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45 Layered Bob Hairstyles as Worn by Your Favorite Celebs

rose byrne layered bob

Do you know why layered bob hairstyles are so popular? Because they are an incredibly low maintenance style – and this is just one reason!

Also, they make for a young and fresh look and require very little styling too! All one has to do is ruffle it a little bit in the morning and add a touch of mousse, hair wax, or hairspray.

Don’t believe us? Just take a look at these Hollywood celebrities who went for layered bob hairstyles and looked amazing with it!

1. The Michelle Dockery

Michelle Dockery wore a 1920s elegant and aristocratic bob as Lady Mary in Downton Abbey – and then she got one in real life as well. We think she made the perfect choice with this dark chestnut chin-length bob which highlights her fair skin and brown eyes.

2. The Jamie Alexander

She is a warrior on screen and she is also a source of inspiration when it comes to styling and fashion. Jaime Alexander had the world at her feet as Lady Sif in the Thor movies and in real life, she used to sport a magnificent short layered bob.

3. The Natalie Portman

Up next is another leading lady from the Thor franchise. Natalie Portman is a timeless beauty who was also the face of Dior Mademoiselle. Here she is with a gorgeous voluminous layered bob haircut and dark red lipstick.

4. The Lea Seydoux

If you loved Beauty and the Beast, we suggest watching its French version as well. It features a blonder Lea Seydoux and viewers will definitely be mesmerized by the fantastic cinematography and fairy tale quality of the movie. Oh, and by Lea herself, of course!

5. The Lena Headey

It may come as a surprise to some, but Queen Cersei is not blonde. In real life, actress Lena Headey’s hair color is as brunette as it gets. Also, her hairstyles toe the line between long pixie cut and short layered bob with side-swept bangs.

6. The Scarlet Johansson Layered Bob Hairstyles

Long before she was a famous redhead as Black Widow in The Avengers movies, Scarlet Johansson was everyone’s favorite blonde. Here she is wearing a very edgy and choppy layered bob that looks great on her straight hair.

7. The January Jones

Speaking of perfect blondes, it’s our turn to admire January Jones. She just seems to have been made for medium-length sandy blonde styles, cat eyeliner, and red lipstick. It’s no wonder she was cast in Mad Men.

8. The Clemence Poesy

Her Fleur Delacour days are well behind her, so let Clemence Poesy teach you how to wear your hair like a French woman. Have you seen a more beautiful almost inverted bob with a more interesting makeup than what she’s wearing? Girl crush!

9. The Sienna Miller

Speaking of girl crushes, Sienna Miller is our forever It girl. She can’t do anything wrong in our eyes when it comes to beauty and style. We love the fact that she always goes for the natural or nude looks – just like she did here. It looks especially good when coupled with this minimal bob cut.

10. The Monica Belucci

La bella Italia has gifted many things to the world over the ages and we couldn’t we more grateful for that. One of them is definitely actress Monica Belucci, spotted here with a very shaggy, brunette layered and stacked bob.

11. The Michelle Williams

Let’s face it: nobody does blonde hair colors like Michelle Williams. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why she was chosen to portray the supreme blonde, Marilyn Monroe. In My Week with Marylin, she sported the diva’s signature bob. Here, she is wearing a more relaxed and layered bob.

12. The Rita Ora

We are absolutely in love with this short and shaggy layered bob. It has the look and feel that all you need to do to style it is run your fingers through your hair and you’re done! Although it does actually need some help from a curling iron as blow-drying alone might not be enough.

13. The Emma Watson

First, she cut of all her hair in a boyish pixie cut as a sign that her Harry Potter years had come to an end. Then, she started growing back her hair and, in the process, we got to see Emma Watson’s glorious medium-sized layered bob. What a treat!

14. The Keira Knightley

From one British siren to another. At one point, even the queen of pirates went for a chin-length bob. Still, although we love the cut in itself, it might not have been the best choice for her.

She has a diamond-shaped face with an elongated chin which was accentuated by the end-line of the bob. Chin-length bobs will not look as well on all face shapes, unfortunately.

15. The Kristen Stewart

The same can be said about Kristen Stewart’s bob. Although her face is not as prominently angular nor as thin as Keira’s, this ear-length layered bob cuts her face horizontally in half and exacerbates her triangular chin.

16. The Emma Stone Layered Bob Hairstyles

One lady whose face shape is made all the prettier by a layered bob, however, is cutie Emma Stone. At one point, she went for a medium-length bob cut that served to frame her round face and give it a bit of attitude. The side-parted bangs open up her gaze and accentuate her pretty hair color.

17. The Jennifer Lawrence

The same kind of face, and, of course, the same kind of haircut. This is proof that if you have a round face, you should follow their example and get this layered bob right now. It’s Emma and Jennifer approved, after all! As you can see, it also works great on thick hair.

18. The Khloe Kardashian Layered Bob Hairstyles

Now let’s show you how a diamond and angular face like Keira’s and Kristen Stewart could have been accentuated the right bob way. Khloe Kardashian opted for a shoulder-length shaggy bob which softens and minimizes her features instead of blowing them up.

19. The Rachel

Here is one of the most famous hairstyles in the history of cinematography. It’s called “the Rachel” and it became famous after Jennifer Aniston wore it on the first season of Friends. This is a 90s style layered bob that worked great with her hair texture, but the actress later admitted that she hated it.

20. The Salma Hayek

Speaking of 90s style layered bobs, here is actress Salma Hayek wearing a fantastic turned out bob with a side swept long fringe. It makes for a timelessly classy look.

21. The Claire Foy

She might have impersonated one of the most powerful women in the world on her show, The Crown, but in real life, actress Claire Foy strays far away from a Queen Elizabeth-like hairstyle. Instead, admire her shaggy bob with choppy ends.

22. The Beyonce

From one Queen to another. Not only does Queen Bee’s long angled bob have layers, but the layers themselves were dyed in different shades to accentuate them. She went for a dark chocolate for the undergrowth and shades of beige blonde on top.

23. The Lana Parilla

The evil queen in Once Upon is a true beauty in real life. We absolutely love her idea of a slightly messy bob which reminds us a little bit of the out turned bobs of the 90s. Lana Parilla is one classy lady, whether she’s chasing Snow White through the woods or not.

24. The Jessica Simpson

This chicken of the sea starlet used to wear a layered and graduated bob as well. She had a long set of bangs that were swept to one side to make her look even sweeter and prettier. We also love how the hairstyle was slightly pouffed up in the back to make her look slimmer and taller too.

25. The Cate Blanchett

Actress Cate Blanchett has a unique brand of beauty that is very difficult (or impossible) to replicate. She has been wearing layered bobs in her signature blonde for a very long time and we are really grateful that she has. She looks absolutely stunning!

26. The Charlize Theron

Speaking of stunning, Charlize Theron is one of the most beautiful women in the world. She has been the face of J’Adore Dior for many years now and we can definitely see why. Therefore, it’s no surprise she can make a layered bob on wavy hair look this good.

27. The Nina Dobrev

Actress Nina Dobrev is proof that a well-tailored bob can make anyone look young and fresh. Hers is very feathery and light, especially since she has swept it all across one side of the head. This sort of haircut can look amazing even on fine hair as it will boost up its volume.

28. The Elizabeth Moss Layered Bob Hairstyles

Here’s another Hollywood actress who loves to play with our minds and keep us guessing. Is it a long pixie cut? Is it a chin-length bob?

Well, we don’t care what it is. All we care about is the fact that it looks absolutely stunning on her and we want one too!

29. The Kaley Cuoco

Just like Emma Watson, Kaley Cuoco went through her pixie phase as well. After surprising us all when she went for a really short cut after sporting long hair, she decided to grow it all back. In the process, she sported this shaggy, layered bob – hers was a platinum bob with dark roots.

30. The Katy Perry

It was time for a spot of color on our list. So, naturally, we turned to Katy Perry, our favorite California girl. Here she is with a long bob or lob and beach waves, all in a solid block of imperial blue.

31. The Penelope Cruz

Is there anyone in the world who does smokey eyes better than Penelope Cruz? Because we have the feeling she was born looking like this. Here, she takes things up a notch by adding a bit of a 60s vibe to it all and, of course, a wind-swept layered bob.

32. The Anne Hathaway

The thing we love most here, besides Anne herself, of course, are the peekaboos and lowlights in her hair. If you look closely, you can see them around her face and forehead. They are lighter than the rest of the hair and were placed there to warm up her pale face.

33. The Taylor Swift

Say hello to the shaggy 60s mane! Taylor Swift went from good-girl teen to sultry 60s goddess faster than the speed of light thanks to this: a layered smokey blonde bob. She also mixed beige blonde with ashy gray, and the results are spectacular.

34. The Jane Fonda

If you want to see a real, live haircut from the 70s, look no further than Jane Fonda! She is still gracing red carpets everywhere and her layered bob is going strong. And it’s a thing of beauty, isn’t it? Just imagine the hours put into getting every strand of hair looking perfectly inverted or standing out!

35. The Rose Byrne

By far one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, Rose Byrne is the picture of grace and elegance meets sexy with this one-of-a-kind look. We are positively in love with her shocked and voluminous bob and hope to see her wear it more often.

36. The Jenna Coleman

We call this one the good girl layered bob. Wear it for school or university or if your office enforces a very strict dress, hair, and makeup code. It’s stylish and chic and extremely well behaved in public.

37. The Naomi Watts

Actress Naomi Watts is here to model the asymmetrical layered bob. They were all the rage a couple of years ago and you can still get one if you fancy it. Still, we recommend asking for advice from your stylist if this is the best solution for your type of face and hair texture.

38. The Ciara

Here’s a bit of balayage for short hair that will last for a long time. That’s the beauty of balayage, after all – it looks so natural when it grows, that you can take your time between hair salon appointments.

39. The Olivia Palermo

Few ladies can pride themselves with this amazing facial bone structure. What do you think? Isn’t Olivia Palermo the goddess of cheekbones? All in all, let’s sit back and admire her grungy, totally 90s revival, messy and layered bob.

40. The Cristine Baranski Layered Bob Hairstyles

You know her from The Grinch, Chicago, The Birdcage, The Big Bang Theory, and many other movies and TV series. Cristine Baranski is a treasure and so is her hairstyle that looks just as classy and good nowadays as it did some years ago.

41. The Raquel Welch

Another historical lady of the screen is none other than Raquel Welch. Her layered bob mixes cocoa brown, sandy blonde, and a bit of red – for good measure. It gives this fiery lady the verve she needed to play all those wonderful roles.

42. The Monica Geller

Of course, this is actress Courtney Cox, you will say. But we specifically picked this layered bob from the first seasons of Friends which we believe truly depicts Monica Geller, not the actress herself.

43. The Helen Mirren

Hairstyles for women over 60 have never looked better than this! Take a cue from Helen Mirren’s sense of personal style. She wears a platinum blonde in a shaggy bob here, and she’s also played with shorter cuts.

44. The Kate Moss

The mother of all supermodels, Kate Moss is, without a doubt, the face of the 90s. Her hair is all grungy, her makeup is natural, her red lipstick is but a smear, and she’s decked in white faux fur. This is how you do off-duty supermodel style.

45. The Cameron Diaz Layered Bob Hairstyles

The beautiful and bubbly Cameron Diaz wore layered bob hairstyles for along time. She’s toyed around with the length, but the essence has always been the same.

So, Ready to Change Your Look?

So there you gave, the layered bob hairstyles worn by your favorite celebrities that we promised at the beginning of this article. They include chin to shoulder length bobs, shaggy bobs, grunge ones, and choppy to elegant bobs.

Now there’s only one question left: which one(s) did you like best? Write to us in the comment section below and let us know what celebrity layered bob will be your next go-to style!


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