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70 Beautiful and Easy to Wear Short Hair Updos

textured blowout dark roots blonde updos for short hair

With so many celebrities and stars serving as inspiration for short hair updos, you can be sure you are not alone in your desire for above the shoulder locks.

There’s Adele, Scarlet Johansson, Emma Watson, Robin Wright, Evan Rachel Wood, and so many more to keep you company and, of course, inspire you.

With this idea in mind, we decided to compile a list of 70 updos for short hair that are simple to pull off, style, and, of course, wear. Scroll to the bottom because we have a lot of style surprises!

1. The Short Bob with a Comb Over

Here’s an amazing way to keep your short and straight bob interesting. Instead of parting your hair down the middle, you can always comb it over the crown of the head and even pouf if up a bit to give it a retro vibe.

2. Short Hair Updo with Flowers

You can copy this hairstyle for a special event, such as a party, celebration, your birthday or even for a wedding, whether it’s yours or you are the bridesmaid. For more inspiration on bridesmaid hairstyles, check out our piece dedicated to them.

3. The Emma Watson

No list of short updos could have been complete without Emma Watson. When she cut off all of her hair after she finished the Harry Potter movies, the entire world gasped. Needlessly, we could say, for she looked amazing.

4. Double Dutch Braids

When you have short hair, the easiest way to create a faux mohawk is by sporting two Dutch braids close together. You will need a lot of bobby pins but the result is totally worth it.

5. Mature Short Hair Updo Option

Apart from the totally awesome ginger shade of red that this lovely lady is sporting, we also love her sophisticated updo. It’s perfect for a wedding when you have to be elegant and perfectly poised.

6. Easy Short Hair Updo

All you need to do to copy this look is to divide your hair into three separate strands. Tie them with hair ties and then twirl them around until you get three little messy knots which will resemble a crown at the back of your neck.

7. Fast Updos for Short Hair

No time? No problem. Take the advice we gave above for the easy knots and, instead of three, just make one. Make sure to pull out some strands of hair and let them loose so that they can frame your face.

8. All in One Style

If you simply cannot make up your mind as to what updos for short hair you want, you can always mix a few of them. For example, this is a straight, asymmetrical blonde bob with red and dark tips, a very pouffed top, and a braid right at the front.

9. The Marion Cotillard

The French actress went for a very edgy look for this red carpet event which we absolutely love. The best part of it all are the straight ends of her bob which make for a very architectural haircut.

10. Three Stacked Buns

As the name suggests, this type of updos for short hair are composed of three simple messy knots which you can stack one above the other until you get something that resembles a well-behaved mohawk.

11. The Short Braid

Some say that short and straight bobs such as this one are difficult to style. We disagree. Just look at how easy it is to make this haircut interesting by simply braiding a small twirl along the line of the forehead.

12. Boxer Braids

Yes, as you might have already noticed from all of our suggestions, short hair can be braided as well. Therefore, why not try some nice boxer braids that stop right at the neckline instead of continuing down your back?

13. Stunning Short Hair Updo

The reason why we love this updo is that it makes it look like you don’t even have short hair. Therefore, if you have to go to a special event, it will be a nice change from your everyday look.

14. Bantu Knots Updos for Short Hair

This hairdo is a take on the traditional Bantu Knots. The difference is that, instead of doing your whole hair, you just create two, oversized knots on top of your head.

15. The Keira Knightley

We all agree that the British actress can definitely bring it when she’s on the red carpet. Here she is sporting a wavy short pixie adorned with a headband made of small scarlet flowers which go perfectly well with her brown hair.

16. Over and Under Style

If you want to copy this look, you can find tutorials online, ask a friend to do it for you or simply go to your stylist. Apart from that, you must remember to use high-quality hair care products so that you make sure your short hair stays in place.

17. Twisted Short Hair Updo

This messy updo has a vertical textured knot and four twisted braids on each side to keep it company. It looks complicated but you will be surprised to find out just how easy it is to pull off right at home.

18. Festival Updo for Short Hair

We all know short hair is a downright blessing in the summertime because of all the heat and humidity. Still, what do you do when it’s festival time and you want to look your best? You copy this look and style, of course.

19. Relaxed Short Updos

This hairdo is perfect for a lazy Sunday or even a tired Monday morning when you’re not in the mood for anything. Tie all your hair at the back of the head in the most relaxed way possible and you can go out the door.

20. The Michelle Williams

The actress looks fabulous with this ultra-short pixie that compliments and elongates her round face. We are also in love with the feathered finish, which is as feminine and vibrant as they come.

21. The Evan Rachel Wood

We do believe that the actress has never looked better that she does now with this amazing wind-swept pixie. To copy the look, use a handful of mousse or hair wax that will keep all the strands in place.

22. The Demi Lovato

She has definitely grown up from her Disney years and it’s a sure good thing that she did because Demi is now smoking. She has a very dark approach to this choppy bob, which she always pairs with dark matte lipsticks.

23. Braid Symmetry

A little symmetry never hurt anybody, especially when it makes you look this good. The mirror effect of this updo for short hair makes it certain that you will look good from any angle.

24. The Anne Hathaway

We surely cried when she chopped off her hair to sell it in Les Mis. However, we quickly bounced back when we saw the actress on the red carpet looking so good in her new pixie. What an inspiration she proved!

25. The Victoria Beckham

It is quite possible that Mrs. Beckham, just like her famous soccer player husband has tried every single hairstyle on the planet. Therefore, she had to score some points in the updos for short hair section as well.

26. Mermaid Updo for Short Hair

Who says mermaids must have long hair? We live in the age when a woman can have any kind of hair she wants. Therefore, take advantage of this status and give yourself a makeover with this mermaid updo for short hair.

27. Turquoise Short Hair Updo

It doesn’t really matter what type of haircut you’re trying to pull off if you have this outstanding color in your hair. However, we do believe that this fluffed and layered pixie cut is the best to show it off.

28. The Lily Collins

No matter what she does, Lily Collins will always look like a Disney princess. It’s no wonder she played Snow White. Even when she joined the updos for short hair trend, she still looked elegant and delicate.

29. The Winona Ryder

Winona Ryder is the classic 90s girl. She presented her super short pixie for the fourth installment of the Alien series, where she portrayed a droid. The boyish cut makes her look feminine and stylish.

30. Short Hair Updo with Headband

If you have short hair or even a very short bob, you can easily keep the strands out of your face by sporting a headband. The style choice is entirely yours and you have millions of models to select from.

31. The Rachel McAdams

One of America’s sweethearts, Rachel McAdams won us all over in The Notebook. Afterward, when she chopped her long hair down to a messy bob, we still loved her. Who can not love Regina George, right?

32. The Scarlet Johansson

When she grew up, the actress decided that it’s time for a change. Therefore, she went for an asymmetrical bob, with long side-swept bangs and a shaved side. She looked like a true rock star.

33. Wedding Updos for Short Hair

The easiest way to style your hair when you have to be at a wedding or when you are a bride yourself is this one. Use your curling iron to create small waves in your locks and then pin them to one side with a glamorous hair accessory.

34. The Pink

Pink is without a doubt the queen of vintage updos remastered for the modern age. Here she is sporting a Mohawk with shaved sides. Instead of the spikes, however, she opted for a set of perfect Victory rolls and a baby pink bow.

35. The Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda is a perfect example of hairdos for short hair for women over 50 done right. She is sporting a combination of a short, feathered bob and a pixie, which takes quite a few years off her back.

36. Outstanding Short Hair Updos

We love every detail about this outstanding updo. The white icy blonde color, the length of the hair, as well as the long braid that parts it down the middle is something to dream of and consider it a hair goal.

37. Natural Updos for Short Hair

If you have naturally curly hair, then a pixie cut might be the best solution for you. Style it using a chic scarf which you can tie to one side. Headbands are also a good idea in this case.

38. The Charlize Theron

To exemplify what we just said about the headbands, here is actress Charlize Theron sporting one on her wavy pixie. The black satin strip creates a striking effect with her pink lipstick and minimalist eye makeup.

39. Artistic Short Hair Updo

This is a tapered, heavy layered and heavy fringed haircut that you will simply fall in love with. It’s also highly artistic thanks to its domed top and very straight lines.

40. The Ice Mohawk

Although not quite a mohawk per se, this pixie cut still falls into that category for some of its elements. It has shaved sides and a very long top which sweeps to one side. Plus, it reminds us of Tilda Swinton.

41. The Miley Cyrus

We’ve always loved Miley Cyrus’ minimal do and the best thing is that it’s really easy to copy it. As far as short hair updos go, this is a simple pixie with shaved sides and dirty blonde long bangs.

42. The Angelina Jolie

Although she is famous worldwide for her long and luxurious tresses, Angelina Jolie had a period when she also sported updos for short hair. One of our favorites is this choppy raven bob which she used to wear in a small ponytail.

43. The Style Icon

If you can mix and match a silk blue and yellow head scarf with a dark turquoise leather jacket and make it work, then you know you have style. Add a white shirt and a mess of blonde hair and you’re good to go.

44. Purple Short Hair Updos

No matter how short or long your hair is, the important thing here is to keep it interesting. Therefore, why not go for an unconventional hair color? This dark purple combined with indigo and mauve is rapidly becoming our favorite.

45. The Zendaya

Here is another young actress who is well passed her Disney years. In fact, she has left them so far behind that she is now unrecognizable. Zendaya let go of her long, black locks and opted for this honey blonde pixie that makes her look like a bombshell.

46. The Alesha Dixon

The beautiful singer is sporting a very attractive and interesting bob in this picture. In fact, it’s a half bob, with a chocolate brown shaved side and a classic icy blonde bob on the other side.

47. The Kristen Wiig

The first lady of American comedy went for the feathered pixie as well. And we are really glad that she did. The light blonde with caramel roots highlights her blue eyes perfectly.

48. Simple Short Hair Updo

This French café of an updo and style makes us think of chilly autumn mornings and hot coffee at a bistro. All you need to do to pull off this look is use a bit of anti-frizz spray and some hair mousse.

49. Sweet Updos for Short Hair

The plush panda ears are not mandatory for this look, of course. Still, it wouldn’t hurt to add them to your accessory collection if you want to look this cute and sweet.

50. Two-Toned Short Hair

This combination between white and psychedelic purple is a true winner. Jimi Hendrix’ favorite color is somewhere along the way between magenta and electric purple and you can now use it to spruce up your short do.

51. The Rosamund Pike

There are few ladies in Hollywood classier and more elegant than Rosamund Pike. The Gone Girl opted for sweet girly tresses tied behind her back and mismatched white and black pearl earrings.

52. The Chloe Grace Moretz

Chloe Grace Moretz’s hairdo here is so simple and effortless it looks almost natural. Like she just rolled out of bed and the magic of this hair just happened. The fact that she is not wearing any makeup helps.

53. The Robin Wright

Her haircut here is a simple pixie. However, the front is absolutely outstanding. The messy bangs fall almost over her eyes making her look sultry and sexy. At the same time, the haircut balances her angular face.

54. Boyish Short Hair Updo

If you get a boyish haircut, that doesn’t mean you have to necessarily look like a boy. With the right styling and accessories this hairdo can turn into a look worthy of the catwalk.

55. The Rita Ora

Another impressive entry on our list of updos for short hair is Rita Ora’s frozen pixie cut. Her white blonde hair has longer strands on the side, which frame her face and make her cheekbones stand out.

56. The Girl Next Door Updo

Minimal makeup and a light blonde long pixie make for the perfect girl next door look. This is the magic of the updos for short hair. If styled correctly, they look natural and casual.

57. Heavy Bangs

Updos for short hair can also mean long bobs. If you have a thin and elongated face, you can pull off this look easily, heavy bangs included. Go for minimal makeup and accessories.

58. The Tyra Banks

There is little you can do wrong when you’re a supermodel the likes of Tyra Banks. Her angular face is served spectacularly well by this layered and textured pixie cut. Did we mention the bangs? The Tyra Banks bangs.

59. Short Hair Updo for Special Ocassions

One way in which you can embellish your short hair if you have to participate in a special event is by wearing a unique headband. For example, take this silver and diamond hair piece, shaped like a branch with flowers and leaves.

60. The Blowout

Here is a textured blowout long and wavy pixie cut with dark roots and light blonde hair. To copy this look you will have to bring out your hair blower. Add some mousse to your hair while it’s still wet from the shower and blow dry it from the front to the back.

61. Matchy Match

A great idea to emphasize the features of your face would be to dye not only your hair, but your eyebrows in the same color as well. However, be careful to choose a natural color as opposed to an unconventional one.

62. The Marilyn Monroe

The diva managed to bring forward a haircut and hairstyle that will be forever remembered as the Marilyn. Any woman sporting it is immediately deemed a Marilyn copycat. And why not? She was the most beautiful woman, after all.

63. The Mila Jovovich

This chocolate brown asymmetrical cut softens Mila Jovovich’s facial features a lot. Apart from that, it also showcases her blue-green eyes in a way that most haircuts cannot.

64. The Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman with short hair is a thing of beauty and wonder. Her incredibly delicate and sculpted features are simply undressed by the short haircut. In this way, we can all gaze and wonder at her beauty.

65. The Shailene Woodley

The young actress has opted here for a long pixie cut as well, with an even longer set of bangs. She also went for ombre hair right at the front, with some blonde peekaboos sticking out.

66. The Ginnifer Goodwin

Here’s another Hollywood pixie cut beauty and another Snow White, for that matter. Her raven feathered short updo goes perfectly well with her ice blue makeup and her green dress.

67. The Christina Aguilera

No matter what she does, singer Christina Aguilera cannot or does not want to ditch her Burlesque performer look. Even with this short updo, she remains true to the style which she seems to love the most.

68. The Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne has gone over the top with this purple Ursula look, but we love it nonetheless. She matched the color of her hair to her glossy lipstick and kept her eyeshadow an almost nonexistent champagne shade.

69. Ultra-Minimal Short Short Hair Updo

This is the perfect way to style an ultra-short and boyish pixie cut. Go for a set of oversized earrings, preferably with a gemstone or two. Since there is no hair to hide them from sight, the effect will be striking.

70. The Audrey Hepburn

We close the list of updos for short hair with the one who has been officially name the most beautiful woman of all time. Audrey Hepburn herself loved to sport pixie cuts. Therefore, allow her to be your forever inspiration for this type of hairdos.

Ready to Change Your Look?

This wraps up our list of gorgeous and easy to wear short hair updos – we’re sure you will love them just as much as we do.

Which one of them is your favorite and you just can’t wait to wear? Leave a comment and let us know!


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