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45 Most Popular Sew In Hairstyles for 2022

sew in hairstyles

What are sew in hairstyles and why should you use them? Both answers are very simple. Sew in hair pieces are a type of weave which gets sewn onto your natural hair once it has been braided into cornrows. They look more natural than any other weave or wig available. You should use them because they are easy to maintain, and are extremely versatile. With that in mind, we have compiled for you a list of 45 sew in hairstyles which will inspire and amaze you.

1. Raspberry Curly Sew In Hairstyles

Let’ start off with a classic weave. The hair has been parted to one side and curled into perfection. We absolutely love the delicious raspberry color. And, on the plus side, you can’t even see that it’s a sew in.

2. The Curly Bob Sew In Hairstyles

Here is the short version of what we detailed above, only, this time, you get to see it in striking brunette. The only visible mark of the sew in here are the little strands of hair which you can see plastered to the model’s forehead.

3. Goddess Sew In Hairstyles

The quickest way to goddess hair is via sew in, of course. Protect you natural hair and hide it under this beautiful mane of artificial tresses which will definitely make you look like the queen of the night.

4. Blonde Sew In Hairstyles

When you go for sew in, you can go for any hair color you want. For example, this brilliant golden bottle blonde. Pair it with some retro, 70s curls and keep your makeup to a minimum with eyeliner and baby pink lip gloss.

5. Straight and Sleek Sew In Hairstyles

If your hair is naturally curly, you may never be able to get those straight tresses you’re always wanted. No matter how much you try and how much product you use, it still ends up curling back on after a few hours. Enter sew in hairstyles.

6. Princess Hairstyle

Thanks to sew in hairstyles, you can now tackle any hairstyle you want. For example, here is a Disney princess style hair, half up, half down, complete with perfect curls cascading down your back.

7. Diva Sew in Hairstyles

Channel your inner Beyonce with this sew in hairstyle and watch how all the people bow down in your presence. Everything in this pic is done to perfection – the lioness mane of hair, the golden and pink makeup and, of course, the low cut, white tank top.

8. Elegant Sew In Hairstyles

At the other end of the spectrum lie the elegant sew in hairstyles. Ask your hairdresser to only put in only as much hair as you need and in a subdued color, such as this sandy blonde. For a more natural look, dye your roots a few shades darker.

9. Strawberry Blonde and Curls

We are in love with this strawberry blonde meets young chestnut shade of brown, all in a medium length cut, for which hair rollers have been used to get these wonderful low curls. Try it!

10. Cherry Cola Bangs

Seeing as you don’t have to go through all the hustle and bustle of actually dyeing your hair and risk deteriorating it, you can go ahead and choose any color you want. Your own hair will be safely tucked away underneath the weave.

11. Glossy Sew in Hairstyles

Another great thing about this type of hairdo is that it protects your real hair from heat exposure and damage as well. For example, to get this very sleek and glossy hair you would have had to use the straightening iron on your own locks. But not anymore.

12. Indigo Sew in Hairstyles

Get creative and choose a nonconventional color that will get you noticed in no time. Make the tresses as long as you want and be the queen of the streets. No one will ever know your little secret.

13. Curly Sew in Hairstyles

You can protect your own hair by tying it up in cornrows or stylized Bantu knots and then let the weave do all the talking in your stead. Curls are very in this year, especially when you mix them with a choker and a nose ring.

14. Vintage Sew in Hairstyle

With the right styling equipment, a little hair product and a lot of patience, you too can style your weave into these amazing old Hollywood vintage curls. You can also go for smokey eyes and a nude matte lip.

15. Coffee and Cream

How much do you love cream in your coffee in the morning? If you happen to love it as much as we do, then let it inspire you hair wise as well. This half and half hair is a dream come true, with coffee-colored undergrowth and honey-creamed coloring on top.

16. Matchy Matchy Sew in Hairstyles

Even though the eyebrows themselves are not sewn in, you can see that they match the weave on top. And what a marvelous idea that was. The beautiful mahogany color is a perfect choice for her skin tone and shade of her eyes.

17. Purple Sew in Hairstyles

Get ready for this summer’s festival season with this amazing shade of purple in your hair. Get out your curling iron as well and layer some curls into that weave, so that the head banging you do can be even more fun.

18. Indigo Sew in Hairstyles

Not ready for full on purple yet? You don’t have to worry because you can also try out this dark indigo with natural roots. Carefully contour your eyebrows and keep the makeup to a minimum to complete this look.

19. Natural Sew in Hairstyles

Even though your real curly hair is all tucked in underneath the weave, that doesn’t mean you have to change it completely. Go for some locks that resemble your natural ones, just as curly, just as pretty, and just as fun.

20. Pixie Cut Sew in Hairstyles

Sew in hairstyles are not for long hair alone. You can also try a superb and simple pixie cut. As long as you go to a professional salon or hairdresser, people shouldn’t even be able to tell the difference.

21. Simple Ponytail Sew in Hairstyles

This is the perfect hairstyle for casual Friday or a lazy, rainy Monday morning when you simply don’t feel like getting out of bed. But you must. Therefore, you tie your weave in this sleek ponytail. Voila!

22. Relaxed Curls

This is yet another opportunity for you to channel your inner Beyonce. She has given us so much over the years, hasn’t she? Create a tangle of loose and relaxed blonde curls in your hair. Use a brush to spread them out and give them some volume.

23. Goddess Braids

How much do you love these rhubarb goddess braids sew in hairstyles? We know we do. We absolutely adore everything about this look. From the color of the hair to the oversized, thin silver earrings, to the 90s lipstick.

24. Pink Is Pink

And what a pink it is! As noted above, the beauty of sew in hairstyles is that you don’t have to subject your hair to torture to get to this result. For example, to get to this shade of pink you would have had to bleach your hair. A lot. Now, you’re only protecting it.

25. The Queen

The more you look at that top bun, the more you love it. There is no other way. Add the beautiful cornrows of different sizes and you got yourself a hairstyle for the books.

26. The Curly Bob

No list of hairstyle ideas could have ever been complete without one or two bobs. Here is a gorgeous dark sour cherry curly bob that simply takes your breath away. The makeup is stunning as well, with gold and grey eye shadow and a matte grey lip.

27. Finger Waves

Yes, you can even get finger waves out of your sew in hairstyles, if you’re interested. You can wear this style to a special event, such as when you’re a bridesmaid, to you prom or even to your own wedding.

28. Orchids and Bobs

This is an asymmetrical layered bob, with textured ends and a few curls. The backside is a lot shorter than the front. Also, it is pouffed up, giving some much needed depth and dimension. And, of course, the color is a lovely orchid purple.

29. Black and Gold Sew in Hairstyles

As far as color combinations go, you cannot possibly go wrong with black and gold. Therefore, choose some golden metallic embellishments and pair them off with the appropriate jewelry, so that you can look like a true African queen.

30. Boxed Braids Sew in Hairstyles

If you decide to go for the sew in hairstyles, then you can easily get boxed braids. Tie them up in two oversized Bantu knots and leave the remaining braids hanging down. You can even use some embellishments, such as golden tubes or faux seashells.

31. Classy Sew in Hairstyles

If you’re going for the bossy, classy, and a bit sexy look, you’ve struck gold with this one. The honeycomb blonde combined with the matte brown tips give this hairdo a very elegant look that will work both in and out of the office.

32. Full Curls and Honey

Here is a set of vintage curls, loose and relaxed, in a beautiful honey color. This turn of the century updo works for special occasions, such as a wedding, the red carpet or even a very romantic date.

33. The Upside down Ombre

We called this hairstyle the upside down ombre for obvious reasons. Instead of the spot of color being down at the bottom, you can see it at the roots, spilling nicely all over the length of the hair, like chocolate over vanilla ice cream on a hot, summer day.

34. Tangerine Sew in Hairstyles

We continue our countdown of kooky, yet gorgeous unconventional colors for sew in hairstyles with this dark tangerine shade. The great thing about it is that you can match just about any kind of makeup up to it you want, from smokey eyes to nude and minimalist.

35. Mahogany Sew in Hairstyles

All you need to copy this look is your hair straightener, and lots and lots of hair product. Don’t forget to use some heat protection agent, so that you don’t burn out the weave. Match the makeup to the mahogany color, and you’re good to go!

36. Longest Curls

There’s just something about oversized curls that makes us all swoon, isn’t that right? And, since we all know that natural curls are quite a handful, you can easily switch to sew in hairstyles to help you out of that plight any time.

37. Plum Pink Sew in Hairstyles

Why settle for pink or purple when you can have this gorgeous shade of plum pink in your hair? It works great with purple makeup, as well as with smokey eyes, nude shades, and earthy tones.

38. Autumn in Your Hair

If there was ever a picture that could better describe autumn from a beauty and style point of view, this is it. The golden brown color of the weave looks like leaves falling over the blue backdrop of the sky. We are also particularly in love with the oversized jewel the lovely lady has chosen for her neckline.

39. The Grey Street Princess

Here is a style we all wished we could rock with so much ease and confidence. This has to be sew in hairstyles at their best. The gunmetal grey shade of the hair works perfectly well with the makeup and the cobalt blue of the top. Take notes, ladies!

40. Simple and Sweet

Let’s end in a very straightforward and casual way as far as sew in hairstyles are concerned. What you need to remember is that the weaves are highly protective and they allow you to try virtually any hairstyle you could possibly think of. So, what are you waiting for?

41. Orange Sew In Hairstyles

This orange and yellow ombre is absolutely to die for. It’s the perfect color for summertime when you can wake up already looking like the sun. I woke up like this, right, beautiful ladies?

42. Tangerine Sew In Hairstyles

If orange and yellow are not bold enough for you, then how about tangerine? It belongs to the citrus family as well, but it’s a lot more fiery since it has a good dose of copper in it.

43. Pink Sew In Hairstyles

Pink will always be a classic choice for women everywhere when it comes to clothes, accessories, makeup and, why not, hair. It’s the epitome of femininity so you should try it at least once.

44. Green Sew In Hairstyles

How about a perfect color for Christmas? What could be better than this Grinchy shade of green? Pair it with a head scarf, and some holiday themed makeup and you’ve got yourself a winner.

45. Lavender Sew In Hairstyles

The last color on our list is the supreme pastel – lavender. Whenever anyone thinks of pastels they envision a graceful and gorgeous shade of lavender such as this one. We love it too!


Sew in hairstyles have always been the preferred type of weave among women because they are very protective and require very little maintenance. Apart from that, you can now get them in any color you want, to make sure you stay in style. Let us know what you think in the comment box below.


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