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50 Spectacular Katy Perry Hairstyles to Try in 2022

katy perry hairstyles

What do you think about when you hear the words Katy Perry hairstyles and haircuts? Creativity, innovation, color, risk, and beauty. These are all terms that describe the wonderful and mesmerizing sense of style that this singer has displayed over the years. Get ready for the ride of a lifetime style-wise because Katy Perry knows how to put on a show. Here are her best 50 looks!

1. Boxer Braids

Katy channeled her inner Kardashian when she posted this pic of herself on Instagram sporting a set of extra-long, platinum boxer braids. She was wearing extensions, of course, but as far as Katy Perry hairstyles go, this look was tame compared to the others.

2. Katy Perry Hairstyles at the Met Gala

Katy attended the 2018 Met Gala wearing this gigantic winged ensemble, seeing as the year’s theme was Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination. Critics and fans alike didn’t take to the costume, but we adored her pixie cut.

3. The Crystal Bob

No list of Katy Perry hairstyles would be complete without a crazy piece of headgear. Katy wore this crystal, chainmail bob complete with a fringe and totally turned heads. We also love her sweet pink and purple makeup.

4. The Retro Bob

It looks like Katy got a little inspiration from Lady Gaga here, as she donned this plastic and leather ensemble for one of her videos. The look is complete with a 50s blonde bob and retro waves and coral lipstick.

5. Katy Perry Hairstyles in Dark Horse

Did you know that Dark Horse is one of the most viewed videos of all time on YouTube? In it, Katy plays a theatrical and over the top version of Cleopatra complete with a brunette wig with bejeweled braids.

6. Elegant Katy Perry Hairstyles

Not many people can pull off so flawlessly a look where they match their hair color to their clothing. But Katy Perry is not just anyone. She’s been toying around with colors and textures for longer than we can remember.

7. Katy Perry Hairstyles in California Girls

Here’s another look at one of the singer’s videos that made a splash back when it was released. This is California Girls, which displays Perry in a sugared up, technicolor version of heaven. She’s wearing a purple wig and matching makeup.

8. Ice Blue Katy Perry Hairstyles

Let’s talk about wigs a bit more. Katy is a huge fan of them, wearing them almost all the time. In fact, it’s very well-known by now that she actually prefers wigs to her natural hair because they allow her to change her look all the time.

9. The Prismatic World Tour

Just like any other of her appearances on stage, the Prismatic World Tour was just as creative and colorful. At one point, Katy appeared with a rainbow wig and played a glittery guitar decorated with a massive sunflower.

10. The Classic French Twist

Even when she’s sporting classic hairdos, Katy still has to make them her own. This is a classic French twist in orchid purple with a lot of volume added to it and a giant iridescent ribbon on one side. Katy wore this at the 2011 American Music Awards.

11. The Blue Bob

But she can also tone it down. Katy Perry style, of course, with a small and slick bob that has been colored turquoise. We love these Katy Perry hairstyles because they either match her eyes perfectly or they highlight them.

12. The Wavy Bob

This cute, little layered and feathery bob has been treated to one silver gray peekaboo highlight in true Katy Perry fashion. All her hairstyles have to be a little edgy and show off her creative and playful side.

13. Katy Perry Hairstyles with a Middle Part

When Katy stepped onto the red carpet at the Grammy Awards in this mint green dress, the whole world gasped. But we’re more interested in her luscious brunette hair with a simple middle part than anything else.

14. The Green Jellyroll

Katy went through an entire phase at some point when she was totally into the pinup scene. But, of course, she made it her own with over the top makeup and accessories and non-natural hair colors. This is a forest green Jelly Roll.

15. The Pink Blunt Bob

Is there any hair color in which Katy doesn’t look good? This candy pink makes her look like a modern fairy. She opted for a 2000s blunt crop with baby bangs and neon makeup to match as she usually does.

16. Vintage Hollywood Katy Perry Hairstyles

Although we cannot know for sure, we’re getting strong vibes that Katy was channeling Jane Russel with this look. And we love it! The long, vintage curls and screen siren makeup are completely off the charts beautiful.

17. Spanish Inspiration Katy Perry Hairstyles

This Spanish inspired red dress prompted Katy to adapt her hairstyle as well to a gorgeous braided low bun. When you wear such a heavy dress, go for simpler hairstyles, so as not to overshadow the gown itself.

18. Katy Perry Hairstyles for Autumn

Alright, you don’t have to wear the costume if you don’t want to. Only Katy can pull that off. However, we do recommend that you try that outstanding light and glossy chestnut color that will glorify your autumn.

19. 1920s Katy Perry Hairstyles

Yes, Katy traveled back to the roaring 20s as well and tried the flapper style on for size. Evidently, she looks good in this one as well. She sported vintage finger waves and the iconic headgear of the age.

20. Redhead Katy Perry Hairstyles

Katy was a redhead when she was promoting her perfume, Purr. In honor of the fragrance’s name and theme, she also wore a set of adorable cat ears that you can wear as well. And have you seen that cute purple bottle shaped like a cat?

21. The Peacock Ponytail

This magnificent combination of peacock colors brings out Katy’s blue eyes as well as her peachy complexion. Peacock colors mean blue, green, turquoise, and purple in the quantity and intensity of your choosing.

22. Katy Perry Hairstyles with Flower Crown

Here’s a trick right from the Katy Perry lookbook. If you’re going for a simple and straightforward hairstyle, you can always embellish it or make it more interesting with the use of accessories such as a flower crown or sunglasses.

23. Katy Perry Hairstyles with Bandana

The color palette here is remarkable. Even though she is wearing a striking, denim blue bandana on her head and she has blue eyes, Katy has opted for a purple lipstick that transformed this look into a duo-chrome dream.

24. The Platinum Bob

When she decided to reinvent herself, Katy ditched the multicolored wigs and went for platinum blonde only. At first, it was this magnificent wavy bob with 90s brown lipstick and nose rings from that decade as well.

25. The Straight Platinum Bob

This is the exact same bob, only this time straightened up. It’s a sleek and beautiful version that Katy wore on the red carpet along with a striking beaded copper dress. The matching makeup might have been a bit too much and a tad boring, but this is the true Perry style.

26. The Inverted Bob

Here’s Katy wearing a surprisingly demure bob for her innovative persona. It features short bangs that barely reach the line of her eyebrows. This could easily be mistaken for another one of her wigs, but it’s actually her own hair.

27. Neon Blue Katy Perry Hairstyles

Speaking of wigs again, this neon blue one with baby bangs definitely helped create one of the most iconic looks the singer has had in her career so far. She sported it in music videos, on stage, and pretty much wherever she went for a while.

28. Katy Perry Hairstyles with Flower Berets

If you use them creatively enough, flower berets can become an edgy accessory as opposed to a schoolgirl’s staple. Pair them off according to color and size, just like Katy has done in this picture.

29. Elegant Katy Perry Hairstyles

There’s no denying that when she’s not wearing a crazy-colored wig or cat ears, Katy looks like a real Hollywood diva. The smoky eye makeup and nude lipstick are the perfect choices for this classy and elegant top bun.

30. Sleek Katy Perry Hairstyles

Katy is gorgeous even when she’s not trying too hard and allows her natural beauty to shine through. This is really proof that, sometimes, less really is more and you don’t have to wear glitter or sequins to be interesting.

31. Braided Katy Perry Hairstyles

Here’s another still from one of her videos which you can totally copy and wear as street style. It’s a simple, long hairstyle with beach waves and a middle part. But the interesting thing is that Katy has added two parallel braids on her forehead.

32. Hipster Katy Perry Haircuts

Katy even went hipster for a short while a few years ago. It was in the first part of her career when she was still finding herself. She sported this lovely short, turquoise bob with golden Chanel earrings and a small bowler hat.

33. Theatrical Katy Perry Haircuts

This is another instance from her Dark Horse video. You can see her here pictured next to Juicy J in a lavish golden ensemble with a chestnut wig to match. She looks more like a Disney queen than anything else, and we love it!

34. Iris Katy Perry Haircuts

Is there any color that Katy hasn’t tried on yet? We really don’t think so. In fact, we believe that she has tried all the colors and now she’s just going for different shades because she ran out of the actual colors of the rainbow.

35. Colorful Peekaboo Highlights

We absolutely loved it when she saw fit to add some rainbow peekaboo highlights to her raven hair. This is a fantastic way to upgrade any hairstyle or hair color that you’re getting a little tired of or wish to get ready for the summer.

36. Dip Dye Katy Perry Haircuts

Katy is no stranger to the dip dye technique either, mostly because she’s no stranger to anything hair and makeup related anymore. This is her with a brunette and blue hair, not to mention a cat, the animal which has come to represent her so much now.

37. Grammy’s Hairstyle

Only Katy Perry could take frizzy hair to the Grammys and make it look worthy of such an important red carpet. Once again, she paired it with a copper-colored sequin dress and a golden and brown makeup to match.

38. High and Tight Katy Perry Haircuts

This pinned up bouffant might have been a little matronly compared to what Perry has been showing us all these years. However, it was nice to see her maturing away from candy-colored wigs and cartoonish dresses.

39. Kety Perry Pixie Haircuts

The platinum pixie cut was another major transformation this pop star went through and which she seemed to stick to for a long time. Again, it was a change that we all appreciated, as it suited her and was age-appropriate.

40. Wonder Woman Katy Perry Hairstyles

Here’s a blast from the past in the shape of Katy wearing a Wonder Woman costume, makeup, and accessories. The singer is no stranger to this style. Her love for dressing up and role-playing is well-known.

41. The Messy Green Bob

This is a really cool haircut and hair color out of the Katy Perry lookbook that you can actually wear as a street style. Start it off as your summer or music festival attire and then upgrade it to your everyday look.

42. Retro Katy Perry Hairstyles

This is how you do retro at the end of the 2010s. Beautiful, volumized curls just like they used to wear in the 40s and 50s, only in a non-traditional color that is so trendy right now, such as this amazing eggplant purple.

43. The Brunette Ponytail Haircuts

Here’s Katy channeling her inner sexy self with the help of a fantastic sleek and glossy high ponytail. Her whole outfit is black, the only pops of color being the golden Chanel jewelry and red lipstick.

44. Ombre Katy Perry Hairstyles

This may be one of the few instances when we got to see Katy looking so relaxed and casual about her appearance. She’s sporting an extremely simple brunette and caramel ombre job and very little makeup by her standards.

45. Katy Perry Haicuts with Fascinators

Fascinators are little hats, headbands or hair pieces in general that are placed in lieu of a hat to beautify the hair on a special occasion such as a prom or a wedding. Katy wears them when she’s on the red carpet.

46. Candy Pink Katy Perry Hairstyles

Katy goes pink again for this ultra-futuristic look that seems to place her in another galaxy. As usual, she paired her pink hair with bright blue eye shadow to create some contrast and add depth to her gaze.

47. Purple Katy Perry Haircuts

We’ve seen her wear all the colors imaginable. However, we must admit that purple might be the one that suits her most. There’s just something about Katy in purple that simply catches the eye.

48. The Short Pixie with Undercut

Katy also adopted a more modern hairstyle at the end of the 2010s. It was this short pixie cut with a long top and an undercut. However, she glammed it up as per her usual sense of style with lots of sequins and theatrical jewelry.

49. The Bubble Fauxhawk

It was impossible for Katy to miss the opportunity to sport a fauxhawk. This one has been styled from a bubble braid with lots of hair gel to keep it in place and make sure she has no flyaway strands of hair.

50. Vintage Katy Perry Haircuts

Once again, Katy channels her inner retro diva with this hairstyle which seems plucked right from the 60s. She has a massive beehive right on top of her head and side bangs that curtain her face in a beautiful way.


We’ve seen 50 spectacular Katy Perry hairstyles that no one else but her could wear and get away with. But the most fantastic thing of all is that she looked amazing in every one of them. This is what confidence means. Knowing you can pull off anything. Let us know in the comment section below which one was your favorite!


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