50 Most Popular Flat Twist Hairstyles for Natural Hair in 2022

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African American women have used the flat twist as a go-to protective hairstyle for generations. However, even though its essential purpose has not been lost, times have evolved, and the flat twist has received an enormous upgrade. Slowly but surely, it has been turned into a stunning hairstyle that matches every occasion you could possibly think of and which we invite you to check out in this list of 50 ingenious flat twist ideas.

1. The Half Flat Twist for Natural Hair

Flat twists are so versatile and easy to pull off that you can combine them with anything you want. This lovely jaw-length bob includes a natural afro and some neatly arranged flat twists which can be your perfect summer hairstyle.

2. Flat Twist Bun

Flat twists also allow you to be as creative as you want. For example, if you have a special event to attend, such as your prom night, a party, or even a wedding, you can opt for this coiled-up bun hairstyle which has been accessorized with little flowers.

3. Flat Twist Hairstyles for Natural Hair

This protective hairstyle is also a fantastic way of adding some extensions or a weave to your hair by simply braiding it in. Therefore, if you feel the need for a bit more volume or length to your hair, you can choose flat twists.

4. Two Strand Flat Twist

Flat twists are typically made up of two strands of hair twisted together to create a type of loose braid that will protect your natural hair. Evidently, you can use your own hair for this type of twists, or you can go for extensions or a weave instead.

5. Flat Twist with Creative Parts

Creative parts can run any way you choose. As such, this is just an idea or an example of what you could get. Ask your stylist about some options and get as creative as you can yourself for a hairstyle that will wow everyone.

6. The Elegant Flat Twist for Natural Hair

Here is a magnificent idea for a wedding or a special event. It consists of a hard side part and two flat twists of different sizes that follow the natural curves of the head and wrap around it like a halo or a crown.

7. Flat Twist with Bun

It may look intricate, but this hairstyle is actually very easy to replicate. You can create a jumbo flat twist using half your hair on the top of your head. Twist it further to create the coils and then use the rest for the bun.

8. Flat Twist Updo Styles

This updo is so gorgeous that you can even wear it to your own wedding. It consists of two flat twists that go on each side of your head as well as a few thinner ones at the front. These can serve as starters for your weave or extensions.

9. Vintage Flat Twist Updos for Natural Hair

There’s nothing that says vintage or classy like this hairstyle. The flat twists are glossy and sleek, and the parallel parts are to die for. If you want to copy this hairstyle you need to keep your hair hydrated using conditioner and argan oil.

10. Cool Flat Twist Hairstyles

This coiled updo consists of two jumbo flat twists that meet at the back in a simple bun style. We are in love with the giant ethnic, bamboo earrings and the denim jacket which seem to go so well together. Life is so simple when you know how to accessorize.

11. Flat Twist Pigtails

Flat twists can also turn into an everyday hairstyle as proved by these adorable pigtails. The braids start out as two strand flat twists and turn into classic three strand braids as they progress.

12. Flat Twist Updo on Natural Hair

Strong women love strong hairstyles and this one simply takes the cake. The bottom half of the hairdo consists of a series of asymmetrical, small flat twists while the top part blossoms into a natural set of curls.

13. Low Twisted Buns

Here’s an interesting and modern way of wearing your twists. You can wear four, two on each side. Bring them together at the back of your head and tie them up in a very low version of the famous space buns.

14. The Pinned Flat Twist

If you’re thinking about adopting this hairstyle, considering its name, you will need to stock up on bobby pins. The idea here is to coil the twists themselves around your head and to pin them as close to the scalp as possible.

15. Red Flat Twists

Here’s another version of the same pinned flat twist hairstyle we were discussing earlier only, this time, in bright red. It’s a marvelous thing to behold since the red coils simply look outstanding. This is the perfect hairstyle for summertime.

16. Architectural Flat Twist Hairstyles

This is the hairstyle that will have the entire party talking. It’s bold, beautiful, and architectural to the point that it actually has three dimensions. Sure, it may be just a tad throwback, but when the hair is this good, who cares?

17. The Flat Twist with Bangs

If you love your natural curls too much to see them all disappear under the rule of the flat twist, you can use this trick and only let your curly bangs hang out from your hairstyle. The rest can be twisted up as tightly as you want it.

18. Flat Twist and a Low Puff

As the name suggests, this hairstyle consists of two flat twists that go on either side of the head divided by a straight part down the middle and a small ponytail. Seeing as your hair is very curly, this small ponytail is called a puff.

19. Long Flat Twists

If you don’t want your twists to get boring after a while, you can always embellish them with some hair rings. They come in silver or gold so that you can match them to your outfit or the jewelry you happen to be wearing that day.

20. The Long Crown

You might be used to crown twists or crown braids by now, but did you know they also come in a longer version? This is what they look like. It’s a very soft and feminine look that you can also wear for prom or if you are the bridesmaid.

21. Urban Flat Twists for Natural Hair

This medium style is very easy to pull off, protective toward your natural hair, and it requires little maintenance once you get it. All you need to do is make sure to keep your twists hydrated and that you care for them according to the instructions you receive from your stylist.

22. The Beehive Flat Twist

Did you know that flat twists are so versatile that you can even do a beehive out of them? This is what it looks like. Pull all of the twists together to the same point above the head and use as many bobby pins as necessary to secure them in place.

23. Intricate Flat Twist Designs

When it comes to flat twists, the more intricate the design, the better. The braids in themselves are quite simple, seeing as they are just two strands of hair coiled around each other. Therefore, you can get creative with regard to styling them.

24. Flat Twists and Corn Rows

Speaking of creativity, we simply adore it when ladies get amazing ideas and start combining different types of braids into the same hairstyle. This is a wonderful mix of cornrows at the back and flat twists on the top.

25. Flat Twists and Curls

Speaking of amazing combos, here’s another one for you. It’s a style reminiscent of the 80s with a set of thin flat twists that snake their way from the nape to the top of the head where they explode in a burst of curls which then drip down almost reaching the shoulder.

26. Chunky Flat Twists for Natural Hair

These ones are called ‘chunky’ because they are a bit thicker than what we are typically used to seeing when it comes to flat twists. This means that you can use more hair at once when you braid them and that it will take less time to do so.

27. Blonde Flat Twists

This has to be one of the most beautiful takes on this traditional hairstyle that we’ve ever seen. The color in itself is a golden blonde with dark roots while the updo is a wealth of coils that seem to go inward on themselves forever.

28. Jumbo Flat Twists for Natural Hair

If chunky is not enough for you and you want an even bigger size, then you need to go jumbo. If you do, depending on how thick your hair is, it will take somewhere between five and eight flat twists to cover your entire hair. Plus, you will be amazed at how little time it takes to get this over with.

29. Flat Twists with a Corkscrew Bun

We are absolutely loving this two-toned corkscrew bun. The flat twists themselves are very tightly wound and they end up in the bun at the top. If you don’t have enough hair to pull this off, just get some extensions. They work amazingly well.

30. Flat Twists for Children

This type of braid is amazing for little girls as well seeing as they are a protective hairstyle. Not to mention just how cool they look. Just make sure to check with your little princess first to see if she wants to get them or not.

31. Casual Flat Twists

Once you put them in, flat twists will offer you a variety of ways in which you can wear them. This can be your updo for the office in case you have a stricter dress code, or you need to be in meetings all day long.

32. Marsala Flat Twists

Another color which you can try for your twists is marsala. It was the color of the year a few seasons ago, and the world is still very sweet on it. Talk to your stylist and, if it’s appropriate for your eye color and skin tone, you have the green light.

33. Cute Flat Twist Hairstyles for Natural Hair

If you have an oval shaped face, we recommend you go for two large flat twists right at the beginning of your hairline. In this way, they will border and frame your face giving it some angles and depth.

34. Fancy Flat Twists Updo

This geometrical braid updo is one of the most gorgeous we’ve ever seen. The play on the thick and thin twists makes it look as if you have elevated rows in your hair. This is truly a hairstyle fit for a queen.

35. Perfect Flat Twist Hairstyles for Natural Hair

This can easily be your wedding updo for a simple reason. Not only is it beautiful but it also allows you to safely pin your veil underneath the top bun. It will also display your shoulders, neckline, and top part of your wedding dress.

36. The Elevated Twist Bun

Don’t be afraid to let your imagination run wild and wear the hairstyles you’ve always dreamed about. Flat twists protect your natural hair and allow you to wear extensions with which you can play and experiment with anything you want.

37. Flat Twist Low Bun

Here is a take on the classic low chignon. Evidently, this version is made up of flat twists which have been highly polished using hair oil. This is a great trick especially if you’re planning on taking pictures that day.

38. The 50s Flat Twist Updo

If you look closely at this hairstyle you will notice that the jumbo flat twist ends in a superb flower that sits perched on the side of the head. It’s a type of updo that flourished during the 50s but which you can still wear today.

39. Sexy Flat Twist Hairstyles for Natural Hair

Here is a perfect example of choosing the right hairstyle for your type of face. This is an elongated oval face that simply seems to continue for miles thanks to the high, architectural flat twists that have been elevated in the back.

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40. Interweaving Flat Twists

This glossy hairstyle should be your new go-to updo for New Year’s Eve. It has party written all over it plus about a million gorgeous coils weaving in and out of a complicated bun that sits on the top of your head.

41. Flat Twists into Rope Twists for Natural Hair

You can easily combine two types of braids if you know how and have enough skills to do so. These are flat twists that go into rope twists for the length of the hair and end with some lovely clear butterfly clips worthy of a sweet little girl.

42. Ginger Flat Twists

Whether you’re natural ginger or not, these flat twists need to find their way to you right now. Copper and brass are the new colors, replacing rose gold, which is slowly but surely taking a step down as the king of all fashionable colors.

43. Three Braids Flat Twists

The symmetry of this hairstyle is simply outstanding. If you look closely, you will notice that thee are just two braids. One is crowing the head from one side to the other. There is also a straight one going down the middle. However, at first glance, they create the optical illusion that there might be three flat twists instead of two.

44. Victory Rolls and Flat Twists for Natural Hair

If we were to create the famous Victory Rolls out of flat twists, this is what they would look like. A vintage, all-American hairstyle here to celebrate beauty and strength. Keep your makeup to a minimum and let the hair do all the talking for this one.

45. Faux Curls and Flat Twists

You can even use your flat twists to imitate natural curls if you want. Leave some twists hanging in the front and only braid them halfway. This will cause an optical illusion and make them appear as if they weren’t braided at all.

46. Blonde and Caramel Flat Twist

Here’s an interesting combination of colors. There are three primary shades here – chocolate brown, burnt caramel, and blonde right at the front. They create a magnificent display all around the head.

47. The Chunky Bun

This hairstyle starts off with a series of tiny twists spread neatly in parallel lines. They converge into a chunky bun made up of simple three-strand braids. Use some extensions if your own hair is not long enough.

48. Flat Twist Hairstyles for Natural Hair

This is a very beautiful hairstyle that comprises a set of large twists that end in a flourish of knots and tangles. The style is very original, and you can ask your stylist to replicate this if you show them this picture.

49. Simple Flat Twist Hairstyles for Natural Hair

Sometimes, less really is more, and this hairstyle proves exactly that. It has a middle part and a few jumbo flat twists hanging off the sides in a very casual and low-key way. Use a little glossing agent to add some shine to them.

50. Pretty Flat Twist Hairstyles

This intricate coil of twists is the perfect hairstyle if you’re attending a wedding or even your prom. Pair it with a gorgeous gown, preferably with a low or sweetheart neckline that can really showcase this hairdo.


Flat twists are one of the most beloved braid hairstyles out there. The reason is that they are incredibly easy to make, they are versatile, as you have well seen from our extensive article, they are very low maintenance, and they look really cool. Plus, this type of braids is making a comeback this season. Therefore, let us know in the comment section below which one of these flat twist ideas was your favorite and why!


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