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Updos for Long Hair: 50 Absolutely Stunning Ideas and Ways to Wear Your Hair Up

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Having long tresses is not always an easy thing to work with.

Whether it’s early in the morning when you have to go to school or the office, late at night when you want to go to dinner, prom night or your wedding day, you should always be prepared.

So here are 50 updos for long hair that will have you turning heads no matter where you go.

1. The Intricate Braids

What can you do with long hair? Braid it, of course. In fact, the longer your hair is, the more beautiful and spectacular the braids will be as well. Here is a wonderful French braid, very loose and messy, with platinum white hair.

2. Buns and Updos for Long Hair

The lazy girl’s favorite hair style is the bun. But not this one. Even though it is messy and very low at the back of the head, this bun is casual yet elegant and classy. Use as many pins as you need to keep your long hair in place.

3. The Formal Updos for Long Hair

The opposite of the last bun we saw is this one. It’s perched high on top of the model’s head and it has been braided and squeezed into perfection. The updo highlights the cheekbones, it elongates your face, and it gives you a few extra inches in height.

4. Dutch Fishtails

This type of braid is called a Dutch fishtail. Not only that, but the model has opted for a pull-through as well, making the braid and, consequently, the long hair, even more spectacular. It also helps if you have some lighter peekaboos in your hair for contrast.

5. Old Hollywood Updos for Long Hair

Old Hollywood was all about femininity and sensuality. Think Marilyn Monroe, Lana Turner or Jane Russell. And long hair can be the best way to channel this idea. Take a cue from the divas that never went out of fashion and rock it Hollywood style.

 6. Double Braid and Perfect Curls

If you are looking for wedding updos for long hair, look no more. This might be the one for you. It’s subdued, but not boring, and it’s feminine without stealing the thunder away from the dress.

7. The Messy Twisted Updo

Here is another one in our selection of wedding updos for long hair. It’s a messy and twisted braid, with strands hanging from all around it and dainty hair accessories in the shape of little twigs and flowers.

8. The Hollywood Glam

And we’re back to Old Hollywood for this outstanding updo for long hair. Part your hair sideways and use your curling iron to create these heavy set and loose curls. The dramatic makeup is a must.

9. Combining Messy and Formal

The beauty of the updos for long hair is that you can do anything you want with them, as the length of the hair will always allow it. Here’s a perfect example where the model has combined messy and formal to create a beautiful bun.

10. The Super High and Long Ponytail

All you will need for this updo for long hair is a very good hair band, a ton of pins and a handful of hair product to make it look messy and full of volume. However, seeing as the result is so spectacular, it’s worth it.

11. The 40s in Updos for Long Hair

These are called Victory rolls and they remind us all of an age long gone. They consist of very voluminous curls which frame your face beautifully. This hairstyle was all the rage in the 40s, but it’s making a comeback via hipsters and retro lovers all around.

12. The Selena Gomez

Let’s just say that, when it comes to updos for long hair, it doesn’t get easier than this. Take a cue from Instagram sweetheart Selena Gomez and wear your wavy locks in simple, yet effective beach curls.

13. The Gigi Hadid

Here’s another one of our favorite celebrities with great hair. Her long mane is absolute perfection in this pic of her walking for a fashion show. Her honey colored beach waves with the hair parted on one side make her look natural and fresh, like she just came back from the beach.

14. Vintage Royal Updos for Long Hair

This is something we imagine Queen Elizabeth might have worn when she was young to a fancy party in her palace. You can sport this hairdo as well, with the help of your curling iron, a handful of bobby pins, and some hair product.

15. Romantic Wedding Updos for Long Hair

Here’s another suggestion for your wedding. This bride looks perfect with her high top hair, side parting, and stiff curls. Also, one cannot help but notice the oversized diamond embellishment she has in her hair, which attracts all the eyes.

16. The Indian Wedding

If you are Indian or in need of some fresh inspiration for your own wedding, this is how they do it over the seas. The fascinating hairstyle is composed of a simple braid running down the bride’s back, adorned with as many embellishments as you can think of.

17. The Sleek Chignon

This is called a chignon and it’s a very formal way of wearing your hair, but a stunning one nonetheless. These lovely lady’s tresses have been brought to submission by skilled fingers. The silver hair pieces add a touch of glamour.

18. Viking Updos for Long Hair

If you’re fans of the show or of the Viking culture and want to bring some of that into your life, using your hair might be the perfect way to do it. Take a cue from Queen Lagertha and her shield maidens and rock some Viking braids.

19. American Native Princess

Here is another beautiful culture which you can draw inspiration from. Turn the crown of your head into a dream catcher. Straighten your hair and then embellish it with a string of feathers and beads. This turquoise one is beyond lovely.

20. The Ariana Grande

Although she usually sports her signature ponytail, here is Ariana Grande taking a selfie and wearing some faux Bantu knots. In fact, they are just two simple braids, which she has twirled on top of her head, just like one would the Bantu knots.

21. The Angelina Jolie Retro Updos for Long Hair

Even though she has those splendid emerald earrings on and perfect sultry smoky eyes, one cannot help but notice her hair. It’s a perfectly messy retro beehive, which was intentionally chosen to showcase the expensive earrings and her gorgeous face.

22. The Zooey Deschanel

Who here doesn’t know Zooey Deschanel’s signature updo for long hair? The singer, actress, and producer made this look her own and now we simply cannot imagine her otherwise. Try it yourself, for a quirky, retro vibe.

23. The Cher

Continuing our countdown of celebrities donning updos for long hair, here is Cher and her very famous hairstyle from a few decades ago. Before Zooey Deschanel and Ariana Grande figured out they could choose a hairstyle and make it their own, there was the one and only Cher.

24. The Sultry Bed Head

After a night of partying, this is what your hair would look like. Take advantage of the sauvage look, sport a rocking braid and make the best out of your bed head. Don’t forget the smudged makeup.

25. The Side Messy Knot

This updo for long hair would be perfect for a summer casual or bohemian wedding. It will be a nice change of pace from the formal attire and hairstyles, so enjoy it. Retro style makeup fits this messy side knot perfectly.

26. Elegant Updos for Long Hair

Here is a modern take on an old hairstyle. So old that we imagine this is something Jane Austen might have worn back in her day. If you are a fan, pair this sleek chino with a pair of old earrings and light, nude makeup.

27. The Retro Beehive

This type of retro beehive was made famous by none other than Brigitte Bardot. However, hers was a bit more subdued. Still, if you’re into making an entrance wherever you go, this is the hairstyle for you. Don’t forget about the heavy cat eye makeup.

28. Last Century Updos for Long Hair

One of the greatest things about having long hair is that it’s immensely versatile. Therefore, you can draw inspiration from anywhere and any age of fashion you like. Here is a 20th century hairdo, with soft curls and fiery red lips.

29. Bohemian Braids

Braid your hair on either side of your head and then pull those braids tightly around your forehead. Pin them in the back and add a striking scarlet lip to tie the whole look together. Now you’re ready for your next music festival.

30. Embellished Braids

One way of adding some life into a very straightforward braid is by using some metallic hairpieces. Here are two tubular rose golden ones, which make this chocolaty braid look new and sophisticated.

31. The Olivia Wilde Bubble Braid

Here is actress Olivia Wilde sporting one of the most interesting ways of braiding your hair ever. It’s called a bubble braid and it’s surprisingly easy to pull off. Look for some tutorials online or ask your hairstylist to do it for you.

32. Queen Guinevere

If Queen Guinevere did her hair for her secret dates with Lancelot, this would have been the hairstyle of her choice. A few simple braids and some beautiful fine golden chains would have been all she needed to catch the knight’s eye.

33. Messy Updos for Long Hair

We’re quite sure you will love this one and want to try it as soon as possible. Why? Because it’s immensely simple. If you have straight hair, part it down the middle and use the two large strands to tie a straightforward knot. You’re done!

34. The Queen Lagertha

We’ve talked about her before, but here she is now in all her glory. Her amazing Viking braids have been inspiring us all in the past few years and for a good reason. She looks as fierce and beautiful as a queen should.

35. Road Trip Updos for Long Hair

Just because you’re going on a road trip, that doesn’t mean your hair can’t still look nice. Tie a simple low bun at the back of your head and add a colorful and striking large scarf to it. Not only will you look fashionable, but it will protect your hair as well.

36. Pin it!

Not just on your favorite board, but in real life as well. One way of making your long hair look marvelous is by using all sorts of hair pieces and pins for it. Here are some outstandingly elegant chevron pins, golden and simple.

37. The High Ponytail

Next time you tie your long hair in a ponytail, why not try this instead? Add a few soft curls and a small bow, for a very Alice in Wonderland look. Keep your makeup to a nude minimum for this one.

38. The Emma Watson

Even though the no parting hair has become a rage in the past few months, Emma Watson was doing it way before everyone else. She paired it with small, black earrings and a very red lip and did look strikingly beautiful.

39. Grey and Golden

If there is one thing that long hair needs, that is a beautiful color. Here is gunmetal gray combined with a golden band. The opposition between the two metallic colors creates an amazing visual effect.

40. Long Bangs and Retro Chinos

Even if you don’t have bangs, that doesn’t mean you can’t create some out of your long hair. The perfect example is this lovely lady and her very retro beehive, complete with long bangs. She also has a smoky cat eye and a pink lip.

41. Age Collision Updos for Long Hair

Here is where avant-garde hair meets retro style and where fashion becomes an art. The one supersized victory roll on the model’s head receives volume, dimension, and depth from a blue neon strand of hair.

42. The Adriana Lima

If you’ve ever wanted to look like a Victoria’s Secret Angel, now you can. Copy Adriana Lima’s simple hairstyle with the use of your curling iron and some very good hydrating hair products. Keep it simple!

43. Bohemian Updos for Long Hair

Going Bohemian in the summer season is almost a prerequisite for the warm weather. Tie your hair into two fishtail braids and wear a flowy shirt to keep you cool. The flower is, of course, optional.

44. The Lorde

As far as natural updos for long hair go, you can’t possibly go wrong with Lorde’s curly hair. The singer typically wears her mane as natural as possible, with ringlets upon ringlets cascading down her shoulders and back.

45. The Taylor Swift

Here is a very much grown up Taylor Swift sporting a sultry look. The long, flowing hair, heavy set bangs, and dark makeup make her look like she’s ready to party. The sequin dress helps, so you might think about adding it to your dresser as well.

46. Teal Head Bands

If you combine this gorgeous teal headband with sun-kissed skin, you can get a wonderful effect. This sandy blonde helps as well, as does the minimal makeup. Instead of teal, you can also go for red or green, for the same effect.

47. Rapunzel Style

Here is a dark-haired Rapunzel, with beautiful oversized braids in her locks, just waiting to let her hair down for the Prince. After you braid your hair, use your fingers to pull on them, so as to make them oversized and loose.

48. The Faux Mohawk

When you have long hair, you can create anything you want out of it. Including this amazing curly faux Mohawk. Pair it with a black leather jacket, oversized false lashes and smoky eyes for a truly striking effect.

49. Buns All Over

Who said you couldn’t create a bun out of Victory Rolls? As it turns out, you can. Not only that, but it also looks great. If your hair has some highlights or peekaboos, they will help a lot in defining the edge of the rolls.

50. Just Perfection

As far as updos for long hair go, this one is true perfection. The intricate braids make the model look like a ballerina ready to go up on stage. The sheer femininity of this hairstyle is enough to let your hair grow, right?

Ready To Change Your Look?

This was it, our list of stunning updos for long hair that anyone with long tresses can get inspired by.

While some are more complicated to achieve, there are nonetheless some easy options too, and you should definitely try at least one of them.

Which of these would you try out and where would you wear it? Leave a comment and let us know!


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