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Hairstyles for Thin Hair, 50 Ideas that Add Instant Volume

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While some need little hairstyling to get through the day looking gorgeous, others are always on the lookout for hairstyles for thin hair.

We are talking about many of us who have thin fine hair, stubborn and resistant to styling.

Thin hair can look flat and lifeless. Thankfully, there are plenty of hairstyles and tricks you can try to emulate a rich hair body and create volume.

Here are 50 hairstyles for thin hair that will wipe away that daydreaming of luscious voluminous locks.

How To Take Care Of Thin Hair?

In most cases, thin hair is also characterized by an excess of sebum. This explains the fact that it is almost impossible for you to arrange your hair the way you would like and use the products for excessive styling. The outcome? The hair “loads”, becomes sticky, and you move even further away from the look you wanted to get. It is best to wash your head more often, using a special shampoo for this type of hair.

Avoid Using Conditioner

In this case, the conditioner is not a solution it is contraindicated and if you want to use such a product, choose one for volume. This is also true of the choice of shampoo, as volume products usually have the effect of inhibiting seborrhea secretion. But do not apply conditioner to the root of the hair, but only to the tips.

Don’t Dye Your Hair

Ideally, do not die or make yourself permanent – if you are thinking of using this last option in the hope that the hair will be arranged more easily, give up the idea. It will be arranged as you wish only for a short time, after which the situation will be even more unpleasant than before. But if you want a change, the strands are an excellent choice – choose a darker shade than the natural one.

Use a Hairdryer

After washing your head, use a hairdryer – it is usually not indicated, but in your case it is helpful because it will give your hair more volume, starting from the root. Apply a light-textured styling spray that does not stick to the strands, but does not overdo it.

Curl Your Hair

To get a light hairstyle and, at the same time, feminine and full of volume, make friends with curlers: warm ones are the best solution because they help you save time.

Cut Your Hair Every Six Weeks

Every six weeks, don’t forget to go to the hair salon to get your hair cut. Thin hair deteriorates very quickly, the hair-splitting progressively at the ends.

1. Hairstyles for Thin Hair: Long Choppy Layers

It’s visible right away that she has fine thin hair. Yet the long choppy layers create a visual effect that adds volume to each of the tresses.

2. Textured Short Haircut with Straight Blunt Bangs

One way to disguise the fact that your hair is thin is to cut it short. A short haircut isn’t the end of the world. In fact, short hairstyles are more versatile and easy to maintain. Think of how many styling possibilities this short haircut offers.

3. Angled Bob for Thin Hair: Sported by Keira Knightley

A hairstyle for thin hair that features shorter hair in the back and longer hair in the front adds structure and volume. This is why Keira Knightley’s deep angled bob should feature on your list of hairstyles for thin hair. No excuses.

4. Short Hairstyles for Thin Hair: Feathered Updo

If your hair is thin and lacks volume and luster, a short but daring haircut can do the trick. She is sporting a faux hawk style with faded sides and really long top. Ideal to wear swept up, towards the back and feathered.

5. Pastel Fringed Ombre on Bob Haircut

Fringed bob haircuts are among the best short hairstyles for those of us who have thin hair. Again, this an angled bob dyed in rich colors. Follow this recipe for style and add depth to your hairstyle.

6. Short Layered Pixie Cut for Thin Hair

We can’t get enough of short hairstyles. They look incredibly well on thinner hair and are super easy to style. A deep side part as seen here creates volume and reveals the fine layers. Add a rich color and the volume effect is guaranteed.

7. Hairstyles for Long Thin Hair

Kate Hudson may not look it, but she has thin hair too. However, the hairstyles she flaunts skillfully disguise this fact. Wear framing layers and a side part for instant volume and beautiful structure.

8. Layered and Textured Haircut for Thin Fine Hair

Hairstyles for medium length thin hair based on layers and textures are the magic ingredient for instant volume. The layers may seem choppy, but the fringed ends add a refined note to the look. Well-styled bangs are also added value.

9. Layered Haircut for Long Thin Hair

Opt for the classic ombre to add volume to your locks. Layers and loose waves help too.

10. Hairstyles for Short Thin Hair

Scarlett Johansson always looks flawless. Take a cue from her many stunning looks if you’re searching for the right hairstyles for thin hair.

11. Short Hairstyle for Thin Hair

Another style queen – Victoria Beckham – reveals the secret to a perfect hairstyle. Know your hair’s weaknesses and strengths and create a look that takes them into account. Although she has thin hair, this short haircut arranged in a studied mess looks great and certainly adds volume.

12. Instant Volume Short Hairstyle for Fine Hair

Not quite a pixie cut, not quite a bob. Certainly gorgeous and effective when it comes to building volume thanks to the side part, the extra-long side-swept bangs, and the mild waves.

13. Hairstyles for Fine Thin Hair

The layers, fringed bangs, and long sides work well together in creating a structured hairstyle for fine thin hair.

14. Shoulder-length Layered Cut for Thin Hair

You don’t have to cut your hair very short if it’s thin. There are hairstyles that can do away with the flatness and render instant volume. For instance, bangs that reach chin-length and are side-swept and layered tresses work magnificently to add volume to your hair’s body.

15. Layered Curly Thin Hair

Just to prove the previous point, this type of structure is perfectly fit for curly hair too. Try it on for size when your curls aren’t helping much.

16. Medium Hairstyles for Thin Hair

Messy, wavy and fringed are key to successfully creating a more voluminous haircut when your hair is thin and lack volume. Gorgeous and natural.

17. Karlie Kloss: This Hair Hairstyle

Karlie Kloss’s hairstyle is an elegant classic. Once more, the layers are stars of hairstyles for thin fine hair. Swept to the sides and styled waves, the bangs create depth and draw attention to Karlie’s face features.

18. Wispy Short Hairstyle for fine Hair

Another way to create volume when your hair is thin is to flaunt a wispy hairstyle. Each of the tresses is carefully styled in a seeming mess, creating the perfect hairstyle for thin hair.

19. Best Hairstyles for Thin Hair: Angelina Jolie

Half up, half down, wavy locks. This is Angelina’s secret to the best hairstyle for thin hair.

20. Vintage Inspired Short Hairstyle for Thin Fine Hair

Hairstyles for medium thin hair inspired by the fashion of the roaring 20s are ideal for creating a voluminous and effortless great look. A deep side part, flattened locks toward the top and a wealth of springy coils that reach chin-length are just perfect whether you have straight or curly hair.

21. Updo Hairstyles for Thin Hair

A puffed updo featuring a few rebel tresses is a quick way to win instant volume for your thin hair.

22. Sofia Vergara: Good Hairstyles for Thin Hair

What’s a good hairstyle for thin hair? For long thin hair like Sofia’s, a good hairstyle is one with blunt ends, layers, and face-framing wavy bangs.

23. Deep Side Part and Curled Ends for Long Fine Hair

If you want instant volume for your long fine hair, parting your hair and curling the ends is one ideal way to go.

24. Great Thin Hairstyling Idea

This asymmetrical bob with a deep side part is perfect to create instant volume for your thin fine hair. Yet another excellent example of a hairstyle for thin fine hair.

25. Layered Haircuts for Thin Hair

Layered hairstyles with bangs for thin hair are among the best to create instant volume. Add fringed ends and you’re good to go.

26. Angled Textured Bob for Fine Hair

Short bob hairstyles for thin hair work best when they’re angled and edgy. Rock this look for a voluminous hairstyle. Conventionally, angled haircuts and asymmetric haircuts are ideal for creating more volume. not to mention the modern edgy notes. Even when we talk about vintage-inspired hairstyles.

27. Blunt Bangs and Fringed Ends for Thin Hair

Blunt bangs that cover the forehead are an often used tool to create more volume for thin hair. Add a deep color like this burgundy and rock an amazing style.

28. Cute Hairstyles for Thin Hair

An overgrown pixie meets a faux hawk with a twist. This is one of the cutest short hairstyles for fine thin hair.

29. Deep Side Part for Shoulder Length Hair

We can’t stress enough the importance of deep side parts in creating voluminous hairstyles for thin hair.

30. Loose Curls

Reese Witherspoon set an example on how to wear a stunning hairstyle for thin hair. Hairstyles with loose curls for women are ideal to puff up the volume.

31. Easy Hairstyles for Thin Hair

Rocking a chin-length lob sprayed with salt-water will add that summer, fresh out of the ocean waves look that’s ideal to disguise thin fine hair.

32. Medium Bob and Lovely Flattened Curls: Emma Stone

Another vintage-inspired look with loose waves that reach chin level. Emma Stone looks gorgeous wearing her hair like this.

33. Smooth blunt Bangs Hairstyle for Thin Hair

This seemingly effortless hairstyle with bangs will make your hair look thicker than it is. Plus, it’s chic.

34. Hairstyles for Women with Thin Hair

Create a natural-looking ombre enhanced by wavy locks and you’ll never have to worry about your hair being thin and flat ever again.

35. Stylish Short Hairstyles for Short Thin Hair

As far as short hairstyles go, it doesn’t get any classier than this. A perfect blonde balayage for depth and perfectly styled hair.

36. Fringed Angled Bob and Side-Swept Bangs

Another edgy look thanks to a fringed angled bob haircut for thin hairstyles. This is a haircut that really suits everyone, so give it a try.

37. Hairstyles for Straight Thin Hair

This stunning hairstyle for thin hair is most flattering for women with silky smooth straight hair.

38. Cute Short Curls for Thin Hair

Definitely one of our favorite hairstyles for thin hair. A natural look with a modern twist  to create depth and body volume.

39. Short Hairstyles for Fine Thin Hair

This lovely pixie cut creates a baby-soft look that renders a romantic note to your overall style. It’s the fine texture of the hair that creates this note and the messy tresses.

40. Cute Short Hairstyles for Women with Fine Hair

Yet another instance of a cute hairstyle that plays on short haircuts for women with thin hair. A messy, seemingly shabby style that lays somewhere between a bob and a pixie cut. With a twist.

41. Hairstyles for Curly Thin Hair

Being blessed with a curly mane doesn’t necessarily mean that your hair is thick. If you have curly thin hair, try a lob with blunt ends styles in loose waves which are flattened toward the top.

42. Hairstyles for Thinning Hair

Instant volume on the top and increasingly less volume toward the ends. This hairstyle is fit both for thin hair and for thinning hair to achieve structure.

43. Long Side-Swept Bangs and Messy Curls

Wavy or curly hairstyles featuring long side-swept bangs are perfectly suitable to create instant volume.

44. Layers for Thin Curly Hair

If you don’t have the time to go through the effort of styling your thin curly hair, try layers. A layered hairstyle, especially for long hair is simply the best way to bring out the natural beauty of your hair in no time.

45. Bob Hairstyles for Thin Hair

We’ve shown you a number of bob hairstyles for thin hair. They all look equally stunning and are easy to style and maintain. Thus, if you want instant volume with no fuss, try a bob hairstyle for thin hair. You will love it.

46. Pixie Haircut for Thin Hair

She looks so lovely with this pixie haircut for thin hair that brings out her soft features and exudes a fresh note.

47. Choppy Bob Hairstyles for Fine Thin Hair

Choppy bobs, fringed bob hairstyles, angled bobs. All these bob hairstyle variations work wonders with adding volume and depth to thin hair.

48. Loose Romantic Braid for Thin Hair

Typically, braided hairstyles look thick, wealthy and luscious. It doesn’t mean your hair must be thick to achieve this look. Create the braided hairstyle you want and if it doesn’t look voluminous enough for you, just loosen the braid loops.

49. Ombre Hairstyle for Women with Thin Hair

If the hairstyle isn’t sufficient to add volume, try playing with hair colors that add depth. For instance, try ombre, reverse ombre or balayage. Natural-looking or in less conventional colors, these hair coloring techniques create stunning looks.

50. Layered Wavy Long Bob Hairstyle for Thin Hair

Colored ends and wavy tresses that are arranged in beautifully structuring layers. A great idea if you want to keep your hair long and look dashing.

Ready to Change Your Look?

Do not fret if you have thin hair.

Instead, find your inspiration and rock the look with these 50 hairstyles for thin hair bound to give your mane some oomph.


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