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60 Chic and Simple Short Hair Updos (With Images)

braided ponytail updos for short hair

Updos for short hair are just as gorgeous as updos for long hair, no questions asked. Sure, they may require more hairpins and artifices to be kept in place, but they are well worth it.

From fancy hairstyles for short hair to downright classy and beautiful, updos for short hair are truly versatile in their nature.

So if you are a short-haired beauty or looking to become one (but still undecided), here’s a list of inspirational updos for short hair to inspire your style!

1. Updos for Short Hair: Low Braided Bun

Even if you have shorter hair, that doesn’t mean you can’t try braids and braided buns. Notice the exceptionally well-made braid kept in place by solid hairpins pinned underneath for extra support. Don’t sweat over the few rebel strands – they add personality to a vetted hairdo for short hair.

2. Simple Updos for Short Hair: Braids and Pins

Use those luscious strands to twist them and fix them in the perfect setting for a short hair updo. Do you know what the best thing about using twisted hair strands and braids for an updo is? The fact that they offer the possibility to create as much volume and structure as you want.

3. Messy Curls Updo for Short Hair

Your curls and waves may barely reach the half of your neck. That isn’t a good reason to not try this beautiful, romantic updo for short hair. Either twist and pin some of the strands or use a headband to roll the lower curls and waves around it.

4. Easy Updos for Short Hair: Twist and Pin

Sometimes, the easiest updos for short hair are those that look the most complicated. Take this, for example. While the updo is packed with individuality and it looks complicated to create, it isn’t.

All you have to do is twist four large strands of hair and secure them in the back, leaving the ends loose.

5. Short Hair Updo: Faux Hawk

If stylists will allow us, this is a faux hawk, a perfect instance of a short hair updo with loads of edge and personality. Start by creating a deep side part. Sweep most of the hair to one side to add volume and depth to the hairdo.

6. Lovely Messy Short Hair Updo

Pins those curls up in an enchanting messy updo for short hair. Sweep the front toward the back, fix the sides with pins, and let the wonderful explosion of curls meet in the back.

7. Cute Updos for Short Hair. Romantic Updo

A loose braid that gathers all your hair in a romantic updo is one of the best short hair updos. It’s quick and easy to do but also so it’s stylish and chic.

8. Cute Loose Curls Updo for Shorter Hair

This updo for short hair is a breeze to achieve, and a wonder to wear. Once more, you should prepare your entire collection of hairpins, preferably thinner ones in a color as close as possible to your hair’s color. For added sparkle, add a precious hair decoration.

9. Half Up, Half Down Hairstyle for Short Hair with Braid

If you’re feeling uninspired yet all you need is a hairdo that gets you out the door in under ten minutes, try this on for size. Create four twisted braids (two for each side) and secure them to the back of your head with pins. Let the rest of your hair down and get this great half up, half down style!

10. Prom Updos for Short Hair: Side Sweep and Curls

The big night is almost here and all you need is a stunning short hair updo. Take your cue from this photo. With a deep side part, sleek styling, and loose enchanting curls at the end, this can be the perfect short prom hairdo!

11. Upswept Hairstyle for Shorter Hair

When your hair is really short in the back (buzzed or faded), there’s not much you can do in terms of hairstyles. However, when in need of a change, try this pixie cut with long bangs that’s certainly eye-catching.

Sweep all the hair in the back upward. Do the same for the sides. Comb the top toward the front and play with fringes. The result is worth the extra time invested.

12. Free-Flowing Curls and Pinned Bun

Updos for short hair shouldn’t necessarily imply that all your hair is securely pinned in a ‘do. Take a cue from this hairstyle. The curls are flowing freely, while at the back they’re secured in a low bun for added freedom and style.

13. Wedding Updos for Short Hair

There are so many versatile updos for short hair in terms of bridal hairstyles, that it’s a pity to not try them on. We love this voluminous updo that leaves the face uncovered but still leaves some face-framing tresses.

14. Outgrown Pixie Cut Updo Hairstyle

Outgrown pixie cuts are ideal for experimenting with updos for short hair. If the hair strands in the back are still too short, play with the top. This hairstyle is an explosion of energy and style that’s a must-try for short-haired beauties.

15. Pinned Down Hairstyle for Short Hair

This updo for short hair is perfect for that in-between length that typically doesn’t allow for too much experimenting. Sweep your hair backward, and pin down gradually, starting with the top. Gently pull the hair strands once you’re done to create this effortlessly voluminous look.

16. How to Style Short Hair: Roll Up and Pin

This hairstyle is simple to make – so easy, in fact, that we can tell you right now. Simply pull the sides and the back hair strands together as if for a low ponytail. Twist all the hair or individual strands upward and secure with hairpins. This is it – so easy to do that you’ll be ready in no time!

17. Headband Rollup Hairstyle for Short Hair

This classy hairstyle can be achieved with just a headband, a few hairpins, and a lot of patience. Use the headband to roll up the hair in the back in a romantic updo with a luxurious finish. If some strands seem to escape, use pins to secure them in place – or just let them be.

18. Updo for Short Hair: One Side Twist

Short hair can be super versatile too, as far as hairstyles are concerned. Look at this gorgeous updo for short hair. All you need to do is create a side twist as an extra style element. Secure it with pins and hairspray if your haircut is layered.

19. Quick Updos for Short Hair

When you’re in need of a hairstyle idea that’s guaranteed to get you going in under 10 minutes, take a cue from this lovely short hair updo. Simply pull all the hair toward one side, create a messy bun, secure it with a hair elastic and pins and get going. If you wish, you can also wear a headband.

20. Braided Hairstyle for Short Hair

Another lovely example of the half up, half down style for short hair. Braid two thicker braids – each from one side – and secure them together on top of the head.

21. Easy Romantic Updo for Short Hair

Style your hair in tight waves and complete the look with a perfectly finished low bun. The sparkle and chicness of this hairstyle are unmatched.

22. Simple Updos for Short Hair: Braided Styles

Braids can get you out of an inspiration shortage for short hair updos. Just braid your hair in as many braids as you wish or can and secure them in a messy hairstyle that’s edgy and playful at the same time.

23. Simple Half-Do for Short Hair

Half-dos are another easy way out when you’re running out of time and inspiration. Pull half of your hair up and pin it with a hair accessory for a touch of glamour. It can work in casual and formal environments as well.

24. Easy Pinned Updo for Short Hair

You will need all your collection of hairpins for this hairstyle. Nonetheless, your patience will be well awarded when the final results are revealed. The seeming ‘braids’ are actually knots that were all created with strategically placed pins.

25. Updos for Short Curly Hair

A lovely mess of curls and waves is always a great idea for a short hair updo. Tame some of the curls in a medium height bun and let the rest decorate your hairdo in style.

26. Messy Updo and Bangs for Short Hair

Bangs are not only ideal to frame your face and highlight your natural beauty, but can also help add an edge to your short hair updo. And yes, this applies when they are all swept-up and off the face.

27. One Twist Updo for Short Hair

Instead of the classic ponytail (which don’t get us wrong, we totally love), pull all your short hair up to make a braided strand that instead of falling, actually accentuates the top of the hair – the faded underside also helps add an edge to the style.

28. Braided Updos for Short Hair

If your hair hasn’t reached the length that allows ample braiding on the entire length of the strand, do not fret. Braid it section by section, particularly if you sport a layered haircut. Secure the braids together in a versatile and playful hairstyle for short hair.

29. Knotted Curls Updo for Short Hair

Knotted curls are among the easiest ways to inject some individuality and edge in a classic updo for short hair. Take the time to create a luster finish for your hairdo.

30. Braided Ponytail for Short Hair

Here is the classic ponytail in a new light and with a very interesting look. Make a braid in the middle section of your head and then tuck it under the pony’s end with an elastic or secure it under the ponytail with a sturdy hairpin.

31. Updo Hairstyles for Short Hair

Work with the hair in the back and style the front in this gorgeous romantic hairstyle for short hair beauties. Create a loose and messy bun in the back for an effortless voluminous look that’s simply gorgeous.

32. Easy Headband Updo for Short Hair

Headbands have quickly become the preferred hair accessory for creating a good hairstyle for short hair. Sweep your hair backward, add the headband, and use it as a support to pin the back hair on. Works like a charm every time!

33. Best Hairstyles for Short Hair: Braided Bangs

This hairstyle isn’t so much about updos for short hair, but more so about the power of braids. Take a cue from this intricate and fine braiding that uses nothing but the bangs and create similar braids for all the sections of the hair. Secure them together in what promises to be a stunning updo.

34. Casual Updos for Short Hair

A simple yet effective updo for short hair is rendered by twisting your ponytail once through the same elastic. Make sure that it won’t slip through. Or simply add a beautiful ribbon.

35. Classy Side Bun for Short Hair

To get this look, first comb all your hair backward and apply plenty of hairspray to keep every hair in place. Create this classy side bun, secure it by pinning it underneath and apply a second round of hairspray.

36. Chic Half-Do for Short Hair

Half-dos are ideal for those occasions when you need a quick hairstyle that looks stunning. Create more volume by gently pulling the hair out of the hair accessory used to secure the half-do.

37. Scarlett Johansson Cute Easy Updos for Short Hair

How stunning does this updo for short curly hair look? Scarlett Johansson looks gorgeous flaunting this easy to achieve hairdo. Pull the front hair toward the back, the back hair upward and toward the front and secured with pins.

38. Quick Hairstyle for Short Hair: High Bun

If you thought that short hair is only suited for low buns, here is a photo to prove that high buns work too. Just make sure the shorter hair that doesn’t reach the high bun is secured with pins and a layer of hairspray.

39. Casual Faux Hawk Updo for Girls with Short Hair

We love this daring hairstyle for short hair (and it’s color too!). The limits to this one are only rendered by your personal taste and your imagination.

40. Messy Updos for Short Hair

This is another updo for short hair sported by Scarlett on the red carpet. Pull hair strands from each side and secure them in place where they meet. Let the ends loose to create this lovely mess of curls.

41. Cool Bandana Bun for Short Hair

This is a faux updo for short hair, mainly because it uses a bandana as support to hide the shorter hair in the back. Nonetheless, it looks gorgeous and we certainly recommend it as a quick and casual look for short-haired gals.

42. Short Hair with Bandana Updo

This is another instance of how well short hair and bandanas work together. This look is smart casual – which should make you think twice about sporting a bandana in your hair everywhere you go.

43. Natural Updos for Short Hair

When you sport a lovely wavy mane like this, there’s no need for extra tricks to create a stunning updo for short hair. Use the simple yet effective headband to roll the longer hair in the back around it. Let the rest flow free!

44. Messy Low Bun for Short Hair

Don’t worry about not sporting the perfectly finished low bun. Loose and rebel hair strands always create intriguing messy looks which are certainly eye-catching.

45. Headband Updo for Short Hair

This is a great example of how classy yet casual headbands can change the look of women’s hairstyles. This is a lovely instance of a short hair updo embellished by a simple headband.

46. Updos for Short Fine Hair

Braids, braids, braids. These are the secret ingredient to a variety of stunning updos for short hair. This one is particularly suited for short layered hair, which is also fine.

47. Messy Curls Updo for Short Hair

There is nothing a few hairpins won’t solve as far as short hair updos are concerned. Just use your fingers to pull the curls in the position you want them and use the hairpins to secure the locks.

48. Braided Hairstyle for Short Hair

Sometimes, the key to a successful short hair updo starts with the front and top hair. Securing these sections leaves just the back section to deal with, and that’s easy when you have so many inspirational updos for short hair as examples.

49. Fancy Updos for Short Hair

This is one of the most stunning updos for short hair that we have ever seen. The perfectly styled hair underneath simulates an undercut, while the wealth of curls on top creates a visually attractive mass of voluminous hair.

50. French Twist Updo for Short Hair

Even if your hair is quite short, you can still create a French twist. Just take the one above as example!

51. Pinned Up Curls for Short Hair

Pin each of every one of your curls toward the back in an eye-catching hairstyle for short hair. Use hairpins to also bring up the curls in the back.

52. Elegant Updos for Short Hair

This is one of the updos that will take from the formal office environment to an after-hours drink with the girls and a long party night without a headache.

53. Elegant Short Hair Updo

Take your time to style your hair in this beautiful romantic updo for short hair. If you’re in dire need of short hair updos inspiration right before heading to a party, take a cue from this example.

54. Half-Do for Short Curly Hair

Pull half of the hair up and toward the back and secure it at the back. Let the rest of your lovely curls flow freely.

55. Hair Piece Mid Bun for Short Hair

Comb all your hair toward the back and secure it in a simple mid bun. The special note of this hairstyle is rendered by the lovely hairpiece – reminiscent of ballerina hairstyles.

56. Updos for Short Layered Hair: Braids and Twists

A short haircut with layers may prove difficult to secure in an updo. However, if you work with each section and layer, you can achieve stunning results, like this braided hairstyle for short hair.

57. Easy Braided Updo for Short Hair

Pull all the top hair up in intricate braids. Secure the back hair strands up with pins or try a reverse French braid – otherwise known as a Dutch braid – to compliment the look.

58. Easy Prom Updos for Short Hair

If you want to flaunt a flawless romantic style during the big night, don’t worry about having short hair. Create this loose slightly side-swept updo for short hair and use a flower hairband to achieve the full look.

59. Updos for Short Black Hair

A statement hairstyle that looks edgy and stunning. Shaved sides and a curly top can be shaped into any hairstyle for women with short hair.

60. Reverse Braid Updo for Short Hair

This loose French braid in reverse is an amazing idea to create false length and give the impression of volume to a short hair updo. Let yourself be inspired and try it on!

Ready to Change Your Look?

We hope you found your short hair inspiration with these simply stunning ideas for updos for short hair.

Don’t let your hair length get in the way of achieving the look you want. So pick a style and then tell us your favorite!


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