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50 Ash Brown Hair Color Ideas for 2022

Ash Brown Beige Hair - A woman wearing a black top

Ladies, are you on the search for the best ash brown hair color ideas? This is the best place for you to start! If you are wondering what color is ash brown, it’s a modern take on brown hair, with blended tones of light grey. Sometimes ash brown is referred to as mushroom brown, whatever you want to call it, this beautiful color is a favorite for 2022.

In this list, we will show you 50 of the best ash brown hair ideas for 2022. Ash brown hair color looks good on virtually anyone, and with any length of hair. The good news is that you can ask your salon to use different shades of brown to create a hair color that will perfectly fit your skin tone.

1. Ash Brown Balayage Hair Color

This beautiful ash brown balayage is defiantly a perfect summer look, like all the balayage looks this is created by adding ash brown color all over the hair and finishing the bottoms a little lighter.

2. Wavy Ash Brown Blonde Balayage

This wavy ash brown blonde balayage is such a gorgeous look for all the ladies with longer hair. Loose wavy curls always enhance the look of a fresh balayage. Try this new hairstyle out for a new take on ash brown hair.

3. Mushroom Beige with Ash Brown Lowlights

This next look the mushroom beige with ash brown lowlights is a beautiful natural look. To get this look try adding chunky highlights throughout while keeping the roots dark. In the photo above they have it at a shoulder-length cut and it looks fantastic.

4. Ash Creamy Brown Blonde Balayage

This next look is for all the women who want to lighten up their hair. It is so pretty with the different hues of grey, creamy brown, and blonde. Top it off with a stunning balayage and you are ready for summer.

5. Ash Honey Brown Hairstyle

This Ash honey brown color is a great way to incorporate some light color in your hair, but still, keep it looking natural. In the photo above they kept the length long added some loose curls and gave her two sides bangs and it complements the color so nice.

6. Long Wavy Ash Brown Hair

Wavy ash brown hair is stunning on women with longer locks, this look would be perfect with loose curls like in the photo above.

7. Ash Brown Money Piece Blonde

Money pieces are making their way back into 2022. Pair it with ash brown hair and you are right on-trend. It is a beautiful combination that frames any face well.

8. Medium Ash Brown Big Curls

For ladies with medium-length hair, this is a perfect choice for you, the big curls bring out the ash brown highlights and give your hair some texture.

9. Ash Brown Balayage Medium Length

An ash brown balayage is a great subtle way to add color to your medium-length hair. In the photo above they kept her at all one length with side bangs and loose messy curls to enhance the ash brown look.

10. Light Ash Brown with Blonde Highlights

For a mix of light ash brown and blonde highlights try this style out. This gorgeous combo would look great on any type or length of hair.

11. Ash Brown High-Low Streaks

Going with the high-low streaks for ash brown hair is a beautiful way to get even color throughout your hair. Try this lookout with straight hair, the result is so pretty.

12. Dark Roots with Light Ash Brown Blonde

Need a new look that won’t have you running back to the salon right away, try the light ash brown blonde with dark roots. This look starts with your dark natural color on your roots and gradually gets lighter for a more natural style. You can let your roots grow out a little bit longer.

13. Ashy Brown Bronde Hair

The ashy brown bronde hair looks so gorgeous on all the ladies with a darker complexion, perfect for the summertime when you are in the sun more. Keep it long like the photo above to get the perfect beachy waves.

14. Long Mauve Ash Brown Highlights

These long mauve ash brown highlights are perfect for medium-length hair. They are simple but stunning, finish your hairstyle off with messy curls and really let the color shine.

15. Silver Ash Brown Hairstyle

This next look really focuses on the silver hue in ash brown. This look is so on-trend right now that everyone will be complimenting you and asking where you got your hair done.

16. Platinum Blonde with Light Ash Brown Hair

Every girl should go platinum blonde at least once in their life, and the platinum blonde with light ash brown look is a great transition into it. The blonde and light ash brown colors work well together, add some layers to your hair to really bring out the hues.

17. Ash Brunette Balayage

The ash brunette balayage has a simple but sophisticated look. The balayage keeps most of your natural hair untouched with added color to the ends, it is a wonderful way to keep your hair healthy.

18. Ash Brown Ombre Balayage

Who doesn’t love an ombre look, and the ash brown balayage combo is stunning. Keep it all one length like in the photo above and you can bring out the beautiful shine of your hair.

19. Dark Wavy Ash Brunette Hair

If you are looking to keep your naturally dark hair with just a little change, try out the dark wavy ash look. With just simple highlights of ash brown, you enhance the overall look of your hair but still keep it looking natural.

20. Ash Mushroom Brown Bob Cut

A bob cut is so popular in the summer, try adding some ash mushroom color to your new hairstyle for the ultimate summer 2022 look.

21. Dark Ash Brown Short Hair

Short dark brown hair is a flawless look, with just a touch of ash brown highlights throughout it can really bring out some texture in your hair. Finish it off with a curling iron for a lovely look just like in the photo above.

22. Money Piece Brown Blonde Highlights

Tradition brown and blonde highlights are a classic way to get your hair done, had a fun money piece to your look. Money pieces are the front two pieces of your hair dyed a lighter blonde or brown, they frame your face and really make you stand out.

23. Foil Brunette Balayage Hair

For coverage all overlook try the foil brunette balayage look, this style brightens up your brunette hair and would like great on any type of hair.

24. Dark Brown with Ash Highlights

Ash highlights in dark brown hair complement each other so well. Try thin highlights all over like in the photo above for a flawless look every time.

25. Ash Brown Balayage for Asian

An ash brown balayage is a style for all Asian women looking to change up their look. Keep your hair long and straight like in the photo above your hair will look so healthy and strong.

26. Dimensional Wave Ash Silver Brown Hair

This next gorgeous look is the dimensional wave ash silver brown hair. If you are looking to add the trendy silver color to your hair this is the perfect style for you. The ash silver and brown color combo are so pretty, style it with beachy curls like in the photo above and you are all set.

27. Dark Ash Brown with Babylights

For a darker ash brown look try baby lights in your hair. Baby lights are a perfect way to add the color you want to your hair without overpowering your natural color. This look is so beautiful for medium-length hair.

28. Dimensional Light Ash Brown Blonde

This beautiful blend of brown and blonde is called dimensional light ash. This look keeps your roots a tad bit darker than the rest of your hair, keeping you fresh all summer long!

29. Silver Ash Brown Blonde Balayage

This stunning look is a silver ash brown blonde combo. The silver ash look is right on trend for 2022 and adding in a fun mix of brown and blonde looks perfect. Wear your hair straight like in the photo above and be ready for all the compliments.

30. Silver Money Piece Balayage

This silver money piece balayage look is flawless. Create this look by adding a lighter color money piece to the front of your hair and top it off with a silver balayage throughout.

31. Light Ash Brown Blonde Babylights

For a lighter look try the light ash brown blonde with baby lights. This beautiful color combination is right on trend for summer 2022. You can style this look any way you wish and the results will be magical.

32. Dark Ash Brown Bob Cut

Enhance your new beautiful shoulder length bob haircut with dark ash brown throughout. This short but stylish look would be wonderful for all ages. They kept it straight in the photo above and it makes your hair shine.

33. Smokey Brunette Hairstyle

A simple and sophisticated look like a smokey brunette would be a low-maintenance girl’s dream. When adding the smokey color to your hair adds maximum benefit with minimal effort.

34. Ash Brown on Black Big Curls Hair

Ash brown for black curly hair is a wonderful way to style your hair. When you add some color to your dark black hair it helps make your curls even prettier.

35. Straight Ash Brown Balayage

Straight hair will always be in style. Adding an ash brown balayage to your hair is never a bad idea either. This look gives your straight hair some life and texture.

36. Ash Brown Highlights Wavy Hair

Wavy hair can be a pain to style sometimes, the ash brown highlights are a wonderful way to make all your problems go away. These highlights will peak out through your waves for the perfect sun-kissed summer look.

37. Light Ash Brown Medium Length

The light ash brown color is so gorgeous on medium-length hair. Part it in the middle and add some loose curls like in the photo above and you are ready for any event.

38. Ash Brown Balayage Highlights

This classy look is known as the ash brown balayage. Get a great body and texture throughout your hair by adding an ash brown balayage. This technique of chunky highlights throughout is a fun way to wear your hair all year long.

39. Light Brown Ash Grey Blonde

If you need a way to cover up those grays you should try coloring it with light brown ash grey blonde. This style looks perfect and is right on trend for 2022.

40. Ash Brown Blend with Black Roots

Are you a girl who doesn’t like to spend hours at the salon? Try the simple but sassy look of an ash brown blend. This look keeps your dark roots visible, meaning you won’t have to go back for touch-ups as often.

41. Light Brunette with Ash Grey Balayage

If your hair is already on the lighter brown shade, try adding some ash grey balayage. This stunning look is so easy to get. Keep your hair long, part it in the middle, and loosely curl throughout for a look you won’t be able to stop sharing.

42. Short Ashy Light Ash Brown Hair

Short and sweet is our next look, this ashy light brown hair looks so good with wavy hair. Part it on the side for instant side bangs, or pull it back with a headband for an on-the-go look.

43. Ash Mushroom Brown Hair

Ash mushroom hair color is beautiful with brown hair. This look would be perfect for any length of hair. In the photo above they gave her a few curls and it looks fantastic.

44. Ash Brunette Hairstyle

Ash brunette hairstyle is a popular choice for 2022. By adding thin highlights throughout your hair you can be assured your hair will always look great.

45. No Bleach Ash Brown Hair

The no bleach ash brown hair technique is the best way to keep your hair healthy, but still, add some shine. This natural-looking choice would be great for girls with long straight hair, like in the photo above.

46. Ash Brown Honey Highlights

Wow, this color ash brown honey with highlights is break-taking. You could wear this hair up or down it wouldn’t matter you will always look beautiful.

47. Dark Ash Brown Babylights Hairstyle

This next look is great for naturally darker hair. The dark ash baby lights will add so much life to your hair. If you style it like in the photo above you will get little pops of color throughout your curls.

48. Bleached Ash Brown Hair

For a lighter look try the bleached blonde ash brown color. This is a perfect summer color, you will be almost blonde but keep the brown tones throughout.

49. Warm Toned Ash Brown Hairstyle

The warm-toned ash brown hairstyle is so pretty. With a warm tone of ash brown added to your brown hair, it helps to add texture throughout your hair. Add some loose curls like in the photo above and be ready for anything.

50. Silver Ash Brown Highlights

Try the style we can’t stop talking about, the silver ash brown highlights make your hair look so smooth and silky. The two colors together are so stunning, you will never want to go back to your normal hair.


Any of these 50 options would be a beautiful way to wear your hair in 2022. The ash brown color is not going out of style any time soon. Hopefully, this list helps inspires you to make your next salon appointment. Let us know down below which one you went with for your next salon day.


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