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50 Scrumptious Fall Hairstyles & Shades

Fall Hair Colors

Going from a summer look to an autumn one is not always easy, but we think we can make this transition easier for you with our fall hair colors. They are inspired by nature, of course, because what’s more beautiful in the autumn than nature itself? So, sit back, relax, scroll through our fifty ideas and find the one you love the most. Although we have to warn you. They are all so gorgeous that you might find it difficult to pick just one.

1. Brown Hair with Highlights for Fall

Far from being just a shade of brown, this, in fact, is cinnamon mixed with nutmeg. It does have a few blonde highlights here and there that soften up the mixture of colors and attract light directly onto it.

2. Rich Autumn Red Hair Color

As far as fall hair colors go, this is a deep red velvet which will suit you perfectly in the frosty autumnal atmosphere. This rich red is complementary to everything that is going on in nature around you, meaning those tone of yellow, gold, and rust.

3. Mushroom Brown

Does it get more autumnal than this? If you really want to be in tone with the fall outside, then surely this is one of the best-suited colors. It’s a very matte brown with earthy tones and just a light smudge of gray representing stones and dust. Perfect!

4. Hot Chocolate

Even though nowadays the pumpkin spiced latte has become the traditional fall beverage, many people have not forgotten about the spiced hot chocolate. Use it as inspiration for your fall hair colors.

5. Forest Tree Bark

Have you ever been in the woods around midafternoon on a warm September day when the sun enlightens the trees? This is the color of their bark, which you can now use for your own hair. Spice it up with some blonde or spice it down with some brown.

6.  Cinnamon Swirls

Fall hair colors can also be inspired by your favorite foods this season. And cinnamon buns are definitely one of them. This color is called thusly because it has a light brown base which reminds us of the spice and a platinum blonde front which is just like the frosting they use for the pastry.

7. Mahogany Hair Color with Caramel Highlights

Adding caramel to mahogany might have been one of man’s greatest ideas when it comes to fall hair colors. The two shades complement each other perfectly, sweeting it up as they go. You just have to find the right balance.

8. Fall Highlights for Brown Hair

How do you highlight your brown hair in autumn? Exactly like this. You try to mirror what you see outside and replicate the falling leaves and their colors. You can see the highlights very well if you straighten your hair and decide to use a glossing agent.

9. Burgundy Infused with Gold

Infusions are very popular in autumn time. You need your tea as much as anything else. Therefore, why not an infusion for your fall hair colors? This is vibrant burgundy mixed with a little wine and set ablaze by some golden highlights.

10. Auburn and Blonde Fall Hair Colors

To be more specific, this is burnt sienna auburn patched with dirty blonde lowlights. The result is a lovely mix which we could call a bronde that leans more toward the brown side than the blonde. Either way, we love it.

11. Plum Shaded Brunette

If the color is at least half as cool as its name suggests, then you’re in for a treat. The shade reminds us of honey sweet, dusted plums that sit perched high up in trees waited to be picked ripe, as the last of the fruits before the freeze wins them over from us.

12. Dried Leaves and Ice

Another hair color that comes straight from nature is this iceberg blonde ombre. It’s called dead leaves covered with ice, and the reason could not be more obvious. The shade of matte brown on top is mixed with gray, and it melts into an artificial iceberg blonde toward the tips.

13. Rose Gold Fall Hair Colors

You didn’t think we would forget to mention the most important color of the past few seasons, did you? Rose gold has been on everyone’s lips, nails, clothes, jewelry and, yes, hair for a few years now and we absolutely love it.

14. Gray Skies

The skies turn from bright blue to somber gray when summer leaves and autumn takes its place. But that should make you happy because you can copy the look for you fall hair colors. This is a matte gray balayage on a natural brunette base.

15. Autumn Blonde Hair Color

What is autumn blonde you ask? Well, unlike summer blonde, which reminds one of sandy beaches or sunflowers in golden fields, autumn blonde speaks of dripping honey, nutmeg, and rusty leaves falling everywhere.

16. Fall Hair Color for Fair Skin

Tradition has it that a lighter complexion is complimented by a beautiful blonde. We say you turn the tables this autumn and go for this fiery shade of spicy auburn. It’s so glossy that it almost looks like wood.

17. Rich Light Brown Hair Color

If there’s one thing that we learned, it’s that fall hair colors have to be rich. There’s no room for dull colors that lack luster and body. This, for example, is one of the most luxurious browns we’ve ever seen, that starts off with a coffee tone at head level and ends in a dark caramel.

18. Dark Brown Hair with Lowlights and Highlights

Are you in love with your dark brown hair and you’re not sure if you should get those blonde highlights? But you still feel like your skin and eyes could use a bit of light. Well, you know the solution then, don’t you? Lowlights.

19. Red Copper Fall Hair Colors

As matte is slowly fading away as a trend both in fashion and makeup and the metallic style is taking its place, two new hair colors have emerged. We’re talking, of course, about copper and brass. Both of them are perfect fall hair colors.

20. Red and Blonde Balayage

Normally, we would shake our heads to red mixed with blonde like you said broccoli on pizza. Even if it were about fall hair colors. But not before we considered a good amount of balayage. It really can do miracles, can’t it?

21. Sunkisses

You’ve heard about highlights and lowlights. However, if you know your hairstyles and, moreover your fall hair colors, you should also be aware of sunkisses. These are invisible highlights that look as if you’ve spent time in the sun.

22. Royal Purple

We’re already established that purple and its entire extended family is a favorite among all fall hair colors. So, we’ve invited one more to dinner. Meet royal purple, a shade that’s going to leave you wondering why haven’t you been wearing this sooner.

23. Winter Is Coming

What does autumn mean? Pumpkins, Halloween, beautiful colors, oversized sweaters, and hot chocolate. Sure. But it also means that winter is coming. You can emulate the uber famous phrase with your hairstyle. A dark brunette ombre with icy tips.

24. The Fall Rose Melt

Unfortunately, in autumn all the roses fall and melt into the ground with the rest of leaves. Turn that into a source of very artistic and poetic inspo for your fall hair colors. This is a rosy ombre melt that goes from dark to light.

25. Mocha Balayage

There’s nothing like a steaming cup of hot mocha on a frosty November morning, right? Start with a brunette base and continue to mix in different shades of light brown and blonde until you get to mocha. Yum!

26. Fall Hair for Blondes

How do blondes do autumn? It sounds like one of those jokes with blondes screwing on a lightbulb. Only this one is legit. These are soft blonde highlights on a darker blonde base. The result is a dirty blonde shade that is perfect for walking in the fall.

27. Chai Latte Fall Hair Colors

When done correctly, masala chai latte ends up as a very lightly colored drink, almost white, with just a hint of beige creaminess to it. Exactly like this hair color is supposed to be. Drink a chai latte while wearing this shade. Chai-ception!

28. Warm Orange Fall Hair Colors

Another color which you can try wearing this fall is orange. It has a lot of subsidiary shades that you can tackle until you find one that correctly matches your skin tone as well as the color of your eyes. This, for example, is light and warm orange.

29. Wet Pavement

Luckily for us, the market is now filled with literally hundreds, if not thousands of different shades of dyes that can satisfy our every whim. They’re also named very explicitly, so as to embody exactly what we’re looking for. This is wet pavement.

30. Pale Blue Skies

Even though it’s autumn and you’re going for fall hair colors, that doesn’t mean the blue sky isn’t still there. You can still see it, sometimes, very pale and light. Just like this shade of blue. Pair it with theatrical makeup and a beanie.

31. Rainy Day Gray

There may be many days in autumn when you wake up to the sound of rain against your windows. However, the colors outside can be your source of inventiveness. This shade of gray is called rainy day and we think we’re romantically in love with it.

32. Cloudy Day Gray

If rainy day gray wasn’t enough as far as fall hair colors are concerned, how about cloudy day gray? This is a muted dark gray that melts into a wispy, almost whiteish tone as it reaches the tips of the strands.

33. Autumn Sunset

Is there anything more beautiful than an autumn sunset? The pale blue and gray sky just seems to burn with thousands of shades of reds and oranges. This is the shade you’re going for. It works great if you have blue eyes.

34. Bronde Fall Hair Colors

If you’re not a fan of whimsical hair colors inspired from nature, and want to keep it as simple as possible, we have a solution for you too. Meet the bronde. It’s a combination of blonde and brown, hence the name.

35. White Honey

No list of fall hair colors would be complete without a pale blonde. This shade is called white honey because of its uncanny resemblance to the sweet delight. The most amazing thing is that it transitions perfectly into a winter color.

36. Pumpkin Spice

Yes, this is the color you’ve been waiting for, we know. In autumn, everything must be pumpkin spiced, including your hair. Pair it with matte brown lipstick and golden metallic makeup. Make sure your eyebrows are well defined.

37. Halloween Fall Hair Colors

If you’re a true fall fanatic, you can even have a special hair color for Halloween. It can be a neon shade of Jack-o-lantern. The proper Halloween accessories are a must in this case, as is the dramatic makeup.

38. Dark Phoenix

To be more specific, this combination of colors is actually a dark phoenix base spiked with the following neons: orange, fuchsia, and yellow. This is not for the faint of heart but what marvelous fall hair colors these are.

39. Mustard Fall Hair Colors

You might be wondering what does mustard have to do with autumn. Nothing. However, the shade is absolutely to die for and it’s one that you will definitely see around you as the leaves start to yellow.

40. Tangerine Fall Hair Colors

Not in love with mustard and looking for something sweeter and a bit warmer? How about tangerine? Just keep in mind that this shade requires minimal or nude makeup, as it is already heavy on the eye as it is.

41. Dark Green Fall Hair Colors

After the oranges, let’s talk now about the greens which you can wear this autumn. This is a dark green that looks almost like moss or lichen. It’s perfect in combination with a pumpkin colored eyeshadow for the ultimate fall look.

42. Misty Green Fall Hair Colors

This one is a more subdued shade of green, for those of you who want to sport an unconventional color but still have to comply with the office dress code. In certain lighting, it can almost pass for gray and we love that.

43. Forest Green

How about wearing the entire forest in your hair this fall? This color is unbelievably fresh, cold, and glossy. You can start off with a dark moss base and let it lighten a bit as it reaches the tips of your locks.

44. Lunar Tides

Even though this shade is called lunar tides, this is actually a slate grey combined with juniper green. And it’s every bit as amazing as you might think it is when it comes to fall hair colors. A burgundy or any other dark lip is called for here.

45. Tawny Fall Hair Colors

We could not have made it through this list without mentioning tawny and the amazing appeal it has throughout the autumn season. The greatest thing about it is that you can actually match it with your eyeshadow and create a continuum.

46. Gingerbread Fall Hair Colors

Continuing the list of autumn foods that can inspire our hair colors as well, here is gingerbread. A great way of wearing it is by adopting the boho chic style. You can braid a few tiny braids and create some messy beach waves at the same time.

47. Penny Fall Hair Colors

This shade of brown is called penny and it’s one of our favorites. We’re also in love with how it was styled on this runway. It has little white flowers strewn across it which, of course, are not mandatory, but we think you should wear them anyway just because they’re so pretty.

48. Peanut Fall Hair Colors

More like peanut butter than peanut itself, this hair color really does look delicious. Guess what? You can pair it with a bright red lipstick or a grape one and have yourself a peanut butter and jelly look this autumn.

49. Umber Fall Hair Colors

This shade of smoky blonde is called umber and we cannot get over how amazing it looks, especially on a pale complexion. Combine it with soft pink lipstick and eyeshadow and you can actually look like a ballerina.

50. Wood Fall Hair Colors

Have you always dreamed of looking like an Italian model? Then a shortcut to that is amazing hair. This shade of brown is called wood and it can do wonders if you happen to have blue eyes. You might even make the cover of Vogue!


These fifty scrumptious fall hair colors are perfect for transitioning from the hot to the cold seasons. They are all inspired by nature, which means you will fit in perfectly with the outside decorum. Write to us in the comment section below and let us know which one is your favorite!

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