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Ombre and Balayage

40 Blue Ombre Hair Ideas

blue ombre hair

If there were ever a must-do hairstyle, that would be the blue ombre hair. The last few years have seen the rise of ombre hair in general as a power that is difficult to resist. As a consequence, ombre hair has taken many shapes and forms, such as balayage, color melt, dip-dye, and everything in between.

Needless to say, we compiled all these ideas in a comprehensive guide for ombre blue hair. Click through to see them all and prepare to get inspired.

1. The Classic Blue Ombre Hair

We’re starting off with the classic blue ombre hair. All you need to do for this one is to dye your hair in a simple, basic blue shade of your choosing. Remember that, in order for this to succeed, you need to bleach your hair first.

2. Blue and Green Balayage

If you’re feeling a bit bolder, you can try to combine blue and green. Here is a wonderful idea for blue ombre hair combined with seaweed green to get an awesome balayage.

3. Mid Length Blue Ombre Hair

If you have thick hair, this is the solution for you – a mid – length chop. Also, don’t forget to use your hair straightener to get this sleek look. As for the color, inky blue ombre hair it is!

4. Ice Blue Ombre Hair

Blue ombre hair can go the other way around as well. This means that instead of lighter shades on top and darker toward the tips, you can dye your hair darker at the roots and an icy shade of blue at the bottom.

5. Silver and Blue Color Melt

Color melt is a hair dying technique that can be described exactly as it sounds. You choose two colors for your hair, one on the top and one on the bottom, with the first one cleverly dyed to look as if it’s melting into the second one.

6. Bob and Blue Ombre Hair

Many people think that blue ombre hair is for long hair only. They are wrong and here is an example which proves just that. This amazing haircut and dye job is purple at the roots and blue down the length of the hair. We also love the little bun on top.

7. Brown to Pastel Blue Ombre Hair

Another common misconception is that blue can only be matched with certain colors. Again, that is not correct. This is a brown and pastel blue ombre hair match made in hair heaven.

8. Blue and Sea Foam

Did you ever notice how the sea is lightly colored near the shore and darker and darker as you progress off the coast? Make this your inspiration for your next ombre job and rock it.

9. Three Roses

One marvelous way of showcasing your blue ombre hair is by sporting this amazing hairdo. It consists of three simple braids that have been twisted to look like a rose crown at the back of your head.

10. Neutral Grey and Blue Ombre Hair

We fell in love with this pixie hair and decided to show it to you as a perfect source of inspiration. It’s a combination of blue and gray, in a tangled mess of bedhead hair that will showcase your natural beauty.

11. The Blue Under Layer

Here is an unconventional way of sporting blue ombre hair. If you don’t want to go all blue or if your job doesn’t allow it, for example, you can always save the shade for your under layer. In this way, it will only be visible when you tie your hair up.

12. Mermaid Blue Ombre Hair

If Ariel was a hipster and she lived in our day and age, this is what her hair would have looked like. A perfect shade of seafoam blue with a just a few curls barely visible at the end of that simple ponytail. Mermaid hair at its best!

13. Pink and Blue Ombre Hair

What goes better with cotton candy blue than bubble gum pink? Add a gorgeous hair accessory such as this half-moon silver one, and you will look like the perfect Disney princess wherever you go.

14. Hippie Blue Ombre Hair

There are so many good things going on with this hairstyle that we don’t even know where to begin. You have the natural brown, the different shades of blue ombre hair, a few green strands, and, of course, the hippie headband.

15. Purple and Blue Ombre Hair

The amazing thing about blue ombre hair is that you can match your makeup to it successfully. Take a cue from this lovely lady who went for purple and blue sparkly eyeshadow and a perfect matte purple lip.

16. Slurpee Blue Ombre Hair

How do you feel about wearing all the colors of a rainbow Slurpee in your hair? If it sounds like a great idea to you, then this is definitely the way to do it. When you’re done, wear it in a loose braid with a bun at the end, to make it look even more delicious.

17. Metallic Blue Ombre Hair

After you’ve dyed your hair ombre blue, if you need just a tad more jazz to it, you can always go metallic. It’s perfect for a feminine yet slightly edgy and hippie look.

18. Club Princess Blue Ombre Hair

There is no way you won’t attract attention at the club if you go for this hairstyle and color. It’s a dark gray shade combined with neon, clear blue in a shaggy haircut that falls past your shoulders. Don’t forget the dream catcher tattoo! All the cool girls have one!

19. The Alice in Wonderland

Hair color mix, big, white ribbon, and braid combined make this the perfect Alice in Wonderland inspired do. The only difference is that, instead of a schoolgirl, you will look like the powerful woman you want to be.

20. Candyland Blue Ombre Hair

What comes after Wonderland? Candyland, of course. Or, at least, this is how we would like things to go. Here are the colors you need for this hairstyle: bubble gum pink, soft orchid purple, blue, ink, pastel turquoise, light neon green, and icy sea foam.

21. Blue Ombre Hair and Curls

When you curl your blue ombre hair in perfect little waves such as these, it will look like the sea itself frothing lazily away in the sunlight. Add a few streaks of pink and purple to keep things interesting.

22. Blue and Purple Street Style

Don’t forget to keep warm in the winter with a stylish hat. Also, don’t forget to show off what amazing hair you have coming down from under that hat.

23. Supermodel Blue Ombre Hair

When you have gorgeous hair and amazing style, all the world becomes your own, personal catwalk. Trust in yourself and your beauty and let it shine through!

24. Rapunzel, Is That You?

Evidently, the longer your locks are, the lovelier your blue ombre hair will be. Bring out your curling iron to create these awesome and relaxed beach waves.

25. Blonde and Blue Ombre Hair

This has to be one of the most beautiful shades of blue out there. It’s a light, pastel version of Azure, which goes perfectly well with sandy blonde. Remember to dye your tips a darker shade to give some depth to the locks.

26. Street Queen

Baseball cap included, this look is gorgeous. It’s a combination of non-photo blue with light indigo and just a touch of purple here and there. Keep the eye makeup to a minimum but go for a striking lip.

27. Winter Blues

Do you go through the winter blues every time the cold season hits? How about, this year, instead of wallowing you use those winter blues as an inspiration for the color of your hair?

28. Three for Blue Ombre Hair

This three-tiered hair dye job has us all in a daze. It starts off with cherry cola red on top, a soft, yet dark purple in the middle, and deep denim blue at the bottom. The oversized white ribbon ties everything in together perfectly.

29. Barely Visible

Blue can be strong and bold, but it can also be shy. Just like these amazingly soft peekaboos. The hair has been dyed a natural brown color which gives way to a few blue strands coming out from underneath.

30. Dark Roots Blue Ombre Hair

Just a heads up. This hair color will require a massive amount of bleaching before you get started. Therefore, we recommend you make an appointment to see your hairdresser, as it will be very easy to mess this up.

31. Upside Down Melt

Why did we call this one upside down? Because, instead of the blonde, which is on top, melting into the blue, you can see that the inky shade seems to be climbing into the dirty blonde.

32. Feminine Blue Ombre Hair

Despite it being a cold color, blue can also become very feminine if you know how to style it properly. Go for a dark or Duke blue combined with lighter ends of the same shade plus some beach waves.

33. Half and Half

Another type of blue ombre hair is the two-toned one version. It means that, instead of having your upper color melt or drip into the bottom one, you dye your hair half and half so that you can clearly see where one stops and the other begins.

34. The Short Bob

Celebrities have endorsed the blue ombre hair trend as well. For example, here is Kendell Jenner on the red carpet sporting a choppy asymmetrical bob, ombred into a spectacular shade of blue and green.

35. Perfect Blue Ombre Hair

As an inspiration for this example of blue ombre hair, think of the night. It’s dark, cold, and steely, but also with a bit of blue around the edges, which gives it its unique sense of beauty.

36. The Oversized Ponytail

If you have long and textured hair, this ponytail will be very easy to pull off. All you need to do is use the length of your hair. Braid half of it and use the rest to tie the ponytail and give dimension and volume to the look.

37. Turquoise Blue Ombre Hair

When we say blue ombre hair, you don’t have to think about the classic blue shade. As you can well see from all the examples we’ve provided so far, there are innumerable shades to pick from. One of them is this outstanding turquoise combo.

38. Brown and Teal Blue Ombre Hair

This combination is so perfect that it almost looks like a natural dreamcatcher in your hair. It’s all thanks to the colors the model has chosen: chocolate brown, teal, light blue, and even some shades of washed-out green.

39. Grey and Green Blue Ice

The icy shades are always a great choice if you have pale skin and blue or green eyes. You can choose a fairy make up, with pinks and purples, minimum makeup or even a dramatic one to go with your hair.

40. Ready for the Festival

No blue ombre hair ideas list would have been complete without a suggestion on how to wear your hair for the next, big music festival you’re attending. Go for blue, of course, in the shade which is closer to your heart and don’t forget the flower crown!

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