50 Hottest Senegalese Twist Hairstyles for Women in 2022

big twisty bun senegalese twist

So, first things first: what are the Senegalese Twist Hairstyles?

As you might have guessed based on their name, the Senegalese Twist Hairstyles originate in Senegal, a country in West Africa.

It is also called the rope twists due to their coiled appearance, and they are one of the best hair protective styles out there!

When properly executed, these strands take a lot less time to do than their three-strand counterparts. They’re also easier to remove. Apart from that, they last a lot more time, up to two or three months.

Moreover, you have no idea just how versatile the Senegalese twist really is. Coiled, twisted, wrapped, curled, up or down, the possibilities are endless! So scroll down to see some of the best ways to wear Senegalese twists!

1. The Classic Senegalese Twist Hairstyles

Let’s start off with the classic and simplest way to wear the Senegalese twist.

All you need to do is part your hair on one side and let the braids cascade down your shoulders and your back.

You can even embellish them if you want!

2. Oversized Senegalese Twist Hairstyles

Here’s a trick in case you don’t have a lot of time or patience to go through the whole process.

Create fewer braids by oversizing them. You will be both comfortable and cool. Ready for a selfie?

3. The Copper Senegalese Twist Hairstyles

Most Senegalese twists, just like any other type of protective twisted hairstyle, for that matter, are constructed using extensions.

Therefore, you can easily change the color of your hair without actually dyeing it.

4. The Elegant Senegalese Twist Hairstyles

Paired with the right outfit and accessories, the Senegalese braids can turn into a wonderfully elegant hairstyle.

Therefore, you can sport it at a special event, a party or even your very own big day.

5. The Sexy Senegalese Twist

These beautiful braids can add a touch of mystery and sexiness to your everyday style.

Pair them with a dramatic smoky eye makeup and a dark, matte lipstick.

6. The Red Senegalese Twist

This mahogany shade or red hair is perfect for the summer season. You can pair it with colorful tops and sunglasses to create the perfect music festival look. Keep the makeup to a minimum for this one.

7. The Embellished Senegalese Twist Hairstyles

If you want to add a touch of luxury to your classic twists, then why not go for gold?

You know perfectly well that you cannot go wrong with gold, so look for some tubular embellishments that you can clip onto your braids.

8. The Parted Ponytail

All you need to do to copy this 90s look is tie your hair in a high ponytail and then divide it in two.

Bring the two halves close to your face and puff them up to add extra volume and body to the hairdo.

9. Black and Yellow

In fact, it’s black and blonde, to be more accurate. These braids are exactly like creating some highlights or adding some peekaboos in your hair. The only difference is that this time, you will be doing it with extensions.

10. The Mahogany Senegalese Twist Hairstyles

If you have fair skin, this scrumptious shade of mahogany will complement it.

If you opt for both golden embellishments and statement earrings, then keep your makeup to a minimum.

11. The Half Knot

If you want to showcase your Senegalese twists but still keep them out of your face for convenience, this is what you have to do.

Go for the half knot! If you want, you can use a doughnut to secure the bun up top.

12. African Queen

This is a headgear that will cause much envy among fashionistas.

It’s a metallic headband truly fit for a queen, complete with a blue jewel in the middle which will adorn your forehead and complement your twists!

13. The Messy Bun

Use your Senegalese twist mass to create this high and spectacular messy bun.

Simply use a hair elastic or even a handful of bobby pins. The warm peekaboos which you can see give the bun extra dimension.

14. The Medium Bob

A Senegalese twist haircut doesn’t have to be long. In other words, you don’t have to add long extensions to your hair if you don’t want to.

Instead, go for medium-length twists with frayed ends for an artistic look.

15. The Senegalese Twist Comb Over Hairstyles

We fell in love with this feminine and delicate look, which is why we added it to our list of ideas we want to try.

When constructing your braids, instead of parting your hair down the middle, you can do it on the side.

16. The Dutch Braid

If you have thin Senegalese twists, you can use them to create a simple, yet oversized Dutch braid right at the front of your head. It will help frame your face and give you a simple yet elegant look.

17. The Blonde Senegalese Twist Hairstyles

This intricate braid made from blonde Senegalese twists is simply too beautiful.

The amazing thing is that, from the front, it looks demure, while at the back, it’s all a party!

18. The Vintage Knot

We like to call this the Janelle Monae style.

It’s an oversized retro flat bun, which goes right on top of your head, and covers half your forehead, right down to your eyes.

Braid your hair in a three-strand braid and twist it around.

19. The Crochet Senegalese Twist Hairstyles

Crochet braiding has constantly been evolving as a hair technique and style since the 90s.

It has now evolved into a huge trend that encompasses the Senegalese twist.

Bonus fact – it only takes about three hours to make them, extensions and all.

20. Rope Twists

These are called rope twists, and they are a new take on the classic Senegalese twist.

And yes, you’ve guessed why they’re called like that: because they look like ropes, of course!

21. The Honey Blonde Senegalese Twist Hairstyles

Not only is the color of these twists absolutely adorable, but we also fell in love with the stylized retro Victory Roll.

Another great thing is that the ends of the strands have not been tied with anything, which makes them look natural.

22. The Black and Purple Senegalese Twists

When you construct your braids, you can choose two colors instead of one.

For example, you can go for the awesome combination between your natural brunette and a wonderful midnight purple.

23. The Jumbo Senegalese Twists

Here’s the trick to this beautiful almost lioness mane of a hair. The thinner and finer you braid your Senegalese twists, the more of them you will have.

Divide your hair into two parts and use the upper one to create one large braid. Braidception, anyone?

24. Blonde and Brown Senegalese Twists

If you have fine or thin hair, you can mask that by using differently colored extensions.

The striking contrast between icy blonde and brown, for example, will make it look like there is a lot more hair to work with there.

25. The Short Senegalese Twists

Here is what your hair will look like if you opt not to use extensions for your Senegalese twists.

It will be short and sweet, with simple cornrows and a medium-length bob.

26. The Perfect Top Knot

Have you ever seen a more perfect, if we may say so, top knot?

Its beautiful shape as well as the lone Senegalese twists that run down the side of the face elongate the facial structure and make it look thin and elegant.

27. The Chocolate Senegalese Twists

No, they’re not made of chocolate, although how great would that be?

These Senegalese twists are, in fact, chocolate-colored and we love it! The dark cocoa bean shade compliments any skin tone.

28. Blue Peekaboos

This cobalt shade of blue is gorgeous, and it’s a wonderful way of adding a touch of color to your hair if your twists are black.

Use any shade of blue you want because the results will be spectacular either way!

29. Cruella’s Senegalese Twists

If Cruella DeVil lived in this age, she would have worn Senegalese twists for sure. She was quite cool, you know.

To copy her style, use two different colors of extensions and apply them each to half of your hair.

30. The Faux Mohawk

Did you know that you can even create a faux mohawk using the good, old Senegalese twist? We bet you didn’t.

If you dye your front braids a different color than the rest, you can twist them in a larger one and pull it across your head.

31. The Caramel Blonde Senegalese Twists

If you want to copy this look, you will need to use caramel blonde extensions, a pair of retro hipster glasses, a cool patterned shirt and, of course, a nose ring.

32. Dirty Blonde and Black

There are many shades of blonde out there, but the dirty blonde has always had a special appeal. The perfect summer look has to have at least a few strands in this shade. Don’t you agree?

33. Stripes and Patterns

This protective hairstyle is so versatile that you can do literally anything you want with it.

Use two different colors for your twists and then build a stylized crown over the red ones.

34. The Half Curly Senegalese Twists

If you have curly hair, it’s possible that your braids will curl up as well, especially if you don’t use extensions.

If you have straight hair, but you like this look, you can always use your curling iron to create some waves.

35. The Golden Band

To recreate this awesome street look, tie your Senegalese twists in a high ponytail and use a golden band to embellish it. You can pair it up with a crop top and a metallic chain around your neck.

36. The Quiff

If you want to add a few inches to your height, this is a great trick.

Tie your Senegalese twists in such a way that they resemble a faux quiff.

Use as many bobby pins as you need to secure everything in place.

37. The Rapunzel Senegalese Twist

Rapunzel, throw down your Senegalese twists!

Maybe, just maybe, if your braids are long enough, you will find a handsome prince to climb up and rescue you from the tower and, consequently, start a beautiful love story.

38. The Fiery Red Senegalese Twist

Another unconventional color you can try out while braiding your hair is fiery red.

This cherry shade compliments every skin tone as well as any eye color.

39. The Massive Mohawk

Get ready to turn heads wherever you go with this absolutely outstanding hairdo.

Start by twisting oversized Senegalese braids. The next step is arranging them in such a way that it looks like you actually got a mohawk.

40. The Turban

Another amazing hairstyle which you can try is the turban style. It looks like you are wearing the famous headscarf, only made from your natural locks.

41. The Simple Rope Twist

Here is an incredibly easy yet stylish way to wear your Senegalese twist hairdo.

Choose two or three braids from each side of the head and tie them together in a loose knot at the back of the head.

42. Senegalese Twist and Goddess Braids

Here is a lovely lady who has taken the protective hair updo to a whole different level. She combined goddess braids at head level with the Senegalese twist for the length of her hair.

43. The Grey Senegalese Twist

Not only are these twists jumbo size, but they are also a lovely shade of gray.

The result is absolutely stunning, for the color will emphasize your eyes, as well as your skin tone. Red lipstick is a must here, ladies!

44. The Simple Top Knot

If you’re too lazy one day to do anything fancy to your hair or if it’s a Monday morning, all you need to do is tie up your twists in a large knot on top of your head.

45. The Indigo Senegalese Twist

As far as unconventional hair colors go, this indigo shade of purple has been on a massive trend for the past few years.

Many celebrities have worn it, including Katy Perry Jessie J, Selena Gomez, and Nicole Richie.

46. Mix and Match

Here’s another interesting mix.

Simple parallel cornrows accented with silky locks and ending with our beloved Senegalese twist.

Far from clashing, they instead create a wonderful ensemble.

47. The Aqua Senegalese Twist

If you can’t find extensions in this shade of aqua, you can always go for the more traditional braiding hair.

It’s cheating, yes, but it’s for a good cause – your beauty!

48. Shades of Copper

These Senegalese twists start off with a simple brunette basis.

However, they have some copper, blonde, and brown highlights as well, giving them a creamy coffee feel to the color.

49. The Pink Senegalese Twist

If you love Lil’ Kim and you want to get a bit of her vibe in your looks as well, go for these dark pink Senegalese twists.

Heavy eyebrows and 90s pink lipstick with a contour penciled in are a must to complete this look.

50. The Roman Senegalese Twist

We have saved the best for last, we believe. Here is the Roman version of the Senegalese twist, with a golden laurel branch embellishment, perched neatly on top of a well-constructed chignon.

Ready to Change Your Look?

So, now you know what a Senegalese twist is and how it got its name. You also know how to wear one or at least have enough examples to decide on at least one way of sporting your twists.

So there’s only one thing left to decide: when will you get some and how will you style them? Comment and let us know! It’s all up to you!


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