50 Flattering Blue Highlights Ideas to Try in 2022

50 Best Blue Highlights Hair Ideas in 2022

Blue highlights are so trendy right now and look great no matter your natural hair color. But did you know that there are so many different shades of blue that you can add to your hair? We have colors here that are dark, like the midnight blue tone, or maybe you are more into baby blue highlights; we have those here too.

There are looks here that have all the techniques to add color to your hair. You can go with the traditional style of highlights, or maybe you want to change it up and add some peekaboo color underneath your natural hair. Ombres and balayage are always a fun and beautiful way to get some color added to your style. So let’s go ahead and take a look at the 50 best blue highlight ideas.

1. Bouncy Midnight Blue Highlights

This first look is a bouncy midnight-blue style. This color would look best if you have dark natural hair because the midnight blue blends in perfectly. She added her color to the edges of her style, and it looks so good.

2. Midnight Blue Peekaboo

Here is another midnight blue hair color for women with long hair to try out. They added more blue color here than in the first look, and the results are flawless.

3. Feathered Blue Highlights

Feathered hairstyles are always a good idea to add more texture to your style. For example, the photo above added choppy layers that start about halfway up the hair, and it looks beautiful.

4. Messy Blue Blonde Highlights

Weaves are also another fantastic way to add color to your hair. The best thing about this style is that you can remove them at the end of the day and try another look the next day.

5. Lengthy Ocean Blue Highlights

We got inspired by this style by the colors of the ocean. Above, she is wearing her hair in a lengthy ocean blue highlight style; this would be a great choice for women of all ages to wear.

6. Deep Sapphire Blue Bob Highlights

Another blue hue is this stunning sapphire color. Here they went with all-over coverage, and it looks so good with her darker skin tone and bob haircut.

7. Face Framing Royal Blue Highlights

If you are looking to add in some face-framing highlights, this would be a wonderful style for you to try out. They went with big chunky highlights that faded in perfectly down her hair starting at the top.

8. Curly Textured Pixie Cuts with Blue Highlights

Curly pixie haircuts are a fun way to wear your hair short. To enhance your style, add in blue highlights all over it is a wonderful way to add some texture to your style.

9. Blue Highlights Ombre

Blue ombres are always a good idea. Here they went with a rich blue hue and finished this look off with subtle curls on the bottom, and it looks so good.

10. Curly Blue Black Hairstyle

The colors blue and black compliment each other very well and will look great in your hair. In addition, they styled her hair with spiral curls, which beautifully brings out the highlights.

11. Blue and Ash Highlighted Lob

After your next lob haircut, try adding in blue and ash blonde highlights; you will love the results. This hair color would look great curly, or try it straight as they did in the photo above.

12. Short A-line Bob Blue Highlights

Try adding in dark blue highlights for ladies with naturally dark hair; the two colors always blend beautifully together. In the photo above, she is wearing her hair in a short a-line bob, and it is so pretty.

13. Wavy Light Blue Highlighted Bob

Here is a great example of light blue highlights on a fresh bob haircut. Unfortunately, they may have added a silver hue to the style.

14. Pops of Smoky Blue Tints

Smokey blue tints are right on trend. Above, she is wearing her hair pops of light blue color in her trendy silver-gray hair color, and it looks so good.

15. Teal Blue Highlights Bouncy Bob

For a unique teal blue color, look at the photo above. They added teal blue with her natural dark hair and gave her a nice bouncy bob look, and she should not change a thing.

16. Cute Blue Unicorn Peekaboo Highlights

Peekaboo styles are one of the most popular ways to add funky colors like blue. However, if you are looking for a more subtle but still beautiful way to add color to your hair, this would be the best look for you to try out.

17. Elegant Blue Gray Hair Ideas

This stunning woman looks like she is straight out of a fairytale. Her elegant blue and gray hair match her flower headband perfectly.

18. Feather Blonde Blue Subtle Lights

Blonde and blue hair always look good together. They styled her hair with feathery layers and subtle highlights throughout, and it is so stunning.

19. Shaggy Light Blue Tints

Shaggy hairstyles always look better when adding a dynamic color like light blue. When you add in messy curls, it lets the blue color shine through.

20. Cool Tone Blended Blue Streaks

Big, chunky highlights are the best ways to add in blue streaks. This beautiful lady has added in many different hues of blue, and they look wonderful with her naturally light hair.

21. 90’s Inspired Blue Stripes

Everyone knows that all the vintage trends are coming back to life. This is a 90s-inspired style with blue and black streaks throughout. Keep your hair parted in the middle, and add some loose curls to get the most out of this look.

22. Messy Curl Blended Blue Highlights

Curly hair can be a pain to find the right style and color for. But look no further; this amazing style is a mixture of messy curls with blended blue highlights throughout.

23. Pink and Blue Highlights on Chestnut Hair

This is a wonderful example of how pink and blue highlights can blend beautifully. Of course, this style would look beautiful on women with all different hair colors, but in the photo above, she has naturally light hair, and it looks so good.

24. Shave Nape Blue Highlights

Shaved napes are not just for men anymore; women have been wearing this style more and more lately. In the photo above, they gave her an undercut and then added a rich blue hue to the hair on top, and she looks amazing.

25. Shoulder Length Electric Blue Tints

This electric blue tint would be a great choice for ladies with shoulder-length hair who want to add a new fun color. They parted the hair on the side and added some big loose curls, and it looks perfect.

26. Lowlights Dark blue Hair

Lowlights are another fantastic way to add color to your hair. Above, she went with a very dark blue tone, and it looks beautiful.

27. Caramel Blue Peekaboo Highlights

This beautiful lady used the peekaboo style to add the colors blue and caramel hair color to her look.

28. Shag Face Framing Teal Blue Hair

Shaggy styles are wonderful for women that have curls. They went with face-framing teal blue hair in her bangs in this hairstyle and then added subtle blues and purples throughout her curls.

29. Blue Waves in Layers

For hair as beautiful as the ocean, try out these blue waves with a few layers. To get this style, ask for big highlights all over and finish your look off with loose curls.

30. Braided Cornrow with Blue Highlights

Cornrows are another super popular way for women to wear their hair. In the photo above, she added just a few rows of blue color, and it is a subtle but fabulous way to add some color to your style.

31. Subtle Blonde Blue Lowlights Mullet

Mullet hair has come full circle and is right on trend again. Try this style out with some subtle blonde and blue lowlights added in; you will love your new hairstyle so much.

32. Galaxy Vibes Highlighted Bob

Wow, this hairstyle is out of this world. The look above is called galaxy vibes because they have perfectly placed blue, purple, and teal pops of colors throughout.

33. Curly Layers of Blue Bob Highlights

Curly layers are so beautiful no matter what color hair you have, but it is timeless when you add in touches of blue and gray like they have here. To get this bob look, you need to grow your hair out to about your shoulder and finish it off with a curling wand or iron, and you are all set.

34. Choppy Pixie Blue Streaks

Choppy pixies are a popular choice for women over 40, but in reality, they look good on women of all ages because they are simple and easy hairstyles to take care of. They took this style one step further in the photo above and added blue streaks throughout, and it looks wonderful.

35. Platinum White with Pastel Blue Tints

Platinum blonde is a vibe all on its own, but if that does not cut it for you, try adding pastel blue tints to your bangs. The two light colors compliment each other so well that you will love your hair.

36. Peekaboo Blue Ombre Highlights

Ombres and peekaboos are so beautiful on their own that imagine how beautiful they are together. They went with a nice blonde ombre style for this hairstyle, with dark blue peekaboos added to the bottom.

37. Blue Lowlights Medium Hair with Side Bangs

Blue lowlights look so wonderful on women with naturally dark hair. If you have medium-length hair, try adding in some side bangs and a few subtle highlights to achieve the look in the photo above.

38. Wavy Cobalt Blue Highlights

Cobalt blue is a medium blue tone and is a great choice for women with darker or lighter hair. Here she has extra-long wavy hair, and they added the cobalt color underneath and finished her look off with big beach waves.

39. Blunt Bob Blue Blonde Highlights

After your next bob haircut, why not change it up and add some blue and blonde color. They gave her some spiral curls in the look above, and it brings out the blue color so beautifully.

40. Charcoal Blue Highlights with Side Bangs

Another blue tone you could go with is this charcoal blue. For this look, add some curtain bangs to your style and ask for a darker blue tone for your highlights; you will love the results.

41. Grayish Blue Straight Hair Streaks

If you are looking to get silver hair, you are right on-trend. This beautiful lady also added some blue highlights, and she looks fantastic.

42. Slicked Blue Highlights Undercut

You could always go with this next look for a short and sassy style. But instead, she decided to go with a short undercut, left the hair on top a few inches long, and dyed it a beautiful blue with hints of green throughout.

43. Blonde Refresh with Indigo Lowlights

For all the beautiful blondes out there, try adding in these indigo lowlights for a new style next time you go in for your refresh. This style would be perfect when all the purple flowers are blooming during the spring months.

44. Gorgeous Teal Streaks in Natural Gray Hair

Gorgeous teal streaks will look so good in your naturally gray hair. However, just because you are going gray does not mean that you cannot have fun with your hair color.

45. Chunky Blue Highlights

A simple and fastest way to add color to your hair will always be in big chunky highlights. And that is exactly what they did here, and the results are stunning.

46. Asymmetric Midnight Blue Bob

The combination of this asymmetrical bob haircut and the midnight highlights here is breathtaking. This will be a wonderful style to try out if you want an elegant short haircut.

47. Periwinkle Highlights Shaggy Hair

If a lighter blue is more your style, then the periwinkle hair color would be perfect. They finished the style off with beautiful beach waves for a shaggy style, and it looks perfect.

48. Sophisticated Dark Blue Highlights

You do not always need to add in bright blue sometimes; all you need is a sophisticated dark blue tone. For example, in the look above, she added a few dark blue streaks, and the results are wonderful.

49. Beautiful Slate Blue Highlights

Slate blue is an almost purple tone, and this is another style that would be so perfect for the summer or springtime. Be ready to get so many compliments on your hair if you decide to try this style out.

50. Dusty Tints in Curly Asymmetrical Bob

Here is a style with dusty blue and green tints in her asymmetrical bob haircut. This would be such a fun hairstyle for women of all ages to try out on their next trip to the hairdresser.


Did you know that there were so many different hues and tones of blue that you could add to your hair? Which technique of adding color was your favorite? Let us know below, and comment on what number you want to try out!


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