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50 Cool Pink and Purple Hair Ideas in 2022

50 Cool Purple Pink Hair Ideas in 2022

For all the women out there with creative styles looking for purple and pink hair ideas, we have 50 cool different looks here for you to choose from. It does not matter what type of hair you have pink and purple hair colors look so beautiful on all lengths, cuts, and textures of hair. Find yourself a good shampoo that is for color-treated hair and your look will last much longer.

Coloring your hair with purple and pink is a creative way to express yourself and you can wear this look any time of the year. These combos of colors are so versatile and come in many different hues, so your hairdresser can match the perfect tone to your natural hair. Let’s take a deep dive and check out the 50 cool purple and pink hair ideas for 2022.

1. Split Purple Pink Weave Hairstyle

This first style is split right down the middle. To get this look you will first need to part your hair in the center of your head, and add one color to each side, they went with bright hues for this look and it is flawless.

2. Strawberry-Grape Inspired Tone in Beach Waves

This strawberry and grape-inspired color is a style so good you can almost taste it. This is a two-toned hairstyle that starts off light with a lighter and fades to dark. Finish your style off with beach waves and you are all set.

3. Black to Purple Pink Ends

If you want to still keep your hair most of the natural color with a just little pop on the ends, this look is perfect for you. They went to darker tones and curled the bottoms for a flawless finish.

4. Stunning Purple Pink Balayage in Layers

This next stunning style is a balayage hair technique. To get the most out of this option keep your hair long and add in a few layers to let your new style shine through.

5. Purple Pink Undercolor in Bob Hairstyle

Bob haircuts are so popular for women’s hairstyles in 2022. One way to enhance your bob haircut is to add a fun color underneath, they went with purple and it pairs perfectly with her dark natural hair.

6. Sleek Straight Hair with Purple Pink Streaks

For this hairdo, they chose sleek, straight, and then added in color streaks. There is an over hue of purple and pink for the look with brighter tones added to the bottom, this look would be beautiful for women of all ages.

7. Medium Haircut in Bright Purple Pink Tone

If you love keeping your hair at a nice healthy medium length but you want to spice things up a little bit, try adding in these bright tones of color. This hairdo would be stunning straight or curled like in the photo above.

8. Glossy Pink with Purple Streaks in Mohawk

Mohawks are right on trend for 2022, and this look is no exception. To get this look you will need to part your hair in the middle, ask for long curtain bangs then add your favorite mix of glossy pink and purple.

9. Dusty Pink Purple Bob Hairstyle

If you love adding new colors but want to stay in a more neutral palette try asking for dusty rose color. In the photo above they did just that and paired it with a cute bob haircut for women.

10. Pink and Purple on Shag Haircut

Shag haircuts are a retro style that has come back to life, as most of the best vintage things do. Curl your hair so that these beautiful hues can really shine through.

11. Purple Pink Blonde with Curtain Bangs

Have you recently gone blonde and now it’s time to get your hair done again and you aren’t sure which direction to go? This next hairdo should be high up on your list, since your hair is already blonde it would be so easy to add these lighter colors to your look. Finish your look with curtain bangs and you are all set.

12. Well-Blended Purple Pink

For a flawless look try the hair color technique of well blending. This will add your new favorite color all over your hair and you will love the way you look.

13. Blue and Pink Purple Short Mohawk

Pink, blue and purple are some of the prettiest colors for women to add to their hair. Her hair above is cut into a mohawk due, but you can always wear it down like she is for a more subtle style.

14. Purple Pink Highlights on A-line Bob

A-line bob haircuts with highlights are simply stunning. Try parting your hair in the middle and adding loose, messy curls for your new color to pop out perfectly.

15. Straight U-Cut on Purple Pink

U-cuts are usually used when you want to keep your hair long and all at one length. You can wear your new look straight, curly, or even back in a ponytail.

16. Purple & Pink Peek-a-Boo

Peekaboo highlights with purple and pink are a way to add a subtle amount of color to your hair without overpowering your natural look. This hairdo would be a show stopper no matter how you style your look.

17. Long Mullet in Purple Pink Streaks

Mullet hair is back in style, and not just for men anymore. Women have been wearing this hairstyle more and more recently. To stand out in the crowd wear your mullet long and add in dark hues or your favorite colors.

18. Dichromatic Pink and Purple on Long Wavy Hairstyle

Wavy hair is so much fun to style because most of the time you can make it do whatever you want. This long wavy hair adds in the perfect amount of dichromatic color, try parting your hair in the middle and let the long locks flow.

19. High Fashion Purple Pink Blonde

Sometimes in your life, you need to go the high fashion route, if this sounds like you try this hair color out. It is a wonderful mix of pink, blonde, and purple hair colors.

20. Fabulous Pink Purple Haircut on Women over 70

Who says women over 70 can’t get a new hairstyle? Not us, this beautiful lady is looking so fabulous with her short new due, just look how happy she is in the photo above.

21. Purple Pink Blunt Bob

After your next blunt bob hairstyle, ask for a new bold color. Most of the time women wear their blunt bobs straight or with a little curl.

22. Sophisticated Bicolor in Purple and Pink

If you rock a sophisticated style with a fun side, this number is for you. Bicolor of violet and hot pink look so pretty when you ask for darker tones throughout.

23. Hot Pink and Purple in Curled Bob

Curled bobs are perfect for those long summer months, it keeps your hair short and curls stay better in humidity than straight hair does. Add in your favorite mix of colors like in the photo above to let your creative sideshow.

24. Purple and Pink Ombre

Ombres are so beautiful and can be done in just about any color you think of. She went with a more dusty mix of highlights in the photo above and the results are perfect.

25. Mermaid Curls in Subtle Purple Pink

A Mermaid’s hair is long spiral curls that start at the mid to lower section of your hair. Most of the time this hairdo is done with long hair, but you can always try it out if you have a short style.

26. Purple Pink Fly-away Mullet

Another beautiful mullet hairstyle for women is the fly-away cut. Part your hair in the middle and add waves to the end with your curling iron and you are all set.

27. Asymmetric Pastel Purple Pink Haircut

If you need a new hairstyle for women to wear during the summer try out this pastel purple, pink hair in an asymmetrical cut. It will leave you feeling like a goddess wherever you go.

28. Purple Pink Balayage on Curtain Hairstyle

Bayalage and curtain hairstyles are an amazing combination of hairstyles. In the photo above it also looks like they gave her a trendy money piece of dark pinks and purples, if you try this style out for yourself you will love it.

29. Trichromatic Peek-a-boo

A trichromatic peek-a-boo look is what she is wearing above. This style keeps your natural hair on top but the layer underneath is a fun pop of whatever color you choose.

30. Soft-hued Purple Pink on Pixie

Pixie cuts are all the rage in 2022, try adding a design into your short layers in the back. To get this complete look you then need to add a soft hue of purples and pinks into your hair.

31. Curly Bob with Purple Pink Highlights

This next look would be so beautiful on women with darker skin tones. Try out a bob cut with your curly hair and add in darker toned highlights to get the look in the photo above.

32. White Blonde with Pink Purple Streaks

White blonde hair is so trendy right now, and once you add in the bright streaks in bright pinks and purples you are going to fall in love with your hair.

33. Iconic Purple Pink Color Melt

This next style is so iconic you will feel like a movie star. They used the technique of a color melt to get even coverage throughout the hairdo.

34. Vibrant Purple Pink in Long Bob

After your next long bob hairstyle, which is so popular right now, try adding fun vibrant colors into the mix. In the photo above they went with rich tones of color and it looks fabulous.

35. Shaved Nape in Purple Pink Tints

Tints of pinks, reds, and purples will absolutely show off your creative side. In the photo above they even dyed her shaved nape for a unique twist.

36. Purple Pink Shadow Roots

Shadow roots are another way to achieve a new color in your style. They kept the hair long and faded the colors throughout her hair and finished her look off with loose curls, the results are magical.

37. Pink and Purple Swirl

A swirl look of pink and purple colors in your hair is simply stunning. Try keeping the top half of your hair a darker, natural color as they did here to get the most out of this beautiful style.

38. Trendy Ash Purple Pink Hairstyle

Have you heard of the ash blonde color that everyone is talking about in 2022? Well, now it’s time for the ash purple color to shine and for good reason look how magical the hair looks in the photo above.

39. Sassy Vivid Hairstyles

Sassy girls are always changing up their hair, and this hairstyle will fit your personality perfectly. When you finish your style off with spiral curls like in the photo above your hair almost looks like flames.

40. Unicorn Inspired Purple Pink Hairstyle

All little girls love unicorns, and when you grow up you can actually steal their look. This unicorn-inspired pink, purple hair is so pretty you will never want to change it up.

41. Sandy Blonde with Purple Pink Roots

Sandy blonde is a wonderful hair choice for summer, you will blend right into the sand. Add in some hot pink, or vibrant purples to the roots to make yourself stand out a little.

42. Blonde Pixie with Purple Pink Highlights

Wow, this next look is creative be ready for all the compliments. To get this style you need a blonde pixie cut but make sure to leave some strands a little bit longer to add your new color.

43. Caramel Blonde Blend with Purple Pink

Caramel hair color is so versatile that you can wear them any time of the year. They took it one step further and added hues of subtle pink and dark purples that pop out in the curls.

44. Twisted Shag Purple Pink Hairstyle

A fashionable way to wear your hair in 2022 is in this twisted shag style. They have the two tones of a light pink and subtle purple split right down the middle. Add in a fun high bun to the mix for a flawless finish.

45. Hot Pink with Purple Haze Hairstyle

Hot pink and hazy purple tones of the color will bring some life back into your hair. They added big curls to enhance her style in the look above and finished the haircut with bangs across her forehead.

46. Pink & Purple Strands Perfectly blended with Light Dazzle of Gold

Wow, this hairstyle for women with medium-length hair would be so pretty on anyone. They have perfectly blended the colors of pink, golden blonde, and dark purple for the ultimate hairstyle.

47. Ash Blonde in Purple Pink Curl Ends

Ash-blonde is the hottest color for summer, take it one step further and add the magical colors of pink and purple to the ends of your hair. Try adding loose curls to the bottom of your hair to make those colors come to life.

48. Blue and Purple Pink Long Hairstyle

Women with long hair love adding the colors purple, blue, and pink to their style. Check out how fresh the model looks in the picture above. Start with blue at the top that fades into a darker purple, and end with hot pink for a stunning result.

49. Cotton Candy Unicorn Dream Hairstyle

Cotton candy isn’t just for kids anymore, take a look at this delicious hairstyle. They added purple to the roots and left the rest of the hair a light blonde with pink highlights, the results are so dreamy.

50. Mixed Caramel Purple Pink in Layers

One way to show off your creative side is to add a mix of purple, caramel, and pink highlights to yours. In this look they added layers to the haircut so that the hair falls naturally down her back, you will love the way you look.


There are so many different shades, pink tones, and purple hues that you can incorporate into your next hairstyle. Let your wild and beautiful side out and try out a color you didn’t think you could pull off, as long as you are confident you can wear your hair however you want. Pick a favorite number for these 50 cool pink and purple hair ideas for women, and tell us down below which one you are going to get!


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