underneath the natural dark hair and then finished her look off with fine bangs.

15. Well-Blended Pink Brown Balayage

You always want to hear the words well-blended whenever you are getting your hair done. Here they have accomplished that with this ombre hair color of brown and pink color, and the results are stunning.

16. Pink Streaks on Short Bob

If you are on the hunt for a short bob hairstyle for women, you have found the perfect example. Here they have also added chunky highlights to the front of her style, almost like a money piece, and she shouldn’t change a thing.

17. Layered Pink Silk

Her layered hairstyle here is as pretty as silk. Try finding yourself an anti-frizz spray or cream that you use before applying any heat to your hair to get this look.

18. Dark Tone with Pop Pink Chopped Bob

For a darker take on this color, try this lookout. She has a chopped bob style with the tones so dark they almost look red.

19. Feathery White Blonde Pink Hair

This next hairstyle gives off serious rocker vibes with feathery white blonde on top and a bright color underneath. This is a beautiful example of peekaboo highlights.

20. Balayage Rose Gold Pink with Warm-Hues

Balayage is always a good idea when adding color to your hair. This rose gold hair color with warm hues gives us all the good vibes. Try this lookout during the summertime; you will love how you look.

21. Shaggy Two-tone Pixie

Shaggy styles will always be on-trend; you just have to wear them with confidence. This is a two-toned hairstyle with a dark pink and black hues; it looks so stunning.

22. Bushy Bob in Dazzling Pink Hues

If you cannot decide what your next hairstyle should be, try out this bushy bob haircut. They have added in the most beautiful colors of light pink and blonde, and they look great together.

23. Delicate Soft Curls in Bright Pink Hair Color Ideas

For ladies with medium-length hair, try this color out next. In the photo above, they added bright tones and finished her look off with soft curls, and the results are so beautiful.

24. Sleek Straight Vibrant Magenta

For a sleek style that would be great for any time of the year, check out this vibrant magenta look. For the best results with this new style, try wearing your hair straight and finishing it off with your favorite hair product, so it shines all day.

25. Classic Curls with Coral Pink Hair Color Ideas

If you love looking like a chic lady … and who doesn’t, try these classic curls in a coral hue. They kept her hair long and pretty in classic curls down her back, and the results are so stunning.

26. Rich Pink Hair Color Ideas with Red Balayage

For a darker take on this featured color, try this rich magenta style. They achieved this look by doing a red balayage down her short hair.

27. Medium Length Rose Pink Waves

If you are growing your hair out to a medium length, you should try adding in this rose pink hair color. In the photo above, it looks like she already had lighter hair, so the pink went in perfect.

28. Taffy Pink Hair Color Ideas for Straight Bob Cuts with Fringe

This straight bob haircut has fringe bangs and a beautiful taffy hair color. They kept her hair at about shoulder length and finished it off nice and straight, and the results are so beautiful.

29. Spiced Balayage Pink Hair Color Palettes

Balayage is a wonderful way to add color palettes to your next style. In the photo above, they kept her hair long and parted it on the side after adding the hot spiced balayage technique.

30. Shave Nape Bob in Rosewood

This rosewood hair color would be the perfect accessory for autumn. She is rocking a shaved nape bob with beautiful tones of red, pink, and brown.

31. Side Pink Streaks on Shoulder Length Hair

For a little peekaboo color in your hair, these side streaks would be lovely on shoulder-length hair. All you need to do is add your favorite tone of our featured color in a few sections of hair, and you are all set.

32. Cerise Half Knot Hairstyle

This half-up, half-down hairstyle is known as a cerise half knot style, and it is becoming so popular in 2022. After you get the perfect new hair color added to your hair, you will want to wear it every day to show it off.

33. Split Dyed in Subtle Pink Hair Color Ideas

For a serious Harley Quinn vibe try this split dyed style in a subtle tone. In the photo above, they have parted her hair down the middle, adding in a little bit of a messy curl, and dyed one half with pretty light pink.

34. Full Head Coral Balayage

Coral is one of the best hair colors to have in the summer. This full head coral balayage will make you feel like a goddess all summer long.

35. Dyed Flamingo with Magenta Ends Bob Cut

This fun style is called the dyed flamingo with magenta ends. In the photo above, she is wearing a straight bob style, and the results are so stunning you will never want to change it up.

36. Strawberry Balayage

If you are looking for the best new hair color for 2022, try out this strawberry balayage. This style adds the colors flawless throughout your long locs and leaves your hair looking shiny and beautiful.

37. Voluminous Lob in Fuchsia

To add extra volume to your hair, you should try this voluminous lob style in fuchsia color. They have added layers throughout and styled her hair in messy waves, and the results are priceless.

38. Tight Curls Soft Pink Hair

If you have natural tight curls, you know how hard it is to find the right style for you. Fortunately for you, we have this beautiful tight curl with a soft pink added in. Keep your roots dark and add some of this fun color to the bottom; you will love it.

39. Messy Subtle Pink Hair Color Ideas with Updos

This could be an updo for your wedding day. It is called a messy subtle style, and the results are beautiful with the light color added.

40. Stunning Soft Pink Bob on Women over 60

Older women can wear this beautiful color too; look at the photo above for proof. This hairstyle for women over 60 look has a stunning bob hair cut with a soft hue and the results are breathtaking.

41. Pink Hair Color Ideas with Knotless Braids

Add a little weave to your next look to have some fun this year. These knotless braids are in a hot pink tone and it looks great. She can wear this weave hairstyle down her back like in the photo above or pull them up in a bun.

42. Hot Pink Box Braids Pony with Beads

Here is another weave hairstyle that would be great for women of all ages. In the photo above they went with a bright tone and added white beads as an accessory.

43. Blush Pink Hair Color Ideas with Mullet Hairstyles

Mullet hair isn’t just for guys anymore. As shown above, she is wearing a beautiful blush color mullet here and she looks so feminine and right on trend for 2022.

44. Neon Pink Hair Color Ideas with Mullet Mohawks

One way to show off your creative and punk side is to wear your hair in a neon color mullet mohawk. They kept the hair short in the front and sides but left plenty of hair in the back for a beautiful finish.

45. Pink Blended Mohawk with Dark Tone Sides

Here is another mohawk style for women. In this look, they kept the sides short and in her natural color and dyed the top a bright, hot pink style.

46. Warm Unicorn Inspired Hair with Pink Roots

This next hair is straight out of a fairytale. This warm unicorn inspired hair has beautiful blue, pink, and purple hair colors mixed magically.

47. Crystal Gem Hair Color Ideas with Bangs

For a crystal gem vibe try this next hairstyle out. They left the hair long and added bangs here and the results are so beautiful.

48. Baby Pink Hair Color Ideas with Shaggy Hairstyles

Shaggy hairstyles for women will always be in style. Take a look at the photo above for a beautiful example of a shaggy style with a soft baby hue. The color looks so great on her curls, she shouldn’t change a thing.

49. Face Framing Pink Highlights

One way to add this fun color to your hair is to try a face-framing highlight style. They kept most of her hair a naturally dark tone and only added in the bright magenta look around her face.

50. Dutch Braids with Pink Highlights

Dutch braids are one of the best ways to show off your next hair color because they twist your hair around into the most beautiful design. In the photo above she has the most beautiful pink highlights and lowlights in her natural brown hair.


Who knew that there were so many different shades of cool pink? After getting your hair done in one of these beautiful looks, ask your hairdresser which type of shampoo and conditioner you should use so your color will stay as long as possible. Let us know down below which one was your favorite look!


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