100 Gorgeous Caramel Highlights Ideas for Awesome Hairstyles in 2022

long wavy hair with caramel balayage highlights

Caramel highlights may be one of the best ways to refresh your look or hair color.

The caramel tones are incredibly tempting and attractive, suitable for any skin type or eyeshade. Fortunately, this sweet palette includes a wide range of shades from neutral/cold beige and soft tones from cream to dark tangerine or dark brown sugars. Any basic hair color can adopt this caramel shade. In addition, you can vary the color palette, from a very light, subtle shade or vice versa to stronger colors, such as light brown to copper or walnut.

The caramel shade is among the stars’ favorites, bringing an extra style, whether it is applied to long, medium-length hair, or short hair. The celebrities’ stylists said that when they used these caramel shades, obtained a glamorous, surprising, and not at all aggressive effect.

What is the hair dyeing technique?

Highlights are one of the timeless trends when it comes to hairstyles. If you want a change of look and still don’t want a complete transformation, highlights are the perfect way to improve your hair.

Hair highlighting consists of dyeing certain strands/sections of hair taken separately; most of the time, they have the role of lightening the hair color, which gives lightness to the face, framing it beautifully, and creating shadow-light effects on the face. The strands add not only brightness to the face, but also texture and depth to the hair.

Find your hair inspiration with our compilation of 100 caramel highlights ideas that are simply gorgeous.

1. Caramel Lights on Long Dark Hair

Rich dark hair is the perfect medium to flaunt caramel-toned highlights. For a soft, feminine look, style your hair in perfect waves. They will better reflect the caramel hues and create an effortless voluminous look.

2. Caramel Highlights on Light Brown Hair

This is a great example of how caramel and golden light brown hair go together. A perfect way to spruce up your look and refresh your hair color.

3. Wavy Caramel Highlights

Waves of caramel hues are not only fun to wear but are super versatile thanks to their natural look. It’s up to you to choose the hairstyle to impress.

4. Balayage Hair

A balayage in caramel hues adds an extra feminine touch to your hairstyle. This is an ideal example of balayage using both caramel highlights and lowlights.

5. Dark Brown Hair with Delicious Caramel

Dark brown hair reminiscent of chocolate hues can be enhanced with lighter caramel tones. You can even go as far as to add golden caramel. Nonetheless, keeping it minimal helps you to achieve a more natural look in the long run.

6. Ash Brown Hair with Light Caramel Ombre

This hair color scheme looks simply stunning on healthy, rich hair. Far from minimal, light caramel ombre on ashy brown hair is bound to draw attention while exuding refinement and elegance.

7. Dark Brown Hair with Caramel Highlights

If this color scheme reminds you of delicious chocolate, that’s because the hair colors used here are very close chromatically. We love these hair colors as an autumn or winter look.

8. Light Brown Hair with Caramel Overtones

Add depth and intensity to your light brown or blonde hair with subtle caramel shades like in this image.

9. Caramel Balayage on Light Brown Hair

Jennifer Lopez wins the looks contest when it comes to innovative ways in which brown/blonde/caramel hair colors are displayed. This is yet another stunning example.

10. Brown Hair with Caramel Highlights

All of you dark-haired beauties, here’s a great idea for a natural summer look. Instead of coloring your hair entirely, use golden caramel lights to add depth and luminosity to your beautiful tresses.

11. Short Caramel Hair with Caramel Overtones

Caramel overtones work well with caramel hair as well. Just make sure the caramel shades are two shades darker or lighter than your natural hair color.

12. Burnt Caramel Streaks on Straight Dark Hair

What better way to highlight the beautiful caramel shades you’re wearing is there than to have your bangs highlighted and flaunt perfectly straight hair?

13. Caramel Highlights on Brown Hair

Celebrities may have an army of stylists to entrust their hair. Nonetheless, you too can achieve this gorgeous look by yourself or by asking your stylist for a dark caramel highlight.

14. Bob Haircut with Caramel

The haircut and the hair color make a perfectly flattering combo for this type of face and skin complexion. Try it on for a stunning look if your natural hair color is darker.

15. Overgrown Pixie Cut with Delicious Caramel Overtones

Pixie cuts are already quite edgy. Add even more edge to your look by refreshing your style with caramel, almost reddish highlights.

16. Caramel Highlights on Dark Brown Hair

Medium to short haircuts with fringed layers look even better when they’re paired with honey caramel highlight. Don’t worry about the contrast between your dark hair and the lightly colored tresses. They go perfectly well together as long as you don’t overdo it.

17. Wavy Caramel Locks

We love the way these mocha highlights enhance the natural color of the eyes while adding depth and luminosity to the hair.

18. Streaks of Caramel on Long Bob Haircut

Chunky caramel highlights on an A-line bob haircut look truly sophisticated. Don’t shy away from adding some color for a perfect hairstyle that will look gorgeous under any circumstances.

19. Black Hair with Caramel

The highlights are only used to frame the face and enhance the features in this case. Nonetheless, they add to a cute, feminine look spruced by the soft waves.

20. Thick Caramel Highlighted Hair

Golden caramel, chocolate caramel, or mocha caramel tones have been used to create even more depth and volume for these beautiful natural tresses.

21. Short Wavy Lob with Caramel Lights

Are you looking for your next autumn look? This may be it. Combine this simple hairstyle with the ashy brown and the toned-down caramel ends and you’ve got the ideal look for the sunny autumn season.

22. Caramel Highlight on Black Hair

Curly brunettes shouldn’t shy away from warm caramel tones either. After all, caramel shades are used to create unique hairstyles despite your natural hair color.

23. Red Caramel Highlights on Long Wavy Hair

Red caramel highlights and intense mahogany go perfectly together. You can use more caramel shades than shown in this image to create a truly luminous look.

24. Ashy Brown with Caramel

To achieve that sun-kissed look for ashy brown hair, ask your hairstylist for a golden caramel highlight. The color scheme looks great if you have fair to medium skin.

25. Dark Hair with Caramel Lights

When you sport a layered haircut, highlights are a great way to enhance the depth and luminosity of each layer. In this case, the choice of caramel shades for the highlights is perfectly in line with the dark brown hair color.

26. Medium Brown Hair with Gorgeous Caramel

A look straight from the runway featuring a color blend that’s flattering for all hair types and skin tones.

27. Gold Blonde Hair with Caramel Lowlights

This skillful blend of colors adds up to an elegant, feminine look that is simply adorable.

28. Caramel Hair with Blonde Highlights

If blonde hair makes a great pair with caramel highlights, so does caramel hair with blonde highlights. Flaunt the full caramel shades spectrum with a perfectly done balayage.

29. Blonde Hair with Highlights

Here is the reverse of the coin, where darker caramel shades have been used on blonde hair to create more depth and volume.

30. Beautiful Caramel Hair with Light Caramel

This hair color may resemble chestnut brown. Yet, this result was obtained by combining chocolate and red caramel highlights for vibrant hair color.

31. Light Brown Hair

Silky smooth brown hair with golden honey caramel highlight creates a sophisticated look that’s perfect for flaunting for your next special occasion.

32. Caramel on Short Brown Hair

The longer tresses of this short bob haircut have been dyed in caramel shades. This creates a lighter texture, adds an edge, and perfectly frames your face.

33. Delicious Caramel Highlight and Lowlight on Wavy Hair

In such instances, caramel shades are used to achieve a dimensional color that not only makes your hair look healthier and shinier but also stunningly beautiful.

34. Light Brown Hair with Caramel

Green eyes and caramel shades inserted in your natural hair color make a jaw-dropping combination. Notice how each of the two elements enhances the other.

35. Chocolate Caramel on Chocolate Hair

We’re in love with natural looks and the look sported by Jessica Alba makes no exception. A chocolate overtone with an exceptional glow works wonders in enhancing the luminosity of tanned skin.

36. Curly Chocolate Brown with Caramel

Follow the caramel flow of this gorgeous hairstyle. The tight curls reflect the caramel overtones while creating a romantic look.

37. Long Hair Caramel Balayage

Two shades of caramel meet in a gorgeous hair dye technique. Starting from the chocolate-toned caramel shade to the honey caramel shade, we love the hair colors and the blend.

38. Auburn and Caramel Hair

Caramel highlight on auburn hair may look almost copper, depending on the caramel shade used. You may see some pics where this combination of hair colors looks rather tacky. Nonetheless, this is not the case. The subtle highlights are worthwhile. Try them on for size.

39. Balayage Highlights in Caramel

Caramel highlights add more depth to layered haircuts. Which is even better if your hair is fine and thin. The softly curled ends add an extra feminine touch to the hairstyle.

40. Red Caramel Hair w Highlights

While the base color is dark caramel, the highlights and lowlights colors are part of the larger caramel chromatic spectrum. The copper caramel is super enticing.

41. Layered Caramel

Fancy some peekaboo bangs with caramel highlight? Yes, please. Not only do they look super cool, but they perfectly complement the layered haircut for long hair, while creating a laid-back style.

42. Medium Brown Hair with Caramel Highlights

When we say medium, we refer to the hair color. A beautiful chocolatey shade enhanced by the golden caramel hues of the highlights. The truth is we can’t get enough of caramel curls and waves as they reflect the delicious caramel overtones even better.

43. Summer Caramel Highlighted Hair

Sun-kissed hair doesn’t have to sport blonde to dirty blonde hues. The same effect can be achieved with light, soft caramel shades, as portrayed in this image.

44. Caramel Lowlights on Light Copper Hair

Lana has the most astonishing look changes. From dark-haired beauty, she can turn into a fair princess or sport this deep color achieved with caramel lowlights. All her hair color choices are stunning.

45. Caramel Hair Highlights

This almost imperceptible blend of colors is gorgeous. The natural transition from the dark brown base color to the golden caramel highlight creates a soft, romantic look.

46. Highlights in Chocolate, Caramel, and Auburn

If you wish to avoid a tacky look or a dramatic look change, choose colors that are very closely related and aren’t more than two shades apart chromatically. This is a perfect example of highlights in three different shades that look natural while still adding edge to a stylish look.

47. Beautiful Caramel Highlights on Chocolate Brown Hair

The messy look may do even more to help the cause of caramel highlight (if they needed any help, to begin with). Nonetheless, we love this look and the natural color transitions.

48. Caramel Highlight on Dark Hair

From the dark root color to the golden caramel hues of the fringed ends, the hair color choice is ideal to highlight the facial features. Not to mention flattering for the skin tone.

49. Dirty Blonde Caramel Highlight Look

Caramel-colored highlights in the dirty blonde color palette are flattering for everyone with fair to medium skin.

50. Caramel Highlight on Wavy Brown Hair

The golden overtones of this hair color bring out the golden flecks in the eyes. A delicious hair color that creates a sophisticated, natural look.

51. Blonde Highlights on Caramel Hair

Add blonde highlights on caramel hair and you get a delicious blend of colors that are bound to turn some heads.

52. Red Caramel Highlight on Medium Copper Hair

There’s no better way to spruce up a medium-length A-line haircut than to add a splash of color. The reddish to brownish caramel highlight is ideal for the base copper hair color.

53. Sweet Caramel Lights on Red Hair

The best thing about caramel highlights on red hair is that you don’t have to bleach your hair to obtain these beautiful caramel reflections. This natural chic look is one of our favorites.

54. Red Hair with Caramel Highlights

While the contrast between the burgundy copper base hair color and the golden caramel highlight is quite high, we still love this edgy look.

55. Special Hairdo with Caramel Highlight

Speaking of edgy looks, check out this look. A fringed long bob playing with textures and caramel lights. Ask your hairstylist how to achieve it if you want to sport an original hairstyle.

56. Honey Caramel Highlights for Summer

Summer is all about natural, organic looks. Your hair makes no exception. These sweet honey caramel highlights on light brown hair go perfectly with the wavy locks.

57. Caramel Lowlights and Highlights on Medium Brown Hair

Both of these pictures portray a beautiful blend of caramel shades in lowlights and highlights. This is meant to create more depth and add even more luminosity to each of the layers.

58. Brunette with Caramel Highlight

Blondes may have all the fun, but brunettes aren’t too far away either. Look at this beautiful mix that’s super flattering for her fair skin tone and adds an extra edgy note to the overall look.

59. Romantic Highlighted Caramel Waves

Loose waves like these are synonymous with romantic hairstyles. The caramel highlight simply adds a sweet touch.

60. Braided Caramel Hair

If you have long caramel hair or caramel-highlighted hair, try a simple braid as your hairstyle. Each caramel tone will be beautifully highlighted.

61. Caramel and Blonde Highlights

Rarely, do two contrasting colors like these work so well together. Yet the golden blonde and the deep caramel tones at the ends are unexpectedly compatible.

62. Curly Chocolate Brown Hair with Caramel Highlights

These rich hair colors look simply stunning together. We love both the mousy feeling of the curls and the caramel reflections on the chocolate hair.

63. Wavy Caramel Highlights on Dark Chocolate Hair

It’s easy to create a relaxed yet formal enough look when you have the right haircut complemented by the right hair colors. A confident attitude is all about wearing the right details.

64. Dark Blonde Hair with Caramel Highlights

Whether your hair is dark blonde or strawberry blonde, caramel highlights are a good way to enhance your natural hair color.

65. Subtle Highlights in Delicious Caramel Color

Layers of fine silky smooth hair look even better with a splash of caramel color. This is because lighter shades used for highlights create more depth and reveal the hair texture.

66. Caramel and Blonde Highlights

Caramel & blonde highlights work like a charm with brown hair, no matter what your natural shade of brown is. Try this look on for size. It’s vibrant and refreshing.

67. Chocolate Brown Hair with Caramel Highlights

The ends keep the chocolate brown natural hair color, while the top is a mesmerizing blend of caramel hues. We love this look on layered curls.

68. Golden Caramel Streaks on Short Brown Hair

A short stack haircut can become even edgier if you use strongly contrasting hair colors for the highlights. Take a cue from this classy lady who sports golden caramel streaks on brown hair.

69. Silky Smooth Hair with Caramel Highlights

Jenny from the block rocks those caramel highlights and soft-toned brown hair. Her medium skin tone is glowing thanks to the hair color choice.

70. Caramel and Chocolate Hair Color on Wavy Bob

Waves, caramel highlights, and an edgy haircut make for a super stylish look.

71. Dark Brown Hair with Caramel Highlights

A stunning example of how dark brown hair and subtle caramel highlights in darker tones work together to achieve a gorgeous look.

72. Subtle Chocolate Caramel Highlights

When you wish to keep your look change minimal, use shades that are very close to your natural hair color. This is the ideal color mix for dark brown hair.

73. Dark Chocolate Hair with Golden Caramel Highlights

This time, the bangs and the framing layers in the front are the only ones highlighted. Which creates a stunning visual effect.

74. Gorgeous Brown Hair with Caramel Highlights

The soft waves in caramel tones strike again. This natural look falls nothing short of gorgeous. Wear it to a party, the office, or dinner night out. You’re bound to turn some heads.

75. Caramel Highlights Compilation

Caramel highlights in shades closely related to your natural hair color help you create a soft, minimal look yet bold enough to earn you quite some style points. Sometimes, less is more.

76. Light Blonde Caramel Accents on Caramel Hair

If your natural hair color is light caramel, then almost blonde highlights are the way to go. Enhance the luminosity of your hair with vibrant color.

77. Auburn Hair with Caramel Highlights

Auburn and caramel make a delicious color mix ideal to create a stand-out look.

78.  Red Highlights and Caramel

This hairstyle is among our top favorites as it is super edgy, extra cool, and colorful. It’s certainly a refreshing holiday look.

79. Light Brown Hair with Caramel Lights

Indulge in the warm caramel tones for a truly stunning look that keeps its natural feeling and sophisticated overtone.

80. Blonde and Caramel Highlights on Light Brown Hair

This is the ideal summer look if you want to have the best of both worlds: blonde and brunette.

81. Curly Caramel Tresses

It may take a while to style your med haircut in these lovely stacked curls. Nonetheless, the result is worthwhile, particularly if each of your curled locks dons a different caramel shade.

82. Look Change with Caramel Highlights

This image exemplifies how you can refresh your hair color or achieve a total look makeover with vibrant caramel highlights.

83.  Brown with Caramel Highlights

These elegant waves ideal for the celebration of a special event are highlighted even more thanks to the warm chocolatey caramel overtones.

84. Caramel Balayage with Highlights

The hair-dying technique recommended for a natural hairstyle is the French balayage. This is a stunning example of caramel balayage where the transition is soft and sophisticated.

85. Chunky Caramel Tresses on Chocolate Brown Hair

This is a more dramatic look using chunky highlights to refresh the chocolate brown hair color.

86. Red Hair with Caramel Highlights

The base color is almost hidden between the wealth of highlights, all in flattering, complementary shades.

87. Wavy Bob Haircut with Caramel Notes

If you’re looking for a hairstyle that will make you noticed while being cute and sophisticated, this is it. Caramel wavy highlights on a vibrant brown base look stunning.

88. Short Caramel Highlighted Hair

Create more texture and structure for a simple short haircut with warm-toned caramel highlights.

89. Caramel Highlights in Dark Brown Hair

Another beautiful combination of hair colors that add up to a natural glowing look.

90. Light Caramel Hair

We told you that caramel hair has a wide color palette. This is why caramel highlights are flattering for all hair colors. Look at this beautiful light, almost golden blonde caramel hair.

91. Caramel Highlighted Ends on Long Brown Hair

A refreshed hair color with vibrant honey caramel tones mixed in a gorgeous ombre. Try it on for size when you don’t want a dramatic look change.

92. Caramel Balayage with Honey Overtones

We love this light color with enticing honey and caramel overtones which look as if you spent just a few extra days relaxing on the beach.

93. Subtle Caramel Blonde Highlights

Sometimes, less is more. When you want to achieve a more luminous look, ask your hairstylist for light, subtle caramel highlights. They will do the trick without being too dramatic.

94. Subtle Caramel Ombre

The best way to have both delicious chocolate hues and caramel hues is to combine them in a subtle ombre hair.

95. Caramel Lights in Dark Brown Hair

We love the luxurious note of this hairstyle, rendered by the golden caramel highlights and the perfectly styled loose waves.

96. Honey Caramel Hair with Caramel Undertones

We love this summer look with caramel sun-kissed tresses and layers of golden caramel. It’s certainly a hairstyle to try on for our next holiday.

97. Black Hair Caramel Highlights Ombre

A welcome idea when we are looking for the perfect shade: medium-dark brown base and from half the length of the hair to the tips caramel shade. Your hair will look great when you combine two natural, warm shades.

This classic ombre with a twist is ideal as a special occasion hairstyle. We love the subtle caramel highlights which perfectly frame the face.

98. Caramel Lights on Ashy Brown Hair

Ash brown hair has a reputation for being elegant and stylish. Nonetheless, there are instances when it can look rather lifeless. Add a splash of color like these caramel highlights and your hair will have a lively color.

99. Red and Caramel Highlights on Wavy Hair

Almost every layer of this stunning hairstyle flaunts a different color. The blend is in perfect chromatic harmony and creates a gorgeous, daring look.

100. Red Caramel Highlights on Silky Smooth Hair

Silky smooth hair is also a great canvas to show off your vibrant caramel highlights. Plus, a layered haircut like this one is ideal to create a variety of hairstyles to suit any occasion.


The caramel shades accentuate the brown eyes very well, creating that “deer look” effect that many women dream of. If you are also endowed by mother nature with long eyelashes, then the final effect will be a fairytale one!

Ready to Change Your Look?

This wraps up our list of 100 caramel highlights ideas.

We’re curious, so please let us know: which one is your favorite?


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