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75 Trending Hairstyles for Round Faces to Try in 2022

haircuts for round faces

Why do we need special haircuts for round faces? The reason is simple enough. To elongate your round face.

A woman’s hairstyle says a lot about her personality, and when you choose it, it is not the trends that should convince you, but rather the shape of your face. Not everyone can wear a layered hairstyle or very short hair, and if you don’t want to fail, it is essential to know which hairstyle suits you depending on the shape of your face.

The round face is perhaps one of the most difficult to frame because the purpose of women who fall into this category is to hide as much as possible the cheekbones. Such a mission doesn’t seem to leave much room for experimentation, but you might be wrong.

Scroll down to see all the haircut ideas for rounds faces we put together for you, from simple pixie cuts to glamorous bobs to celebrity inspired hairstyles!

How do you know you have a round face?

It is not at all difficult to tell if you have a round face. Pay attention to the following features:

  1. The forehead, cheekbones, and cheek lines are on the same line and almost the same width.
  2. The width and length of the face are about the same.
  3. You have pleasant features, there is no sharp angle on your face.

Tricks to keep in mind when choosing a haircut for your round face

The first thing that you should pay attention to when you have a round face and want to get a new haircut is to straighten your face. Curly hair on top of your head or an elongated bun are just a few of the ideal ways to do this (for more ideas, scroll down).

Layered haircuts can help you get this elongated face effect too. If you like curls, choose the light ones, because very curly hair only widens your face and accentuates its roundness- and you surely don’t want this.

It is very important to stay away from the ponytail because when you catch your hair on the back, the roundness of your face will stand out. The bangs will not be a good choice either except the one worn on the side. Short hair benefits the round face only if it has volume at the top of the head.

1. The Julianne Hough Haircut for Round Faces

Actress Julianne Hough has a beautiful round face with mesmerizing blue eyes.

To elongate her jawline and make it look as if her chin goes down further than it actually does, here she is sporting an asymmetrical bob.

2. The Heidi Klum Haircut for Round Faces

She might be tall and slender, but Heidi Klum still needs to take a look at our list of haircuts for round faces.

As you can well see, she chose a slightly different version of the haircut Julianne Hough sports.

3. The Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen’s Thai and Norwegian descent did wonders for her face. She is, without question, one of the most beautiful women out there. Her round and full face is complimented by this long and messy bob.

4. Relaxed Side Parting Haircuts for Round Faces

One way of drawing attention away from your round face is by wearing your hair parted on one side.

Don’t use a comb or a brush when you do it. Instead, allow your locks to fly in the wind on their own.

5. Lob Haircuts for Round Faces

This is the ultimate hairstyle for truly elongating your face. It’s a long, very straight, asymmetrical bob, with the hair parted on one side.

The long and straight front ends to create the illusion of a very long neck.

6. The Tiffani Thiessen Long Curls Haircuts for Round Faces

You might remember this actress from shows such as Saved by the Bell and Beverly Hills.

If you do, then you know that she has always had a round face. Therefore, she needed to find a way to compensate for that, such as these lovely long curls.

7. Haircuts for Round Faces with Long Bangs

This idea is purely geometrical. Cutting a slice from your pie round face has never been easier than with a set of long bangs. In this way, it will look like your face is much more angular than it actually is.

8. Heavy Set Bangs Haircuts for Round Faces

Another trick is to cover your forehead completely, so as to give your face another shape. If you believe this is the solution for you, then go for a set of very heavy bangs which will also give you some dimension.

9. The Messy Bob with Lightened Ends Haircuts for Round Faces

As far as haircuts for round faces go, a messy bob might be the answer to all your prayers.

Here is a very puffed-up strawberry blonde one, with lighter and choppier edges. It virtually encircles your face making it look smaller and slimmer.

10. The AnnaSophia Robb Haircuts for Round Faces

The American actress has a lovely round face which she likes to showcase every chance she gets. Here she is wearing a shoulder-length bob with very choppy ends and loosely tied to the back of her head.

11. The Sarah Hyland

The petite Sarah Hyland is in need of a few good haircuts for round faces as well. However, as usual, she nails it.

This super sleek medium bob with just a touch of honey brown ombre is everything she needs to flaunt her natural beauty.

12. The Elizabeth Olsen

Just like all her round-faced sisters, Elizabeth has opted for bob as well. Only that hers is natural, wavy, honey brown, and longer than usual, which we absolutely love.

13. The Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Rosie Huntington Whiteley is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful women today. Her round face is perfectly complemented by a set of pouty lips and outstanding cheekbones. The feathered bob is a win as well.

14. The Jennifer Lawrence

The moment Jennifer Lawrence opted to cut her hair, it was clear that she had to find some haircuts for round faces. And that she did. It was a mid-level frayed blonde bob, which she matched with a dramatic plum lip.

15. Relaxed Haircuts for Round Faces

If you chose the long or medium bob as well, you can easily transform it into a sleek and casual look by tying a messy bun on top of your head. Don’t bother using a comb for this one.

16. Redhead Haircuts for Round Faces

With this long and straight bob, it’s all about the color. Your round face will get lost in this beautiful dark copper orange shade. To make it truly stand out, use a handful of glossy hair care products.

17. The Shag Haircut for Round Faces

Yes, believe it or not, the shag haircut is back. Therefore, you can use it to your advantage in case you have a round face. Here’s a trick – add some peekaboos right at the front, close to your face, to illuminate it.

18. Layered Fringes and Haircuts for Round Faces

If you have naturally straight hair or want to wear it as such on a daily basis, then we suggest a layered crop, complete with a layered fringe, of course. It will look incredibly natural like you were born with it. Wink wink!

19. The Diana Agron Haircuts for Round Faces

The American actress has one of the loveliest round faces you will ever see. Her sweet and candid nature is fully disclosed here and helped by the high and thin bun, as well as by the heavy bangs.

20. Platinum and Dirty Blonde Haircuts for Round Faces

We are in love with this combination of platinum blonde, dirty blonde, and beach waves. Once you give it a try, you will see that it works wonders for your face, elongating it and making it look a bit wider.

21. The Kirsten Dunst

Another famous round face is that of actress Kirsten Dunst. Although she looks good in almost anything she tries to pull off, this long, feathered, golden blonde cut, which reminds us a bit of Goldie Hawn, seems to work best on her.

22. The Selena Gomez

Not only does Selena have a round face, but she has a doll face as well. Therefore, this look with a middle parting and soft and full, luscious curls on each side fits her perfectly.

23. The Jaw Line Bob

Never say never to a jaw-line bob when you’re thinking about haircuts for round faces. It will leave your neck exposed, creating a beautiful passageway between your face and the rest of your body.

24. Long Haircuts for Round Faces

This long hairstyle with loose locks and side-swept bangs is perfect for those of you with round faces looking for inspiration. Needless to say, we are also in love with the bottle blonde color with darker undergrowth.

25. Medium Haircuts for Round Faces

When you’re not sure whether you want a bob or long tresses, the answer is, of course, the medium cut. Keep it natural in color and only add a few peekaboos here and there to suggest you were sun-kissed.

26. The Sienna Miller Hairstyle for Round Faces

The beautiful blonde actress knows how to accommodate her round face. Here she is sporting a long and textured cut, where every strand from the front is shorter than the next until it ends in a soft, side fringe.

27. The Mary Kate Olsen Hairstyle for Round Faces

We saw Elizabeth, so now it’s time for Mary-Kate. Her sweet, round face is accommodated by a set of well-designed bangs that start short on the left side and end in some longer strands on the right.

28. Milk Chocolate Haircuts for Round Faces

No, we’re not talking about a wig made of chocolate, although that sounds pretty good too. In fact, we’re referring to this outstanding hair color which you might like to try. It’s milk chocolate brown on a feathery bob.

29. The Mandy Moore Style for Round Faces

Actress and singer Mandy Moore is exhibiting two tricks regarding round faces in this pick.

First, there is the dark feathered pixie cut that slims down the face and then there are the statement golden earrings that make the eye go directly to them rather than the roundness of the face itself.

30. The Olivia Munn Hairstyle for Round Faces

Actress Olivia Munn is walking proof that a round face can be just as sexy as any other kind. Her sultry looks are given by debauchery of dark bed head of hair, complete with large, smoky sunglasses.

31. The Cheryl Cole Style for Round Faces

Besides makeup, which she typically uses in copious amounts to retouch and reshape her face, singer Cheryl Cole also makes use of her hair. This is a copper brown asymmetrical bob, which will elongate your face and neck.

32. Short Haircuts for Round Faces

Who wants to take a trip to the 20s? If so, then you are in luck because the flapper bobs they used to wear are the perfect haircuts for round faces. Needless to say, you just have to buy gorgeous red lipstick.

33. The Rachel McAdams

Although we believe she looks better as a blonde, Rachel McAdams was quite a cutie as a brunette as well. She chose a curly, layered bob with a wispy fringe for her feminine and delicate face.

34. The Sandra Bullock Hairstyle for Round Faces

Although we have all grown accustomed to Sandie B with her long, black tresses, she is knocking it out of the ballpark with this one as well. It’s a medium bob with very long bangs in a light chestnut color.

35. Asymmetrical Haircuts for Round Faces

This is a long pixie, tousled and feathered. Apart from that, it is also asymmetrical, with very long bangs falling down on one side.

36. The Second Mandy Moore

Here is Mandy Moore again, this time with a more recent picture. She’s a lot more mature and, dare we say, she’s never looked better. Mandy now has chocolate brown hair with a bit of red mixed into it and a long bob.

37. Soft Waves Haircuts for Round Faces

When it comes to haircuts for round faces, you can’t really go wrong with waves. The reason is that round faces are typically extremely sweet. The curls or waves, for that matter, only add to that sweetness and innocence.

38. Blunt Haircuts for Round Faces

Here is a very blunt cut, which will leave your hair enveloping your head like a helmet. In this way, all the attention goes straight to your beautiful features. Bangs are highly recommended here.

39. The Michelle Williams Style for Round Faces

This Marilyn Monroe lookalike knows how to work it. After a very long period when she used to have long hair, she finally decided to go for the uber-short pixie.

And we are extremely proud of her because better she could not look!

40. The Lilly Collins

Without a doubt, Lilly Collins is Snow White. She even played the Disney Princess once.

Her round face is incredibly sweet and pretty, just like you would expect Snow’s to be. Here she is with a short bob, layered and styled to perfection.

41. Choppy Ends and Curls Haircuts for Round Faces

Who says you can’t combine two styles? If you can’t make up your mind, part your hair sideways, using your curling iron to create half curls, and then let the choppy ends dangle free.

42. The America Ferrera

You might remember America Ferrera from the movie Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants where she played a ditzy teen.

Back then, she sported pigtails. Now, she has moved on to beautiful long, and feathered pixies that compliment her bone structure.

43. Ginnifer Goodwin

Even though she is another famous pixie, Ginnifer Goodwin made it on our list of haircuts for round faces with this outstanding classic bob, which reminds us a bit of the beautiful Courtney Cox.

44. The Marion Cotillard

Yes, ladies, they have round faces in France, too. We’re joking of course. However, there is nothing funny about just how incredibly beautiful Marion Cotillard is.

She has always had a type of natural beauty that doesn’t require a lot of makeup or a special hairstyle.

45. Short and Blunt Haircuts for Round Faces

Pixies come in all shapes and sizes. This one is a medium feathered pixie that has been shagged away using mousse or hairspray.

Apart from that, la piece de resistance here is the ultra-short bangs that really elongate the face.

46. The Demi Lovato

We have called Demi Lovato our forever inspiration when it comes to hair. Her medium to a short bob, very fine and thin with layered strands and in a darker than dark brunette is a win.

We also love how she always pairs it with dramatic lipstick. Wow!

47. Natural Haircuts for Round Faces

In this case, natural means a haircut that looks effortless on you and, in the same way, is effortless as far as managing it goes.

In other words, it’s a hairstyle that you can arrange by simply running your fingers through it a couple of times.

48. Elegant Haircuts for Round Faces

If you must attend a special event, then there are certain hairstyles you can try when you have a round face.

This low and messy chignon, for example, is one of them. However, don’t forget to leave a few strands of hair hanging around your face, to cut away from the roundness.

49. Edgy Haircuts for Round Faces

This haircut, as well as hairstyle, is a real work of art. In fact, it’s so gorgeous that we suggest you get it anyway, even if you don’t have a round face. Adjust the length of the bangs as per your own liking.

50. The Katherine Heigl

A classic beauty, Katherine Heigl can do little wrong when it comes to style choices. Here she is sporting a head of vintage Hollywood curls in a superb faux blonde color. The red lipstick is a must, ladies!

51. The Combed Pixie Haircuts for Round Faces

Here’s yet another pixie on our list of haircuts for round faces. This time, it’s a very short pixie, styled and combed all the way through. Part your hair low on one side to get the effect of a feminine set of bangs.

52. The Morena Bacarrin

You might know her as Deadpool’s love interest, from the movie with the same name.

Even though she sported long locks on-screen, she actually has very short and curly hair. Evidently, we believe it goes great with her round face.

53. Retro Haircuts for Round Faces

This geometrical haircut, as well as the 60s makeup, will completely elongate any round face.

Make sure to use a fine comb and lots and lots of high-quality hair products to make it look shiny and sleek.

54. Tousled Hairstyles for Round Faces

Once you get one of these haircuts for round faces, you will see just how easy it is to maintain and style, at the same time. Every morning, after you get out of the shower, put some hair wax into it and tousle it around.

55. The Emily Blunt

The British actress has always stayed true to the hairstyle that flatters her best. It’s a straight and sleek medium cut, parted down the middle, which helps elongate and slim her round face.

56. The Kaley Cuoco

As pretty as she is, actress Kaley Cuoco has always struggled with a round and plump face.

However, this long, feathered bob with asymmetrical strands of hair running down her face brings some lengthening to her facial bone structure.

57. The Kelly Osbourne

Another proud exponent of the round face is a TV celebrity, Kelly Osbourne. Here she is rocking her favorite hairstyle, a faux Mohawk with one shaved side and vintage curls on top.

We also love the neon baby pink lip she’s wearing.

58. The Adele

It is safe to say by now that singer Adele has her very own style when it comes to hair and makeup.

She always wears a long bob, either straight or sleek like in this pic or in intricate curls on top of her head, in a honey blonde.

59. The Georgia May Jagger

Although Mick Jagger’s daughter, supermodel Georgia May is known for her signature smile, she also has a killer mane. She always opts for a messy set of bed head curls or beach waves in a very cute bottle blonde.

60. The Kate Upton

One of the sexiest women alive, Kate Upton embraces both her curves and her round face. Her striking blue eyes and pouty red lips are accompanied by a set of luxurious golden locks wherever she goes.

61. The Isabella Rosellini

Italian actress Isabella Rosellini will always be a standard of beauty and grace. Whether she has long hair or a simple and cute pixie cut with small curls, she can give any other silver screen beauty a run for their money.

62. The Miranda Kerr

Victoria’s Secret model, Miranda Kerr, has a round face by definition. This, alongside her baby blue eyes and perfect smile, makes her look ageless and timeless. It’s no wonder Orlando Bloom fell head over heels for her!

63. Balayage for Round Faces

If you are keen on making a change and going for another haircut, then you might want to try another color as well. This year’s top choice was balayage hair, which makes it look a lot more natural than regular dyed hair.

64. The Michelle Dockery

You may recognize the actress from the drama series Downton Abbey. In real life, Lady Mary has kept her short bob and we’re happy she did because she proved to be a real inspiration for all of us, hair-wise.

65. The Gigi Hadid

One thing supermodel Gigi Hadid is not prepared to let go is her stupendous honey-colored long locks. They match her round face and plump lips perfectly, making her one of the most beautiful women of the moment.

66. The Lily Aldridge

The reason we chose Lily Aldridge is that there are few women out there who look better with very little makeup on than she does. Everything about her is natural, including her hair, which we love. Talk about inspiration!

67. The Carey Mulligan

She is yet another woman who looks practically ageless thanks to her round face and sweet smile. This sandy blonde ruff pixie cut makes her look a little bit like Tinker Bell herself, don’t you think?

68. The Jennifer Hudson

Singer and actress Jennifer Hudson is a dream in black lace and sequins in this photo. We are absolutely in awe of her luxurious hair, as well as her simple makeup with that buttery powder pink lipstick.

69. Vintage Haircuts for Round Faces

If you don’t know how to style your hair for a big event, why not try some Old Hollywood vintage curls? You can pull off this look even if you have long hair, by using a handful of very well-placed bobby pins.

70. Boyish Haircuts for Round Faces

Wear it with a button-up shirt, midi skirt, and loafers, and pretend like you’re studying at Oxford. Fun!

71. Champagne Blonde Haircuts for Round Faces

We’re absolutely in love with this messy and layered short bob, mostly because of its color.

It’s a platinum blonde that has been treated to a fantastic shade of champagne, resulting in this metallic, almost tanned-looking color.

72. The Cameron Diaz

Although this bubbly actress had a short spell when she dyed her hair brown, she is a blonde by definition.

There is no mistake when we say that light blonde is, undoubtedly, the color that suits her best.

73. The Kate Bosworth

With her unique brand of beauty, Kate Bosworth shows us how to do prom or wedding hairstyles in high fashion. She’s wearing a set of Old Hollywood diva long curls in bombshell bottle blonde.

74. Gorgeous Haircuts for Round Faces

Try as you might, and you will never find a better color than this if you have green eyes. It’s a silky chocolate brown that will make you look mysterious, sultry, and elegant. All at the same time!

75. The Cara Delavigne

Supermodel Cara Delavigne went platinum blonde so that she could keep in trend with the latest fad – extreme blondes. She paired it with Harry Potter sunglasses, a golden Channel choker, and layered necklaces.

Ready to Change Your Look?

Haircuts for round faces are usually seen as serviceable ones that create the illusion of height, help slim down the face, raise the cheekbones, and elongate the face.

However, our ideas are also very fun and stylish. Let us know in the comment section below which one was your favorite and why!


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