50 Inspiring Goddess Braids Styling Ideas

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Many questions have been asked about what goddess braids really are. To put it simply, they look a bit like cornrows, only a dash more sophisticated.

At the same time, they are also thicker and a lot more versatile. You can use your own natural hair and braid it or you can go for extensions. As far as goddess braids are concerned, no one will ever know the difference.

Here are amazing ideas for you to try in case you are attracted to the beauty of goddess braids!

1. Simple Goddess Braids Styles

Let’s start off with an everyday example of what goddess braids mean. Here you can see two types of plaits that resemble cornrows. In addition, notice how one is smaller and the other type thicker. All the goddess braids end in boxed braids going all the length of the hair on the back.

2. Twisted Braids on Crown of the Head

Part your hair down the middle. Then, braid your hair on a horizontal line from the front to the back in very fine and even goddess braids. Lastly, take the remaining hair and braid it in two plaits. In addition, you can overlap the two braids to make an X.

3. Goddess Braids and Cornrows

Here is the goddess braids hairstyle which comes very close to the cornrow one. Braid your hair as close to the back of your neck as possible and then finish it in some chunky boxed braids for a street look.

4. Ponytails and Buns Protective Styling

One characteristic of the goddess braids which is absolutely fantastic is this one: they can easily be tied up in either a loose bun or a ponytail. Both of these updos will make you look classy and elegant.

5. Cute Goddess Braids

Pair your simple goddess braids with medium-sized golden hoops and natural makeup. In this way, you can go for the sweet ‘girl next door’ style that is easy to maintain.

6. Four Blonde Goddess Braids

We could have easily gone for the most obvious four non-blondes pun here, but we won’t. Why? Because this hairstyle is no joke. Just take a look at how beautiful and natural it looks. As a matter of fact, you can add some golden embellishments to take it up a notch.

7. Goddess Braids in a Bun

Here is another cool goddess braids bun for you to try. However, this time, instead of doing it on top of your head, how about making it sideways at the nape of the neck? You will be exposing and highlighting your beautiful neckline and also elongating it at the same time.

8. Jumbo Goddess Braids

In case you need a demurer hairstyle that still includes goddess braids, how about this one? It has one jumbo braid at the front going front one side of the head to the other. Apart from that, it also has one or two thick braids tied up in a bun, all the way in the back.

9. Goddess Braids with Curls

When you want to add a bit of pizazz to your simple goddess braids, here’s what you can do. Leave some solitary hair strands at the front and curl them up using your curling iron. They will have a very pretty face-framing effect.

10. Braided Pigtails Style

In case you’re in a hurry, you can always go for the simplest style there is. Two large goddess braids that start from your forehead and end low on your back in two perfect pigtails.

11. Long and Thin Goddess Braids

How low can you go? How about how long can you go? Here’s a trick. If you want your goddess braids to be as long as possible, then straighten up your hair before you plait it. Or consider using some hair extensions in the hair types of your choice.

12. Chestnut Crown Braid

One way of proudly displaying your beautiful hair color is by tying your hair up in a big and loose crown braid. Dress up and put on some casual makeup to complete this relaxed and breezy look.

13. Goddess Braids with Weave

Goddess braids are not just for those with long hair. If your gorgeous mane is shorter than you would want it to be, you can always choose a nice weave. Start by braiding your own hair and then add the weave starting from the base of your neck, as you progress.

14. Elegant Braided Updo

Never has a hairdo made one lady look so classy and timeless at the same time. Goddess braids and plaits, in general, are the stuff of dreams when it comes to a special occasion.

15. DIY These Braids

If you have skilled-enough fingers or there is someone around to help you, then you can go for this hairstyle right at home. However, here’s a tip – start with the jumbo ones first to see how good you are. After that, you can continue with the finer, thinner braids.

16. Goddess Braids of Different Sizes

Since we have started by giving you tips on this lovely do, here’s another one. If you want to add some depth or some perspective to your simple goddess braids, braid the middle one a lot thicker than the rest. This way, it will look like it stands higher than the rest.

17. Goddess-Like Dutch Braids On Natural Hair

The beautiful lady in the example we’ve chosen is the picture of grace itself with this braided hairstyle. Minimal nude makeup style and absolutely no jewelry make her look natural and effortless.

18. Long and Tight Braids

Goddess braids can also be fierce if worn in the right combinations. Add some aviator glasses, boyfriend jeans, and a pair of sneakers to look like you just rolled onto the street to drop some rhymes.

19. Tight Goddess Braid Updo

You can also keep it tight and simple with your goddess braids. In other words, you don’t need to show them off if you don’t want to. Braid some very fine plaits all over your head and then tie them up in the back in a small bun.

20. Zig Zag Twist Braids

Not only can you choose the size of your goddess braids, but you can also select the pattern or way in which you want them to go. Ask your hairstylist to part your hair in a zig-zag line rather than a straight one. As a result, you will get this show-stopping updo.

21. Big Crown Braid Style

Every girl wants to be a princess and, luckily for us, this hairstyle lets us be just that. The very thick or jumbo goddess braid sits on top of your head adding a touch of elegance and nobility to it. In addition, it’s a very versatile style.

22. Two-Tone Braids

Here’s a combination of colors that gives a lot of depth to these braids. The lovely lady in the picture has a darker shade of brown on the bottom and a lighter one for the strands on her head.

23. Goddess Braids Updo

Instead of the traditional straight line rows, you can always go for some sideways ones. Start from the left side and end on the right and vice versa.

24. X’s and Crosses Updo

Here is one very complicated but utterly show-stopping updo. First of all, you have two braids in the front. Secondly, you have a classic parting down the middle all the way to the back. Thirdly, you have another parting on the horizontal, in the back. Lastly, you have two jumbo goddess braids in an X.

25. Messy Double Crown Braid

This lovely take on the classic crown braid will have you making it as messy as you can. Also consider making it a double crown – fit for a true queen!

26. Two Goddess Braids

Less really is more when you look at this example. Part your hair in two down the middle and braid those two large halves. The result is a stunning pair of goddess braids.

27. Sleek and Casual Style

Here’s a lovely lady that pairs up her braids with a jumpsuit and is taking them to the streets. There is no reason why you couldn’t do the same thing.

28. Purple Fire Braided Hairstyle

This young woman has paired her fiery red hair and goddess braids with an equally stunning lipstick and an oversized golden chain necklace. Apart from that, notice how she kept her makeup to a minimum?

29. Goddess Braid Rainbows

An amazing way in which you can show off your goddess braids is by adding some highlights in your hair. But not in just any hair color, but neon or electric ones. In addition, don’t stop at one: pick five or six and create an enviable hairstyle.

30. Sporty and Chic Pigtails Style

Yes, sporty and chic can really mix. Moreover, this example comes to show just that. Just look how wonderfully well the plaits go with an urban tracksuit and a large, metallic watch.

31. Single Side Braid Style

You can also go for one single jumbo braid if this style appeals to you. Our example is sporting a dirty blonde hue coupled with a sideways fishtail braid which ends in a large braid running down her back.

32. Kaleidoscope Hairstyle

The opposite of the style above, where you go for just one braid is this one: multiple sized goddess braids to make your head stand out from the crowd. In addition, if you dye your hair in several colors or have highlights, it will look all the better.

33. Braids and Hair Rings

Hair rings are simple hoops, usually golden or silver ones, which go into braided hair. Therefore, they are a perfect match for embellishing that already amazing set of braids.

34. Black and White and Boho

Here is a combination between a goddess braid at head level and a loose fishtail braid running down the back – there’s even a French braid there. The pairing makes the beautiful model look creative and liberal. Apart from this, she has also dyed her hair a gorgeous shade of white blonde.

35. Red and Black Hairstyle

Mohawk goddess braids don’t necessarily have to come one per package. In fact, you can also go for two or three, depending on how thick your hair is. In addition, you can let your natural roots show so that you can add some depth to your mohawk braids.

36. Goddess Braids for Little Girls

You don’t have to be a grown woman to be a goddess. There are plenty of girls out there currently teaching us what it means to rule the world. As a consequence, they need a hairdo as fierce as they are. Add a pink bow for a little Alice in Wonderland whim.

37. Goddess Perfection

Yes, we dare say that this is perfect in our eyes, as far as goddess braids go. The excellency of the partings, the finely spun and braided plaits, and the color combination are enough to take us to hairstyle heaven.

38. Braided Mohawk Style

All rivers run to the ocean, and all hair rows lead to the mother goddess braid. In addition, do you know what the best thing about this hairdo is?

39. Black and Blonde Two-Tone Goddess Braided High Ponytail

This goddess braids hairstyle and look has it all. Two oversized and statement goddess braids. One of them is golden blonde and neatly coiled on top of the head. In addition, the other one is running down the model’s back on a fierce ponytail. In case you need an extra hand of hair, don’t be afraid to use the weave.

40. Triple Braided Style

At first glance, this way of wearing your goddess braids looks simple enough. However, when you take a second look, you realize you really want it. Why? Because of the thin braid in the middle, of course.

41. The Perfect Boxed Braids

Remember that, if you go for the traditional or classic goddess braids, you will also need to finish them off in some very good looking boxed braids. If you require any help, turn to someone who can deliver an amazing final product.

42. Double Parallel and United Braids

Why stop at just one jumbo or statement goddess braid when you can go for two? Moreover, you can have them both at the same time and very close to each other. They show off the richness and beauty of your hair.

43. Spider Web Top with Twin Braids

This style is truly an intricate but royal one. In fact, you can think of it this way. This goddess braids updo is the Versailles of all the examples and ideas we’ve shown you so far. The labyrinth of cornrows is simply mesmerizing to watch.

44. Simple and Elegant Jumbo Braid

Here’s another tip – if you keep your goddess braid as simple and traditional as possible then you can style it any way you want. Add some supersized earrings and make an entrance as the girl with the boldest style there.

45. The Dutch Goddess Braids

This look combines two very much loved braids in the world of hairstyling – the goddess braids and the Dutch ones. Go Dutch at head level to mask hair growth and then continue with goddess style as you make your way down the length of the hair.

46. Roman-Inspired Embellishments

Adding some very beautiful golden or silver tube jewelry to your goddess braids will give them a strong and fierce look. Here are some Roman-inspired ones, just like those worn by the beautiful women in the Ancient Empire.

47. Triangles and Braids

How to create triangles on your head? It’s easy. Just part your hair in zig-zagging lines, just like this lovely lady did. Consequently, take the resulting strands of hair and braid them away to your heart’s desire.

48. Colorful Goddess Braids

Although most women like to braid their hair and keep it dark or in its natural hue, you can also dye it in a cooky color. Here’s an example of a great red hue being braided and plaited to perfection.

49. Chunky Goddess Braids

If you want to look as fierce as possible, you can always go for the chunky style. In other words, it means that you can start braiding your hair very thickly right from the edge of your forehead, instead of starting finely and ending in jumbo goddess braids.

50. Subtle Side Braids and Updo

Channel your inner fierceness and go for a mohawk goddess braid paired with finer and thinner braids on the side and perfect makeup.

Ready to Change Your Look?

Just like the amazing lady in our last example, remember this. In the end, no matter what style of goddess braids you go for, always be an inspiration for everyone!

What do you say, which one of these goddess ideas is the one for you?


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