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50 Light Brown Hair Color Ideas for 2022

Light Ash Brown Foilayage - A woman wearing a surgical mask

Light brown hair color is always in style and a perfect color for 2022. Maybe you already have light brown hair and you are just trying to find a new cut. You could be going from blonde to brown and this list of the 50 light brown hair colors is your new inspiration for salon day. Whatever your reasons, this list will help you with all things related to light brown hair.

There are many different ways to use color in your hair to get the perfect light brown tone. Try a balayage or ombre technique for beautiful color all over. Maybe you just need a few highlights to get you to the perfect light brown color. This color is so versatile that no matter what type of hair you have wavy, straight, curly, or a mix of it all you will be so beautiful with a light brown color.

1. Warm Brown Base and Caramel Balayage

The first look is the hairstyle warm brown base and caramel balayage. This hairdo looks best when finished off with a few loose curls to bring out the colors.

2. Light Brown Ombre Balayage

An ombre is always a good idea for light brown hair, and the light brown ombre balayage style is so gorgeous. This hairstyle keeps the top of your hair a little darker and gradually adds the most beautiful lighter color to the bottom.

3. Bronde Balayage Long Wavy Hair

If you have long waves in your hair you are already blessed, try out the bronde balayage for long wavy hair and you will fall in love with your hair.

4. Soft Light Brown Blend Hair

For a softer take on light brown hair try out the soft Light brown blend, this hairstyle adds a soft caramel color to your hair and the result is so pretty.

5. Light Brown Honey Balayage

For a honey brown look, this light brown honey balayage is such a beautiful hairstyle. In the photo above they cut her hair should length and gave her some messy curls and it looks gorgeous.

6. Light Brown on Dark Hair

A fun mix of both light and dark hair is the light brown on dark hair this look is when you keep your roots a more natural dark color and add highlights throughout.

7. Caramel Brown Balayage

A favorite look for fall is the caramel brown balayage. A beautiful hairstyle that adds the softest color of caramel to your hair, a very natural look.

8. Dimensional Wave Light Brown Hair

Wow, this next hairstyle is so gorgeous. Try out the dimensional wavy style for light brown hair. In the photo above they paired her hair down the middle and gave her beautiful beach curls.

9. Warm Brown Balayage

Tr a warm brown balayage for your next salon day. It is a subtle way to bring a little more texture to your hair. Wear it curly or straight any style looks wonderful with this hair color.

10. Light Brown Highlights Hair

An oldy but goody style is the classic light brown with highlights hairstyle. In the photo above they added waves to her long hair and it is gorgeous.

11. Chocolate Brown Hairstyle

For a chocolate brown hair color, try this style out. With light brown highlights throughout your hair and a darker hue for the base hair color, the results are beautiful.

12. Light Brown Balayage for Asian

A beautiful look for all the Asian women try out the light brown balayage, it complements the dark hair so well.

13. Light Brown Ombre with Flipped Edge

A light brown ombre is a beautiful hairstyle that finishes off your hairstyle with flipped edges. You will be ready for any event.

14. Light Honey Brown Ombre

For a perfect summer, look try the light honey brown ombre technique. In the photo above they curled her hair perfectly to allow the color to pop out.

15. Light Brown Balayage for Ring Curls

Ring curls can be so hard to style, this next look the light brown balayage for ring curls is a perfect hairstyle choice. The balayage helps to give your curls the perfect bounce, you will love the way you look.

16. Color Melt Light Brown Hair

A color melt is a wonderful way to get the perfect light brown hair color. In the photo above they kept her hair at shoulder length and parted it in the middle with long bangs. She looks gorgeous.

17. Light Brown for Pixie Bob Hair

After your next bob pixie haircut, try adding in some light brown highlights throughout. This hairstyle is a perfect choice for women who love short hair.

18. Light Brown Brunette Hair

Light brown brunette hair is always on-trend. This hairstyle is classily beautiful, in the photo above they kept her hair long and added curls on the bottom.

19. Light Golden Brown Hair

For a golden brown look try the light golden brown hairstyle. This look is great for women of any age, try wearing it straight like in the photo above, you will love the way you look.

20. Light Brown with Caramel Highlights

This next look the light brown with caramel highlights is so gorgeous. Try this hairstyle out for the perfect summer hair.

21. Chocolate Fudge Brown Hair

This is one of our favorite looks the chocolate fudge brown hair looks gorgeous on all types of hair. Try finishing your look off with loose curls throughout, you will love it.

22. Straight Light Brown Shades

For all the ladies that love straight hair, try out adding different light brown shades. This hairstyle will add so much texture to your hair.

23. Dimensional Light Brown Babylights

For a gorgeous light brown color baby lights are always a great choice. In the photo above they kept her hair at a long length and added some loose wavy curls, she looks perfect.

24. Light Brown for Wolf Cut

For your next salon day try out the wolf haircut with light brown highlights. This is right on trend for 2022.

25. Light Brown for Natural Hair

For all the natural girls out there this look is for you. The light brown for natural hair is so beautiful and subtle that nobody will even know you dyed it.

26. Light Brown Honey Highlights

Honey highlights are the perfect way to get light brown hair. In the photo above they gave her big curls and the honey highlights add so much texture she looks flawless.

27. Dimensional Light Chocolate Brown

Try out the dimensional light chocolate brown color to let your hair shine. In the photo above they styled her hair with just a few waves and it looks perfect.

28. Soft Wavy Light Brown for Long Hair

If you have long wavy hair this look is made for you. The soft wavy light brown hair color is a great way to add some life back into your long hair.

29. Sleek Light Brown Hair

This gorgeous look is the sleek light brown hairstyle. For the best results keep your hair all at one length so that when you style it shines.

30. Layered Subtle Light Brown Color

To get a subtle light brown look, try the layered light brown color. In the photo above they gave her a few long layers and framed her face for a beautiful finish.

31. Rich Brown Bob Hair

A cute bob looks good on women of all ages, add a rich brown hue for a beautiful result.

32. Layered Light Brown with Foil Highlights

If you have a sophisticated style the foil highlights are perfect for you. In the photo above they went with a shoulder-length cut and added in light brown foil highlights. Finish this style off with flipped ends and you will love the way you look.

33. Light Brown Creamy Blonde Curtain Bangs

For a lighter take on light brown hair, this creamy blonde hair color is just what you need. In the photo above they added two-sided curtain bangs and she is ready for any event.

34. Short Bob Hair Light Brown on Black Hair

Try out a new short bob hairstyle for your black Hair with light brown tones. In the photo above they used this hairstyle and it is gorgeous.

35. Light Copper Brown with Big Waves

The shade of light copper brown is such a lovely tone of the light brown family. Finish your style off with big waves to let that copper color shine.

36. Blonde Light Brown on Straight Medium Hair

A gorgeous hairstyle is blonde with light brown low lights for straight medium-length hair. One way to wear this is to keep your hair at a medium length and use a hair straightener.

37. Light Brown Bronde Hairstyle

A classically beautiful look is the light brown bronde hairstyle. In the photo above they gave her a few loose waves to bring out the light brown highlights.

38. Straight Light Chocolate Brown

This flawless look is called straight light chocolate brown. This color would look amazing on women with a darker skin tone.

39. Medium Wavy Light Golden Brown Hair

For all the ladies with wavy hair, a light golden hair color would be wonderful for you. In the photo above they kept her hair at medium waves so that light golden color will pop out.

40. Light Caramel Brown Short Wavy Hair

Adding a caramel color to your hair is a gorgeous way to get light brown hair. This would be a beautiful look on short wavy hair.

41. Light Warm Brown Straight Long Bob Cut

A straight bob cut hair cut is right on trend for 2022, add in a light warm brown hair color and you love the way you look.

42. Light Brown for Fine Hair

Fine hair can be so hard to bring out the texture of sometimes, trying adding in light brown highlights to give your hair some depth.

43. Warm Fall Toned Hair

This next hair color would be perfect for fall. The warm hue of light brown is so pretty with all the dark tones of the fall months.

44. Light Chestnut Brown

For a more natural look try out the light chestnut brown hair color. In the photo above they kept her hair at shoulder length and with bangs that framed her face, she looks gorgeous.

45. Light Brown with Soft Balayage Highlights

Light brown color with soft balayage highlights is a perfect summer hairstyle. Try wearing it straight to let your hair shine.

46. Light Caramel Brown on Dark Base

If you are looking to keep your hair darker with just a hint of light brown, the light caramel brown on a dark base is perfect for you.

47. High and Lowlight Light Brown Balayage

One beautiful technique to get light brown hair is to try the high and low-light balayage hairstyle. Finish your hair off with a few messy waves for a natural look.

48. Warm Light Brown Wavy Hair

Wow, the warm light brown color for wavy hair is flawless. In the photo above they parted her hair in the middle and left it all one length to get the full benefit of this look.

49. Light Brown Copper Tones

For a redder hue of light brown try the light brown copper hairstyle. The tones of the copper are so gorgeous.

50. Short Light Ash Brown Hair

Ash brown hair is right on trend for 2022. It has silver and light blonde hues throughout. This color combo is beautiful.


In this list of the 50 light brown hair color ideas for 2022, there were so many flawless looks. Light brown hair is a flattering hair color for any skin tone and works for any season. Out of the 50 different hairstyles which one was your favorite, leave a comment down below and let us know the number.


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