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50 Flattering Silver Hair Color Ideas Trendy in 2022

50 Best Silver Hair Color Ideas in 2022

Are you looking for the best silver hair color ideas? This list is the perfect place for you to find all the best silver hair color styles. It does not matter if you are naturally trying to transition to silver hair or maybe you just want to try out this beautiful trend for yourself we have found all the best looks.

There are many different shades of silver hair for you to choose from so you must look through the whole list so you can find the color that is perfect for you. We have looked for blonde, brown, white, and gray, or we even have peekaboo styles for you to try out before you commit to coloring all of your hair. Let’s take a look at the 50 best silver hair color ideas.

1. Brunette Ash Silver Hair Color Ideas

This first hairstyle is a brunette ash and silver hair color. They kept the hair long and wavy here and it makes the silver color stand out.

2. Outgrew Natural Silver Hair Color Ideas

For the more mature ladies, this outgrown style with naturally gray hair is a great way to transition into your all-over grey look.

3. Subtle Balayage on Silver Hair

A subtle balayage is always a good choice no matter what colors you decide to put in your hair.

4. Silver Feathered Mullet

Featured mullets are right on trend for women of all ages. They have added in the prettiest colors of blonde and silver here and the results are stunning.

5. Platinum Silver Balayage Hair Color

Platinum blonde hairstyles will always be in style, and when you add in a silver hue you are going to love the way you look. Here they opted for a balayage technique to blend the colors and it looks so wonderful.

6. Extra Long Hair Silver Peekaboo Hair Color

This playful look is an extra-long haircut with silver peekaboos in the front pieces. They finished her look off with a soft curl and it allows the silver color to pop out nicely.

7. Dark Roots Silver Bob

One great way to give your style a more natural look is to keep the roots a darker color. This way of dying your hair also makes it so you do have to go back to the salon as often.

8. Gorgeous Silver Curly Bob

If you have naturally curly hair and like wearing your hair in a short bob this should be your next look. The combo of the silver hair and tight curls would look beautiful on women of any age.

9. Icy Gray Hair with Curtain Bangs

Vanilla ice has nothing on this icy hair color look. In the photo above they gave her an all-over coverage look with a light hue and added curtain bangs on the sides.

10. Shave Nape Silver Ombre Hair Color Ideas

Here is a short and sassy look to try out on your next trip to the hairdresser. They used an ombre technique to add color in the photo above and it looks so good with her darker more natural color on the top.

11. Silver Hair Color Ideas on Stacked Bob

After your next stacked bob haircut asks your hairdresser to add in this stunning silver color. It looks like the women in the photo above could have naturally gray hair and they just added in some blonde throughout.

12. Well-Blended Silver Gray Hair Color Ideas

Here is a well-blended hairstyle using silver and gray highlights added. This color would be so beautiful any time of the year.

13. Silver White Wavy Hair

Here is a hue that uses silver and white blended together. They kept her hair at about shoulder length here and finished her look off with a few curls around her face and the results are amazing.

14. Platinum Silver Pixie Undercut

Pixie cuts are a great choice for women of all ages, but they are a very popular choice for older women. Here they have given her a short undercut and left the hair on top just a few inches longer and it looks beautiful.

15. Silver Platinum Hair Color Ideas on Blonde Hair

If you are searching for a silver and platinum blonde hair color, look no further this should be your next style.

16. Silver Brown Baby Lights

Here is a style that has baby lights in a silver hue. The color combo of her natural brown hair and silver highlights complement each other so well and they decided to finish it off with curls for a perfect style.

17. Silver Streaks on Black Hair

If you have naturally dark hair, these silver streaks would look amazing. They finished the look off with loose curls as they did in the photo above.

18. Purple Silver Hair Color Ideas on A-line Bob

If you need a little extra color in your life and the beautiful silver just doesn’t do it for you, try adding in this wonderful purple tone on the ends of your hair. They paired these color combo with a wonderful a-line bob and it was such a good choice.

19. Shaggy Silver Balayage Hair Color Ideas

Shaggy styles are a great look for women of all ages. Here they used a balayage technique to add color throughout all of the hair and it looks amazing.

20. Vivid Silver Black Hair Color Ideas

Here is another beautiful color combination using black and silver highlights. If you would like to look like the photo above make sure to finish your style off with loose beach curls.

21. Root Shadow Metallic Hair Color Ideas

Root shadows are another beautiful way to add color to your hair, this technique leaves the roots dark for a more natural look.

22. Sleek Straight Silver Pearl Hair Color Ideas

Sleek and straight hair is one of the best ways to wear your hair after adding in a silver pearl color. If you do not already use one ask your hairdresser what they recommend to use in your hair to make sure it stays shinny all day long.

23. Silver Roots Purple Bob

Here is a fun change of style where they dyed the roots a nice light silver color and used a bright purple for the rest of the hair. Finish your look off with a fresh bob haircut as they did in the photo above, you are going to love the way you look.

24. Icy Balayage on Curly V-Hair

If you cannot decide what type of technique to use to add a silver hue to your hair a balayage is always a good idea. They are also wearing a v-shape haircut here with loose curls and it is stunning.

25. Cool Silver Balayage Tone

For ladies with long hair, this would be a wonderful style for you to try out next. They used a cool silver tone here mixed with her natural dark hair and it looks so pretty.

26. Silver Balayage Hair Color Ideas with Pink Tints

Money pieces are back in style and people have been putting their twist on them. Like here on this look instead of the typical blonde money piece they went with bright purple color and it looks so good with silver highlights in her hair.

27. Greyish-white Soft Balayage

This is a great example of what a lighter grayish-white color would look like. They also used a balayage technique to add all-over color and it looks so beautiful.

28. Silvery Wavy Balayage

Sometimes when your hair is this long it can be hard to find the right hair color to use for it, look no further you should try out this silvery wavy style. It is a simple all-over color and the beach waves can be worn messy if that is what you are into.

29. Silver Balayage Hair Color Ideas on Medium Hair

A silver balayage on medium hair is always a good idea. In the photo above they kept the hair at about shoulder length and added stunning loose curls throughout for an amazing looking finish.

30. Subtle Silver Purple Balayage

If subtle is more your style but you still want to have fun you should try out this subtle silver purple balayage look. They have the most wonderful colors of silver, blonde, and purple, and left her roots a dark natural tone.

31. Cool Tone Silver Highlights

Another great example of just using a touch of gray highlights is this cool tone look. They kept her hair long with just a few layers added in and curtain bangs on the side, and she looks amazing.

32. Full Silver Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Full Silver Blonde - a woman wearing black cape.

Full silver-blonde is a commitment that you are going to love once you get it done. They would be a stunning look on more mature women, but they would be great on women of all ages.

33. Styled Argentum Balayage

If you love looking polished this would be a great style for you to try out. It is called a styled Argentum balayage look. Keep your hair at about shoulder length and add tight ring curls to the bottom of your hair and you are going to love the way you look.

34. Icy-Blonde Blended Natural Gray

In this beautiful style, they have added icy-blonde to her natural gray hair and the two colors blend perfectly.

35. Silver Choppy Bob Haircut

A choppy bob is a great look for those hot summer months because it keeps the hair short and off your back. In the look above they have added a silver hue all over and it blends so nicely with her dark hair.

36. Root Melt Silver Balayage

Root melts are always a good idea when trying to find the right look for you. Here they have used a root melt and a balayage to get the perfect amount of color onto her long beautiful locks.

37. Straight Silver Hair with Beige Ends

If you love wearing your hair straight this would be a wonderful hairstyle for women for you to try out. There are touches of silver throughout her hair and the ends have been dyed a light beige color.

38. Slash Silver Brown Ombre

Slash silver color brown hair is a beautiful color combination that would be a great choice if you are new to the silver color trend. In the photo above they have only added a few loose waves throughout and it looks so good.

39. Choppy Silver Pearl Balayage

Have you ever heard of the color silver pearl? It is this beautiful hair color in the photo above, it is not too bright but still has a nice silver hue to it. If you are looking for the perfect silver color to add to your hair this should be it.

40. Stunning Sterling Ombre

This stunning sterling ombre would be beautiful on all types of hair. In the photo above they kept it long and added in curtain bangs and it looks amazing.

41. Peekaboo Silver Pearl

Peekaboo styles are one of the best ways to add a fun new color to your hair. Here they put it under her dark natural hair and it would look good with her hair worn down or pulled up into a ponytail, either way, it would be a great style to try out.

42. Brassy Silver Curls

This is a brassy silver pearl color and it would be such a fun hair color to try out in the summer months. They added in tight curls all over and it brings out the different hues in the hair beautifully.

43. Smokey Root Blend Hair

Root blends are another popular way to add color to your hair. For this look, they went with a nice smokey silver color and the results are stunning.

44. Flicky Platinum Hair with Pink Tint

Platinum hair is always a good idea here they took it a step further and added a pink tint on the sides of the curls. This is would be a great look if you have been growing your hair out for a while and do not know what to do next.

45. Face Framing Heavy Silver Blonde

This gorgeous style is called a face-framing heavy silver-blonde look. To get this look you will need to add some layers to your hair to frame your face and to take it one step further add in some big curls as they did in the photo above.

46. Neat Cut Silver Hair

Short and simple are the best ways to describe the look in the photo above. They have decided to get a neat cut straight across at right about shoulder length, this would be a great look for women with thinner hair.

47. Soft Brown Highlights on Silver Hair

This is a unique style that adds an over silver color to your hair and then on top of that, they added in soft brown highlights all over. It is a beautiful style that would be great any time of the year.

48. Straight Silver Peekaboo with Side Bangs

Peekaboo styles are such a fun way to express yourself through your hair. In this look, she is wearing a straight silver peekaboo under her dark brown hair. They kept it at about shoulder length and added inside bangs for a finishing touch.

49. Shaggy Silver Lob

Shaggy styles look great with silver hair. In this photo, they went with a short lob cut and curled the ends for a stunning finish.

50. A-Line Silver Blonde Bob

Last but defiantly not least this is a beautiful A-line silver-blonde bob look. This is giving off serious barbie vibes and would be such a fun look for women of all ages to try out.


Who knew there were so many different ways to wear silver hair? After looking through this list did you change your mind on what type of color technique you were going to try out? Let us know down below which number was your favorite!

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