60 Dirty Blonde Hair Ideas for Great Style
Blonde Hair Colors

60 Dirty Blonde Hair Ideas for Great Style and Inspiration

Dirty Blonde Hair

Dirty blonde hair is just one blonde hue among the extraordinary wealth of blonde hair colors.

This medium blonde hue is as enticing as its name sounds.

From the lighter sub-shades to the darker ones, there is one special trait that makes this color uniquely attractive: the wheat tones.

Here are 60 inspiring dirty blonde hair ideas to brighten your day.

1. Layered Dirty Blonde Hair

This sunny hair color looks bright and beautiful on a medium tone complexion.

Don’t worry about it becoming even lighter during sunny summer days.

It will effortlessly add to the charm of dirty blonde hair for women.

2. Dirty Blonde Hair with Highlights

To achieve this coveted women hairstyle look ask your hairstylist for dark blonde lowlights and platinum blonde highlights.

A skillful blend of colors enhanced by the perfect balayage.

3. Dark Dirty Blonde Hair

When we say dark, we mean a delicious golden honey shade that keeps the dirty blonde wheat tone.

A few highlights here and there draw more attention to the deep blonde tones of the base.

4. Dirty Blonde Hair Colors – Jennifer Aniston Signature Look

Jennifer is the absolute queen of the dirty blonde hair color.

Anyone looking for inspiration should take a hint or two from Jennifer’s spectacular look changes based on hues of blonde.

A success story beyond the shadow of a doubt.

5. Braided Ash Dirty Blonde Hair

Is there a better way to showcase the alluring overtones of dirty blonde hair than to braid it in a super modern style?

This is one of the best dirty blonde hairstyles.

6. Braided Crown on Light Dirty Blonde Hair

Because we like this hairstyle so much, here is another lovely instance of braided blonde hair.

This time is a lighter dirty blonde shade with rich ash brown undertones.

If you like the half up-half down ‘dos, this is one for you.

7. Copper Dirty Blonde with a Strawberry Accent

This is a particularly troubling shade as far as hair color categories are concerned.

Yet we’re not here to debate the intricacies of labeling a hair color but to admire the richness of this copper dirty blonde hue.

8. Dirty Blonde Hair with Highlights

If you don’t sport this hair color naturally, the easiest way to achieve the ideal dirty blonde hue is by adding highlights.

The key to a natural look is to use shades that are two to three tones lighter than your natural hair color.

9. The Beyonce Look

Honey blonde waves mix with Beyonce’s natural hair color to yield a perfect dirty blonde hue.

We love how this hair color complements both her skin tone and the color of her eyes.

10. Dirty Blonde with Pastel Pink

Get this adorable look that excels in both style and color blend.

Light dirty blonde and pink go together like a charm in this not too outlandish combination.

11. Short Fringed Hair Meets Dirty Blonde Shade

The textured outgrown pixie is ideal to bring the summer blonde tones in the limelight.

Extra stylish look that’s easy to maintain and style day in, day out.

12. Dirty Blonde Hair Idea

If you can’t really let go of the warm brown hair color you naturally flaunt but would like to try on a dirty blonde hair color, go for ombre and highlights.

Blonde highlights on dirty blonde hair are perfect to highlight the natural darker base.

13. Dirty Blonde Balayage on Wavy Hair

These shimmering lights are captivating. Imagine flaunting these locks during this year’s summer vacation.

The balayage technique is the best way to achieve this look unless you were born with the coveted dirty blonde hair.

14. Dirty Blonde and Green Under-color

Dare to spice up your style by adding a strong contrasting under-color to the dirty blonde hair.

Put your hair up and let it show or let your hair down for a less outlandish look.

15. Highlights for Dirty Blonde Hair

The sky is the limit when it comes to highlights on dirty blonde hair.

For a natural look, try anything from the blonde hair colors spectrum to light brown and ash brown.

16. Short Dirty Blonde Hair

With the gold overtones and the dark undertones, this short hairstyle is ideal for light to medium skin tones.

17. Dirty Blonde Lob Hairstyle

A natural look for healthy flaxen hair with pearly overtones and dark blonde undertones.

Get this sophisticated hair color for a refreshing makeover.

18. Vintage Dirty Blonde Style

This dirty blonde balayage with subtle color transitions makes a great vintage look with a modern twist.

19. Long Dirty Blonde Hair

What’s striking about this hairstyle isn’t the hair length – albeit impressive.

Instead, it’s the colorful pastel tips which blend in perfectly with the golden hues of this dirty blonde shade.

20. Blonde Hair with Lowlights

The ashy lowlights add a sophisticated note to the dirty blonde look.

Notice the almost silver highlights?

They’re ideal for brightening the base color.

21. Dirty Blonde Curly Hair

A match made in heaven: dirty blonde hair and sweet tight curls meet in a cropped hairstyle that’s bound to earn you some envy.

22. Asymmetric Bob for Silky Blonde Hair

While this hairstyle requires more attention when it comes to styling and hair products, the dirty blonde hair color makes it a statement look.

The different shades add volume and structure.

23. Died Dirty Blonde Hair

The perks of a great balayage: a natural look even for dramatic changes. The golden brown at the base gives away the natural hair color.

24. Celebrity Signature: Scarlett Johansson

Another gorgeous celebrity that can rock any hair color. Nonetheless, it’s the pale hues of her dirty blonde hair that complement her fair skin tone.

25. Ash Dirty Blonde Summer Hair

This nuance brings a cool shade to the heat of long summer days.

26. Dirty Blonde and Brown Hair

This ombre done on beautiful curly hair reveals the warm ash brown and wheat hues in a creative manner.

We love the swift transition from brown to dirty blonde.

27. Light Blonde Hair Color

A wavy hairstyle for a bright dirty blonde shade is ideal to lighten up tanned skin.

28. Dirty Ash Blonde Hair

Dirty blonde and ash blonde may have a similar base. But when they meet in a spectacular balayage like this, the result is stunning.

29. Dirty Blonde Hair with Red Highlights

The wheat tones have been taken over by subtle red highlights and it looks exciting.

30. Dramatic Dirty Blonde Ombre

It takes courage to pull off this dramatic look change. Not dying your roots is the new fashion, so why shouldn’t we embrace it?

Black under-color, dark roots, and strongly contrasting dirty blonde locks.

31. Dirty Strawberry Blonde Hair

Strawberry blonde and dirty blonde meet to create this sweet and soft hair color. Wear in intricate braids to strut all the lovely hues.

32. Copper Highlights on Dirty Blonde Hair

Dirty blonde hair with red highlights?

Yes, please!

Most medium-tone red shades make good companions for dirty blonde as they are also a mid-spectrum hair color.

33. Dramatic Blonde Highlights on Dark Hair

Dark brown under-color and contrasting dirty blonde highlights certainly make a statement.

Try a braided hairstyle or half up-half down hair do to unfold the rich hair color shades.

34. Dirty Blonde Hair with Blonde Highlights

J.Lo has an ace up her sleeve: her olive skin tone and well-defined traits.

She too rocks the dirty blonde hair balayage which puts all her beauty assets under the spotlight.

35. Summer Sandy Dirty Blonde Hair

We love the medium-length bangs and light blonde shade which perfectly frames the face.

36. Summer Hair Dirty Blonde

The perfect beach look? Dirty blonde in a messy hairdo that’s easy to wear day in, day out.

Those wavy locks will look perfect even after they’re soaked in the salty ocean waves.

37. Dirty Blonde Messy Ponytail

One of the easiest ways to get ready for a party and highlight your natural dirty blonde hair is to wear it in a messy ponytail.

Finish the ‘do with shimmering oil and put on that party dress.

38. Golden Blonde Hair

We warned you that each blonde shade has a multitude of sub-shades, all equally enticing. This golden dirty blonde hair shade is a pure sunny joy.

39. Balayage Idea:

Adorable layered hairstyle with oversized bangs framing the face to perfection. The rich blonde hues make this hairstyle a statement.

40. Dirty Blonde Hair with Lowlights

The ash blonde lowlights of this perfectly textured asymmetric bob deepen the color spectrum to its fullest potential.

It’s a hairstyle option that can be at the same time cute, formal and playful.

It’s all up to your hairstyling skills and your mood.

41. Natural Dirty Blonde Hair Color

A lovely natural dirty blonde color that looks beautiful with long wavy hair.

Each of the layers in this hairstyle seems to sport a different shade.

Altogether, the wheat tones, light blonde tones, and ash blonde hues make a stunning color blend.

42. Balayage Dirty Blonde Hair

This is a slightly different dirty blonde shade, bordering a golden sandy blonde hue.

A perfect balayage to sport this summer on shoulder-length locks or longer hair.

43. Bronde Hairstyle

When your hair color mixes tones of brunette or brown with shades of blonde, it is called a bronde shade.

One of the most liberating hair coloring trends that don’t emphasize perfectly covered roots and uniform colors, but the freedom to wear dark roots and dirty blonde locks with pride.

44. Dark Blonde Hair

Perfectly styled curls for a perfect romantic look. The darker dirty blonde shade looks stunning on the healthy long hair.

45. Vintage Look

It’s not the filter that suggests this girl with dirty blonde hair is sporting a vintage hair color.

In fact, it’s the dirty blonde shade that was touted a fashion and beauty standard in the 60s and 70s.

46. Modern Dirty Blonde Look

One hair color, a cool haircut and a myriad of styling possibilities.

The dark blonde undertones work wonders when it comes to highlighting the light blonde highlights.

47. Dirty Blonde Balayage

A sophisticated look achieved with just a couple of blonde shades.

Notice the smooth transition from the golden wheat of the top to the light almost flaxen look of the tips.

48. Silky Smooth Dirty Blonde Hair

Both silky smooth hair and wavy hair look great dyed in this gorgeous blonde shade.

However, each hair type has its strengths when it comes to highlighting each blonde nuance of the dirty blonde hair color.

49. Mahogany Hair with Dirty Blonde Highlights

If you thought blonde highlights on red hair may look tacky, this image proves the contrary.

It’s a natural transition from one hair color to another.

A stylish look that’s quite flattering for everyone.

50. Dirty Ash Blonde Hair

This is a cool blonde hair color that flatters everyone with a fair skin tone.

The framing platinum highlights draw more attention to the rich hues of dark ash blonde while brightening the complexion.

51. Reverse Ombre Dirty Blonde Hair

After ombre became the rage, hairstylists came up with more and more ideas on how to make this technique even better.

Reverse ombre is one of them.

When the lighter shade comes first and the darker one follows, all your traits are beautifully framed.

52. Layered Bob Dirty Blonde Ombre

Another instance of dirty blonde ombre, only, this time, it follows the original set of rules.

Nonetheless, the textured layers of this messy bob bring out the best of the dirty blonde hair color.

53. Dark Blonde Hair Shades

Don’t be fooled by the light blonde shades of the tips. This hair color is all about the dark blonde hair shades and lowlights.

An elegant display of dirty blonde hair.

54. Long Layered Dirty Blonde Hair

A gorgeous, natural-looking hairstyle and hair color that’s in full sync with the sunny weather outside.

Tanned skin is certainly complemented by the dirty blonde hair shade.

55. Daring Pink on Dirty Blonde Brown Hair

The clear separation between the colors makes this style a daring choice.

While it may not be too suitable for formal environments, it certainly spells summer vacation fun.

56. Violet Overtone, Dirty Blonde Lowlights

This hair color combination was and still is en vogue this year. It’s a refreshing style fit for all ages.

57. Rose Dirty Blonde Hair Color

This balayage continues the series of less conventional dirty blonde hair ideas. With the soft rosy overtones, the chic feminine look is guaranteed.

58. Dark Blonde Hair

It may have a cold feel, but the richness of this dirty blonde hair color makes it a statement appearance.

Think fields of wheat during cloudy autumn days.

59. Silky Smooth Dirty Blonde Hair

This styling idea for dirty blonde hair is centered on a tamed, elegant look. We adore it.

60. Long Layered Honey Blonde Hair

Dirty blonde hair comes in a wealth of hues.

Honey blonde is one of them and it’s perfectly highlighted by the well-textured layers.

Ready to Change Your Look?

In case you had any problems before, now you surely won’t confuse dirty blonde hair anymore.

Which one of these dirty blonde combinations is your favorite? Tell us and dare change your look!

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