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6 Chin Length Hairstyles – The Bob Is Always in Style

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  • 6 Chin Length Hairstyles – The Bob Is Always In Style

If you’re looking for chin-length hairstyles, the bob is your best bet. Bob haircuts can come in all sorts of lengths and styles. You can do all kinds of fun hairstyles with your bob cut as well, even at chin-length

What is the​​​​ Bob Haircu​​​​t?

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Even if you’ve never had a bob before, it’s pretty likely that you’ve heard the term at some point. The bob is a short haircut (though there are longer, shoulder-length bobs) that is typically done evenly all the way around (so your hair in the front is level with your hair in the back).

Bobs are for men and women but are most often seen on women. The traditional bob is jaw-level or chin-length. While not required, often the bob comes with bangs.

One of the things that makes the bob-style haircut a great choice is that it is easy to style and get on with your day. Depending on your hair type, this can be a wash and go cut that doesn’t require any styling aids or an extending period of prep time just to get ready to walk out the door.

The History of the Bob Haircut

It was in the 1920s flapper era when the bob got its start, with some notoriety. In fact, many hairdressers refused to give women this controversial haircut. Women weren’t always “allowed” to wear whatever they wanted, including certain hairstyles – so when they started to work on their freedom with choices like this risque cut, they annoyed a few people.

Controversial or not, the cut itself spawned all sorts of accessories made especially for use with the cut – including the bobby pin. Even headbands came about as an accessory to this stylish and scrappy hairstyle.

6 Chin-Length Hairstyles Using the Bob

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With the bob as your basic beginner’s guide to chin-length hair, you can get all sorts of chin-length style out of your hair. It doesn’t matter if your hair is pin straight, wavy, thick, or thin. Here are some chin-length hairstyles to try out.

  • 1. Wavy Bob

Even if your hair is straight, you can opt for a wavy bob. You can have your hair stylist give you a wavy perm, or you can use a home waver to get that look.

The wavy bob is a look reminiscent of a surfer, beach wave. It’s a messy look that still looks uniform, fun, and stylish. Even with waves, this can be an easy cut to take care of, especially if your wavy hair is natural and doesn’t need any heating appliances to get that kinked look.

  • 2. Straight Bob

This chin-length hairstyle, like it’s wavy cousin, is simple to get. With just one length all the way around your head, front and back even, and you’ve got an easy to manage bob. Yes – that’s one of the reasons many people opt for this style – it’s easy to care for and doesn’t take a lot of prep and styling to go from shower to chic.

  • 3. Bob with Bangs

You don’t have to have bangs with a bob. With a style so easy to manage, having it all one length adds to the ease. However, bangsof all kinds go great with the bob. They allow you to change things up a bit.

For the most fun with your bob, try a side-swept bang or a more severe bang that is straight across the tops of your eyes. However, those aren’t the only options – even an extremely short and choppy pixie bang can look super cute with a bob haircut on the right person.

  • 4. Layered Bob

Bobs are generally all one length (cut evenly all the way around the head so that it all lines up perfectly), and they don’t stray from that – but you can get a layered bob. The layered look is especially great for folks that have very straight hair or thick here.

For people with straight hair, layers can give you the look of a little more body in your hair. For those with thick hair, layers can thin out your hair some without taking away your hair’s natural body and bounce.

The layered bob can be left for a straight look, curled for a wavy look, or you can tease it for a fun “messy” look. This cut gives you a lot of styling options – especially for a short haircut.

  • 5. Shaved Undercut

The undercut shave was a big thing in the 90s, and it has recently come back with a vengeance. Even some famous TV and movie stars have shown up on the red carpet with shaved sides and napes, with their hair pulled up to show off this rebellious look.

It’s not just rebellious, though – the shaved undercut is great during the warm months. It keeps more of your hair off your neck (but it may need more upkeep as well). The shaved undercut is great with any chin-length or longer haircut – and makes an excellent addition to the bob.

  • 6. Half-Bob

Like the idea of chin-length hair in the front, but not a fan of it in the back? Skip the mullet and do the opposite – get the back stacked for a half-bob. While many people call this the “soccer mom” haircut, it’s really a fun, fashionable look that is extremely easy to maintain.

If you get the stack right, you can use gel (or your choice of hair care product) to give it a spiky look. You can leave it flat, pin back the front, dye the back a different color than the front, or any other number of fun things. Just because it’s short in the back, it’s not limited to only one styling option.

Getting the Most “Style” Out of Your Chin-Length Hairstyles


Some people think that chin-length hair is boring because it leaves you less hair for styling – but these people would be way off base. There are lots of things you can do with your chin-length hair.

First, you need the right accessories. Some great accessories that will go well with this medium to short hair length include:

  • Bobby pins
  • Headbands (all kinds)
  • Barrettes
  • Clips

You can also invest in wavers, curlers, straighteners, and other heated hair stylers to help you achieve different looks and effects. Have fun with it – that’s how you can make your chin-length haircut go for boring to fabulous.

While chin-length hair doesn’t allow room for ponytails if the back is the same length as the front you might be able to get in a messy bun. In fact, not being able to go with a boring ponytail will make you a little more creative when it comes to giving your cute short haircut some style. If you don’t want your hair flowing free, bobby pins will be your best friends. You may still be able to fit in some braids here and there, for a fun and eclectic look.


Why Chin-Length Hairstyles are In

There are many reasons someone would opt for a chin-length hairstyle. Here are some of the reasons for which you might want to consider a bob or other chin-length haircut –

  • Keep Cool – Chin-length hairstyles help keep you cool in the summer/warm months. With no hair dangling on your neck, you just might sweat a little less.
  • Low maintenance – Chin-length cuts are often lower maintenance than longer cuts. While you won’t be able to throw your hair into a braid or ponytail lazily, you might have the luxury of wash and go hair.
  • Mom-Friendly – Mom’s with little ones might like that chin-length hair gives baby less hair to grab on and pull!

Why Not Try a Chin-Length Hairstyle? 

Going from long hair to a short, chin-length cut may be a bit dramatic – unless you’ve had short hair before. However, if you’re already at shoulder length, why not lose a few more inches? You might love it, and if not? It’ll grow back over the next few months.



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