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7 Hairstyles for Thinning Hair – Can Look Stylish With the Right Haircut

It can be nerve-wracking when you first notice your hair thinning.

But don’t worry! It happens to basically everyone and, for many, is just a part of the aging process. And there’s nothing bad about getting older, wiser, and better with time – like a fine wine that’s also learned a lot from life along the way.

That said, if you are starting to notice your hair thinning, you may be on the hunt for a hairstyle that helps accommodate your changing looks. There are some great ways to style your hair as it thins, so you can make the transition from tufted to untufted with elegance and poise.

No matter what your age or the thickness of your hair currently, these hairstyles for thinning hair will be restorative for your confidence and surprisingly easy to pull off.

Top 7 Best Hairstyles for Thinning Hair

Anyone can look stylish with the right haircut, and these options are no exception to that rule. Consider some of these hairstyles for thinning hair to rejuvenate your look and become a brand new you!

1. The Buzz Cut

It’s a classic and a good one to go for, no matter who you are. Men and women alike have been rocking the buzz cut these days, and for good reason – it works for everyone.

“What if you have a weird shaped head?” you might ask. But here’s the thing: You don’t have a weird shaped head.

People have a tendency to think they look worse than they do, especially in the era of social media and Photoshop. But it’s just not true! Don’t let society’s nagging make you afraid to do something that might actually be awesome and completely right for you.

Maybe that means getting a buzz cut, but maybe it means trying scuba diving for the first time or getting that tattoo you really want.

The great thing about a buzz cut, in some ways, is its popularity. So many people get buzz cuts for so many different reasons, and it doesn’t matter why you do it at all. People would never suspect you got one in response to thinning hair, because why should they?

It’s a low-maintenance look that looks cool on everyone – and that’s enough reason to get one, if you even need a reason at all. (Hint: You don’t. Do what you want and don’t be afraid to own what hairstyles you’d like to see yourself in! It’s your life, and that’s no one else’s business.)

A buzz cut is a great confidence booster for those looking for a bold new hairstyle that’s classic, not to wild, and easy to maintain. It will bring the focus from your hair to your face – the true star of the show! And it’ll make you feel pretty cool, too.

2. The Fade

Adding a fade to your hair contributes some major cool factor. It’s a trendy style trick, perfect for guys looking to show off a more edgy look, and will pull the focus from your thinning hair to your undeniable sense of style.

While this look may be too bold for some, or maybe even too fashionable (if such a thing exists), for others it’s a great way to feel groomed and good about your appearance.

Like taking a shower or shaving your beard, getting a haircut with a fade is a great way to refresh your look and reassert your style. It’ll also really highlight how much hair you’ve got on top of your head, by fading into it from below.

This way, your hair looks less like it’s thinning and more like it’s thickening, when really it’s doing a bit of both. It’s a good trick and a great way for you to keep your hair on trend, if you’re a fan of looking good and owning your style.

Do keep in mind that hairstyles with fades require a little more upkeep than maybe some of the other styles on this list, only because maintaining the fade will be affected by how fast your hair grows out. If you’re down to visit the barber a little more often – or your own clippers and razor – then feel empowered to chase after this look.

3. The Pushed Back Look

In the words of Cady Heron from Mean Girls, “Your hair looks sexy pushed back.” And it does!

One of the benefits of thinning hair is that it often leads to creating a more prominent widow’s peak. And that’s a cool look to have at your disposal.

By pushing your hair back, you’re still showing off what you’ve got with confidence and without fear of the spots on your head that might be thinning. There’s nothing more charming than confidence, and this look shouts that you know your thinning hair is no obstacle for you to look good.

Because it’s not.

This is an easy look to pull off and looks great on everyone. It does not contain a whiff of insecurity or the feeling that you might be “trying too hard,” as it is really quite effortless and attractive.

This hairstyle just goes to show that no matter what your hair decides to do, it’s within your control to look awesome every day, and it’s not even that hard to do.

4. The Comb Over

The comb over gets a bad rap for no reason. It’s a very common hairstyle that doesn’t have to look tacky or blatant. In fact, with the right styling technique, it often looks quite nice – which explains why it’s such a classic hairstyle for thinning hair.

The comb over involves treating a spot where your hair is thinning as a natural parting point and keeping your hair long enough to sweep to one side. It will give you a sharp Mad Men look, and is just so easy to achieve. All it requires is a comb and a cut that keeps the sides short, but the top a little long.

There are a lot of ways that a comb over can go wrong, but a good way to avoid making a big mistake is to not overdo it. If you’re focused on hiding your bald spots, you’re coming at it from the wrong angle.

The comb over is not meant to cover some hidden truth to your hair, but to give you a stylish, casual hairstyle that complements your thinning hair without lying about its existence.

There’s nothing cool about being fake, but there is something very cool about making your look work and remain as effortless and charming as you are.

Plus, the comb over is flexible, and you can style it in a variety of different ways depending on your personality. Don’t be afraid to make it yours!

5. The Ivy League

The Ivy League is a crew cut with a little more on top. It’s a great hairstyle for just about everyone, people with thinning hair included.

You can see just about every actor sporting this look effortlessly, and it’s really a hairstyle that you can make your own, depending on how your hair moves and what you want it to look like.

If you still have some volume on the top of your head, then this look is a no-brainer, and is rewardingly attractive on everyone.

This haircut doesn’t have much to do with whether your hair is thick or thin, but know that it looks just as good on people of all varieties of hair thickness. It’s a dapper hairstyle that adds charm and a smart suaveness to anyone who rocks it.

Pair this cut with a sharp outfit and you’ll be the talk of the town. This is a look that works great on everyone with the confidence to pull it off, which could certainly include you.

6. The Bed Head

There’s no better hairstyle than no hairstyle – at least when it comes to saving time.

When you embrace a messier hairstyle, the texture and shape that your hair will undertake will work wonders to draw the attention away from your thinning hair and toward your bright eyes and charming smile. This is a bad boy look, without the requirement that you do something bad!

Don’t be afraid to let your hair do what it wants to do! If you tousle your hair with a towel after you shower and use your fingers to shape your hair into place, it’ll give you some natural volume and shape that can give you a perspective on how full your hair still really is.

Make sure, to accompany this look, that you keep the rest of yourself groomed. A messy beard with a messy hairstyle can look a little too Cast Away if you’re not careful. Plus, dressing sharp with your clothing will give your messy hair more of the appearance of effortless style than an actual mess.

It’s a thin line to walk! So be sure to tread carefully.

But if you succeed, the reward is endless. Not only do you have an easy hairstyle at your disposal, but you’ve also glowed up in your fashion sense and earned some bad boy points in the long run.

And absolutely nobody will be thinking about thinning hair after that – including you! You’ll be too busy owning and rocking your new, charming look.

7. The Full Shave

Give yourself the power to own it. By shaving your head bald, you’ll place yourself in the ranks of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Vin Diesel, Jason Statham, Samuel L. Jackson, and Bruce Willis. That’s good company.

The full head shave is the easiest hairstyle to try to embrace your thinning hair, especially if your hair is already quite thin and can’t do all the little tricks and turns already mentioned. By going for a fully bald head, you’ll take away all the power that your hair anxiety (if you suffer from it) has been enforcing on you.

Say goodbye to nerves and fear, and become a complete badass. That’s what going for the full shave does for you.

It’s freeing not just in that you no longer have to worry about your hair not doing what you want it to, but also in that you no longer have to fuss over styling your hair at all. Problem solved!

Plus, the full shave announces your confidence to the world like a big, loud drum. People will think, “Here’s a man who knows himself.” And there’s nothing greater than being someone who owns who they are and isn’t afraid to do something bold or dramatic, because that’s just what a real man does.

Fear no more, and go for the full shave. You’ll be surprised by the respect you’ll earn from others and by how awesome you’ll realize you look fully bald – just like all those other awesome people out there who you probably admired without even realizing or paying much attention to their shaved head (see the list of amazing actors above!).

When you know what you’re about, the world respects that. And that’s the biggest confidence boost of them all.

What Hairstyle Is Best for You?

What hairstyle you ultimately choose will be completely up to you to decide. Whether it’s owning your thinning hair, covering it, or removing it completely, no matter what you decide, just be confident in what you settle on and don’t let a fear of thinning hair get in the way of you living your life to the fullest.

There’s no reason to fuss over thinning hair when there’s so much else you can spend your time doing, like taking a class in something you’re interested in, picking up a sport you’ve always wanted to try, and enjoying quality time with the people in your life who probably don’t even know this is something that’s on your mind.

Once you get your new cut, or try your new hairstyle, whatever you decide on, let that be that. Because you only look as good as you feel – so feel good about trying out a new look and enjoy the new you!



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