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50 Super Cute Rubber Band Hairstyles for 2022

50 Cute Rubber Band Hairstyles for 2022

One of the cutest and most inexpensive ways to create a new look is with rubber bands. There are endless possibilities to wear your hair when adding multiple rubber bands or hair ties to the mix. There are Rubber Band Hairstyles here that you could wear on your wedding day, to a school dance, or even just to the run-up up to the store.

It doesn’t matter if you have long locks, a short and sweet style, super thick hair, or fine thin hair; you will be able to create something beautiful with rubber bands. For younger girls or young-at-heart girls, one cute way to add some style to your look is to buy a pack and hair tyes in multiple colors. Let’s look at the 50 cute rubber band hairstyles for 2022.

1. Sophisticated Rubber Band Hairstyles

This first look is a sophisticated style, with braids, long ponytails, and cute little accessories. This hairstyle would be perfect for girls and women with naturally long hair.

2. Butterfly Rubber Band Braid

Your daughter will love it when her hair looks just like a butterfly. They used a pretty pink color band here, and it looks perfect with the light blonde hair.

3. Rubber Band on Box Braid Hairstyle

Box braids are a very popular way to wear your hair in 2022. To make your style stand out in the crowd, add multiple color rubber bands. You will love the extra spice it gives to your hair.

4. Two Strand Braid with Rubber Band Hairstyle

These twist braids are so easy to get and look very cute. Try adding a big bow to the back; it looks adorable and will help keep the hair in place all day long.

5. Coiffure Braids Rubber Band Hairstyles

Coiffure braids are beautiful for women of any age. In the photo above, they parted her hair into 6 square sections and made a beautiful pattern with the hair ties.

6. Bubble Braids with Transparent Rubber Band

If you want your style to be sleek, try using clear bands. Here she is wearing two big bubble braids, and transparent hair ties were the right way to go.

7. Cute Little Bubble Braids

This cute little bubble braid is so cute for all the little ladies out there. This easy and hassle-free hairstyle for kids will keep her hair in place no matter how hard she plays or naps.

8. Bubble with Fishtail Rubber band

This combo of a fishtail and bubble braid hairstyle is on-trend for 2022. She will be the talk of the whole school with this new look.

9. Fishtail with Peek-a-boo Rubber Band

She looks pretty as a princess with this long fishtail and peaks a boo rubber band style. Use hairspray when you are doing with this masterpiece; you would not want any flyaways.

10. Rubber Band Hairstyles on Straight Hair

Straight hair can get so frizzy in the summer; try diving your hair into smaller sections as they did in the photo above. Then, your long hair will stay in place and look cute for your school day.

11. Braided Rubber Band Accent on Long Hair

This style here has a bohemian vibe to it. She has a wonderful mix of braids, tied ends, and bubble braids all in one look; try this out if you have long hair.

12. Bright Rubber Band on Blonde Hair

Do you need a hairstyle to keep your hair looking fresh all day long while you play at the beach? Look no further; these bright bands even match her swim top, and she looks so cute.

13. Interconnected Dutch Braid and Rubber Band Style

Dutch braids are already so fabulous on their own, but when adding in the extra sections with colorful hair ties, you will absolutely love the way you look.

14. Half Rubber Band Style

A half-up, half-down hairstyle is so versatile that it can be worn anywhere. In the photo above, they added some loose curls to the part of the hair that is left down, and it looks wonderful.

15. One-Color Rubber Band Hairstyles

Try just using one color band in your hair for a simple style. This little girl matched her hair to her shirt, and it was so cute.

16. High Side Ponytail with Rubber Band Back Details

Exchange your normal pony with an adorable high side ponytail with a design that runs up the back of her head; your little girl will love this hairstyle

17. Waterfall Rubber Band braids

Waterfall hairstyles are one of the best ways to wear your hair in the summer. It keeps all of your hair pulled back into a unique design with a combo of twists and braids throughout.

18. Spider Web Rubber Band Hairstyle

A classic rubber band hairstyle is the spider web look. Start with three big sections on top and divide them until they all meet in a big low pony.

19. Festival Themed Rubber Band Hairstyle

Festivals are so fun because you get to dress up and express yourself in ways that you normally wouldn’t. In this look, they added in multiple different bright colored extensions and braids; she is all set.

20. Twisted Side Pony with Bands

This classy style would be great for your child’s birthday party hair. They used all the same colored ponies here, and it was the perfect touch.

21. Braided Heart Shape

This precious look is a heart-inspired hairstyle for girls. Use multiple bands to section off the hair in the middle and braid the hair around the scalp in a french braid; make sure to use lots of hair spray.

22. Silver Rubber Band Hairstyles on Bubble Braids

Bubble braids are right on trend for women’s hairstyles in 2022. They parted the hair down the middle and started low for this look, adding silver bands, and you are all set.

23. Low Braided Ponytail

Wow, this hairstyle is so beautiful you will never want to take it out. They fashioned the hair into many sections and formed the cutest little hearts in the middle.

24. Colorful Rubber Bands in Ponytail Weave

You can always try the weave ponytail style for a more mature look with multiple hair ties. In the photo above, they went with a thicker weave, and the bands are a perfect touch.

25. Fairytale Rubber Band Braids

You are never too old to believe in fairytales; this fun style would be perfect for outdoor weddings or parties. Pick your favorite flowers to make this look your own.

26. One-sided Braided Rubber Band Hairstyles

A one-sided braid is a great way to get the hair out of your face. They parted the hair on the side in the photo above and then braided a small section above the ear; the results are gorgeous.

27. Cornrow and Rubber-band Ponytail

To tie back those cornrows, try using this rubber band technique. If you are looking for a hairstyle for your younger children, this would be a great choice; it keeps all of her hair in place so she can play all day.

28. Crown Braid with Double Fishtail Rubber Band

A double fishtail look is quite impressive; this style has that plus a crown on top too. Once you learn how to do this, be ready for everyone around to ask you to do it for them also.

29. 3 Layered Split Braided Ponytail

Tree braids in 1 style are a lot to ask for, but the results are beautiful. Divide the hair into three sections first, then combine them until they meet in two low pigtails.

30. Rubber Bands in Ferris Wheel Braid

On your way to the county fair? This Ferris wheel hairstyle would be an amazing choice for the fun day ahead.

31. Knotless Rubber Band Hairstyles Braid Hairstyles

A knotless look is always in style. So here they started her lookout with criss-cross sections on top that run into long beautiful knotless braids down her back.

32. High Braid Ponytail with Rubber Band Accent

For a high fashion style, try a high braid ponytail. One way to start this hairdo is to use hair ties upfront that holds the hair down and add a long beautiful ponytail weave.

33. Rubberband Crossover

A unique crossover style would look beautiful on women of all ages. It will keep your natural hair in place for an easy morning routine.

34. Fishtail braid accented half up half down

This is a stunning up-do that would be great for a school dance. It is a fishtail braid accent half-up, half-down hairstyle.

35. Waterfall Crown braids

Look no further for the cutest waterfall crown hairstyle; this little girl has the most beautiful curls on the ends of her hair that bring this hairdo to life.

36. Low Bun Braid with 3-accent Band

Try a low bun hairstyle with a big bow for your next look. They sectioned the hair into three accent pieces and twisted them all together in an adorable way.

37. Cute Overlap Rubber Band Braids

If your daughter is tired of the same old hairstyle for school, surprise her with this cute style. You may have to wake her up early, but the results are worth it.

38. Parallel Rubber Band Tie

One easy hairstyle for your toddler is a parallel rubber band look. This would not take much time, which is important for young girls because they cannot sit still.

39. Cute Criss Crossed half-up style

A criss-cross half-up style is so cute; they went with all one color for this rubber bank look, and it matched her jacket perfectly.

40. Criss Crossed Pigtails

This is an updated pigtail hairdo for your child to try out. Just part the hair in the middle with two bands of the same color and cross them over one another and add two more bands of different colors, and you are all set.

41. Double Cut Through Pigtail

This is a double-cut type of braid for long hair. A good tip would be to braid all four sections before tying them down into the low pigtails.

42. Dutch Braid Mohawk

Dutch braids have been around forever; this is a fun new take on an old classic called a mohawk dutch braid.

43. Pumpkin Rubber Band Hairstyle

A great look for Halloween night trick or treating. Use the colors orange and green, and maybe throw in some black bands throughout for a very festive look.

44. Cornrow Criss-Cross Braids

Criss-cross crown rows are one of the most popular ways to keep your natural hair in control. They added a caramel color highlight to her naturally dark hair, and the results are so gorgeous.

45. Knotless style with Twist

This hairstyle has two of the prettiest combos of hair accessories, colorful rubber bands on top of her hair and big plastic beads on the bottom. These two things are the perfect combo for her knotless braids.

46. Rubber Band Styled on Natural Curls

Naturally, curly hair can be hard to find the right hairdo for; look no further; we found the prettiest style for you to try. Use bands in a twisted fashion on top to keep the hair out of your hair, and then let those natural curls free.

47. Box Criss Cross Rubber Band Hairstyle

Box braids styles are so pretty and look great on women of all ages; in the photo above, they have her hair divided into about six different sections, and they all meet up to form long beautiful braids.

48. Rubber Band in Faux Fishtail

Faux fishbone braids are so much fun to wear. They used colorful hair ties to sections of the different hair parts above, and it is a wonderful addition.

49. Two Messy Bun with Inter-crossed Rubber Bands

We have a Disney-inspired hairdo with two big messy buns on top with inter-crossed twists. Add in some Minnie Mouse ears, and you are all set.

50. Braided Buns in Zigzag Hairline

This super cute hairstyle is called the braided buns with a zig-zag hairline. One important tip for this hairstyle is to part the hair into the zig-zag first before you do anything else; you will get the best results this way.


All of these hairstyles with rubber bands are so cute. There were so many different styles here for women and girls of all ages. Are you going to try one out now? Let us know down below which one you will try next.


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