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50 Trendiest Prom Updos to Try in 2022

glamorous prom updos

Prom night is one of the events which you will remember for the rest of your life. It’s a special occasion when you get to celebrate your youthful school years with your friends, colleagues, and, of course, your prom date. Therefore, needless to say, every girl wants to look her best, like a princess even. The dress has to be spectacular, the makeup has to be perfect, and the prom updos have to be fantastic.

With this in mind, we have compiled a list of 50 inspirational prom updos. Scroll down to see them all and choose the one which suits you best. From simple knots and low chignons to celebrity red carpet looks that will blow your mind, we have it all.

1. The Low Braided Chignon Prom Updos

There’s the chignon, and then there’s the braided chignon. It adds a touch of much-needed fanciness and elegance to any look, so why not go for it? Braid your hair in a loose tail and then twirl it around itself.

2. Prom Updos with Flowers

Prom night is the one night when you can go all the way, style and fashion wise. Here is a fantastic messy bun, decorated with flowers. There is also a simple and loose French braid, used to frame your face.

3. The Messy Bun Prom Updos

When your dress is the very image of perfection, and your makeup is flawless, then you might benefit from a bit of messiness in your hair. Consider this a sort of a controlled chaos type of situation.

4. Romantic Twisted Prom Updos

As far as prom updos go, you cannot go wrong with this soft and romantic low bun. Pull out a few strands of hair and let them flow freely on the sides of your face, for added texture and a bit of frame.

5. The Crown Prom Updos

We called this The Crown because of the beautiful, simple three-strand braid that encircles and crowns the high bun. To make the bun itself, you can use a hair donut or a product that adds some texture for coiling it easier.

6. Elegant Prom Updos

This straw blonde updo is so elegant that not only will you look remarkable at your prom, but you could also be fit to meet the Queen of England herself.

7. Lacy and Chic Prom Updos

If you are planning on wearing a heavy-set dress with a lot of detail on it, such as a lacy number, it’s good to let the intricacies breathe. Tie your hair up in this braided updo chic chignon.

8. The Loop Waterfall Prom Updos

This one falls under the category ‘young and sweet prom updos.’ It’s remarkably simple to make but what a sight to look at! Watch some tutorials online or ask your stylist to do it for you.

9. Messy and Embellished

We have many examples of the half up half down style on this list, starting with this sweet and innocent looking one. It’s a tangle of messy curls pulled together by two splendid diamond-studded hair pieces in the shape of leaves.

10. Prom Updos with an Exquisite Headpiece

If your dress is simple and demure, you can always go for the va-va-voom in your hair. This long-flowing headpiece complete with white crystals and pearls will transform you into the queen of the night.

11. Three Icy Roses

If Queen Elsa from Frozen had gone to her own ball, this would have been one of her preferred prom updos. All the hair is pulled back into three icy roses. Notice the architecture of the hairdo.

12. The Messy Ponytail

Here is one for the girls who haven’t decided what to do about their hair on prom night or for the ones who forgot to make an appointment. Don’t worry because it’s the messy ponytail to the rescue.

13. The Half Up Bump

It’s obvious why this one is called the Bump. It has half a retro beehive ending in perfect curls cascading down your back. It’s sleek, chic, and sheer perfection.

14. Take Me to the Dancefloor

This prom do in combination with the soft organza white dress is simply asking to be taken out on the dance floor for a dance or two. As far as prom updos go, this has got to be a winner.

15. The Ice Cream Bun

This beautiful honey colored balayage hair looks absolutely spectacular when put in this twirled low bun. In fact, it almost has the appearance of a swirled scoop of ice cream.

16. Oversized Braids

As far as prom updos go, braids can be your winning ticket for the evening. However, not any kind of braids. If you have long hair, go for these oversized braids, especially if you’re planning on wearing a backless dress.

17. The Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Here is where we start our celebrity inspired prom updos. The first one to provide some much-needed inspiration is Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, with the simplest of hairdos. Its simplicity, in fact, balances the intricate pearl dress.

18. The Emma Watson

The award-winning actress likes to flaunt her natural beauty wherever she goes. Take a cue from her and copy this relaxed, textured low ponytail, complete with a striking red lipstick.

19. Mermaid Prom Updos

This has to be the perfect mermaid hairdo for this sea foam blue mermaid dress. It’s a simple fishtail braid with a bit of texture to it. The braid also has some depth thanks to the brown peekaboos you can see underneath.

20. The Dakota Johnson Prom Updos

Dakota opted for a simple ponytail in order to allow her dress to breathe and to showcase the beautiful gray embellishments and straps. Her textured bangs help frame her face.

21. Artistic Prom Updos

We’re getting a bit of a Hunger Games vibe from this artsy updo, and we love it. Apart from that, the hairstyle will add a few inches to your height if you feel the need.

22. The Rooney Mara

If you want some edge, you can always go for this Rooney Mara red carpet look. It consists of three separate small buns perfectly placed at equal distances from each other at the back of her head.

23. The Alicia Vikander Prom Updos

For the 2016 Oscars, actress Alicia Vikander looked like a modern-day Belle. Not only did she wear a yellow ball gown, but she also copied Belle’s iconic hairstyle. Try it yourself and look like a princess for a night.

24. Flowers Everywhere Prom Updos

If you have a good hairstylist, you can always ask him or her to recreate this lovely flower-inspired hairdo. Use a curling iron to get the perfect soft curls dangling at the ends of your hair.

25. The Perfect Half Up Half Down Prom Updos

This Ariana Grande inspired look simply makes you want to swoon. Apart from that, we love the fact that it’s so forgiving as well as incredibly easy to adjust as the night progresses and you need to refresh yourself.

26. The Daisy Ridley

When you have Daisy Ridley’s facial bone structure all you want to do is tie your hair back so that you can show it to the world. Also, we can’t help but notice just how little makeup she needs to look so gorgeous. Forever inspiration!

27. The Jennifer Lopez

Here’s another undeniable beauty who graces the red carpet with her flawless physique. JLo is donning a perfect ballerina bun here, complete with artsy makeup and her signature nude lip.

28. The Jessica Chastain

We love our prom updos intricate, and we love them simple. And these vintage curls downright stole our hearts. Consider the old Hollywood glamor hairstyle if you will be wearing a strapless dress.

29. Glamorous Prom Updos

This one is a take on the vintage curls we detailed above. The model has taken things one step further by sweeping all her hair to one side to show off the V neckline of this gorgeous champagne colored sequin dress.

30. Mix It Up!

This updo will save you the money spent at the hairdressers. However, even though you can attempt this at home on your own, you will still look like a million dollars on the big night.

31. White Swan

Every little girl dreams of being a ballerina. And now you can, for one evening, thanks to this ballerina bun, complete with milky pearls and crystals.

32. The Classy Prom Updos

If you are planning to wear a statement dress, such as this white Oscar de la Renta number, complete with over-the-top earrings, then your hair needs to be demure. A simple, sleek bob will do the trick just fine.

33. The Jennifer Aniston

The whole world gasped when Jen walked the Oscars red carpet in an ivory gown and this simple hairdo. It was a take on the old ‘Rachel,’ with a short braid at the front. The amount of makeup is almost nonexistent.

34. The Keira Knightley

If we’re not mistaken, this was Keira’s proudest moment ever on the red carpet. She is the picture of perfection here with a messy updo, sultry makeup, long tube diamond earrings and a stunner of a white dress.

35. The Lilly Collins

Actress Lilly Collins simply sparkled at the 2017 Golden Globes. Even though she didn’t win, she still made it her night with a pink princess gown, hair to match, and scarlet lipstick.

36. The Selena Gomez

This is a perfect look. Her hair is parted down the middle and glossed over, then tied in an intricate low bun. In this way, Selena showcases her huge golden earrings and the beautiful neckline of the dress she’s wearing.

37. The Amber Heard

The great thing about Amber Heard’s hairdo in this pic is that it elongates even the roundest of faces. The high pouf combined with the slick sides will give the illusion of a slimmer face.

38. The Emma Watson Again

We return to the gorgeous Emm Watson for yet another slice of inspiration for our prom hairdos. This time it’s a short bob with the hair parted on the side and very soft curls at the ends.

39. The Blake Lively

Nobody does red carpet quite like Blake Lively. Everything about her look is always flawless. Here she is with a high braided and textured ponytail that showcases her statement scarlet earrings.

40. Sleek Prom Updos

Everything about this look scream business in the front, party in the back. To highlight this beautiful highlight, we suggest you take all your selfies from one side or the other.

41. The Emily Ratajkowski

When you’re this beautiful, your motto in life should be ‘there is no need to gild the lily.’ And this is exactly what model Emily Ratajkowski is doing here. She is wearing the simplest of ponytails, with theatrical makeup and long earrings.

42. The Kate Winslet

It’s hard to find a more graceful and elegant actress than Kate Winslet. Her beautiful face is highlighted here by this retro style bun, complete with one, simple finger wave on one side.

43. Curly and Layered Prom Updos

Bring out your curling iron for this one. Use a handful of high-quality mousse and go to town with your curls. A high top will add some layers to your hair.

44. The Kat Dennings

Since her gorgeous dress and fantastic scarlet lipstick are doing all the talking here, comedy actress Kat Dennings has opted for a soft and romantic low chignon. We’re also in love with the chocolate color of her hair.

45. The Cara Delavigne

What more can you want when it comes to prom updos? Use Cara as an inspiration for your big night, especially if you have hair as blonde as hers. The stylized curls elongate her neck and expose her cleavage area.

46. Perfection

To copy this look, you will need to find your large curlers. Use hair fixating product on each strand, curl them up and leave them to stand overnight. In the morning, do not brush them at all.

47. The Demi Lovato

This might just be one of the most beautiful hairstyles on our prom updos list. Singer Demi Lovato stepped onto the red carpet with a short bob fixed in immovable finger waves. It all makes her look like a dark flapper from an underground club in the 20s. Wow!

48. The Kendall Jenner

Instagram sweetheart and model Kendell Jenner flaunts her long dark brown hair in a low bubble braid. Amazingly, all you need to pull this off is a handful of hair elastics and some hairspray.

49. The Roman Prom Updos

Here is a Roman inspired prom updo. The high curly bun is framed by two thin three-strand braids that crown the head exactly like the ladies in Ancient Rome used to do their own hair.

50. The Gigi Hadid

Last, but definitely not least on our list of prom updos we have the beautiful Gigi Hadid. Here she is showcasing the latest trend hair-wise – ‘the no parting.’ This, along with her golden makeup, makes her look like a fierce lioness.

Final thoughts

We hope that you enjoyed our collection of Prom Updos and that you got the inspiration to style up the perfect looks for every special event you will be attending. Also, feel free to share your favorite styles in the comments or to come up with ideas for new ones.


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