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50 Ideas for Curtain Bangs to Wear in 2022

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Here is a list of the best 50 ideas for curtain bangs to wear in 2022. A style of bangs that are parted in the middle and hang down to frame your face on both sides. Most of the time this hairdo has shorter bangs on the inside that gradually become longer.

This type of bangs is such a cute look and is great on any length of hair. There are many different ways to wear your curtain bangs, sometimes referred to as ”fringe bangs”. If you are looking for a new style with an edge for 2022 curtain bangs are perfect for you.

1. Short Hair Blonde with Green Edge

A fun style on its own, the short blonde bob with green edges only gets better when you add short fringe bangs.

2. Black Long Layered Curtain Bangs

Long layers go perfect with curtain bangs. In the photo above she has long black layers with bangs parted in the middle that frame her face beautifully.

3. Layered Black Hair with Curl Edge

You can get this gorgeous look by adding long layers to your black hair with curtain bangs and finishing your hairstyle off with a curled edge.

4. Blonde Curtain Bangs Hair

For a lighter look, try this blonde bangs hairstyle. The bangs here are parted in the middle and are layered up to almost her chin for a flawless finish.

5. Dirty Blonde Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs are so pretty in dirty blonde hair. In the photo above they added long bangs and left the hair straight for a more natural look.

6. Chocolate Brown Hair Curtain Bangs

Chocolate brown hair is classically beautiful, add a few layers and bangs, and you are ready for any event.

7. Dark Roast Curtain Bangs

The dark roast hair color for brown hair is such a pretty look for fall, add a long bang and you will love the way you look.

8. Honey Blonde Long Bob Curtain Bangs

Try out a long bob haircut for your next salon day. In the photo above they added honey blonde highlights and finished it off with loose curls for a gorgeous finish.

9. Short Hair with Flipped Edge Curtain Bangs

Short hair with flipped edges and bangs is a beautiful hairstyle for summer. In the photo above they added highlights throughout to give the hair some texture.

10. Layered Cut Fine Hair with Curtain Bangs

For all the ladies with fine hair, try the layered cut look with a bang. This hairstyle will bring some life to your thin hair.

11. Curly and Highlighted Edges

Wow, this hairstyle is a showstopper. To get this look try adding a few lighter highlights to your hair with long bangs. In the photo above they finished this look off with messy curls.

12. Rich Long Brown Hair

Tired of your same old long brown hair, mix it up and add bangs. It is a subtle change but it will make all the difference.

13. Balayage Hair

Balayage is beautiful for any type of hair, it is a great way to change your hair color. In the photo above they went with a light brown color and bangs parted in the middle, she looks gorgeous.

14. Natural Black Short Coil Hair

For all the women with coil curls, try this natural brown short hair with bangs look. Try finishing off the curtain bangs with a straightener to frame your face.

15. Vanilla Blonde

Vanilla ice has nothing on this next look. The vanilla blonde with curtain bangs is so gorgeous, all your friends will be asking you where you got your hair done.

16. Ash Brown Brassy Color with Bangs for Bob Hair

For a sassy look try the brassy ash brown color after your next bob cut. Add in bangs and you have got the perfect look for 2022.

17. Long Layered Hair Balayage

Curtain bangs and long layers are the perfect combos for your next hairstyle. In the photo above they added a balayage throughout and finished with loose curls, she looks gorgeous.

18. Blonde Bob

This short and sweet look is known as a blonde bob with bangs, a beautiful look any time of the year but screams summer hair.

19. Long Layered Black Hair with Curtain Bangs

For all the ladies with natural long dark hair, this look is perfect for you. Try some long layers with bangs that frame your beautiful face and you are all set.

20. Buttery Blonde Highlights for Long Length Layered Hair

A flawless hairstyle is a long-length layered haircut with buttery blonde highlights. Wear your new look straight or curly, either way, you love your new look.

21. Brunette Hair with Curtain Bangs

Brunette hair with bangs is a stunning look. In the photo above they gave her an almost chestnut brown tone, with one long layer with straight curtain bangs.

22. Golden Blonde Textured Bob Hairstyle

A beautiful short bob haircut is not complete without two-sided bangs. Add a golden blonde texture and you will look amazing.

23. Gorgeous Blowout Jennie Inspired Hair

Jenne-inspired hair is a fun take on the money piece. Take your money piece one step further and wear them as curtain bangs. You will be right on trend for 2022.

24. Smooth Trim Hair

On your next trip to the salon for a quick trim try adding bangs. In the photo above the bangs are so subtle but frame her face beautifully.

25. Curly Blonde Perfect for Spring Day

A stunning look for springtime is the curly blonde hairstyle. This look is beautiful when finished off with long two-sided curtain bangs.

26. Warm Black Lob Curtain Bangs

An asymmetrical bob is right in trend for 2022. Try adding a warm black color with bangs for a sleek finish.

27. Mocha Ash with Curtain Bangs for Long Length Hair

Mocha ash hair color is perfect for those summer months. In the photo above they kept her hair a long length and added the cutest bangs.

28. Wavy Pink

Curtain bangs look great in any color, a pink hue is no exception. Try finishing the style off with curly hair and bangs to let the pink pop.

29. White Blonde with Baby Lights Curtain Bangs

A white blonde hairstyle can be achieved with beautiful baby lights. Keep it long or short and add bangs for a gorgeous hairstyle.

30. Caramel Balayage

A caramel balayage is so beautiful. In the photo above they kept it medium length with layers and framed her face with bangs, and she looks gorgeous.

31. Blonde Curtain Bangs Perfect for Summer

A perfect hairstyle for summer 2022 is long hair with bangs. Add some curls and you are ready for those summer nights.

32. Nut Brown Layered Lob Hair

Add nut brown to your beautiful layered hairstyle. A lob with bangs is a wonderful way to add some extra volume to your hair.

33. Dark Brown Long Shaggy Hairstyle

For a stunning shaggy hairstyle keep your hair long with straight bangs. When styling just ad a few loose curls to the ends of your hair.

34. Natural Wave with Curtain Bangs

For all the naturally wavy hair women try out this haircut. In the photo above they gave her multiple layers and added highlights to let the wavy hair shine.

35. Shaggy Blonde Perfect for Spring

A perfect look for spring is this shaggy blonde style. Cut your hair to the shoulders, add a beautiful blonde all over, and two-sided parted bangs to look beautiful all spring long.

36. Messy Copper

Copper is a beautiful hair color for spring. Add messy curls and two-sided bangs and get ready for the compliments.

37. Soft Shaggy

Soft shaggy hair with bangs would be lovely on women of all ages. It is such an easy style to keep up with too.

38. Blonde Pixie Hair

For a perfect tomboy hairstyle pair, your pixie cut with curtain bangs.

39. Cool Layered Hair

Cool layered hair with curtain bangs is perfect for your next hairstyle. It Keeps the bangs long enough that you can still pull it back in a ponytail.

40. Long Firey Red Hair

This next look is a long fiery red hairstyle. In the photo above they kept it long and curly with two-sided bangs.

41. Soft Brown Curtain Bangs

This wolf cut hairstyle is right on trend for 2022, add straight bangs and you have a classic hairstyle.

42. Perfect Long Curtain Bangs

A perfect combo with bangs is the long blonde look. Add in long wavy curls and you are going to love the way you look.

43. Dark Layered Curtain Bangs

For an edgy haircut try a dark color with layers throughout and finish with textured bangs.

44. Dimensional Blonde

Dimensional blonde is such a pretty look, in the photo above they gave long bangs that have been curled back. Her hair is flawless.

45. Caramel Brown with Highlights

Caramel-brown hair color with highlights is so pretty, keep it short and parted in the middle for this look above.

46. Dark Root Curl with Highlights

For a more natural look try a dark root bang with highlights. This is curled so beautifully with the highlights coming through the curls.

47. Root Shadow & Glaze with Curtain Bangs

This next look is for all the businesswomen out there. Try the root shadow and glaze with curtain bangs is it so sophisticated.

48. Short Layered Neon Red Hair

A beautifully bright neon red hair will make you stand out in the crowd. In the photo above they kept it shoulder length with layers and curtain bangs, she looks wonderful.

49. Long Layered Blue Hair

Long-layered blue hair is so much fun. Add curtain bangs and you will be ready for 2022.

50. Spooky Hairstyle with Curtain Bangs

For spooky hair try this hairstyle with bangs, this would be the perfect look for Halloween.


You will see almost all of these curtain bang hairstyles trending for 2022. As you could see there is a look perfect for anyone on this list. Out of the 50 ideas on this list which one was your favorite? Let us know down below.


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